Zaid forming ‘New Party’?


A man of all colours

Last Friday Former PKR Chairman for Wilayah Persekutuan Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim announced that he quits the party. This preceeds the allegations of fraud and favourtism in the party elections, especially at Deputy President level where there is a three corner fight.

In the media statement, Zaid also announced that he would form a new party and continue the political struggle that

Zaid quits PKR, to form new party

By Eileen Ng

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has quit Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and announced plans to form a new party to contest in the coming general elections.

Zaid said the resignation letter was submitted to PKR headquarters today, and takes effect on Dec 16.

Asked what is the significant of the date, Zaid, who was formerly PKR Federal Territory chief, laughed and said: “If he (PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) likes September 16, then I like December 16”.
He said his new party would be issue-based, practise openness and championed for political transformation in the country.


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The question now looms: What would Zaid’s new party be called? Parti Baru (New Party)? Why not? We think its fashionable that Zaid names his new party, ‘The New Party’. Or he could make a political statement with something like Parti Entiti Kearah Anti  KeAdilan or PEKAK in short. Perhaps even Parti KeAdilan Uniti also known as PAKAU. KeAdilan Uniti Dilemma Antarabangsa (KUDA)? Or Zaid would want to use Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s delay tactics of the current sodomy trial under the principle of “Delayed justice is denied justice” as a motive for his new political venture, Justice Denied or JD in short. If Zaid feels that his political predicament needed vindication, then it might be Parti KeAdilan For Zaid of PKFZ for short. Of course, there is also a suggestion it should be called Zaid Ibrahim Party (ZIP).


The speculation and permutation is endless.

Probably Zaid might cut a deal with a vast array of ‘mosquito parties’ already in existence and do a reverse take-over, where he can gain a new party within a few weeks. There are so many persons were issued approval by the Registrar of Societies to form and operate a political parties but never got around to do so. Money and support is always the viscious cycle these parties could never over come.

For Zaid to form an entirely newly registered political party would probably take him 18 months or so. Zaid can’t wait that long. He must be involved in the mainstream politics almost immediately and he needs a platform for it. For the record, Zaid Ibrahim must be the most colourful politcian this electoral term. He was discluded by BN at the PRU XII March 2008 elections as a candidate, appointed Senator and made a Cabinet Minister for a mere 8 months, thrown out of UMNO for appearing at a PKR annual meeting, appointed into PKR Supreme Council and mid term made the PKR candidate for PRK P094 Hulu Selangor and now created the most talked about controversy in PKR internal elections history.

So lets see how this thingy with Zaid will evolve and develop. It is rather an interesting watch.


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