Notebook campaign for Datuk Rocky



The 'Ferrari' which the Police seized from Datuk Rocky and later handed over to MCMC


The Police confiscated Datuk Rocky’s Acer ‘Ferrari’ notebook and streamyx modem from his home in Puchong at 200pm yesterday, as part of the MCMC investigation on Rocky Bru’s Saturday 9 October 2010 posting “Santa Rais”. Minister in charge of Information, Communications and Culture Yang Berhormat Dato’ Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim, Ph.D made a Police report on the piece with IPD Dang Wangi on Tuesday afternoon.

In the Police report No. 33606/10 lodged on 12 October 2010 at 14oohrs, Rais claimed:

1. Datuk Rocky’s innuendo was malicious in intent, which breached the Sect 233 of the Multimedia Act

2. He never regarded himself of his ministry as a “Santa”

3. He vehemently denied Datuk Rocky’s allegations which is smearing the good name of his officers

4. The acticle was published in Rocky’s Bru on 9 October 2010

Rais obviously missed the point. Rocky’s posting that linked the 2.6Ghz posting here in this blog and Taikors and Taikuns’ was about dispelling a rumour which so many people is talking about and asking for transparency, for any grants which his ministry or any of the agencies under his ministry were to disburse for the development of the WiMAX and 4G connectivity.

Chronology of events:

BigDogDotCom posted the 2.6GHz article first thing on morning of Friday 8 Oct 2010. Rocky’ Bru linked that posting on the evening of Saturday 9 October 2010.  On mid morning Monday 11 October, officers of Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture went helter skelter about these postings. Bloggers were deployed to hit against Rocky and BigDog. On the afternoon of the same day, mainstream media already quoted Rais as “character assassination” and ‘intention to make a Police report’ was made known. Less than 24 hours later a Police report was filed. Within two short hours, MCMC officers already called up Datuk Rocky to come in late morning Wednesday 13 October at their Cyberjaya headquarters to facilitate investigations. Two hours later they followed Datuk Rocky, for the Police to confiscate the ‘Ferrari’ and streamyx modem from his home.

Since Datuk Rocky is one notebook short and we all cybersphere citizens should come forward and show our sense of esprit d’corp and solidarity to him in this over-handed-ness on the case, more over the speed how things developed and the ‘wheels were put in motion’ (comparatively to other cases lodged against cybersphere citizens).



Notebook for Datuk Rocky


Hence, we here in BigDogDotCom is proposing a cyber campaign of


We hope this campaign will gain support. Please make your mark here and/or any blogs which support this campaign. You can also write to us at for any donations in any form for the campaign.

We wish to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation for your kind support for this cause.




P/S: If Rais thinks that Rocky’s posting challenged his pride and shamed his family, then the Police report also had the same affect on Rocky. Yesterday when the Police and MCMC vehicles came to his home, imagine the impression the neighbours had on him. Imagine Rocky’s children and mother-in-law who had to go through the ‘confiscation’ process. Not to mention his children were denied connectivity to broadband till Telekom Malaysia could reinstate another machine. We are very sure Rais as a Minister-in-charge of Information, Communications and Culture and lawyer very well know of this process!

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