Biggum Dogmannsteinberg officially under investigation

Minister’s Communication and Multimedia Commission investigation officers called me up and officially investigated me for the Police report made on Datuk Ahirudin “Rocky” Attan’s article “Santa Rais”, which linked mine.

The interview supposed to take place at 300pm.

Earlier today, Rocky posted about the luncheon that PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak had with some pro-Government and pro-UMNO new media practitioners yesterday and he expressed his “Terkilan” (Disappointment) on the matter which Rais lodged a Police report against Rocky and “wished to have the matter solved amicably”.

I explained to them about the article and the motive was actually asking for transparency for any grants and/or contracts awarded under the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture, to avoid any rumours being spread as the ministry’s activities are under watchful eyes of so many parties, including bloggers and new media practitioners.

The speed of the investigations is highly commendable. Considering it is just a rumour and comparatively to other new media works such as Namewee’s which borders on the lines of sedition. The fact so far about the case is that Rais lodged a Police report on 225pm 12 October at IPD Dang Wangi and by 400pm the same afternoon, MCMC investigating officers already called up Rocky for an interview the next day.

*Updated 600pm

The officers whose department report to Rais were very professional and extremely courteous in their investigations. It seems that Rais’s campaign of ‘being courteous’ is being internalised. A statement was recorded and I signed for it. The investigation was under Section 256 of the Multimedia Act (1998).

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  1. May be all pro-UMNO bloggers should …
    Sorry, tak tertulis sebab …

    May ALLAH Helps you during this hard time with …
    May ALLAH Opens the heart of our learned leader to act with …

  2. Allah tau, aku yakin dan percaya hang bukanlah jenis yang lembik sangat. Kalau mamat tu tantrum sangat, hang adalah sebaliknya. Be strong, Bro!

  3. I pity those MCMC officers who have to waste their time investigating something that should not warrant an investigation.

    Somehow this reminds me of the foolish effort of Sukarno to Ganyang Malaysia.

    Bloggers are fast becoming punching bags of politician these days.

    Rocky and BG, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

    • Yes, the MCMC officers were just carrying yt their duties.

      Appreciate it. Thank you for your support

  4. Kita sama-sama menyuburkan SEMANGAT YANG WAJA bagi menghadapi intimidasi ini. Benar tetap benar. Big Dog & Rocky – the FORCES will be with you and us!

  5. Hey BD

    The truth will prevail. Berani kerana benar.

    We need bloggers like you and Rocky and like-minded patriotic bloggers to stay around for years to come, demi kesedaran rakyat jelata.

    We appreciate your efforts and commitment. Thank you.

    • Thanks. We appreciate your support, which is the driving factor for us to continue all these.

  6. Bro, you and Dato’ Ahirudin, both of you for sure are not walking alone.

  7. Biggie,

    You & Datuk Rocky hv my support.

    I hope this does not deter in your resolve to make Malaysia a better place & the Malays a stronger race. Your writings hv been inspirational & a constant reminder that we hv to be on our toes.

    Bark on! Bite when you must

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