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My best friend Mustaffa b. Dapat would have been forty six today if he was not called to be with Allah s.w.t., a little over six years ago. My greatest regret is that he never lived to see the fruit of his labour, the Perdana Class Scorpene submarines. He played a pivotal part of the DCNi and Armaris technical team which pitched for the contract between 2001-2.

He would have been the proudest Malaysian when KD Tunku Abdul Rahman arrived a year ago.

The last time I had the opportunity to celebrate this day with him was eight years ago. The coming winter then, Mustaffa was sent to Cherbourg to undertake the development of Royal Malaysian Navy’s and nation’s most prized strategic asset.

May Allah s.w.t. bless his soul. Adieu, mon kapitan!

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  1. Thank God he did not join airforce with his Aerounutical degree. If he did he would not be able to have the chance of exploring all his gifts and become one “dimensional” engineering officer.

    But then again if he did, he would apply to be a pilot and fly merrily while breaking the speed of sounds and cruise supersonic in God’s airspace in MIG29 or Sukhoi30M.

    A genius who loved challenges and adapt to the demand of aerospace, ocean and land. Help in a small way by our beloved DEB.

    I can feel that his only wish is to serve. If he choosed to be in the coporate world, he would be billionairs.

    May ALLAH blesses his soul. ALFATIHAH Amin


  2. May Allah bless Arwah….I miss him too
    Allah lebih menyayanginya
    He would hav been one of ANSARA’s high achiever

  3. Farewell shipmate, peace on your eternal patrol…

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