Yang merah itu saga…..

Biji Saga

Another blog surfaced which seems to be carrying the ‘Malay Agenda’ message.  Themed after the ‘biji saga’, that is known by the Malays for its natural redness and it is metaphorically used widely. The blog Saga Merah is believed to carry the spirit of the colour ‘red’ to depict courage, boldness, the fighting spirit and blood, which is the linage of tradition flows from generations of warriors as defenders of the tanahair. The toughness of the ‘biji saga’ illustrate the resilience of what had been resolved.

Even though, ‘biji saga’ which is red and being illustrated in the virtue of courtesy and thoughtfulness:

Yang kurik itu kendi,

Yang merah itu saga,

Yang cantik itu budi,

Yang indah itu bahasa

Yang indah itu bahasa” is the one of the characteristics of the Malays. National laureate Usman Awang described the Malays accurately in the poem “Melayu”. The virtues that the Malays stood for and by, are clearly outlined.

Of course, when talking about these virtues, its never not without grateful on the sacrifices that were made by those long before us  for the principled purpose and a reminder for us carrying on with the struggle. The fundamental principle of Perjuangan is the collateral of Malaysia being where it is today and should be the spirit that kept the Malays going for indefinite.

A Malay nationalist painstakingly thought some of us a little over a decade ago, “Perjuangan itu tiada erti tanpa Pengorbanan” (The struggle is meaningless without sacrifice).

However, there is a constant need for these virtues and principles  first thing that came into mind is Fourth Prime Minister and Fifth UMNO President Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s poem, “Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai” which was rendered at Utusan Malaysia’s Puisi Night in May 1999.

For a more refined version of the poem, which was illustrated in a song by Nora, we are taking the liberty to remind all in this video clip.

Its time for a new generation of Malays to live up with these principles and carry on the struggle. ‘Saga’ is also defined by Encylcopedia Britannica as “Any history or prose, irrespective of the kind and nature of the narrative or purposes for which it was written”.

With that, the saga continues. We here at BigDogDotCom wishing all the best for the new Malay Agenda blog.


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