BN shying away Perkasa will not benefit the Malay FDs

Barisan Nasional Leaders came to a point to defy Perkasa, at the moment deemed the ‘Malay nationalism voice of discern’. They claimed that Perkasa struggle is racial centric and not in tandem of PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s ‘1 Malaysia’.

The Star reported on this:

Published: Friday September 10, 2010 MYT 8:34:00 PM

BN leaders band together in stand over Perkasa

PUTRAJAYA: Perkasa’s style of championing the cause of the Malays will only lead to racial disharmony, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

He added that if left unchecked, it could lead to riots that would only cause everyone to lose.

Nazri said Umno could not align itself with Perkasa because its method of championing the rights of the Malays also took into account the interests of the other races and its programmes were designed for the best interest of the people.

Perkasa’s mission on the other hand, he said, was only to create a platform for its president Ibrahim Ali to contest and win his Pasir Mas parliamentary seat, that he won under the PAS ticket but later broke away to became an independent MP.

“Umno will never accept him and PAS will not be fooled again so he had to come up with a platform to help him win the seat again and he is hoping that Perkasa will provide this,” he told reporters during the Hari Raya open house hosted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Cabinet Ministers at Seri Perdana here on Friday.

He was commenting on Perkasa’s recent statement, where the group’s founder Datuk Ibrahim Ali said they did not need Umno’s support.

Ibrahim had said that Perkasa never had ties with Umno, but claimed that 60% of its members were Umno members.

Nazri said Ibrahim and others in Perkasa, including the Umno members supporting the group, were “desperados” using cheap political tactics and most Malays in the country were too clever to buy into their brand of politics.

“The Umno members in Perkasa are rejects from our party and the leaders at all levels of Umno are with the Prime Minister and his 1Malaysia concept that is why we will never subscribe to Perkasa’s way of fighting for the rights of the Malays,” he said.

Umno information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan said the party’s struggles were much bigger and wider in scope than Malay rights group Perkasa’s.

“The struggles of Umno are more holistic than Perkasa’s. Umno fights for the Malays and Malaysians, which Umno had been fighting for since 1946,” he said.

Asked if an association with Perkasa would cause voters to shy away from Umno, Ahmad said the party’s voter-base had not been affected.

Umno supreme council member Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin said Perkasa’s extreme method in fighting for the rights of the Malays and the fact that it gave no thought to the interests and sensitivities of the other races, was the reason that Umno could not subscribe to the its ways.

Meanwhile, MCA vice-president Gan Ping Sieu said there was no point dignifying Ibrahim with so many replies as Perkasa was “just an NGO”.

MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said MCA was pleased that Umno had made a clear stand against Perkasa.

‘We are happy to see Malaysia as 1Malaysia that is moving forward towards a better future. Umno has made its stand and Perkasa has made its stand. Now, it is very clear what everyone’s stand is.

“We at MCA stand firm in what 1Malaysia is about,” she said.

MIC vice-president Datuk M. Saravanan said they did not support any individual that practised racism.

“It is not the right thing to do (to practise racism) as it can affect the country’s stability,” he said.

MIC vice-president Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said certain issues raised by Perkasa was affecting the country’s aspiration and attempts by Barisan to strengthen the relationship between races.

Former MIC deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam also criticised Perkasa for causing unease among the community through its actions.

“Perkasa is not saying the right things.

“Non-Malays have never begrudged the position of Malays as enshrined in the Constitution. They have to rethink their actions,” he added.


These Cabinet Ministers are so detached with reality and as elected leaders, they are confined to their office suite analysis and almost completely detached with aspirations of the grassroots and rakyat. Particularly the Malays.

The bureaucracy and protocol inhibits the rakyat to get close to the leaders and hearing them out, first hand on issues many people on the streets talked about and dwell almost daily. If through party lines, the information flow both directions get lost in translation and often middle level couriers takes the liberty to scrutnise and rephrase information which is travelling upwards.

This cause discern to many average Malays, oblivion of the truth. More over, during PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s tenure saw how mainstream media being manipulated and ‘sugar coat’ almost anything and everything to sustain the ‘Feel Good Factor’ which brought BN the thumping landslide victory on the April 2004 11th General Elections. The Malays were very bullish with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s image of “Mr Clean”, “Son of Ulama” and simply “Goodfellow”.

During this tenure, UMNO leaders became complacent and instead going down to serve the aspiration of the rakyat regularly, they move mostly within their mid level party structure adamantly thinking that the party machinery is the vital and key success of the rakyat voting them in. Of course their focus in maintaining mid level party strength is more important for the self-professing political survival and serving the rakyat. UMNO has also been seen as an ‘elitist party’ instead of its original spirit being a ‘masses party’.

As such, the Malays felt slighted and some dwell into throwing support behind the Oppositions, mainly for PAS amongst the rural Malays and PKR for the urban and more educated Malays. As such, BN lost 5 + 1 states in the 8 March 2009 12th General Elections and for the first time, the ruling party failed to control the psychologically important 2/3 control of the Dewan Rakyat.

Eventually, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah was ‘ousted’ and PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak assumed the sixth Prime Ministership at the times where UMNO as the primary Malay political party is at its weakest. The latter felt that the strategy of gaining a mid to long term support and mandate of the rakyat is about being “inclusive”.

Hence the ‘1 Malaysia’ call is launched.

The Non Malays see this opportunity to be ‘equal’, especially on issues and areas that the Malays have been privileged under Article 153 of the Federal Constitution and the bold affirmative action plan New Economic Policy launched in 1971, to address the vast despair of socio-economic status and capabilities between the ethnic groups and geography. Now they started to make demands and the demands is beginning to be insensitive and subscribing to universal values that is sometime deemed as ‘loud and aggressive’.

PM Najib also believes that ‘liberalising the economy’ is the strategic way forward and slowly taken steps in achieving this. The NEP is now being re-written as the New Economic Model where issues about the majority Malays and Bumiputra, have now started to be downplayed and mechanism being dislodged.

This does not go well with the Malays. Across the board, majority of the Malays felt slighted. The nationalists amongst the majority even felt strongly on PM Najib’s effort to pacify and pander the demands and wishes of the minority Chinese, who are across the board on better socio-economic status as compared to the Malays. It did not show productivity and result but instead the Chinese started to be more bolder and louder with their demands. That escalated into some viewing them as playing ‘political ransom’ against the ‘accommodating’ Leadership and the ‘giving in’ is apparent.

These ‘accommodating demands and giving ins’ are not without opportunity cost. The majority Malays become more slighted as some viewed as ‘giving away goodies’ to an ethnic group generally seen as able to afford it on their own as a community, in issues such as scholarships.

In the midst of all these, many nationalists came together to look for a platform to continue championing the Malay cause, affirmative action agenda and strategic plans. In their void that caused by mid level UMNO Leadership focusing on self-fulfilling political maneuvers, Malay NGOs arer born. One of it is PERKASA.

These tolerance and patience will one day comes to a saturation point and eventually the  Malays in their frustration and emotional state of storm will no longer willing to throw support to BN.

PERKASA was formed to ensure that the Malay affirmative action agenda is being carried out and ensure followed through at the times where the Federal Government is adamant on its ‘liberalisation’ point. And most importantly Perkasa is about giving the hopes for the average Malays-on-the-street would not abandon the cause and struggle of the Malay Agenda.

Holistically, BN benefited immensely from the Malay ‘Fixed Deposits’ through out the years. Especially component parties such as MCA. MIC, Gerakan and others which failed to bring out their own ethnic groupings to vote for BN. It was the Malays ‘who came to the rescue’.

Failure to realise and recognise the aspirations of the grasss root Malays via PERKASA will only detach BN leaders, especially UMNO wedging away from the majority of the Malays. ‘1 Malaysia’ is about ‘Rakyat First’. And yet BN leaders is as if felt the Malays had enough of assistance and the UMNO leaders are apologetic about the Malays at large still need a lot of provision just to be on the same level playing field.

Taking potshots against PERKASA will only slight the Malays further. For an NGO which is officially been around since 18 months ago, they have already admitted 200,000 Malays to be their members and still growing strong. Inadvertently, PERKASA will be the political force to be reckoned with where the Malays ‘fixed deposit’ lies here in this NGO, equally matching previously UMNO’s role as the senior and managing party of the ‘kongsi kuasa’ coalition party Barisan Nasional.

BN Leaders such as Nazri Aziz, Khaled Nordin and other Non Malay leaders who made such remarks should really reconsider their stance and position on how the ‘club of 13’ will be maintaining their power base in the PRU 13; to remain relevant in hearts and minds of the Malays as the majority.

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  1. Ahmad Maslan said, “The struggles of Umno are more holistic than Perkasa’s. Umno fights for the Malays and Malaysians, which Umno had been fighting for since 1946,”.

    I do not agree. The holistic struggle is no more true, as view by most Malays. UMNO fights for the interest of the Malays is waning and its fight for the Malaysians is gaining momentum . Just when NEP is starting to show success, new economic model is introduced and may be practically overhelmed.

    It is natural that we Malays are not happy. It is the Malays votes that keep BN in power. I am sure that these votes account for something

    Another thing it is strange that other BN component parties make supporting statements only when PERKASA is gaining momentum and Malays interest are eroded

    Looking at the voting trend in the last PRU, the Malays should be careful with promises.

    May be PERKASA is our only hope.


  2. Ahh… BN leaders opposed Perkasa. including nazri, khaled and soon to be, i guess, nor mohd yakob.
    These are the UMNO leaders that brought BN to its knees during PRU12. Interestingly, these leaders start ro sing when KJ (pandai tapi tak bijak) started the topic “I will quit UMNO if Perkasa members join UMNO”. and stupid people like KJ never looked around to see the real truth, suddenly found himself eating his own shit.
    All this BN leaders who are corrupted to the core suddenly voiced out their concern on Perkasa.
    The result:more people will join perkasa.
    good advert for perkasa.
    Long live perkasa.

    ps check what MCA leaders is saying about chua been quiestioned by the police. also be careful now KJ and hisapmuddin finally got IGP Tun Musa out of the way, let see what happen to Perkasa.

  3. apa tidakan umno jika ada ahlinya menyertaai acara anjuran perkasa? nak lucut keahlian? nak gantung sepengal? Tengoklah siapa yang banyak bising dengan pekasa ni MCA,gerakan,MIC,dan boleh dikatakan semua parti bukan melayu……..jadi umno kena lawan pekasa…….umno tu dari bangsa apa ya……..munkin umno tu dari bangsa 1Malaysia agaknya ……hemmm keliru saya……

  4. Biar kelihatan jahat ……tapi diahirnya dialah yang baik……didalam politek ni tiada yang kekal…..tiada yang lurus……ini permainan silapmata ……..ini permainan pukau memukau…..gunakan akal apa yang tersirat dan tersurat oleh itu lebih baik orang melayu diam …jangan cakap banyak ……kalau nak buat tak payah heboh heboh tepuk tepuk bahu orang melayu saja ….kita sama kita faham …….

  5. U.M.N.O. = Un Malay Nonrelevant Organisation

  6. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil-Fitri,
    Apa sudah jadi ??
    Semacam nak alih kan sesuatu apa bila gagal menangani isu yg berkenpentigan Melayu..!!

    Kalau PR menyalahi UMNO/BN apabila mereka menghadapi jalan buntu pada setiap isu. Maka sudah lumrah lah PR menjadikan UMNO/BN… sebagai kambing hitam!!

    Kini UMNO pula nampak peluang jalan keluar yg senang, bila menghadapi kemelut2 yg gagal di tangani.

    Maka PERKASA lah menjadi hentaman mereka. Apa kah pemimpin2 UMNO ini ketandusan kredibiliti kah ?

    Selama ini pun pemimpin2 UMNO dah memang kecut-teloq..!!Menjadi bagitu apologik..senang2 menjadi pemaaf tak ketahuan. Beralah semedang bila menghadapi isu kaum Immigran.

    Kaum immigran yg kini sudah TERLAMPAU kurang ajar. Langsung tidak menghormati sensitiviti orang Melayu. Segaja tak mahu memahami Kaum Melayu .Dan banyak lagi seperti yg sedia maklum jika hendak di rungkaikan.

    Pemimpin Melayu UMNO kini sudah menjadi ‘jaguh ber tolak-ansur’. Lemah bila menghadapi kaum immigran.

    Bagus juga ada PERKASA yg dapat menyentak sedar pemimipin2 UMNO yg semamang dilamun cinta nostalgia lama. Masih tak sedar2…bahawa Rakyat Melayu terasa terhimpit, senak perut..sesak nafas di waktu masa kini.!!

    Ooi!! Pemimpin UMNO sedar lah sikit..!!!

  7. at time like this..
    this is the different between leaders and managers..
    managers follows the traditions..
    where leaders make changes..
    at the course of cahnges…there will be a group of people who will resist the changes..
    these reactions towards the changes..depend..
    if the resistant group outnumbered the acceptant group..then the changes should not be implemented..
    on the other hand..if inversely…the changes must go on..
    my stand for this is that ..if there is changes..the changes should not be only on giving away from Malay and Bumiputras side..the other side (Malaysian Chinese and Indian and others) should sacrifice something of theirs too..

    then only the situation will be a bit more balanced..
    the UMNO must do something about this..
    if only they have the courage to do so..

  8. Yes, go on support Perkasa, Ketuan Melayu and Bumi this+that. When the country is plundered and bankrupt (if its not already), what is there for you -NOTHING.

    For all your talk, you could be enriching yourself in the pretext of supporting Malay rights. Another Dr Mad (mamak) wannabe?

    Look around you for heavens sake-lah! Where is Malaysia in the Global Map? Where are we in GDP, in FDI (foreign direct investments), our “world class universities” going down the shit-hole?

    Then we have people like you talking day-in day-out abt your Malay rights to this + that. When the country is plundered dry, there will NOT be any money for the POOR MALAYS. The rich corrupted Malays (or wannabes) like you will hv disappeared.

    So are you really doing justice to the Malays which you claim to fight for?

    Ask your Allah this + open your eyes and ears for the answer. Its all over the web if your cant hear his whisper. Its your MIND that needs correction and your GREED that needs to be checked.

    But your loyalty is to your Pay Masters, NOT to Allah or Counntry, right?

    Another Dr Mad in the making.
    Bring up the Bangsa Melayu (short-term)
    Now, Tanah Melayu is down the shit-hole (long-term)!

    • are you for truth that is just
      or are you for your own just which is untrue??

      Please show some ‘class’ (refined upbringing) by referring to TUN DR MAHATHIR by his real name, otherwise you will be rendered as an inconsequential nincompoop.

      I am quite sure that UMNO has its fair share of corrupt leaders but what the nons (kaum pendatang) here wants to see is TOTAL anhiliation of UMNO who had been the icon of MALAY landlordship.

      That is what the nons are unhappy about because the old UMNO will fight for Malay constitutional rights.

      The historically-illiterate nons however SEE this as unfairness. They see themselves working HARD while the pribumis get assistance all around.

      The whispers in their CLOSED communities only see the TONGKAT but they failed to realise that if the tongkat is removed, the citizenships of these nons (kaum pendatang) will be CHALLENGED!!

      So blinkered justtruth, please do yourself a big favour, read up as much as you can, educate yourself and your communities, exercise some reasonable thinking before you write something that SHOWS your TOTAL ignorance and of course your arrogant stupidity.

      • Thank you for your truthful response.

        How to respect a person who equates MERITOCRACY = RACISM ???

        Khir Toyol is Pendatang from Indonesia.
        Dr M is pendatang from Kerala, India
        1st + 2nd Generation Mamaks are also pendatangs.

        I was told Sabah has a lot of pendatangs which were given citizenship so as to vote UMNO. No ???


      • haiya sidia ni lagi …

        Siapa yg mengatakan bahawa “MERITOCRACY = RACISM”. Konsep meritocracy yang terlampau tidak berperi kemanusiaan. Konsep ini tidak memberi laluan utk rakyat yg lemah saperti OKU, orang tua, orang yg kurang berpengalaman dll.

        Konsep ‘masuk Melayu’ membuktikan bahawa orang Melayu tidak bersifat perkauman. Sesiapa pun boleh masuk Melayu termasuk justtruth. Asalkan mereka beragama Islam, mengamal budaya Melayu dan fasih berbicara dlm Bahasa Melayu.

        Tuduhan bahawa pendatang keSabah diberi kerakyatan utk mengundi UMNO adalah tuduhan yg BERAT. Kamu ada BUKTI yg kukoh dan nyata??

        Mahluk saperti kamu ni memang senang diHASUT sebab terlalu malas utk mencari bukti. Memang senang ditipu dan dibohongi.

        Saya cabar kamu supaya memberi nama nama pendatang yg deberi kerakyatan diSabah.

        Mungkin mereka ini lebih layak menjadi rakyat daripada orang china yg tak reti berbicara dlm Bahasa rasmi Malaysia iaitu Bahasa Melayu, walaupun sudah bertahun mengaup harta diTanah Melayu.

  9. Fact = PERKASA was formed AFTER the chinese dong zong and indian hindraf made DEMANDS which is RACIST in nature.

    Did nazri condemn these “voices”??

    PERKASA was formed to REMIND UMNO leaders of their constitutional RESPONSIBILITIES.

    So this made the other racist organisations UNEASY!! especially when Tun Dr M supports openly.

    So they decided to condemn PERKASA by attacking Ibrahim Ali. They dare not condemn Tun Dr M as this will backfire on the “partnerships” of UMNO members who collude with the chinese and indians for their own enrichment.

    Given their positions of power, the greedy UMNO leaders who found a get-rich quick formula by collaborating with the chinese and indian tycoons suddenly SEE their pot of gold being threatened.

    Since when should UMNO champion the rights of the other races?? That is BN partners’ job (mca and mic).

    Fact = UMNO’s prime responsibility is to CHAMPION Malay rights which is now being undertaken by PERKASA.

    So UMNO greedy leaders ARE worried.

    Here bloggers like BigDog and many other prominent ones can go down in history as non-racist BECAUSE these blogs HAVE been criticising the sleepy PM, foxy-musa, sil kj, nazri and a string of other MALAYS.

    So PERKASA is effective and should be supported.

  10. Fighting for Malay Rights?

    The way forward for Malays to PROGRESS as a people with dignity, respect, believe in self-worth and challenge their perceived insecurities and fears is to embrace Bangsa MALAYSIA.

    Dr Mad + cronies have and still is shakling the Malays with fear + insecurities. The Malay Dilemma has evolved into The Malay Death-Trap.

    With or without Perkasa, UMNO is gone when the Malays realize they hv been robbed + raped + cheated + lied to by their past+present leaders.

    What is Bangsa Melayu when Tanah Melayu is going down the shit-hole?

    Btw, MCA + MIC were voted out in the last GE. They were found sleeping with the devil.

    Bangsa Malaysia for a truely United, Harmonious + Equitable society. TQ

    • Beranikah kamu menetapkan apakah itu “Bangsa Malaysia”?

      Rakyat berbangsa Malaysia harus fasih berbicara dalam SATU bahasa – apakah bahasa itu? Sudah tentu BAHASA MELAYU kan?

      Jadi, jika warganegara Malaysia tidak fasih berbicara menggunakan Bahasa Melayu, patutkah mereka diberi kenikmatan dan hak hak sebagai rakyat Malaysia.

      Mereka masih taat setia pada negeri asing melalui cara hidup mereka – masih berdegil bertutur dalam bahasa asing ketika berbicara dengan rakyat Bangsa Malaysia yang lain.

      Haruskah mereka ini diberi kerakyatan sebagai Bangsa Malaysia??

      justtruth, ayoh jawab dalam BAHASA MELAYU.

      • Sesuatu yang benar adalah dlm satu bahasa sahaja. Jika kamu percaya atau tidak, itu terpulang kpd awak. Terima kasih.

    • You said, “Btw, MCA + MIC were voted out in the last GE. They were found sleeping with the devil.”

      That exactly why we Malays do not trust the non-Malays ever again. A little problem, abandon ship,calling Malays names. WE Malays are still here trying to repair the damages.

      For the moment the PM is appeared to be trying to win back these runaways at a price unacceptable to the Malays. We the grass roots think it is a waste of time and money. Better spent the time to unite the Malays. There is enough number of Malays to form a simple majority.

      When Malays form the goverment on their own, the pragmatic runaways will come back.

      Then we can talk and laid down the house rules which our elders forget when they give them the citizenships.

      As for this, “Bangsa Malaysia for a truely United, Harmonious + Equitable society.”? You are putting the cart before the horse..


  11. Action speaks louder than words!
    Syabas, Perkasa for striking many chords and caused these Grade D leaders to be defensive.

    To all Malaysians, PERKASA is not against Chinese or Indians but only Liberal Malays like the Grade D Leaders.

    Let the battle begins.

  12. Another middle finger to Perkasa. Well, what say you people, huh? Maybe you should start that Perkasa political party I always hear you people talking about. See how well you do in GE13. Make the EC richer.

  13. justtruth

    Jawapan kamu terlalu ringkas untuk saya fahami dengan jelas.

    “Sesuatu yang benar adalah dlm satu bahasa sahaja. Jika kamu percaya atau tidak, itu terpulang kpd awak. Terima kasih.”

    Apakah maksud kamu dengan jawapan ini. Saya fikir tidak ada makna yang bernas. Perkara yang kamu timbulkan adalah isu kesatuan rakyat sebagai Bangsa Malaysia.

    Adakah 1Malaysia itu bermakna 4 atau lebih bahasa rasmi saperti singa-purapura? Atau 4 ugama rasmi, 4 budaya rasmi? Kamu juga iri hati dengan “tongkat” yang disediakan kerajaan.

    Adakah Bangsa Malaysia kamu itu mengamalkan “meritocracy” yang dilaung laungkan pihak pembangkang dan juga singa-purapura?

    ‘Meritocracy’ pada saya adalah sama dengan ‘survival of the fittest’. Ini adalah amalan hutan rimba bukan amalan masyarakat yang bertamadun. Masyarakat yang prihatin dan kasih sayang tidak akan amalkan “siapa pandai dan kuat, dialah berkuasa penuh”.

    Sebab dimana mana saja, terdapat masyarakat yang terdiri daripada yang lemah, yang miskin, yang tidak berdaya, yang muda, yang tua, yang kurang berpengalaman dll.

    Orang kurang upaya terdapat ditiap masyarakat termasuk USA, Britain, Australia dimana saja.

    Haruskah OKU ini disingkir oleh masyarakat dan kerajaan, semata mata kerana ‘meritocacy’ ini. Orang yang melaung laungkan ‘meritocracy’ ini adalah orang orang yang tamak dan tak reti merasa kepuasan. Mereka inginkan lebih dan tak pernah rasa cukup.

    Kamu dengan celupah dan sewenang wenangnya menuduh seluruh UMNO sebagai pembohong, penipu, pencuri, perompak, perogol dll. Saya mencabar kamu supaya menawarkan bukti yang kukoh dan nyata untuk mempertahankan tuduhan kamu itu.

  14. Look’s like the gravy train is going to come to a halt hence the worry.Exercise fat boy as then the budget will also become smaller.

  15. UMNO isn’t thinking straight. They should first asked MCA and MIC to discard DJZ and HINDRAF respectively. Now if you ask them to do the same what they did to PERKASA do you think they will dare to do it?

    Not a smart move by UMNO. They should strengthened themselves with PERKASA instead of against it. Now where would the Malays go now even UMNO have shunned them?

  16. Its true that UMNO is now so detached from the people. They failed to ask a simple question why Malays are turning to PERKASA. Simple. The Malays are desperate and has nowhere to turn to. UMNO has no leader with balls, no leadership and no dignity. They had been betrayed by those who thought they were so up there neo liberals. They would sell their mothers and trade-in their sisters if that would bring in the Chinese Votes and a few dollars more.

    PAS is an alternative in the last election but they sold Islam for as low as RM1,000.00. (Or was it RM500?)For God’s sake, those China dolls earned more than that.

    PKR. I don’t know what they are fighting for anyway. Everything I guess. What do you expect from a party which the leader could not tell the difference between the back from the front.

    UMNO and PAS are desperate to get Chinese votes and betrayed me in the process. I turned to PERKASA when they turned to the Chinese. I don’t care who is Ibrahim Ali and I don’t really know him but Najib, Hisham, Nazri, Ku Nan, KJ and all, please don’t say that you are representing Malays. All of you seems to feel so guilty for being a Malay in the first place.

  17. UMNO..kamu sendiri yang mau menentang Melayu..sekarang mau bersekutu pula dengan Indian muslim..Kalau begini cara UMNO…semakin ramai lah orang Melayu membenci UMNO. Saya tak ada kepenting politik. Saya dilahirkan sebelum Merdeka hingga kesaat ini dibawah naungan UMNO..apa yang saya nampak..UMNO memang menuju kehancuran. Kalau UMNO terus begini..memang hancur berderai..Buka hati..buka mata..orang Melayu semakin terok..amat menyedihkan

    • Benar saudara. Saya pun seangkatan dengan saudara. Maka lahirlah PERKASA.

      Harapan saya biarlah pemimpin perkasa miskin asalkan mereka kaya maruah.


      • saya setuju. saya penyokong umno… tetapi pemimpin umno terlalu lemah dgn bangsa lain…. saya dah tak boleh sabar lagi kalu ada bangsa lain nak memecah belahkan bangsa melayu…. tapi mengapa ada juga org melayu sendiri
        yang nak bangsanya lingkup????????

  18. Saudara Zakhir yang Budiman,

    Nampaknya ada suatu persamaan di antara kepala-kepala Umno yang menentang Perkasa. KJ, Ku Nan, Khalid Norden, si Nazri Bajingan, Ahmad Maslan — semuanya berkedudukan goyah, mempunyai rekod kerja yang buruk (maksudnya tak kerja lah), dan memang terkenal dengan kurang semangat keMelayuan mereka.

    Pemimpin Melayu yang konfiden dan bersemangat Melayu TIDAK akan khuatir dengan perjuangan dan prinsip Perkasa.

    Terima kasih

  19. To all ministers,
    Please give your personal version of 1Malaysia! Let the Rakyat see who say it correctly!

  20. saya ahli umno juga ahli perkasa tapi jika umno mengenepikan melayu kerana mca, mic sori lah umno saya akan mencari alternatif maka say pilih perkasa keran umno say tidak bolih harap lagi bye…bye umno

  21. […] dipertingkatkan dalam cabaran globalisasi. PERKASA sebenarnya memperjuangankan ini dan sebarang percubaan untuk menyisih dan menafikanya akan lebih ‘menjauhkan’ majoriti orang Melayu dari […]

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