Tun Dr. Mahathir getting better

Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is recovering well at Epworth Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He has been under medication and physiotherapy for his cough and chest infection and been responding well to the treatment.

For the benefits of BigDogDotCom blog surfers, we bring you this photo:

Photo was taken 4 October 2010 @ 1100hrs Melbourne time

*Updated 530pm

Alumni of Ex-MRSMers (ANSARA) is organising a special tahlil and doa selamat to pray for Tun Dr. Mahathir’s speedy recovery and well being at Masjid Jame Kampung Baru tomorrow after Maghrib prayers. All are welcome.

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Nationalism is the basis of patriotism

In the wake of the Non Malays and Liberal Malays questioning the nationalism of the Malays, which in the underlying principle that brought the struggle of Kemerdekaan successful, we here in BigDogDotCom would like to share two of works of motion picture that were depiction of patriotism, based on nationalism.

They say ‘light and sound’ have impact on the ‘explorential learning process’ of Malaysians understanding the nationalism that is the drove of these acts of extraordinary Malayans. These may be works of art, but it is reflective of the spirit and values that it was meant to depict.

First it was the men of B Company of the  Malay Regiment led by 2nd. Left. Adnan Saidi and 2nd. Left. Abbas Abdul Manan on Bukit Chandu, Singapore on 14 February 1942 which is the day before Lt. Gen. Sir Arthur E. Percival surrendered the Imperial and Commonwealth forces to Lt. Gen. Yamashita.

159 men which include almost the entire B Company of the Malay Regiment  lost their lives that afternoon, to the invading 56th Infantry Regiment of the 18th Division Japanese Imperial Army. Only four men of the Malay Regiment managed to come out alive from the fight to tell the tale.

The Malay Regiment memorial on Bukit Chandu, Alexandra, Singapore

The other is the Malayan Police at Bukit Kepong Station led by Sjn. Jamil Md. Shah on 23 February 1950, taking on the onslaught of 200 communist terrorists (“Butcher of Malaya”).

28 persons lost their lives that early morning, which include 22 Policemen. Three women and a girl, who are family members of the Policemen serving the station were also killed in the brutal attack.

These acts of gallantry and outstanding valour portrayed could only resulted from the nationalism spirit these men possess, for the defense of God, King and Country.

Al Fatihah to these men, women and all those who had sacrificed their lives for achieving and maintaining the liberty.

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