Syed Mohamed is IIB new CEO


Dato' Syed Mohamed at the Malaysian Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


This morning, Khazanah Holdings Bhd. CEO Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar held a townhall meeting with Iskandar Investment Bhd. in Johor Bahru. The end of contract for CEO Arlida Ariff was officially announced. The opportunity was also used to introduce IIB incoming CEO Dato’ Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, who will assume office on 1 November 2010.

This is the IIB press statement for the announcement:

Johor Bahru, 8 October 2010 – Iskandar Investment Berhad is pleased to announce the appointment of Datuk Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Iskandar Investment Berhad effective from 1 November 2010.

Datuk Syed Mohamed will take over the helm of the Company from Puan Arlida Ariff, whose contract ends on 31 December 2010.

Datuk Syed Mohamed is a native son of Johor and has spent many years in property development, hospitality & leisure, construction and facility management industry. This experience will be particularly valued in the next stage of development of IIB’s projects, as developments move towards project completion and become operational.

Datuk Syed Mohamed is currently Group Director – Property & Infrastructure of DRB Hicom Berhad. He had previously served as the CEO of TH Properties Sdn Bhd, General Manager of Sime Darby Land Sdn Bhd and the Head of Corporate Planning Division of Johor State Economic & Development Corporation.

Datuk Syed Mohamed’s experience in both State and Federal Government-linked companies would serve IIB well given its unique nature as a catalyst developer. He also spent some time working abroad as the Chief Operating Officer of Knowledge Economic City Developers Company Limited in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Company would like to thank Puan Arlida Ariff for her contribution throughout her tenure at IIB.

Significant progress has been achieved under her stewardship including bringing together reputable international partners and investors to establish developments in Medini and EduCity such as LEGOLAND Malaysia, Newcastle University of Medicine Malaysia, Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, 1Medini, Management Development Institute of Singapore as well as Marlborough College Malaysia. IIB has also put in place infrastructure developments in Iskandar Malaysia including the Coastal Highway on which future developments will be built upon.

We wish Puan Arlida the best in her future undertakings.


Syed Mohamed’s appointment came highly recommended. He had the wealth of experience in developing townships and new communities.

The Star report on Syed Mohamed’s appointment to head the project in Saudi Arabia, thirty two months ago to head the Knowledge Economic City, Madinah:

Monday February 18, 2008

Syed Mohamed going to Saudi Arabia for big offer


DATUK Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim not only wants to give his best in everything he does but also likes challenges that will enable him to bring out his best.

This is the man whose name in the corporate circle is synonymous with the RM9.2bil smart township, @enstek in Negri Sembilan – a project by TH Properties Sdn Bhd where he was the chief executive officer. He left the company last month, after a four-year stint.

Datuk Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim

In March, the Universiti Malaya economics graduate will be heading to Saudi Arabia for a bigger challenge – to helm the development of the Madinah Knowledge Economic City (K.E.C. Madinah), a RM25bil project.

“K.E.C. Madinah ranks third (in value and size) among the six economic cities to be developed throughout Saudi Arabia, after King Abdullah Economic City and Jazan Economic City,” said Syed Mohamed, 50.

He decided to take up the offer after he and his wife Datin Zaidah Zakaria visited Saudi Arabia in June last year.

While his decision has surprised many of his friends and business associates, it is also one that is not unexpected for those who know Syed Mohamed.

And he is fond of telling his listeners that anything one does must “at least be comparable to the best, if not the best.”

“I like challenges. I like to test my abilities,” he said of his new portfolio as chief operating officer. But what is even more exciting and meaningful for Syed Mohamed is the fact that he will be part of the team to restore the status of Madinah as a beacon of knowledge.

“Madinah is the second holiest city in Islam and the burial place for Prophet Muhammad,” he pointed out, adding that this was one of the three reasons why he decided to take up the job offer there.

K.E.C. Madinah, developed by Seera City Real Estate Development Company, is only five km east of Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid Al Nabawi) and five km south of Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz International Airport.

Its focus is on knowledge-based industries like science, technology, biotechnology, medical services, Islamic studies and social sciences.

The project, on 4.8 million sq metres, will take at most 12 to 15 years to complete, he added.

With his 27 years of working experience in the property and banking sectors, Syed Mohamed is certainly upbeat on the booming Saudi economy.

The Arabs, he added, accepted global best practices in developing their country and they also had high regards for the achievements and capabilities of Malaysians.

“It is all about professionalism and meritocracy. When you see things that way, you will not have problems in establishing a good relationship and working together well with others,” he said.


IIB is expected to benefit from Syed Mohamed’s West Asian connections, particularly the Saudis. The Iskandar ‘greenfield’ developments are expected to go into high gear after this appointment.




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  1. Finally, a Johor son and one with the international experience. This Syed Mohamad is known to be squeaky clean too. His stint with the Arabs would come in handy and help him in attracting the sheikh and oil dollars. Good luck Dato Syed!

    • The KEC project is still in preliminary stages.

      Banyak tak buat lagi. Maybe it was too big for him?

      Harap dia boleh handle IIB.

      • The project in Saudi Arabia did not take off as planned and so were other mega development projects dreamed by the Saudi. So is Iskandar. Trust that he learned a great deal of where the fault line lies in Iskandar.

  2. Syed Mohamed, don’t forget to immediately sack Arlida’s corrupted cronies in IIB – Adlan, Ben Hanafiah, Sam, Rustam and the list goes on. Look like you will end up doing lots of cleaning instead of bringing in investors. Good luck!

    • Datuk Syed mesti siasat cerita cerita amalan rasuah Arlida ni. Serious ni!

      Banyak dah rumour ttg Arlida ni. Ada yg sebut keluarga terlibat dlm buat keputusan. Datuk Syed mesti buat siasatan lengkap la. Org Johor tgh perati.

      Jangan sampai org Johor kecewa dgn Iskandar. Datuk Syed mesti sentiasa ingat Johor ialah simpanan tetap UMNO!

      • Orang johor memang sudah lama kecewa dengan Iskandar yang tidak membawa faedah kepada rakyat jelata kecuali MB Johor dan Dato Lim Kang Hoo.

  3. Syabas!

    Anak Larkin kini terajui Master Developer Johor.

    Khazanah sudah membuat pilihan tepat utk ambik anak Johor Baru sebagai boss IIB. Siapalah yg banggang pi ambik Arlida ni??

    Dia bukan ada pengalamna sebagai developer. Dia hanya projek manager!

    IIB mesti bergerak pasca Arlida. Datuk Syed mesti ubah minda org IIB & business plan. Dah 4 tahun ni Iskandar ni tak da apa apa pun!

    • replacing a corrupt with another corrupt is what azman is doing.

      • We are not sure whether Arlida is corrupted or not. However, we are certain that Dato’ Syed Mohamed is not.

        He is a proven property developer, involving in a new township. That track record was also recognised when he was hired for the KEC Madinnah.

        He should be given the chance to prove himself.

  4. Khazanah is obviously promoting corruption in Malaysia by replacing IIB CEO, Arlida with Syed Mohamed. Everybody in Johor knew Arlida has been awarding her husband contracts under 9MP plus under IIB. In fact, she’s been doing that during her tenure at previous companies, KLCC and Putrajaya. If DG of Tourism was charged for corruption over RM13k dental fees, why must Khazanah let her go freely? Khazanah has to remember that it is people’s money that they’ve been spending in Johor, it is not MCOBA fund or UMNO fund, it is our money. So please cut the crap and send those useless buggers (including her cronies in IIB) to jail for life!

    • it is really sickening,,to know until today,,,the govn,,is still not taking action on all those corrupted people,,jsut let them off,,,what kind of govn are we having,,condorning,,such corrupted practise

      • Zen ptp, i agree with you 100%, no cover up by Khazanah please. If Assistant Director of IT unit can be charged by the court for bribery, why can’t Arlida (if proven wrong)? Where is the consistency here?

        Saturday October 9, 2010

        Former assistant director jailed for bribery

        KUALA LUMPUR: A suspended Education Ministry employee was jailed four years and fined RM300,000 after he was found guilty of four offences, including accepting a flight ticket to London as a bribe.

        Kamarulzaman Mahayiddin, an assistant director of the information technology unit, was convicted with three counts of accepting bribes and one count of money laundering by the Sessions Court here yesterday.

        The 51-year-old, who worked at the Special Education Department, was found guilty of using RM160,653 derived from illegal activities to pay for a Land Rover.

        He was also convicted for obtaining a cheque worth RM160,653, without consideration, from Sulaiman Ab Rahman, the general manager of a company supplying applications to a programme under the department.

        He accepted a return air ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney worth RM1,338, without consideration, from Sulaiman even though the former knew Sulaiman’s company was linked to his official duty.

        Kamarulzaman was also guilty of obtaining a return air ticket from Kuala Lumpur to London worth RM3,099, without consideration from Sulaiman.

        The offences were committed between Sept 28, 2003 and March 9, 2004.

      • To all those who has been accusing Arlida Ariff is corrupt, please take note of this:

        If Arlida is wrong and you have the necessary proofs to substatiate your claim, then why not you walk into the nearest MACC office first thing on Monday and make a report.

        Without a report, then an investigation cannot be initiated.

        Please do the right thing.

      • Kepada sesiapa yang mempunyai maklumat tentang kegiatan penyelewengan di Johor, sila hubungi kami di

        MACC Johor
        Tingkat 9, Blok B, Wisma Persekutuan
        Jalan Ayer Molek
        P.O Box 6000,
        80730, Johor Bahru
        Tel : 07-2241982/ 2230612/ 2230613
        Fax : 07- 2236646

        MACC Batu Pahat Branch
        JKR 84, Jalan Ampuan
        P.O Box 6000,
        83000, Batu Pahat
        Tel : 07-4321982/ 4320344
        Fax : 07-4328630

        MACC Kluang Branch
        No.42, Tingkat 1, Bangunan Tabung Haji
        Jalan Dato’ Kapten Ahmad
        P.O Box 6000, Kluang, Johor
        Tel : 07- 7761984
        Fax : 07-7767986

        MACC Segamat Branch
        Jalan Buluh Kasap
        P.O Box 6000,
        85720, Segamat, Johor
        Tel : 07- 9317982/ 07- 9317980
        Fax : 07- 9317981

        Toll-free line 1800-88-6000

  5. Who cares if Khazanah is replacing the CEO of IIB or IRDA, nothing will change, for sure. The focus by Najib’s administration is 1MDB and Greater KL. Please read report by The Star today (front page) about Arab’s massive investment into Malaysia. Iskandar Malaysia is going to be left out. Not even Mudabala is putting additional money into Iskandar. What does that tell you?

    Saturday October 9, 2010

    Billions to be invested in two projects

    PUTRAJAYA: Billions of ringgit in investments are in the pipeline from Abu Dhabi, and are set to flow into two major projects in Kuala Lumpur and Sarawak.

    The emirate’s investment unit, Mubadala Development Co, is teaming up with the Government-owned 1Malaysia Development Bhd to participate in property and aluminium ventures in the two areas.

    At the signing of two agreements yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the first would pave the way for Mubadala’s involvement in the Kuala Lumpur International Financial District (KLIFD) real estate development, which is estimated to cost more than RM26bil.

    In the second tie-up, Najib added, Mubadala, through Mubadala Industry, was looking to commit up to US$7bil (RM21.7bil) in long-term projects in the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

  6. Projek Bandar Enstek dulupun ada kes BPR, cuba ingat balik.

    Projek KEC Madinah masih lagi ‘in preliminary stage of construction’. Why he did not continue to manage this mega project until completion.

    Tak payahlah nak puji dia tinggi tinggi

    Tapi harap dia dapat laksanakan tanggungjawab seperti yang telah di amanahkan.

    • Performance of TH Properties during Syed’s tenure was very poor. You can verify with any property developers, they will tell you the real story. How can you say this guy is good for IIB? In fact, if he is very good, why he lasted at KEC Madinah for a short period? IIB is going down the drain.

  7. Is it Arlida alone? or there’s bigger fish(s) behind all this? As you can see, Datuk Lim also plays bigger part in IIB. He owns Danga Bay as well as one of the director of Iskandar Waterfront and who knows what. As you probably heard that IWD paid RM380M to Danga Bay for a piece of land. Hmm…

    Personally, I believe Iskandar project is a total failure!! One authority above all, with no public represntative, can do whatever they wants, and sells and buys whatever they like!

    • Yes, we paid a hefty RM380mn to Datuk Lim/Danga Bay for a piece of land which is located…er… not at Teluk Danga but on Selat Tebrau. Please don’t put blame on us as we did get approval from our Boards for the “strategic” purchase.

      Board of Directors – Iskandar Waterfront Development (IWD)

      Chairperson – Arlida binti Ariff
      Director – Ganendran Sarvananthan
      Director – Dato’ Lim Kang Hoo
      Director – Johar Salim bin Yahaya
      Director – Madam Lim Hoe
      Director – Adlan bin Ahmad
      Director – Rosenah binti Mohd Hassan
      Director – Hisham bin Zainal Mokhtar
      Director – Omar Siddiq bin Amin Noer Rashid
      (alternate director to Ganendran Sarvananthan)

  8. […] can’t MB Ghani bring in Johorean professionals in the likes of property man Dato’ Syed Mohamad Ibrahim (CEO of Iskandar Investment Bhd), proven oilmen Shell Chairman Anuar Taib and Mohd Azha Abdul […]

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