Bloggers boycotting Galas & Batu Sapi

In the heat of so many reacting to Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Dato’ Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim’s over reacting action of making a Police report against Supremo-Bloggo-Journo Datuk Ahirudin “Rocky” Attan’s posting of “Who gets Santa Rais’s RM 1 Billion handout” on Tuesday, it attracted overwhelming attention. It became a media news item which was carried by TV and all MSMs.

So many, be it politicians, journalists, members of the corporate world or even common friends shown termendous solidarity and support for what happened to Datuk Rocky.

Naturally, the bloggers came in full support of Rocky. It is just like and how bloggers of diverse interests and political standing came together when Rocky and Jeff Ooi were sued by Dato’ Kalimullah “Riong Kali” Hassan and NSTP in January 2007. The solidarity was so overwhelming that National Alliance of Bloggers (All Blogs) was formed on 12 April 2007.

Most of the strongest critics to Rais’s over-handed-ness and immature police report action are the pro-Government bloggers. They came out almost immediately in full force and attack mode on Rais’s action, the speed how the investigations developed and making comparisons against other cybersphere controversies which should be bordering more damning wrongdoings such as ‘sedition’.

One of the call was blogger Jailani Harun’s asking these bloggers to “Stay away from Galas and Batu Sapi by-elections”, as a sign of protest. Right wing bloggers especially this lot have had immense contribution in previous by-elections carrying electron-speed news from area of operations to the watchful eyes of political media consumers and addicts. They effectively dispel a lot of issues raised by the Oppositions when mainstream campaigns were almost ultra sluggish and via cybersphere managing nationwide perception on how BN was countering national issues including the controversies from the ground.

Bagan Pinang, Hulu Selangor and Sibu by elections demonstrated clearly the dedication and effectiveness of this small band of bloggers. Their resources deployed were far less than MSMs but proven highly effective.

Jai’s call created ripples throughout and even at Leadership level. They knew we were very serious because esprit d’corp is a virtue that bound these bloggers together and we stood by that code religiously for the last 40 months or so. Boycotting by-elections mean that BN is under handed on the cybersphere front and the Leadership knows very well that they could no longer ignore the blogging fraternity in their campaigns.

As such, this blogger have had a chance to meet up with Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yasin within this week. He was very concerned on the development of Rais’s police report on Rocky. In our brief discussion, the UMNO Deputy President did express his personal disagreement on the over-handed-ness action and was cautioned on the repercussions that resulted from the police report made. This blogger conveyed to Muhyiddin that in the dismay of anger, it was the intention of our band-of-bloggers to “Boycott the Galas and Batu Sapi by-elections”.

Muhyiddin was quick to react and ask us not to take such actions. “Please help the party. This is not about Rais”.

He was right. This is not about UMNO. This is all about Rais making a police report as an individual. He happens to be MT UMNO member and Cabinet Minister in charge of information, which is supposed to include the cybersphere. Never the less, in this episode he took the adversarial instead of engaging approach. That is unbecoming of him, especially in the age of digital democracy and the role that blogs play in the mainstream politics.

Muhyiddin is one of the UMNO Leaders who understood what we could do for the party and the value of the cyber-political node in the current challenges of digital democracy which bloggers offer with dedication for him to execute his job as the Deputy President and Deputy Chairman of BN. He has been very open to engage bloggers throughout and even ever open to take our criticisms. For that, he earned termendous respect from this small pro-Government blogging fraternity and we value his leadership.

Thus, we the small band of bloggers shall just go against Rais on this. We shall heed Muhyiddin’s request and continue on our cyber-political role in the upcoming by-elections. Rais should learn how Muhyiddin managed to win our respect with his engagement approach and open-ness to embrace the power of digital democracy.

However, it is not without a condition. Our call for Muhyiddin as the UMNO Leader whose job is to ensure the operations of BN by-elections is that he better ensure that Rais will not turn up during the campaigns. If he does, then please don’t expect us to be there. Crude but very honestly, we loathe the sight of an educated and cultured man who cannot control his tantrums!

Then again, Rais must be able to tell beyond his private office’s circle that almost the whole country is mocking him for the police report he made against Rocky. There is even a call to ask Rais be sacked. In history, this is the second time a Cabinet Minister made a police report against ‘slanderous and malignant accusations’. The first time was a man name Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim in 1998, after Khalid Jaffri’s book “50 Dalil” was out. We all remembered what happened to him there on.




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  1. I’ve never been a fan of SoPo blogs but damn sir I can’t agree with you more on this issue. It’s time to bring the #yorais back to the twitterverse too 😉

  2. Biggie,

    Well said. Good luck in the fight against Rais of Kg Gagu.

    We will walk with you & Rocky!

  3. Rais is a past shelf life has been. Lately he is showing his true level of competence. I hope that when Muhyuddin becomes PM – maybe within the next 12 – 18 months, Rais will be put into the dustbin.

    If Najib keeps idiots like Rais in the Cabinet, UMNO will pay a heavy price.

    It is bad enuf that the Minister is immature and not thinking well. His wife is also becoming an embarrasment, maybe in competition with Rosmah. These people all have to go.

    Laksa Mana

  4. Wa fatboy so powerful dpm also shivering,imagine if u got political clout pengsan man.

    • I agree BIGDOG is powerful. But I dont think DPM is shivering. They walk side by side. May their power multiply…Amin

      If BIGDOG got political clout, may be you pengsan, but it will be good for Malaysia.


  5. Hmmm, BigDog,

    Ever wondered why Rais is so BOLD?

    Mana Tak….Isteri Dia Pengiring Kanan Rosmah!

    So? Where does that Leave Rocky and BigDog?
    Heh Heh Up Shit Creek!

  6. Saya masuk di sebelah Rais – Rocky dengan Big Dog ni memang tak patut betul lah! Ustaz di sekolah dulu tak pernah ajar ke? Dalam kitab jelas disebut bahawa kita kena tolong anak Yatim.

    • Mat,

      Hahahahahahahaha lawaknya!

      Kita memang tolong anak yatim. Tapi yang berumur bawah akil baligh.

      Kalau anak Yatim dah umo 68 tahun, dia kena tolong anak orang lain. Terutama kalau dah jadi Menteri dan Kementerian dia mempunyai peruntukan cukup banyak, sampai boleh bagi 1 juta notebook/netbook ‘1 Malaysia’.

      • Big Dog – Maaf, ini benda non-negotiable, sebab jelas..sikit pun tidak kabur. Saya ikut jalan yang lurus, yang 100% tulin. “Adakah Rais Anak Yatim?” YA! Sudah cukup. Hal umur etc tak ada disebut; jadi kita jangan ambik kira. Pergi dengan Rocky jumpa dia, cium tangan dia minta maaf dan bertaubat. Saya yang membela Anak Yatim ni..agak-agaknya dah dapat berapa GUNI pahala ye. Yahooo!

  7. sepatutnya Namewee yg disiasat. Laptop Namewee yg patut dirampas! Apa lah Menteri Penerangan ni.

  8. He’s just being egoistic for the wrong reasons.As it is most melayus is against his wife for being super natural blonde, lu sendiri mau ingat lah bro, lu ingat melayu ada lambut perang kah wei. Mungkin saudara/saudari kita kat dalam sana nun yg tidak berkesempatan mengguna ayer paip yg bersih ada berwarna rambut yg macam nih!Ke genetics berasal dari sana kut!Kalau pernah berkhidmat dalam wisma putra, banyak issue yang beliau perlu saman terhadap indivividu yg menghina kedaualatan negara, tetapi tidak kerana sikap tolerance towards foriegn individuals, ye ke ye YOP. Bior benor le wei! Even bila beliau cakap macam shakespeare melayu, wa cakap lu macam menonjolkan diri sebagai calon sasterawan negara. Kalau lah di rumah beliau cakap macam tuh amat lah boring sekali untuk anak anak , what say u datin. Nak saman bolih, but the price you’ve got to pay to the bloggers is tremendous. NO MAN IS AN ISLAND ESPECIALLY POLTICIANS WHO RELY ON THEIR ETHNICS GROUPS TO SURVIVE. Please clean up on the constituents of the Ketua Pemuda of your home state, because as it is , it will be the politicians at the federal level who seems to be championing at the federal level but cant even clean up your own back yard of the reban ayam. Me think we should promote Datuk Isa Samad from Negeri to be at the forefront he is more genuine, when he is down for the very same reasons others did the same, he does not make any ampu teloq. He rise up(unlike rais up)again due to his genuine obedience and loyalty towards UMNO. Thats my man. Bear in mind I’m not from Negeri but I’m aware of genuine leadership ,not someone who is a survivor untuk periok nasi sendiri. Kalau dah jatuh terduduk mana ada glamor ya ka bro. Kalau berpangkat Datu berjiran bersepah ya kah bro. Yang berjasa . yang dalam perkasa, yang tidak berjasa pun ada kan, macam datuk yang bunuh sosisalawati, yang kena tarik balik olih DYDM Sultan Johor pun ada kan. Kalau dah ada duit mesti lah tinggal di alam maya orang yang berada tak gitu. You may have the gelaran, but without power and being in the inner circle in malaysia you are just another person having a gelaran thats all. Try asking any artiste with the gelaran ada sama kah without power, you are a pesona non grata in the datuks blogroll. Maaf bukan mau menghina ya kekawan ini ada lah kenyataan. To Datuk Seri/ Datuk orang Negeri jangan lah cepat melompat apabila di cuit. Anda masih mampu untuk tidak melatah, sekolah tinggi, budibicara macam budipekerti yang berhemah pabila berbicara dalam TV. Kalau nak di ambil consensus , approval rating tak lepas pun nak jadi calon akan datang.

    • Mannnn,

      Rais may need to make a police report against you… For writing such a highly constipated essay.

      I hope you never went to school for if you did, you are doing a real disservice to our education system…..

  9. Brader,

    Jangan lan cam tu….bloggers pro kerajaan kena sokong kerajaan. Kalau ada masalah peribadi, kita tolak tepila..mungkin ada salah faham kot antara Rais n Rocky.. Biarla depa selesaikan masalah tu berdua.. Lagipun dah buat report polis,, biarla polis yang sisat… bloggers pro kerajaan nie kena tolong kerajaan..biaqla depa selesaikan masalah mereka berdua tu….

    • Kalau PM masih simpan Menteri banggang dan/atau terbabit secara tidak langsung dengan amalan korup (termasuk ‘subahat’), macamana nak sokong Kerajaan?

      Lagi cepat dihamput Menteri cam ni keluo dan ganti lain, lagi bagus untuk Kerajaan.

      P/S: Bacalah Utusan Malaysia “Jernihkan kekeruhan dengan blogger”. Saranan amat jelas bagi Dr Rais Yatim.

      • Itulah Orang Putih Kata..

        Got Balls or Not?!

        At Least Rais Got Balls to Saman..
        Does Yang Berkuasa got balls to remove him or not??

      • If you think Rais got “balls to saman”, then just watch this space. Its only the beginning.

        As Sherlock Holmes said it, “The game’s afoot”.

        Let see what else about Rais shall prop up and be revealed….

  10. Put it this way, Dato Seri Rais Yatim has served the nation well. We have never heard Rais said anything racist or against any race after so many years in service. For him to take action against ‘Fake Latuk’ Locky and Anjing Besar is within his rights for all the unsubstantiated accusation.

    Rais is a gentleman as far we know but the same cannot be said for the Fake Latuk and the Dog. Hope justice prevailed.

    • “Dato Seri Rais Yatim has served the nation well”. Really?? He was in the team that lost Pulau Batu Putih to the little red dot, right??

      What more can I say of asam asim’s jugement of character! Zilchhhh …

      • Ray,

        We want to add these finer points about Rais. Lets not go so far about “Burning bridges”.

        Lets just look whats been happening the last four years or so and how the name ‘Dr Rais Yatim’ is associated to them:

        1. Abrupt cancellation the Scenic Bridge replacing Johor Causeway
        2. Loss of Pulau Batu Puteh at ICJ
        3. Malaysia (Petronas) lost ‘Block L & M in the South China Sea off the coast of Brunei
        4. Using the USP Funds to give away the 1 million ‘1 Malaysia’ notebook/netbook

        Just wait. “The game’s afoot”

      • Rais lost Pulau Batu Putih? That must some kind of nasty jokes from pontianak ray and anjing kotor. Just the opposite of what we won for Sipitan and Ligitan, we lost Pulau Batu Putih due to the fact that we don’t administer it for ages. To blame it on Rais is silly accusation. If you benar2 nak suka blame, blame it on Orang Melayu Attorney and Orang Melayu lawyers who are paid fat monies to fight the case but still lost.

        “Scenic Bridge” – very nostalgic. Tapi sebenarnya jambatan ini crooked macam Mamakthir ye. Nasib baik tak cukup sokongan dari rakyat. Ayu, Scenic Bridge tak panjang sangat la, yang lebih untung kpd Kroni, kita binakan satu jambatan ke Sumatra agar kita BISA mengalu-alukan orang Indo datang kesini sbg pemburuh, pedagang diChowKit atau perompak.

        Setujulah saya sama pontianak ray bahawa UMNO/BN sudah hilang hak utk memerintah negara – sebab kegagalan mempertahankan negara. Lebih baik parti kroni ini dibuangkan ke Selat Melaka selamanya.

  11. […] Berapi! Bloggers vs Boss Media Perdana Panas Berapi: Pesanan Khas untuk Rais Yatim Bloggers boycotting Galas and Batu Sapi Rocky, Rais and Gum Infection Rocky, saudara tidak keseorangan bro! Rais vs Rocky’s and […]

  12. Haiya asam asim, you should vacuum all the centuries-old cobwebs in your brain first, before you reveal not only your retardation to the whole world but also your sepet-myopic vision.

    Quote from you, “orang Indo datang kesini sbg pemburuh, pedagang diChowKit atau perompak”.

    Now read this slow and easy, so as not to hurt or damage your fragile grey matter.

    SINGAPORE promotes itself as a model of financial integrity. But, officials in Jakarta say, the wealthy city-state is a haven for some of the most corrupt Indonesians and their ill-gotten gains.

    Singapore denies that it turns a blind eye to dirty money and says that if sufficient evidence is provided, it is ready to take “swift and necessary action” against corruption suspects.

    But Indonesia’s Deputy Attorney General Darmono said: “Singapore is the most strategic country for corruptors to run away to.

    “It’s geographically the closest to Indonesia and the policy of the Singaporean government enables corruptors to live there,” he told AFP.

    P.S. hope asam asim is not choking on this little “desert” coz the main course is on the way, akan datang … yoo hoo

    • Ayoyo, memang pintarla you, pontianak ray. Kita bahas hal kita sendiri tapi you nak belok ka Sinkapora pula.

      Adaka Sinkapora menyimpan pejenayah atau ta, bukan pasal saya – saya bukan rakyat sana la – tapi sekurangnya jika benar, yang disimpan memang kaya-raya. Sebaliknya juga, kita cuma tetap layak BISA mengalu-alukan pemburuh kasar, pedagang kecil, pembantu rumah atau perompak dari Indo aje. Apalagi?

      Kenyataan yang jelas adala Orang Indo tak abis2 marahi Malaysia. Kenapa bukan Sinkapora? Yang cukup memalukan adala Kedutaan kita diJakarta dilempari najis. Hanya KJ yang berani kutukan tindakan yang sialan itu. Dimananya Pontianak Ray atau Anjing kotor – ye, mereka bisu dan geletar sampai bola pun hilang.

      Oya, serumpun bangsa sesama tak maju. Apalagi?

      • asam asim asam asim …

        “serumpun bangsa sesama tak maju” adalah lebih baik daripada adik beradik bermusuhan sesama sendiri sepanjang masa.

        China and Taiwan split in 1949 after a civil war but Beijing still considers the self-ruled island part of its territory awaiting reunification.

        Ties between the two have improved markedly since Taiwan ese President Ma Ying-jeou came into power in 2008, but China still refuses to renounce the possibility of using force should the island declare independence.

        Maybe Jackie Chan is the wisest chinese after all when he declared that the chinese people need to be controlled.

      • Pergaduhan adik-beradik adalah perkara bukan luar biasa;

        Indonesia-Malaysia (jika benar serumpun tapi pandangan saya, tak mungkin benar)
        North-South Korea


  13. […] Even to Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s and Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yasin’s responses were made known here in the cybersphere. Soon enough the public would demand the end game […]

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  15. […] ruling party, you can expect the backlash from the blogger communities. I guess no wonder why the DPM looks worried and has to beg for bloggers’ support with an important by-election on card next […]

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