When will KJ answer?


The most notorious son-in-law and father-in-law in Malaysian political history

Rembau MP YB Tuan Haji Khairy Jamaluddin has yet to answer several questions:

What does Khairy do for a living?

Is he a businessman, business owner, business developer, “mister fixer” or plain commission agent?

If he is any of these, what business is he involved?

Can he be transparent about it?

Seriously, these are pertinent questions that Khairy needs to answer. Record shows that he and rogue media personality Kalimullah “Riong Kali” Hassan were substantial shareholders of stock-broking firm ECM Libra in late 2005, which acquisition of a  much larger public listed firm Avenue Capital Resource Bhd. in mid 2006 deemed a highly controversial deal. Neither of them had any experience what so ever in banking, investment banking and/or corporate experience to not only sit as executives of firms with huge asset which include cash and other liquid forms but also significantly played the role for ECM Libra-Avenue (then it was called) to get a full universal stock broking license from SC.

Then it was announced sometime in August the same year Khairy and Riong Kali relinquished their holdings. A few months later, Riong Kali went back into ECM Libra. It is a strong suspicion that Khairy had some degree of stake holdings with the re-entry of Riong Kali back into the new investment bank that the former helped to create from once down trodden Bumiputera Securities Sdn. Bhd.


If this photo is genuine, then it is a lifestyle no longer acceptable especially for a Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia

Imagine the opportunities that arisen from this, even though he was playing the role of an ‘invisible partner’. Not only he has the advantage of being ‘stealth’, the ‘world of businesses derviced from GLCs’ with his influence on father-in-law PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the notorious ‘Level Four Boys’ is immensely lucrative. For the record, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ remarried shortly after Riong Kali’s re-entry into ECM Libra-Avenue.

Lets say we took that at face value then. Khairy did sell out. What did Khairy do with the proceed of the sale?

Did he put it an income yielding deposits or investments?

Did he roll that into another business?

If so, what is the new business?

Being “An employed man” at the raw age of 30, Khairy certainly had and still having a good life and somewhat luxurious lifestyle. He resides in one of the most wealthiest neighbourhood in West Kuala Lumpur where raw land could easily fetch a value of RM 400.00 psf.  He staged a team back in 2006 to challenge the national team in soccer. (It was heart wrenching to see Malaysians cheer MyTeam and  boo-ing the national team wearing the Jalur Gemilang in the Stadium Nasional, in a game sanctioned by the Federal Government via Ministry of Youth and Sports and attended by the Prime Minister).


KJ appearing in a gay-centric fashion magazine cover. What a suspicious feat which could be reflective of a bizarre lifestyle

His lifestyle does not reflect his limited work experience. He had a short stint with The Economists before he joined then PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Special Functions Officer when the latter was appointed Minister of Home Affairs in late 1999. Soon after the thumping success of 11GE April 2004, Khairy was alleviated to the newly created post of Deputy Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Private Office. After loads of complaints of him and his meddling into executive affairs (even by PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s staunchest long time supporters), he left office in 2005 to be an “Investment Banker”.

Then he went seriously into mainstream politics. He contested as a BN candidate for Rembau Parliamentary seat in the 12 GE and later vied for the post of UMNO Youth Head in the party elections later in the same year. That must be a really expensive proposition to venture. Despite getting the lowest nominations derived at grassroot Division level during the preliminaries against two other candidates, Khairy turned out as the victor gaining 304 votes of the 800 odd casted at the UMNO Youth delegates balloting on 25 March 2009.


The most controversial win in UMNO Youth Head contest history

Considering that he was reprimanded by the UMNO Disciplinary Board but was not sentenced to any punishment, his ascension to the UMNO Youth Head (an UMNO Vice President level) did not come easy. When he was first presented during the UMNO General Assembly the next day, the majority of the delegates boo-ed him as if he was spurned away like a rabid dog.

He possibly cannot maintain his current lifestyle with his RM 6,500.00 pay (called allowance) as an MP. He could probably claim an equal amount for communications, transportation and accommodation. Does Khairy have a minder or minders?

Malaysians especially UMNO members must know who this minder or minders are. Are they Malaysians? Are they Malays? Or are they persons who are acting on behalf of ‘outside forces’. What sort of influence being exerted into Khairy’s call and political maneuvers. Especially when he consorts with tainted personalities like Riong Kali, who is a known ‘Singaporean Stooge’.

UMNO must not only have clean leaders, they must also be perceived to be clean. Khairy already have had attracted too much of negative attention towards UMNO/BN. Khairy is the single next most frequent name mentioned at large and sundry whenever how and why BN  in record breaking lost 5 + 1 states and 2/3 majority of the Dewan Rakyat on 28 March 2008.

Its time for these questions to be answered in the open, which include his relationship and involvement in AirAsia and all Dato’ Seri Tony Fernandes’s businesses. AirAsia is a Malaysian domicile and managed airline listed in Bursa Malaysia which is actually 53% foreign owned and in the past been countless bane for the national carrier Malaysia Airlines. It started with the ‘Airline Rationalisation Plan’ in mid 2006 where PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah upon the ‘advice’ of ‘Level Four Boys’ hived off almost all domestic routes (except for 19) which include the highly subsidised Rural Air Service away to the carrier which tried so hard to be a ‘national carrier’ status.

We have asked these questions before.  Last December we announced here in BigDogDotCom “The game’s afoot”. We have never laid down arms against Khairy’s further ascension onto power.

For UMNO’s survival, everyone must know who Khairy really is and what he is made of. UMNO could and should no longer afford to nurture another Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim. In many ways, Khairy’s meteoric progression and ability to ‘pander to the gallery’ within UMNO is almost following the footprints of former-abuse-0f-power-c0nvict Anwar. Both were equally ambitious, manipulative and have the tendency to be inconsistent, even on issues about the Malays.


The depiction of a "BN Samseng" is a visual most common used to describe Khairy

Inadvertently, for all these unanswered suspicions about YB Tuan Haji Khairy Jamaluddin MP clearly demonstrate that he does not belong in Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s administration in any capacity despite he is the UMNO Youth Head and de facto BN Youth Head.


*This article is about Khairy Jamaluddin and all unanswered questions and ambiguities about the man. Please keep the debates focused on the article. Thank you


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  1. Excellent masterpiece bro!

    It is about time for Kitol to answer, no more lupakan jelah! Kalau Khairy betul anak jantan aku cabar dia supaya jawab ini semua.

    Jangan main nafi je beb, tak jalan. We want details.

  2. Ho ho, KJ, Kalau Jantan.. Jawablah Jang.. 😀

  3. BigGuy,

    Nice one!

    KJ aka Kalau Jantan MUSTI JAWAB!!!!

    Ini mcm ke org yg Pemuda nak push gila gila utk jd Timb Menteri ni???

  4. Big Dog, betul ke saya dengar KJ diantik Timbalan Mneteri dalam Cabinet reshuffle akan datang?

    • Itu spekulasi kuat.

      Sama macam hujung tahun lepas. PM Najib didesak ramai penyokong KJ untuk dilantik kedalam Kabinet. Mereka gunakan alasan KJ adalah Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia (sama taraf dengan Naib Presiden) dan Ketua Pemuda BN.

      KJ gunakan Pemuda UMNO untuk capai matlamat itu. Pemuda BN ujudkan BN Youth Lab untuk tangani beberapa isu yang membelenggu golongan muda: Antaranya graduan menggangur, isu isu modal insan dan paling strategik, soal gaji minimum sebagai menyahut plan NEM PM Najib untuk tingkatkan pendapatan isi rumah dengan ‘ekonomi pendapatan tinggi’.

      Untuk itu, PM Najib sediakan BN Youth Lab peruntukan RM 20 Juta dalam ucapan Bajet 2011 baru baru ini.

      Kemenangan BN dalam PRK P185 Batu Sapi dan N045 Galas baru baru ini juga Pemuda UMNO ‘tuntut’ sebagai bukti keberkesan mereka berkerja keras.

      Kami kira ini antara hujah untuk Pemuda UMNO ‘bukti’ kepada PM Najib yang KJ sebenarnya “Berkerja keras untuk parti”. Memang benar KJ tak pernah desak atau minta ‘Diberikan jawatan dalam Kabinet’. Tetapi apa yang tersirat adalah amat nyata sehinggakan ianya hampir menjadi tersurat.

      Pendekata, politik ialah ‘Persepsi’. KJ dan penyokongnya dalam Pemuda UMNO memang berkerja keras untuk membangunkan persepsi yang KJ sebenarnya berkerja keras dan mula menunjuk kesan positif. Samada ianya realiti atau illusi, sama sama kita buktikan.

  5. Yang aku lebih hairan, kenapa masih ada orang yang menyokong si kitol ni ?

    Kalau depa nak sangat duit, aku boleh bagi. hantar kay aku berapa expenses personal dan aktiviti Umno kau orang. janji kau lupakan kj dan buat kerja dengan ikhlas demi bangsa, agama dan negara.

  6. Ngapa KJ atau orang-orangnya tak senaraikan tindakan-tindakan yang telah diambilnya menunjukkan dia “kerja kuat”, dia nyatu padukan Melayu dan sebagainya? Biar dua kilometer panjangnya, atau dua ela, atau 2 baris.

    Beri butir-butir lengkap, projek apa, bila, dimana, siapa, berapa orang terlibat, apa kesan dsbnya. Butir butir yang orang ramai boleh “verify” lah. Takkan lah tindakan melibatkan orang ramai pun rahsia.

    Senaraikan juga dia kerja kuat dengan Wee wee Ketua Pemuda MCA ngentam Perkasa, mungkin nyokong resolusi minta ekuiti Melayu dihapuskan. Yang ni, kalau Najib beri dia jawatan juga, memang dah teruk benarlah keadaan. Jahanamlah hak dan kepentingan Melayu.

  7. setakat jadi ketua pemuda bolehlah,itu pun tiada budi dan kebaikan yang dibuat, jadi ‘api dalam sekam pada parti adalah, mentelah nak jadi menteri, nak jadi timbalan pun belum tentu PM NAK ATAU TIDAK, RASANYA JAUH PANGGANG DARI API,

  8. Keputusan kerusi kuasai
    Tidak cerminkan majoriti
    Tapi penyokong lupa diri
    Kurang 50 peratus ingini

    KJ memang satu liabiliti
    Senjak kerusi KP duduki
    Sukar senarai jasa bakti
    Lebih cakap dari beraksi

    Sila penyokongnya beri
    Apa bijaknya KJ pameri
    Gagal mertua dia tolongi
    Tempias PRU12 tsunami

    Pemuda dahulu beza kini
    Kukuhkan UMNO mesti
    Tetapi KJ sebalik terjadi
    KP “aset” baru kena cari

    PRU13 makin dihampiri
    KP watak “asset” mesti
    Andai kekal KP “liabiliti”
    Sukar UMNO/BN berseri

  9. Isu jatidiri amatlah penting untuk seseorang pemimpin sejati.

    Jika ada bukti ia mengamalkan politik wang dan rasuah, maka pemimpin ini harus DISINGKIR sebab “virus” atau kuman rasuah akan merebak tanpa batasan.

    Jika ini dibiarkan berlaku, maka hanya menunggu masa – UMNO akan dikuburkan.

    Konsep “trojan horse” harus diperhatikan dengan teliti.

  10. another story on Tan Sri Zarinah and her way of doing things in the SC. zarinahtakesapaycut.blogspot.com

  11. Bigdog, can you revisit an article you wrote about Rashid Yusof, KJ’s campaign manager and media adviser, who’s task was to resuscitate KJ political future via DPM Muhyiddin’s office but shortlived by own friends. This Rashid Yusof also conned someone from PM Office to appoint other KJ advisers Dato Mat Talib and Zainul Ariffin, to manage NSTP group editorial before this Rashid Yusof joined them to promote KJ’s political agenda. Bigdog, PM Najib must look at bigger picture of these “axis of evil” Rashid Yusof-Mat Talib-Zainul Ariffin in actually reviving KJ’s ambition to become PM. Blogs have also highlighted NSTP circulation under them as being the worst in the history of Umno. This reflect poorly on Umno leadership under Najib.

  12. […] like so many others are unequivocally clear and determined that some if not all answers needed from the man. Bazaar magazine front […]

  13. […] fact is that the infamous son-in-law of the day, Khairy Jamaluddin, was also part of the deal. Securities Commission Chairman Zarinah Anwar was much in cahoot of the take-over scandal and both […]

  14. […] the less, a lot unanswered questions about Khairy still until present day lurks in the minds of many and becomes a hot teh tarik point of interests.These loose ends which tantamount to the perception […]

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