Rais, what say you now?

An injuction petition hearing in Kuala Lumpur High Court mentioned the name of Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Dato’ Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim, Ph.D’s son Dino Rais:

The Paper that cares reported:

Rais’s son named in telco civil case

… but Dino denies any involvement in biz dealings
Friday, October 22nd, 2010 13:55:00

KUALA LUMPUR: The Civil High Court here this morning was the setting for a case involving a telecommunications company, where the son of a minister in charge of the industry, was mentioned.

Dino Rais, son of Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, was named in an affidavit filed by businessman Abdul Razak Mohd Nor and Nor Aishah Harun against respondents Magic Telecom Sdn Bhd, Sejahtera Saluran Sdn Bhd and Looh Siong Chee.

The affidavit had stated that in January this year, Looh, a shareholder and director with Magic Telecom, had proposed to Abdul Razak that Dino be given a five per cent shareholding in Magic Telecom to ease the obtaining of the spectrum approval and other necessary licences.

The affidavit also stated that they both allowed the involvement of Dino to assist other employees in Magic Telecom from Jan to July.

In the petition filed, Abdul Razak and Aishah had enclosed a copy of the EGM dated Oct 11, signed by Looh.

Abdul Razak, in the petition, also stated he believed the EGM was being called with ill-intentions.

He said despite him giving a notice on Oct 4 to Looh and the other directors of Sejahtera to refrain from requisiting any EGM because Sejahtera was not a valid shareholder of Magic Telecom but just a temporary loan borrower, he did not get a reply from Looh.

Abdul Razak said he believed Looh’s action to call for the EGM was to extend his intention to take over Magic Telecom via Sejahtera.

An originating petition was filed by Numix Engineering Sdn Bhd, Abdul Razak and Aishah against respondents Magic Telecom, Sejahtera Saluran and Looh on Oct 8.

The prayers in the petition included an injuction restraining or preventing Sejahtera Saluran and Looh from exercising any powers and rights as directors or shareholders of Magic Telecom and also to declare the additional issuance of RM4 million, which was allotted on July 21, 2010 as ordinary shares in Magic Telecom as null and void.

He also pleaded for an order of rectification of the share register of Magic Telecom to delete the shareholdings of Sejahtera Saluran of RM4m shares in Magic Telecom.

He is also claiming for an order of damages against Sejahtera Saluran and Looh or in alternative, an order to buy out Magic Telecoms shareholdings at a fair value to be determined by the court.

He is also seeking an order that the petitioners buy out at the total of RM350,350 shares of Looh at a fair value to be determined by the court.

In the alternative, an order to wind up Magic Telecom under the provisions of the Companies Act 1965 and that the official receiver be appointed as liquidator.

The injunction hearing of the petition will be heard on Nov 18.

In an SMS response to The Malay Mail this morning regarding the mention of his name in the afidavit Dino said: “I don’t have anything to do with Razak. I was merely invited by Desmond (Looh) to advise him in terms of Malay write up and Malay social ethic since his Bahasa vocabulary is not that generous.

“Furthermore his partner (Abdul Razak) is Malay and I was only giving personal views regarding simple matters. I never touched on business dealings and I’ve never owned a telecommunications company as mentioned lately.

“Perhaps Razak is not happy with certain things hence he is claiming ‘names’ as a stepping stone to wrestle things his way.”


Monday last week, when The Malay Mail contacted Rais he said “even remotely associated with those slanted and ill-intended allegations, and will forthwith assert my rights under the law and report the matter to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) so that an investigation could be under way”.

On Tuesday 12 October Rais lodged a police report against Datuk Ahirudin “Rocky” Attan, whose posting on “Santa Rais’s RM 1 billion WiMAX grant” 9 October 2010 which linked this blog’s “2.6GHz ‘Transparency'” posting on Friday 8 October 2010. He also firmly stated the day before he wanted to lodge a report with MACC. When asked why Rais did the Police report, he told his aides “Berani kerana benar and when asked by the press, “Its my right”. Until today, he has yet to lodge a report with MACC.

The story attracted a lot of media attention, especially new media. Even Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak and Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yasin gave comments when asked about Rais’s action of making the Police report, which was seen as ‘over-handed’. Except for Rais’s own people within the ministry, no one else came forth to defend his action.

It is already out in the open. What say you now, Rais?

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  1. Habih … masak!

    • Heheheheheh boleh balik Jelebu tanam tembakau lepas pencen nie… hhehehehe

  2. dah masak….ish rentung ke?

  3. Pantun dah bersambut.
    Gelanggang dah dibuka.
    Langkah kekuda dah terpasang.

    Lepas ni, kita tengok pulak adegan tepis-menepis…

  4. DS Najib should drop Rais like a hot potato from the cabinet.
    Even the pornstar Chua Soi Lek had the common curtsy to resign on being caught f***king his girlfriend on tape.
    Rais should step down before you are asked to do so!

  5. Mano la den nak tau kisah Dino ni nak kluar.

    Nanti den tukar den punyo ‘mode’ abih kau!

  6. Dr Pakar Ayam!

  7. Rais, lu orang tua nyanyuk pencen sahaja sebelum nama lu lebih busuk dari lubang jubur anwar ibrahim. Dan kepada menteri-menteri yang lain, cukup ler menggunakan kuasa yang di amanahkan oleh rakyat untuk mengkayakan diri sendiri atau keluarga. Nama pun Malaysia, buka Rais County, etc.

    p/s Nama anak lu Dino, lu memang italian mafia. Hebat!

  8. Tolong tanyakan dia nak bakar jambatan tak?
    Saya boleh bakarkan, free, tak payah bayar
    apa apa.

  9. Aku dah kata dah….
    Orang2 UMNO mamang pelalap….
    Rasuah mmg susah nak stop…. tu sebab Allah melaknat “rasuah” (rujuk al_Quran)
    Dah kaya raya.. masih tak kenyang2…

  10. I urge you and other Bloggers to seriously consider this:

    Stand in the next General Elections as Independent Candidates.

    I will vote for you or any sincere, brave and impartial Blogger who contests in my Constituency.

    I’m sure many Malaysians will agree with my suggestion

    I no longer have any confidence in both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.

    Please, stand up for the people.

    • Betul 3x

      But how to ensure that these so-called “sincere, brave and impartial Blogger” will not be enticed or bought over and betrayed the wishes of the voters in their respective constituency, just as the likes of those frogs we have now?

      Maybe you can shed some light on this issue as well.

  11. Biggie,

    Rais brought this upon himself. A petition for a court injunction is no longer a ‘rumour’. Its a bloody serious business!

    If Rais is ‘politically hurt’ by this, then it should be seen as nothing but ‘self inflicted’ wound.

    As they say, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. Rais shattered his own political career by ‘shooting’ the messenger. We never doubted Rocky!

    Again, more will walk with you & Datuk Rocky. Too bad this came in UMNO’s annual assembly.

  12. “Jambatan blogger ‘ sudah dibakar.Harapan janganlah masing-masing keras kepala ..hulurkan tangan.Jika bersalah ada agensi kerajaan untuk membuktikannya seperti Badan Pencegah Rasuah(MACC),Mahkamah dan ada Peguam.Selesaikannya secara telus.Selesaikanlah isu ini.kata perpatah ,”BERANI KERANA BENAR,TAKUT KERANA SALAH”.sAMAN MENHYAMAN INI BUang masa sahaja dan menjatuhkan maruah sahaja.

  13. […] he did on the minister two weeks ago, has given the Malay Mail’s report  context in “Rais, what say you now?” Big Dog, whose real name is Zakhir Mohamad, had posted the original article 2.6 GHz Spectrum: […]

  14. I suppose more worms will now come out of the woodworks.. Netbooks next perhaps??

  15. nama ku itam bin bulat..bukan black atau blacky(cam nama anjing lak blacky).
    mak aku bernama timah.
    aku orang melayu…
    pesan orang tuaku….
    orang melayu kena jujur,jangan makan dan minum benda2 haram.
    hidup kena amalkan dan pertahankan budaya melayu.
    tidak baik menipu…jauhkan dari memberi dan menerima rasuah.
    kalau diberi kepercayaan..kena amanah.
    jangan pengtingkan diri serta keluarga,jangan tamak dan gila kuasa.
    dengki dan busuk hati tak bolih amalkan.
    kalau ada masaalah atau salah faham cepat2 selesaikan dengan bermuafakat.
    hormati kaum2 lain dan ugama meraka.
    semua ini kena jaga sebab kita orang melayu yg mengaku berugama islam.
    pesan ini aku ingat sampai sekarang.

  16. kesian nama pun si rais anak yatim

  17. […] artikel Rocky (sebagaimana yang beliau ugut pada 11 Oktober 2010 kepada The Malay Mail) dan respons beliau atas petisyen untuk injuksi yang difailkann oleh Abdul Razak Mohd. Noor, Aishah Harun dan Numix Engineering Sdn. Bhd. keatas Desmond Looh, […]

  18. […] Bhd. and Sejahtera Selalu Sdn. Bhd. The hearing would be on 18 November 2010. It is believed that Rais’s son Dino Rais’s name was mentioned in the afitdavit for the injunction […]

  19. […] the much highlighted case Abdul Razak Mohd. Nor, Aishah Harun and Numix Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Vs Magic Telecoms Sdn. Bhd., Sej…, the judgment was awarded to the plaintiff this […]

  20. […] NST to court for reporting a dispute between Razak and Dino’s partner, Desmond Looh in court. Dino’s name also mentioned in the case. Eventually,on 8 April 2011  the case was awarded in favour of Razak. Razak said he […]

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