Walk the talk

Parti KeAdilan Rakyat claim they are are about ‘justice’. It was formed from the spin off of mobstreet movement of ‘Reformasi’ in 1999 as Parti KeAdilan Nasional (PKN), when die-hard supporters of Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim was victimised when then Deputy Prime Minister was sacked from Government on 2 September 1998 for ‘sodomy’.

Then the drama begins. On top of the strategy to demonise the law enforcement agencies such as the Judiciary, Police, AG’s Chambers, MACC (then ACA) and so forth, KeAdilan also attacked that the electoral process was being rigged in favour of the ruling party. The Lunas by-elections in December 2000 saw the intense and immense attack on how the electoral process rigging was so real that the voters actually believed BN brought in ‘phantom voters’.

The bluff worked. So many bought into these lies and manipulation. During the 10th General Elections November 1999, BN suffered heavy losses when they had to meet the voters. They lost Terengganu and four Cabinet members bit the dust. Then Defense Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak narrowly won his Pekan seat by a 200 plus odd votes.

This strategy of lies, demonisation and manipulation of facts and sentiment of the voters were carried through, depsite BN successfully regained the 1999 losses in the March 2004 11th General Elections. One of the focus was again the electoral process. BERSIH was launched and massive rally was staged on 10 November 2007.

Again, the strategy worked. Coupled with the sheer weakness of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration and excesses, the 12th General Elections on 8 March 2008 saw BN unprecedentedly lost 5 + 1 states and for the first time in history, did not manage to retain the 2/3 majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

PKR managed to improve its standing in the Dewan Rakyat by 3100%. The single Permatang Pauh seat is now joined by another 30 other seats. Despite gaining power and able to form a State Government in the richest state in the Federation, it did not stop the strategy to demonise and manipulate the electoral process.

Recently, PKR saw an intense ‘struggle’ for party positions. The focus is on the Deputy Presidential race. What thought to be a proxy fight between Azmin Ali (Anwar) Vs Zaid Ibrahim (Wan Azizah), became a complex situation when Vice President Mustapha Kamil Ayob decided to jump into the bandwagon and made it a three-cornered fight.

Of course, this did not come easy between the two largest warlords and their respective supporters and campaign machinery. They started their bitter fight and back stabbing against each other. It is so intense that so many quarters within PKR alleged rigging of nominations and results. Despite leading on the nominations from the ground, the struggle is so gripping that Zaid’s camp called for the Party Polls which started today to be halted and insist an investigation be carried out.

A PKR friendly portal reported this:

Zaid’s camp: Halt PKR polls immediately

FRI, 29 OCT 2010 18:02

By FMT Staff

KUALA LUMPUR: Two senior officials in Zaid Ibrahim’s camp want PKR to halt its election immediately because of concerns over the way the election was being conducted.

Rashid Azad Khan and Muhammad Firdaus Christopher, the election agent and political aide of Zaid respectively, said in a joint statement that they were “gravely concerned” about the manner in which the PKR election was being conducted by the party’s central election committee and the party secretariat.

Zaid, the former minister in the prime minister’s department and PKR Federal Territories chief and supreme council member, is contesting the party deputy president’s post.

He is facing PKR vice-presidents Azmin Ali and Mustapha Kamil Ayub in the contest.

PKR is the first political party in the country to introduce the “one-member, one vote” system where all party members are eligible to cast their ballots to pick national leaders.

Today is the first day of polling where thousands of party members are to vote at polling centres in several Kedah and Kelantan divisions, which should have begun at 10am.

“However, we have received numerous reports that members were unable to vote at several divisions this morning and many left in frustration,”  said Rashid and Firdaus.

They also listed problems faced by members in the divisions, which were to hold the polls today. Below are the grouses.

  • Kota Baru, Kelantan: Although the ballot papers for the other positions were available, polling did not proceed because ballot papers for the position of vice-chief of the women’s wing were not available.
  • Tumpat, Kelantan: The ballot papers did not arrive as at 12 noon and the ballot boxes were also not ready. Thus, many members left for Friday prayers.
  • Langkawi, Kedah: The ballot papers arrived very late and registration of new members is taking place while the polls are ongoing, and it seems that several of these new members are being allowed to vote.
  • Alor Star, Kedah: The ballot papers did not arrive as at 12 noon and many members left for Friday prayers without voting.

“Three out of the four divisions mentioned above nominated Zaid for the position of deputy president, and a sizeable number of members were mobilised to vote for him at the fourth division in Langkawi,” said Rashid and Firdaus.

“In light of these alarming logistical problems on the first day of polling, we expect more serious problems ahead, especially considering that there are only 10 divisions polling today and there will be 79 more during this weekend.”

‘Election chairperson should resign’

Rashid and Firdau also said although the party election steering committee and the party secretariat assured “us that the election would be conducted professionally, the above problems have cast serious doubts on the entire election process”.

“After discussing these problems with Dr Molly Cheah, the chairperson of the election steering committee this morning, we are now even more disturbed as she claims that she is no longer involved in the management of the election process.

“Indeed, she said that she has no knowledge of the briefing of the candidates and/or their election agents that was conducted at the 11th hour last night by the party secretariat.

“She also said that she regretted the problems faced by voters at the affected divisions above but she was unable to do anything about it,” said the duo.

Rashid and Firdaus said that in light of these serious concerns, the party election should be halted immediately and resumed only after all these logistical problems have been remedied.

They said the party risked losing the trust of its members if the election steering committee and the PKR headquarters proceeded with the polls without resolving these basic issues.

“The party will lose the trust of its members and also damage its reputation as a party that fights for democracy and justice for all Malaysians.

“Moreover, if the chairperson of the election committee claims that she is no longer in control of the election process, then she should no longer hold on to the position and should resign immediately.

“Similarly, if the party secretariat is unable to perform its duties properly, then the responsibility for the conduct of the party election should be entrusted to others who can do the job,” they said.


Founding members now alleging the central working committeee is in cahoot Zaid’s opponents and rigging the process of information flow and even the one-member-one-vote electoral process. The central working committee member in-charage election commission Dr Molly Cheah has now been side lined.

PKR election commission chief sidelined?

FRI, 29 OCT 2010 17:11

By Stephanie Sta Maria

PETALING JAYA: PKR central election commission (CEC) chairperson Dr Molly Cheah is no longer involved in the management of the election process.

According to Rashid Azad Khan, the election agent for deputy presidential candidate Zaid Ibrahim, Cheah told him that she was sidelined from the process during the early stages of nominations.

“She said that she was only a chairperson in name as the CEC had not consulted her once and even excluded her from meetings,” he told FMT.

“She also said that she is in the dark about the proceedings which is why she is unable to give any press statements in her capacity as chairperson,” he said.

Rashid contacted Cheah this morning to complain about the problems faced by four divisions on the first day of polling which began this morning.

Polling was reportedly delayed in Tumpat, Langkawi and Alor Star as the ballot papers did not arrive on time and ballot boxes were not ready. This resulted in many members leaving for Friday prayers without casting their votes.

In Kota Baru, polling could not proceed as the ballot papers for the position of vice-chief for the women’s wing were not available.

‘Cannot resign for specific reasons’

When Rashid spoke to Cheah, the latter purportedly said that she regretted the problems faced by voters at the divisions mentioned but was unable to take any action.

“I told her that she should resign from her position if she had no say in the process but she said she couldn’t for specific reasons,” he added but did not divulge those reasons.

“From what I understand, the election process is being entirely run by Radin (Shamsulkamar Radin Shamsudin) and his team,” he said.

Radin is the PKR election officer and also the special officer to PKR secretary-general, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

Rashid also claimed that Cheah had sought PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s help on the matter but no action had been taken.

Radin in the dark

Contacted later, Cheah confirmed that she was still the CEC chairperson but declined to comment on the problems in the four divisions.

“Please contact Radin if you have any questions,” she told FMT. “He is the election officer and would have all the details you require.”

When pressed as to why she couldn’t provide a response, she said: “I am no longer involved in the election process.”

Radin, meanwhile, expressed surprise when informed of this.

“I don’t know why she would direct all questions to me. As far as I’m concerned, she is still the CEC chairperson.

“I have not received any official statement from her or from the party’s top leadership to indicate otherwise,” he said.

In a related development, PKR’s secretary general Saifudin Nasution Ismail said that Cheah was still the chairperson of the election’s committee “until today”.

He added that the committee was still involved in monitoring the ongoing polls.


It shows that PKR was never how they claimed their struggle was.  This failure in the election process demonstrate clearly that PKR was never about ‘justice’ but instead the party, which evolved from the mobstreet movement ‘Reformasi’ was all about serving Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s purpose.

Azmin is a very close ally of Anwar. Zaid was Anwar’s annoited leader, brought in after the charge against the abuse-of-power-convict of sodomising Saiful Bukhari Azlan was full in motion. Zaid is thought to be Anwar’s answer of ‘PKR without Anwar’ succession plan and this is the preparation made in case the PKR Adviser is being convicted at the end of the current criminal charge trial.

There are calls that BERSIH, which was initiated by PKR leaders such as Ezam Md. Noor investigate the party electoral process. This is an imperative test case against PKR. If they can’t be open and transparent against their own leaders and members, imagine what would happen to the country when they have power.

Its time PKR ‘walk the talk’.


*Updated 0830am


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  1. How about ‘Its time PKR ‘fock off and die’’. It will be a more appropriate title.


  2. Most of PKR leaders and members are splinters of UMNO, so what would you expect?

    Ke mana tumpahnya kuah…??

    It’s just a proof that old habits are hard to break, or what the Malay proverb say “Macam anjing, kalau dah biasa makan tahi, tak dimakan dicium juga.”

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