Unethical anti Malay journo

The controversial about BTN Assitant Director Hamim Hussin telling Puteri UMNO that the Malays must rule the country brought upon a lot of foul cry, coming from the Oppositions and BN component parties alike. On Tuesday Hamim gave a closed door talk to 500 Puteri members in an UMNO staged event, held in party headquarters’ covention centre PWTC.

The Malaysian Inisder report on the story:

Malays must rule the country, says BTN rep

UPDATED @ 01:43:24 PM 27-09-2010By Boo Su-Lyn September 27, 2010
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 27 — National Civics Bureau (BTN) deputy director Hamim Husin today proclaimed Malay rights as a mandate to rule the country amid a spike in Malay rhetoric.

Former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad recently warned Malays that they would lose power if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) took control of Putrajaya.

“The rights of Malays, is to rule the country. Simple,” Hamim told Puteri Umno delegates in a closed-door function today.

“Malays must unite in the face of threats,” he added.

The BTN Federal Territory deputy director cited an example where the Malay ruling party failed to act during a purportedly seditious demonstration by non-Muslims in Kuala Lumpur a few years ago.

“The Hindus marched to Parliament to send a memorandum. They, like Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force), are groups that spread sedition,” said Hamim.

“Where was the political party then?” he asked.

About 30,000 protestors from the Hindu non-governmental organisation Hindraf had rallied in the city in November 2007 to submit a memorandum to the British embassy, where they demanded for the Queen’s Counsel to represent sidelined Malaysian Indians.

Today, Hamim underscored the importance of Malay unity in view of a possibility that snap polls may be called as early as next year.

The ‘si mata sepet’ that has never gone to a mosque or surau only has one vote. The ‘si botol’ that only knows how to go up to Batu Caves up and down only has one vote.

“The general election is coming soon. If there is still disunity, we cannot have events like this… where we can say what we want,” he said.

Last Tuesday, Dr Mahathir said the Malays were not aware of the political threat facing them as they were divided into three groups (PAS, PKR, Umno), where no one group could obtain a percentage of Malay votes that can secure power for the community.

He also claimed that the political marginalisation of the Malays had already become a reality in PR-controlled states even though those administrations were led by Malays.

The former Umno president, who still commands widespread influence among party members and the larger Malay community, pointed to the former PR mentri besar in Perak Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as an example of how Malay politicians had been sidelined by PR.

Dr Mahathir also implied that a Chinese or an Indian could become prime minister if PR took federal power because there was no constitutional restriction on race for the position.

Today, Hamim also urged Puteri Umno to make sacrifices in a bid to defend Malay rights.

“In the context of Malay rights, don’t just demand for your rights. You must ask, ‘what must I sacrifice to defend my rights?’” he said.

Hamim stressed that the Malays could not rule the country without co-operating with the non-Malay communities as each citizen only carried a single vote.

“Malays cannot rule the country by themselves. That’s why we make friends with the MCA and MIC,” he said.

“The ‘si mata sepet’ that has never gone to a mosque or surau only has one vote. The ‘si botol’ that only knows how to go up to Batu Caves up and down only has one vote,” said Hamim, using apparently derogatory terms to describe the Chinese and Indian communities in Malaysia.

“So Puteri Umno must make friends with youths who are not Malays,” he added.

He also exhorted Puteri Umno to recruit youths born from marriages with foreigners into their party.

“There are many foreigners who have children here. Their daughters and sons who have turned 18 should be in Puteri and Putera Umno,” said Hamim.

“You are losing them… thousands of them. You should be collecting them and network with them,” he added.


The anti Malay elements went to town with this.

The fact remains that Puteri UMNO who organised the event did announce that the talk was a closed-door affair. It means that it was meant for party members only. However, The Malaysian Insider journo disguised herself as a Malay woman (complete in Baju Kurung and tudung) and smuggled herself in to listen to the closed-door talk.

The Malaysian Insider journo disguising herself to sit in a closed-door Puteri UMNO event in PTWC

This is very unethical of Boo Su-Lyn, even if it is ‘investigative journalism’. She should not have stayed after the announcement was clearly made. It is trespassing through private property and being present in a company that was clearly not welcomed. Otherwise she would not have troubled herself wearing the selendang.

What is more damning is The Malaysian Insider editorial allowed these sort of unethical journalism to be published. It is suspiciously pointing towards the online portal of its anti-Malay agenda.

Here is her tweet exchanges about being boastful of her ‘unethical’ journalism:

Boo Su-Lyn's tweet boasting on her unethical journalism with an anti-Malay agenda

If it was true that Hamim did say “Everyone has equal votes, whether the Malays, mata sepet or botol kicap”, then this reporting demonstrated the wicked agenda to demonise a Malay officer holding the authority, just the like strategic agenda of the Oppositions namely DAP and PKR to demonise the credibility and integrity of all Malay led authorities, particularly the law enforcement agencies. The essence was about encouraging Puteri UMNO to promote healthy democracy, from the positive fashion of befriending against allienation.

The use of the word ‘Mata Sepet’ was insinuating no different than renowned film and advertisement director Yasmin Ahmad in her depiction of the typical Malaysian life in “Sepet”.

The context was the same. And yet none of the political parties, which include the ones jumping about this week on this Hamim-talk event made a political issue of it at all. In fact, “Sepet” was lauded as an exemplary work of art.

If Hamim did utter such words (which have yet to be proven except for Boo’s reporting), then what about Namewee’s “Nah” video clip or other vulgar-infested ‘work of art’ to insult the Malay authority?

Where is DAP and PKR in this issue? Where is MCA and MIC in this issue? The video is there to insult on an anti-Malay notion and the emotions were not spared.

Then again the DAP and PKR has been on the anti-Malay thread for too long, that it has become a norm. Especially against the Malay led authorities like the Police, AG’s Chambers, MACC and other law enforcement agencies. Where is The Malaysian Insider when the Oppositions were systematically testing and provoking the Police?

Bottomline, this a The Malaysian Insider agenda for the ‘politics of hate’ which the Oppositions ride on for the ‘destruction’ of  socio-political structure that was built on understanding, tolerance and acceptance.

If Soo’s reporting was true, then the message that Hamim was extending to the Puteri UMNO is about the Malays must work hard to preserve the democracy, which include befriending the Non Malays instead of alienating them. There is no ill intent in that and sowing the spirit of nationalism the basis of UMNO’s Perjuangan. Advicing UMNO members to be friends and inclusive with non members and Non Malays are ‘1 Malaysia’ virtues.

This positive ‘1 Malaysia’ angle was completely missed out from the Malaysian Insider reporting of the event.

Historically, the Malays are very generous and welcoming people. They treat the Non Malays well, as long the Non Malays do not over-extend themselves as ‘guests’ (as the saying goes, “Familiarity breach contempts”) and worse still,  to the level of ‘Kurang Ajar’ness. Then again the Malays as the majority readily extended their grace to accept 1 million ‘stateless persons’ as fellow citizens when the nation achieved its independence and never meant to treat them as ‘second class’ citizens. As a docile race, when provoked the Malays will naturally react.

This is another The Malaysian Insider agenda to provoke and arouse ‘heat’, so that the ‘ripples are maintained when the water should be calm’. That can only be seen as an intent of malice.

*Updated Friday 1 October 0900am

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  1. Ah, I suppose by the same token you have something to say about two journalists who entered a church and even allowed themselves to be fed with the ‘bread’, only to spit it out for photography and media publication.

    Or you have said it already?
    If yes, do link us to that page.

    Thank you

    • Yes. That is equally wrong. That is really unbecoming of any person, regardless a journo or otherwise

      • Where are two journos who denigrated the sanctity of the church? Not surprise, nothing happen to them. In Bolehland, even the law is lawless when governed by the corrupted UMNO regime.

    • Well dat two journo and the publication have aplogized to the worngdoing but i didnt see the church rep saying anything bout it.

      Y the secrecy?

    • the two journo and the publication had apologized to the church but i dont see any statment from the church saying dat they already apologize for it, y?

  2. Kuman seberang laut nampak, gajah depan mata cuba disorokkan,

    Bila part Umno, sanggup cari sampai lubang cacing. Bila part DAP dan PKR buat hal, senyap sunyi.

    Whatever it is, this is Tanah Melayu. like it or not.

    • Oh. And Sabah and Sarawak? Colonies, perhaps?

      Mmm…on UMNO’s (BN’s, really) part, I don’t think we need look into wormholes. It’s out there to see. Didn’t you read about the floating subs? Or perhaps the missing jet engines? Ever been to Klang? Ever compared the figures from our budget to those of other countries? Or maybe the size of our civil service to that of other nations? Numbers are rather difficult to hide, aren’t they?

      Hahaha…I think if there were just a LITTLE bit of mistake on the part of the PR, the authorities would be on it like bloodhounds on a hunt. I mean, didn’t Beng Hock die during investigations surrounding RM2000?

      The “masses”, as mentioned, would be greatly indebted to the media for highlighting corruption and racism by the PR. But real issues, please. Not make-believe ones. As Malaysians, we’re experts when it comes to racism and corruption. After all, we see it every day.

    • Betul tu, filem Sepet telah memenangi banyak anugerah – jadi, janganlah terlalu terasa hati bila pegawai BTN memanggil kaum Cina sebagai Si Mata Sepet.

      Sama juga bagi kaum India, nanti ada buat filem Si Kaki Botol – buat masa ini, janganlah terlalu terkilan.

      Just in case and to be clear, I am being sarcastic here. No one likes to be called names (exception for Mangkuk Tingkat, because he/she? is a real life “mangkuk”??) – what happen to the Malaysia that’s foundation was built on respect and trust? It is the extremists on both sides of the equation that is driving a wedge into the heart of Malaysia.

      Talking about protecting Malaysia, every single race in Malaysia has played a role to how far the country has come. During the confrontation with Indonesia and during the communist threats – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Lain-Lain – for the lack of a better word – has work together to repel those who seek to destroy us. Yet now, the sons and grandsons of these heroics patriots are destroying each other from the inside. It will certainly break the hearts of our forefathers to see us destroying what they have worked hard to defend. Talk about irony!

      I seriously doubt the future of our country. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah just gave a speech a couple months ago that the younger generation should take the lead leading our country. The average age of the Merdeka Cabinet was in the 30s, today – pandai pandai la ko orang fikirkan. Yet, if these elderly leaders have even half the integrity of our forefathers in defending our country, we will not be in such a bad shape. Ironically, it is these same bunch of jokers who somehow skipped protecting our country whilst their counterparts died for them, only to come in and take over the mantle of leadership in the guise of wisdom. Talk about balls!

      Anyway, here is what I believe will make for a better Malaysia:

      1. Eliminate all race-based political parties.
      2. Limit office terms to max 2 consecutive terms – come on la, you ingat you tu terrer sgt sampai perlu jadi president untuk 30 tahun ke Datuk Samy??
      3. Choose younger people to lead the country – they are more willing to learn and be flexible. Enough of these old monkeys who are only interested in swindling the country wealth and marrying young voluptuous actresses (hello Zizie?)

      • SoWhatIsYourPoint??

        Change the constitution that dictates the Special Position of the Malays and Bumiputeras????

        Race-based politics is restricted to UMNO, MIC and MCA. BN is all about power sharing.

        This “infighting” happened when a certain race keeps harping on meritocracy, transparency, democracy and any other ‘cy’ in an apparent attempt to challenge the system of Raja Raja and the constitution that protects the Bumis.

        Mind you, this race is not poor or disadvantaged, in fact very powerful economically.

        How can you shout for meritocracy and level playing field when the FIELD is NOT level at all??

        I believe this is a sneaky attempt to GRAB political power once they have the economic power. How greedy can you get?

        And you expect the majority to agree to have their rights stolen from them.

        Democracy means the majority RULES, no matter what physical form it takes or how irritatingly slow it flows. Period.

        P.S. hulllooooo eli wong and chua soi lek, remember the porn stars and the unwed “wife” of tbh, a TEACHER, mind you!

        So git off your high horse and come crashing down to good old earth …

      • You definitely put forward some good points ray! However, your good points really lack your intelligence.

        Constitution can never be changed without 2/3 majority in Parliament. You know that, don’t you? And just to add, UMNO changed the constitution when they possessed the 2/3 majority, to sideline the Agong from having a say before passing a new law or changing an existing law. Now, the Agong was supposed to champion the Malay and Islam interest… what say you?

        I agreed wholly with you when you said “this race is not poor or disadvantage, in fact very powerful economically” and I can only add… “to a certain people who possess the means to hijack it for their own advantage, not to an average Joe like many of us are.”

        Oh, and you mentioned about level playing field – how nice. I was wondering, what actually happened after 39 years of DEB implementation and dissappearance of 52 billion ringgit of funds under UMNO which was supposed to “level the playing field”. Don’t tell me, 39 years is not enough time to make some adjustment to achieve the target – and don’t tell me those 52 billion ringgit spent in those years was not enough to make an impact. That’s because that 52 billion ringgit was not actually “spent”, but was “unaccounted for” or in layman term, “gone missing”.

        It was very sneaky and greedy indeed to seize the economy of a country to stay on in power and stole the rights of many to enrich a few… if you only knew what that really means.

        Indeed democracy means the majority RULES (good point!). I was just wondering your definition for the term “majority”. Does it mean “majority” if you have less than 50% votes but hold more than 60% seat in the parliament? Does it mean “majority” if you enticed a few elected representatives to your side without consulting those who elected them in the first place to resist you? Perplexing, isn’t it?

        And I was wondering if you are the one on the high horse…


  3. yes! kill the messenger!

    • who’s the messenger?
      1. The reporter reporting on behalf of Malaysia Insider
      2. The BTN guy talking about the feelings of the majority of malays?

      So who you going to kill cee?
      Kill the malaysia insider Editor + readers or
      Kill the Malay people.

      • propaganda, oh propaganda…

  4. Biggie,

    I don’t see anything wrong what the BTN man was trying to do. But then again, was he there representing his outfit of his own personal capacity, to sow nationalism amongst UMNO members?

    If he is there not sanctioned by BTN, then it was purely opportunistic of PAS’s & DAP’s call to dismantle BTN. Its undoubtedly that the only way for the oppositions to remain in power is the younger Malays no longer hv nationalism spirit but instead readily subscribe their liberal agenda.

    Like it or not, this is Tanah Melayu. The Malays will defend this tanahair to the last drop of blood. This is the spirit of nationalism. I believe this what BTN was trying to inculcate and spirit being sowed.

    Why are we talking from the context of the Malays?

    Basically, the Malays hv a stronger afinity to this tanahair. Unlike the Non Malays, whom readily migrate & find their livelihood elsewhere, whenever the opportunity arises.

    The last 2 yrs 180,000 Malaysians went to live abroad. Majority of them are Non Malays. These people demonstrated their unhesitant to move out of Malaysia.

    My Q to you: Who will be left to defend this tanahair then?

    There are already a marginal number of Non Malays in the security forces. The Non Malays represent 35% of the warganegara but is there hardly 10% of them in the security forces?

    Malaysian Insider should promote nationalism & patriotism. Then again, what could you expect for a known Singaporean stooge?

    • Perhaps you’d understand why people migrate if you get treated as second class. Just like I will never understand the level of anger a Muslim has on the burning of the Quran, you will never quite understand what it means to be treated like a non in Malaysia.

      And by the way, your posing of “defending the tanahair to the last drop of blood” remains that: posing. Perhaps you should visit Lebanon sometime, to see what a minority is capable of doing.

      Nobody denies Malay dominance in Malaysia. But remember, as in Israel, as it takes is ONE broken-hearted person to blow up many.

      As for the number of non Malays in the security forces, perhaps some inquiry as to why would answer your questions. While you’re at it, maybe the same inquiry for the civil service?

      Yes, Malaysian Insider should promote nationalism and patriotism. But by sweeping things under the carpet? You have a very strange sense of nationalism. More on image than substance.

      We’ve all encountered racism from both sides. But whether or not he was there on his personal capacity, he’s with the government, is he not? Imagine if the PM were to say, “Oh, in my personal capacity, we should just abolish elections. I’ll be imperator for life”. Acceptable?

      The reason why the media highlights examples of Malay racists against non-Malays is this: Which IDIOT would dare make racist remarks against Malays in the open knowing the consequences?

      • Fabian,

        The record shows that so few Non Malays willing to bear arms in this country; considering that they contribute so much into crimes like vices, underworld activities, gangsterism.

        Can they do more for the security and defense of the realm?

        Of course they can. And they should. At least some did. And they do it well.

        But its not enough. They represent a third but their presence in the forces is proportionately much lesser.

        Its about taking ownership & doing something about it rather than leaving it to the majority instead.

        In short; its the attitude!

        Its an attitude of a group of people who sees this land as a ‘transit’.

      • Yes people migrated for better prospect of life,perhap that the reason and only, why the chinese and indian came to malaya then looking for better life relinquishing the hardship they suffer in thier homeland.
        Dont say that creaps that you came heare for the love of malaya then.
        Never mind that, but after the Malay willingly accept them and issuing 1 million citizenship “the Malay can protest then” they still mantain thier ‘PENDATANG’mentality and that didnt change and I belive they would never change.
        Malaysian first chinese/indian second is just political ajenda,hiding thier true mentality of pendatang that this country is just for cari makan,like the migratetory birds taking advantage all the resourse then fly off,why bother about the land.
        Venercular school is the main stumbling block of being truly Malaysian and 1Malaysia would never be achived if the chinese and indian favour vernucular school which tecnically make them seprated from the rest and forever they remain pendatang.

      • I recall a non-Malay a PhD, who retired as associate professor a few years back. She was my lecturer in the 80s and later my colleague. She’s spent a large part of her career as an educator in an public university. Words got round that when her son was applying to Imperial College, discrimination against minority non-Malays was used as a reason for her to send him to UK. It worked. That was almost 20 years ago. Sadly, this was not the only case of non-Malay Malay-sians using the purported race issue as an excuse to gain sympathy and ease their children’s entry into prestigious western universities.
        Another case in point: I was studying in UK in late 1980s, when the BBC aired an interview with a freshie in London U – a Malay-sian Chinese doing medicine. She said she wouldn’t have the chance to pursue medicine if she were to remain in Malay-sia because of government policies which discriminated non-Malays. London U accepted her. Apparently BBC followed her her development. She dropped out of London U a year later. She failed her first year.
        Obviously it had nothing to do with race – she was under-qualified, and perhaps wouldn’t have been accepted if not for the tall story about racial discrimination.
        I have heard of numerous similar cases involving top non-Malay civil servants who, without qualms, would carry such tales to make it easier for their children to be accepted in prestigious universities abroad. Not because they believe it is so – as top government servants they would have enjoyed perks and privileges – but for the sake of convenience. It’s unethical, these opportunists took advantage of the trust and compassion of a civil society, but do they care?
        How can one be considered second class when one’s lot makes up and takes up the creamy part of the economic cake? If a Malay in Malay-sia claiming native status through words and deeds is considered racist, what do the Chinese in Malay-sia have to say about China’s policy barring non-Sino spouses from becoming citizens, yet accepting overseas Chinese as part of them? And there are Arab countries which bar non-Arabs from becoming citizens?
        I can understand if there is dissatisfaction among certain communities in the country, but credit must be given where credit is due. There’s plenty to share in this country, there shouldn’t be suspicions among Malay-sians. But the fact remains that the terms Tanah Melayu, Malaya, Malaysia were there and are there for a reason.
        Malaysia is a blessed land. The Malays have a lot to gain by having Chinese, Indians and other communities as fellow citizens in terms of enriching our outlook of life and our appreciation of a multicultural society. Likewise the Chinese, Indians and other non-Malays have a lot to thank for be being here in Malaysia and not in China or India.
        Here in Malay-sia, Indians of the lowest caste can excel if they work hard. Could the same happen if they remain in India, I wonder? If there’s any consciousness about caste in Malay-sia, it would be felt mostly within the Indian community. I certainly wouldn’t be bothered to discriminate Indian colleagues based on their caste. To me, it is their sincerity that matters. But I do notice that certain Indian colleagues would distance themselves from some other.
        When I was younger, I learnt from some Indian friends (of the higher castes, obviously) how to differentiate one caste from another based on their names.
        Anywhere in the world, it is always better to live in a multifarious society. But as the old saying goes: “when in Rome, do what the Romans do”. This is Malay-sia – not China or India.
        There are good Malays and there are bad Malays. Likewise, there are good Chinese or Indians and there are bad ones too. I know why I am proud to be a Malay. If you are a non-Malay, do you know why you should be proud that you are a Malaysian and not a citizen of China or India?

  5. We must push a protest against racist boo Su Lynn ( whatever her name). This is despicable. She never highlight proceedings in dap meetings. Why?she’s racists.

    Secondly we must highlight kit siang as racists. He has never condemnEd any racists Chinese groups and individuals as racists. only highlighting Malay as racists. He argues NEP racists but the cause of NEP ie racists business practices of Chinese clans and groups are not? How come it’s racists only against non Malay but if against Malay it’s not racists? Unless of course he’s racists.

    Thirdly if he is for Malaysian first how can he support the apartheid system of vernacular schools where we segregate our young by race. Doesn’t he know that if all Chinese goes to vernacular schools it deprives the malays in SK of Chinese friends? Why not think Malaysian first.

    Kit siang is a first class crap.

    • Dear Ellese,

      The vernacular schools do not segregate the children. There is no racial requirement to attend Chinese-language schooling. In fact, they’re more than happy when a non-Chinese attends. That’s what I’m told, anyways. I never attended Chinese type schools. I went to a national school.

      Where the Chinese clans and groups are concerned, it’s a democratic right to have freedom of association. Just like you have Perkasa and other NGOs, the Chinese can have their guilds and associations. Perhaps if you don’t agree, and that you think race should never be used to differentiate Malaysians, we could start by making ALL policies race/religion blind. By stating poverty eradication as a policy without having to explicitly name any race, for instance.

      It’d be great if the media could highlight racism in DAP meetings, too. Unless of course, the DAP do not have racist topics in their agenda for the meetings. Or they’re too afraid to voice it out. Or that racism isn’t in their policy.

      I mean, if a couple of journalists can walk into a church and desecrate the Holy Eucharist, and get away with it, it’s rather simple to attend a DAP gathering.

      Personally, I think it’d be nice if we could have Chinese/Tamil education in national schools. Then everyone can mix around in the same school. But what happens to the administration of the school, I wonder?

      • Kenapa kaum pendatang ni tak boleh terima sekolah ‘1 Malaysia’???

        Ini punca masyarakat Malaysia terbelah sebab dari kecik, dia tak biasa bergaul & berkawan. Terutama kawasan bandar.

        Cina Malaysia ni sedar tak, kalau mrk diIndon, jangan kata sekolah Cina, penggunaan bahasa ibunda malah nama Cina pun kena buang!

        Kadang kadang, kalau kita sebagai tuan rumah baik & murah hati sgt, org datang pijak kepala kita! Padanlah ada peribahasa “Buat baik berpada pada”.

        Kalau tidak, nanti org mabik kesempatan!

        MI ni bukan penyakit Cina anti-Melayu! Ini barah Melayu anti-Melayu!

      • Haiya fabian

        Then why the opposing loud NOISE against PERKASA??

        In return for the FREE citizenships of pendatangs, the constitution inserted the SPECIAL STATUS of Malays and Bumiputeras.

        If you NOW claim, that is unfair and wants this provision to be eradicated, then the FREE citizenship should also be revoked. This means that the forefathers are now rendered stateless, and therefore descendants like yourself are OVERSTAYING aliens.

        The granting of this FREE citizenship can be considered as unfair. Most countries grant citizenships based on a long list of criteria – educational background, employment potential, financial standing, etc etc including language proficiency – which was graciously WAIVED.

        How dependable is your opinion when you readily believe, “That’s what I’m told” and that you never attended Chinese type schools. You conclude based on hearsay, this only makes you gullible.

        Quote, “Personally, I think it’d be nice if we could have Chinese/Tamil education in national schools.” What does this mean in effect? Chinese education where the medium is mandarin and Tamil education whose medium is Tamil? Where is the constitutional RESPECT and allegiance to the national language which is BAHASA MELAYU?

        What about the curriculum? Do they instil loyalties to all things china and india? Do they learn about Lt Adnan or Confucius or Gandhi as heroes?

        One wonders if this 3-in-1 will forge unity? Will this support 1Malaysia?

      • oh yeah fabian..democratic for chinese and racist for the malays..shissh

      • yeah ray you totally right ..revoked NEP as well the free citizenship..everybody happy!

  6. Kudos to the MI who has managed to expose what BTN people are talking behind Malaysians back. This just confirms BTN push Narrow Agenda not National Agenda.

    You people just want to shoot the messanger. Notice none of you don’t bother to disprove if BTN officer said those inflamatory words. In stead you try to rationalise what he say, even those words sepet and botol.

    • why are u so afraid of with this so-called BTN crap?Do u DAP guys expose what have been discussed in your meeting and your so-called national agenda? Should i touch a little bit about how singaporean rule their country? =)should i touch about dong zhong agenda? =)if you think the BTN is a crap,don’t worry,it will remain as a crap =)

      • Whatever you called, BTN is still a crap. What nation building? What nation unity? If the purpose of BTN is to nurture and cultivate patriotism and nationalism of the nation, they have failed miserably in their objective. All too often, we hear unpleasant remarks on this race and that race except their own race. We Malaysians don’t need such craps around.

      • You have said too much regarding BTN stuff.why dont u talk about DAP’s national agenda?dont u think dong zong is a crap? =)

      • kit sial,
        No, I am not a DAP member, so you tell us what is their national agenda. Sori again, I don’t speak Chinese, so what Dong Zhong agenda. Is it against any race? Is it against Orang Melayu? Tell us, ‘clever’ man.

      • neither am i..can’t u see the question mark there?should i ask u if i already knew.. =) do some research if u ‘really’ dont know what dong zong is all about.then u can make the comparison or think their agenda is contrary with the national agenda or not =)thanks for the compliment =)

      • Then why you bother to classify Dong Zhong as crab. Aren’t you tak malu to condemn someone when you don’t even know why.

        At least we know BTN is a crab for speaking ills about other races. So is Perkasa.

        Don’t bother to tell what Singapore did. It has nothing to do with us. So stop talking crab.

      • did i mention in any part of all of my comment about dong zhong is a crap?please dont show your stupidity here.. =)i just want u to make a research and comparison about it.be fair to yourself.if u lazy enough to make a simple reading a.k.a research about dong zhong,please dont blame others =) did i mention about orang melayu or orang cina here? are u racist,asim? =) we are talking about national agenda,so we must implement our constitution.. =) we must learn from our surrounding right? =)

  7. Bro

    You should buy and read this :
    The Ugly Chinaman and the Crisis of Chinese Culture Author Bo-Yang ( A MUST READ )

    order it from amazon ( not available here ). Then you know the roots of all these current issue.

    Another thing is the DAP/ Anwar tactics is – if you cant convince the masses, confuse them. That’s what anwar / DAP did with his liwat case and also TBH case.

    • Hello Mangkuk Tingkat 4,

      I don’t think the masses are confused. On the contrary, I think the masses have never been so clear on so many issues. One of the wonders of a free media in the internet, I think. It’s only when you have access to both sides of the story that people get to decide.

      Your examples of Anwar’s (first and second!)sodomy case and the Teoh Beng Hock affair, are, I’m afraid, glaring examples of clarity on the part of the masses. For Anwar’s case, we’re seeing a re-run from his first case, without any change in the script. In the late Mr. Teoh’s, it isn’t something new. I’ve read of deaths in detention. And Mr. Teoh was only a witness, not a suspect.

      • Hallo Fabian

        I’ll take your words with a pinch of salt.

  8. Dear Big Dog,

    Have you watched Namewee’s video (his latest one, I mean?). Did you find anything he said that pointed to Malays, other than his subject (Siti Inshah)? Was he venting against her, or was he venting against her race?

    Are you insulted that he had the gall to criticize her about her comments? That he didn’t stay silent? His statement on why Malaysia is wealthy can be subjective, but what about the other things he said? Vulgar? Yeah. Crude? Yes. No different from the rappers we hear on MTV. But racist? Hahaha….he was criticizing a racist act!! 🙂

    If Namewee is to be charged, then he should be charged for his FIRST video, Negarakuku. Why not?

    • fabian
      i think u r playing dumb-o. yes he’s pointing to siti inshah but one verse of the song says ‘bukan semua org puasa’ or something like that. my question is, who is namewee to accuse this siti inshah or any muslim in msia for not fasting? some top shot mufti, ulama or guru sekolah pondok? he is just insinuating the thing. u want to admit it or not, he is still a racist. so r u.

      • And so are you – jentayu. all of us who go on day after day insulting each other, just becos of race, ARE racists pigs.

  9. Bigdog,
    The real problem is Najib and Isam..they have no gut to act..they never address this issue..
    Please do your job Mr Minister..

  10. Najib janganlah jadi terlalu bodoh!
    Kalau nak dapat kembali undi dari kaum Cina, ambillah tindakan terhadap penghasut2 pergaduhan perkauman supaya tragedi Mei 13 tidak akan berulang.
    Kaum Cina yg rata2 terlibat dgn perniagaan tidak mahu pergaduhan dlm negara yg akan mengakibatkan mereka akan rugi teruk. Kpd kaum Cina UNTUNG dlm perniagaan adalah yg utama dr segala2nya.
    Jika mereka melihat bhw Najib adalah serius utk menjaga keamanan negara, mereka akan menyokong BN dlm PRU 13 nanti!
    Jika mereka melihat bhw Najib tidak mengambil sebarang tindakan afirmative mereka akan mengundi pembangkang dlm PRU 13 nanti.

    • “Kpd kaum Cina UNTUNG dlm perniagaan adalah yg utama dr segala2nya.”

      Aha … namun tetapi, akan LEBIH untung jika kaum china dapat menguasai seluruh Malaysia – bukan kah itu matlamat mereka dimasa kini …

      • sick logic, verges on paranoia.. tsk, tsk.

      • Itu persoalan tanah…. untung rugi jual beli, nama tetap nama.

  11. Dear BD,

    Picked up a part of your article here into my post titled, Hippo-Cri-Ticus : Kalaulah Beritanya Begini….

  12. Malaysian Insider has always been heavily slanted in its views, perhaps even manipulative on issues for the Opposition, just to attract readers, the bulk whom are young punks and racists like the vulgar rapper. Namewee, better known to me as “dead man running”, is creature created by the DAP to specifically solicit “si mata sepek” youths’ votes with immoral and seditious means. Syabas to Perkasa, it is successfully stopping the sick rapper from spreading more turmoil and to kejar him hingga ke lubang cacing. Dont give a damn if he repents, hippos will always be hippos. The gravity of the sins of the seditious rapper compared to Hanim (even one considers muttering those words as racist slurs) are like mountains apart. However the communist chauvinists will cry injustice/ unequal treatment because to them everything must be equal. They fantasize comparing the pole that sticks out between rapper’s thighs with that of a flag pole; erk such racist stupidity and yet there are Malaysian citizens falling for it, of course supported by cowardly stupid politicians.

    So what should we Malays do now? – Yes continue tearing down those shitty news brought out by the portals such as Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider etc, with facts and not because we are against democracy or liberty but we just don’t believe in the unlimited type promoted by the West. We have to articulate our freedom by limitations placed by the rules and procedures laid down by our way of life so that we don’t create anarchy and unrest, we are just not animals. So to Malaysian Insider -I don’t “ like the way you lie”, you have an anarchic hidden agenda.

    • I rather expose shitty Malays like you, Wacko!

    • Utusan Malaysia is equally bias and manipulative against the opposition and non Malay. However this doesn’t mean we must suppress the press. Let the rakyat decide.

  13. haramkan sahaja Malaysia Insider.Blog ini banyak menyiarkan agenda yang mempunyai unsur-unsur kebencian pelbgai bangsa di Malaysia.Kaum muda bnayak terpengaruh dengan selitan-selitan artikel-artikel yang mencucuk berbau perkauman yang menjijikkan.
    Mana Menteri Amaran dalam negeri..Menteri ini terlalu takut nak bertindak.Sepatutnya kerajaan Najib perlu mengwujudkan satu lagi kementerian yang baru iaitu” KEMENTERIAN HAL EHWAL DALAM RUMAHTANGGA’ dimana menterinya ialah datuk H .

    • Kalau haramkan MI, this blog pun kena sama. I see no difference between the two.

      • The BIG difference is MI is instigating and BD is patriotic.

      • mana ada sama! tak sama…

    • BD is not patriotic. BD is just a UMNO loyalist. A patriotic is someone who loves his country and do whatever even joining the opposition to correct the wrong by the gov of the day.

      • If you read thru BD’s postings, he also condemned UMNO members like Abdullah Badawi, Nazri, KJ, Musa, Hishamuddin and a long string of others.

        Why join the opposition?? Is that your agenda here to recruit members for the opposition.

        Najib may be seen as weak but I personally believe his style is discreet. Why join the enemy camp when what you really need is to weed out the “lalangs” in UMNO.

        Have you been reading the opposition happenings lately – they resemble uncivilised gangsters MORE than leaders.

  14. Making the Malays strong is becoming sinful nowadays. Even Nazri, Khaled, Khairy and Ku Nan are viewing PERKASA as utterly dirty!

    • Nazri, Khairy n Tg Nan ni barua dan talibarut taukeh cina…mereka takut kedudukan mereka terancam…sebab tu perkasa menjadi musuh no 1 mereka..dah nampak kemampuan perkasa sebagai kumpulan pendesak bagi kepentingan melayu.Ini boleh merugi kan kaum yang mejadi taukeh mereka.Mereka ni anjing kepada taukeh mereka.Bukan nya pejuang UMNO.Halau mereka keluar dari UMNO..anjing kurap…

  15. Dear Readers,

    They say “It takes two to tango”. Or in Malay equivalent proverb “Bertepuk sebelah tangan tak berbunyi”.

    Malaysians of all races must make effort to maintain racial harmony.

    As for that BTN officer, I see nothing wrong in what he said. He is not racist. He is just saying the truth.

    What is wrong in promoting unity. He did not arouse racial feeling against non Malays. He just reminded Malays to unite in defending their interest. If interest of Malays is eroded, malays are themselves to be blamed for not being vigilant enough.

    Let us face it. All races, be Malay, chinese or Indians or Kadazan give priority to their own race. That is law of human nature.

    Ask any Malay and all of them will say that DAP takes care of Chinese interest more than that of the Malays. Likewise, UMNO takes care the interest of Malays but it also looks into the welfare of non Malays.

    Chinese and indians are citizens. I am a Malay and with due respect to Chinese especially( meant no disrespect) I notice that some Chinese simply refuse to integrate with other races.

    Wht do I mean with that? I notice some Chinese do not take effort to be conversant in national language. They claim that they are Malaysians but yet they fail to learn the national language.

    They resisted one school system. Some( especially DAP) continue to pour hatred against Malays by throwing support for criminal shot by police.

    THey lamented that that they are 2nd class citizens but conveniently choose to ignore that the lion share of Malaysian economy is in their hand.

    They lamented that they do not get fair deal in civil servant but choose to keep quiet that Constitution says that 4 out of 5 civil servants must be Malays. why? In return of Malay Rulers agreeing to give more than 1 million citizenship in one day upon independent.

    They painted Malay( and UMNO) as being cruel when 1 temple is demolished by developer when the actual story is that the owner of land sold the lot to the developer.

    Remember KG Jawa?

    They ( DAP) slandered against Tun Razak by saying that he initiated May 13 as a way to force Tunku to resign when the actual fact is that violence erupted when A Chinese procession showed “penyapu on Kg Baru, chiding the Malays to balik kampung ‘Tanam jagung”.

    They claim they are all for Malaysian Malaysia but always have this tagline “Mandarin is required”.

    In all sincerity, I believe there are million good natured Malsaysians ( irrespective of races) in Malaysia. Do not let hypocrite like Lim Kit siang poison our mind to hate one particular race( meaning Malay) just so advance his family dynasty.

    • Shamsul,

      Hang ni pelik. On one hand you said we need to maintain racial harmony. Next you said there’s nothing wrong with what the BTN fella said. Calling people “Sepet” and “Botol” doesn’t really jive with maintaining racial harmony. I think you should lay off whatever you’re smoking. You making us Malays sound stupid..


      • Hullo

        There is a big difference between the concepts of Pro-Malay and anti-nons.

        Try to digest this, good practice for your brains.

    • Drsam hang pun pelik juga

  16. Cut and paste gambar dia dan masuk dalam FB…and youtube…

    Sebarkan, bagi semua orang kenal siapa AMOY spy ini..

  17. DAP/PAP and Anwar philosophy

    If you can’t convince the masses, confuse them.

    • Bad for government in general. please let us not compare with the US, negara tu memang lah macam perempuan makeup tebal, conteng sikit ,berselut nampak. and dont compare this with malay girls with tudungs too… sama2 bro… pikir masak2 awak pon duduk sini jugak…

  18. The chickens have come home to roost…now it was reported in New York Times on how the majorities Malays discriminate against the minorities causing the nation untold damage.

    Well, Perkasa and Big Anjing will be damned pleased with the result of turning the country into a pariah nation.

    • I understand that ‘pariah’ is the lowest cast amongs the indian in thier casta system and most indians in Malaysia are in this category,running from discrimination in thier homeland.
      Resulting of taht ,a lot of pariah in Malaysia now where opurtunity are greater not being restricted by thier lower cast category and many became sucessful in life but cheracteristicily they remain pariah.
      Pariah was not known to the Malay state then until
      the British colinial brought them in to serve them but unfortunately leving them behind when the British left . Thier numbers had much influance, and Malaysia could be pariah state if thier influnce are not properly manege.


    • they were also told that anwar was politically fixed but they now KNOW that he was guilty as charged and that he is anti-semitic

      well asam asim, I guess you are starting to pack up and go before Malaysia becomes err a pa***h state … hahahaha

    • ni lah sikap si amerika si mulut busuk, tak sedar nak cari profit critic negara lain dasar jew. hutang keliling pingang, nak beli berus gigi pon tak cukup.

  19. Dedicated to asam asim (& fabian et all)

    “Don’t bother to tell what Singapore did. It has nothing to do with us. So stop talking crab.”

    I believe the word is “crap” not “ketam”.

    Read this from lky and it has EVERYTHING to do with Malaysia. TRY to use your grey matter and discover the connection.

    Lky said, “We are largely Chinese and Indians”. Errmm, where are the Malays?? The little red dot’s national language is Bahasa Melayu. Its anthem is also in Bahasa Melayu.

    He added, “Well, we make them say the national pledge and sing the national anthem but suppose we have a famine, will your Malay neighbour give you the last few grains of rice or will she share it with her family or fellow Muslim or vice versa?”.

    So Malaysia needs to ensure that there is no chinese-led government, to avoid the Malays being rendered “invisible”.


    • LKY is very nervous becoz he is a man of serious ill intent & actually a kwai-loh barua here in SE Asia. Mainland Chinese know Singaporeans as ‘banana’ (yellow outside buy white inside!).

      Mainland Chinese despise LKY. He is so arrogant that he is not allowed to give a talk in atleast 12 Chinese cities!

      LKY is very delighted when PM Najib is seen as not listening to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

      • Dear Old Chap,

        You’re bloody right! Harry Lee is more Brit than a Singaporean Chinese. Look at his policies – very Anglo-Saxon centric.

  20. BIG DOG= DOGGY !!! woof woof

  21. Stop calling this country tanah melayu. That is what you call racism. You call that 1 malaysia? Bullshit! You call people mata sepet and kaki botol. How do you feel if people call you B*** ? Did I hear complaint?

    • Dear bising

      Have you heard chinese people calling Malays malaikwai? or gonggong? Don’t ever think too highly of yourself. You mean we must call this country republic of china?

      Tanah Melayu will motivate the Malays and Bumiputeras to stand up and unite against these anti-constitutional challenges.

      Tanah Melayu will also arouse patriotic and nationalistic emotional responses to these loud demands from INGRATES and ignoramus.

    • Americans call themselves White, Blacks, Yellow, Browns and now they make a joke about it…. do you think its appropriate? \\WHAT Language are you speaking? do you know bahasa melayu ? do you speak taga? bahasa indo ? who are you ?

      • dear bising,

        do you speak thai? bajau? jawa? suluk?

        Tanah Melayu, would it be more comfortable if your ic stated as a malay race regardless? would we ? ?

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