Brits arrested Assange, when will RPK?

Julian Assange: The most notorious new media practitioner

The British Police arrested rogue cyber-anarchist Julian Assange two days ago, on behalf of the Swedish authorities for sexual related crimes but until today, he still has yet to be charged.

Julian Assange Arrested, UK Judge Refuses Bail

Last Updated: December 9, 2010

Julian Assange was taken into custody and appeared in front of the court on Tuesday. The 29-year old Australian has allegedly committed sex crimes while he was in Sweden, but up until date he hasn’t been officially charged for any crime.

The founder of WikiLeaks went to the British police to hand himself in after the Swedish prosecutors managed to get a valid European arrest warrant. Although the Australian denied that he had committed any of the sex crimes reported by two Swedish female WikiLeaks volunteers, the court decided that he will remain into custody until December 14.

Assange has refused extradition when asked by the court and he defied the British Judge when asked for his address, further asking if the address was needed for postage or for other reason. The judge decided to deny Assange bail, although many renowned people stood behind him saying that they would put up money to bail him out.

Swedish prosecutors want to pursue extradition in order to question Julian Assange for the alleged sexual misconduct. Although bail has been denied, Mark Stephens, Assange’s lawyer stated that he would renew the bail application, further adding that the founder of WikiLeaks is fine.


However, the world knows that the arrest of Assange was more of his involvement in Wikileaks which two weeks ago scour an infinite spectrum of fear and embarrasment within spines of the international diplomatic and high and middle level security and defense organisations for the release of extremely confidential information and documents in the cybersphere.

This ‘Assange-gate’ is totally unprecedented and scores political and diplomatic humiliation between allies.

This what The Independent reported:

US politicians demand trial on espionage charge

By Kim Sengupta, Defence Correspondent

Thursday, 9 December 2010


The likelihood of the founder of WikiLeaks facing possible extradition to the US has strengthened with a number of senior American politicians declaring that he has breached the Espionage Act.

Supporters of Julian Assange say they fear that his extradition to Sweden for alleged sex crimes will pave the way for a future appearance in an American court.

Joe Lieberman, the head of the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee, claimed yesterday that the leaks organised by Julian Assange and his associates were “serious violations of the Espionage Act”. US State Department spokesman Philip Crowley added: “What WikiLeaks has done is a crime under US law.”

The US Justice Department is under intense political pressure, especially from the Republicans, to pursue Mr Assange, with leading figures of the right, such as Sarah Palin, using the leaks to attack the Obama administration.

“They have got to do something, otherwise they will face pretty savage criticism,” said a European diplomat. “I suppose the best hope for the Americans is that he gets convicted in Sweden and serves a jail sentence there.”

Although the US authorities have as yet made no official request for his extradition, informal discussions have been held between American and Swedish officials to that end. Mr Assange’s London solicitor Mark Stephens said that being sent to Sweden from the UK would make his client extremely vulnerable. “His Swedish lawyer has said that it would be quite unsafe for Julian in Sweden at this time,” Mr Stephens said. “Not in terms of he would be harmed in Sweden, but that Sweden is not the end game.”

Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, has said that Justice Department lawyers are examining how Mr Assange could be indicted over the leak of the diplomatic cables. “This is not just sabre-rattling on our part,” he said. “We are talking about one of the most serious violations of the Espionage Act in our history. To the extent that we can find anybody who was involved in the breaking of American law… they will be held responsible; they will be held accountable.”

However, diplomatic sources say that it is not clear whether the US authorities will be able to prosecute Mr Assange under the Espionage Act. They point out that whereas it is illegal for government officials with security clearance to leak classified documents to WikiLeaks, it is not clear whether it is illegal for the website to make it public.

There is yet to be a successful prosecution of a third-party recipient of a leak and the possible acquittal of Mr Assange on such a charge would be doubly embarrassing for the US administration.

The Justice Department is, therefore, also considering bringing possible charges of Mr Assange receiving stolen government property. But that too could pose difficulties as journalists have in the past used leaked government documents in the US without being prosecuted.

Meanwhile it was announced yesterday that Mr Assange’s legal team will be led by the prominent Australian-born barrister Geoffrey Robertson QC, who has flown back from Sydney to take on the case. Mr Robertson, who has been involved in a number of high-profile human rights cases, could take the appeal against the granting of extradition to Sweden all the way to the Supreme Court, with legal proceedings stretching into months.


So the arrest of Assange ‘For rape charges’ was about to make sure that he is under custody of the law so that they can get him for the real menace that he had cause and more over his intricate network that made this ultimate embarrassment possible.

Raja Petra: The fugitive cyber-anarchist currently charged under Penal Code

Malaysian authorities face a similar but lesser magnitude problem. A Malaysian cyber-anarchist Raja Petra Kamaruddin, who has been charged for criminal defamation in the Malaysian criminal courts under Penal Code has jumped bail and now believed to be a fugitive in the United Kingdom. A warrant of arrest was issued by the Malaysian Sessions Court for Raja Petra to fail appearing in court for hearing and jumping bail.

Raja Petra SD against Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor dated 18 June 2008

Second part of the said SD against Rosmah Mansor

The trial started May 2009. Sometime after that, Raja Petra and his wife eluded immigration officials and left Malaysian borders believed via Thailand. He is believed to be residing in the United Kingdom and has several times being called to make several ‘political stunts’ like asking the Malaysian authorities to arrest him under British laws, as a coward fugitive as he has demonstrated himself to be.

Why did Raja Petra cheated his accusers and now living abroad as a ‘coward fugitive’? Most probably because he cannot substantiate his claims as per the SD. After all, he is known to be a ‘Compulsive Liar’ despite some Malaysians bought into his ‘not entirely 100% true’ expositions. Raja Petra used Goebbels’ propaganda method: When one lies often enough, one day it would be taken as the truth.

Case in point Raja Petra is a ‘Compulsive Liar’: When the SD was first made known here in bloggosphere, that caught Raja Petra ‘with his pants down and his thumb up his arse’ as he would intended to use it at a much later date, probably to ‘ambush’ the said names of-guard. So he needed to divert the attention that his ‘plan’ was torpedoed-out-of-water and sank prematurely. So he accused us of getting the SD “From Special Branch officers, whom one of it is a ‘neighbour’ “, which he has yet to prove. Like in the case of “What the eyes does not see” (which he has now taken of Malaysia Today portal), neither could he prove that His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong ‘instructed’ the Malay Regiments and Royal Armour units to “Protect the ‘Yellow Shirt’ BERSIH march protesters”. Abusing HM’s name against the possibility of Police to carry out their work itself should be a felony under Seditions Act.

Will the British Police arrest him on behalf of the Malaysian courts and deport him here so that he can face the law, just like any other criminal? After all, it is the same principle employed in the case of Assange: of a cyber-anarchist causing a menace.

*Updated 200pm

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  1. Why arrest him when he’s doing a great job in exposing the corrupt practices of UMNO/BN? Latest exposes:

    • According to some, Assange is doing great job too – exposing. And yet Assange has been arrested and Judge denied him bail, awaiting extradiction.

      The basis is this call is principle of Assange being arrested could be imposed on Raja Petra “Compulsive Liar” Kamaruddin.

      • “Raja Petra “Compulsive Liar” Kamaruddin”

        are you sure? how many percent of his articles r lies? first of all, do u read all his articles?

    • This Wilson is also like RPK ke? Celup orang putih.

      Never saw RPK’s full photo before. Txs BD for marvelously putting photo of him in handcuffs. Half Melayu pengkhianat Melayu.

      He definitely should be dragged by the collar back to where he committed the offence – Malaysia. But maybe no priority to Najib because so busy placating the Chinese for their votes.

      RPK may enjoy his freedom in England. Limited, restless freedom, though. He knows that even Assange the British put behind bars pending possible deportation. Despite celebrities supporting his cause. Where RPK got supporters? Speaking at Hyde Park Corner oso will get only 1-2 listeners.

      He will continue visiting libraries and the like always looking over his shoulder. Like a common criminal oso. Always takut kena tangkap.

      • Will the British Police arrest him on behalf of the Malaysian courts and deport him here so that he can face the law, just like any other criminal?

        Well it isn’t about justice here. Probably it’s about the British looking up to the US as big brother and looking down to M’sia as “bekas tanah jajahan”.

        Agree with Nono. Najib is “busy”.

      • why should he be scared of getting arrested? if the gov wants to arrest him, they would hv done that more than a year ago. this shows that the gov r not interested in arresting him.

        he had appeared in public places many times before. so again why should he be afraid? i think all malaysians including umno/bn supporters should be happy that he is living abroad cos he will continue to expose the corrupt practices and misdeeds of umno/bn leaders.

      • Wilson,

        You are completely missing the point.

        Its about the Brits, just like the Americans, practicing double standards. Nowadays no one in strategic positions here in Malaysia actually bother to look at Raja Petra as someone ‘threatening’.

        Raja Petra simply but massively lost his credibility, after he became a coward and refused to face his accusers. Unlike like other bloggers which include Aduka Taruna, Hassan Skodeng etc, who stood ground like ‘real men’. Look at Malaysia Today nowadays. They have lost substantial readership that they used to command this time three years ago.

        Only insignificant bloggers like Yours Truly every now and then bother to bring up the issue again. Raja Petra failed to take up our little challenge of naming the SB officer who in his words “Passed the SD to Yours Truly”.

        Raja Petra also took out the “What the eyes does not see” article out from circulation. A mark of a coward blogger!

        Getting the Malaysian authorities to go after him in the UK is just simply wasting resources. Even his financiers are ‘pulling the plug’ because his credibility wained.

  2. Eleh dulu Mukhriz kata 50% yg dikhabarkan RPK tu betul. takkan kao lupa kot. Tapi kao pun pengect Big Dog, orang yg tak sehaluan denganmu di ban. Samalah kan dua x lima

    • Memang asas cerita yang Raja Petra tulis ada kebenaran. Namun beliau berbohong dari asas kebenaran itu (kadang kala mengada ngadakan maklumat yang sebenarnya tidak ujud) dan manipulasi fakta, terutama untuk memperkudakan emosi, timbulkan kemarahan dan paling buruk, menyemai kebencian.

      Serupa macam Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim.

      Paling teruk ialah apabila Raja Petra bercakap soal ugama dan sejarah Islam. Beliau pernah menghuraikan Rasulullah S.A.W. bersahabat dengan ‘Lanun Caravan’ dan Islam berkembang dengan cara pengganas Arab kurun ke VI dan VII.

      • menegakkan benang basah nampak..dokumen APCO tu pon tipu ke?MAS?Hospital Shah Alam?Khir Toyo Disney trip?Bla..bla..bla

      • Big Dog,
        Andailah tiada RPK. Kalau begitu Tun Lah masih berkuasa sebagai PM dan kita tidak dapat disajikan siri the KJ kronicles.

        So dari pandangan saya, RPK banyak juga berjasa kepada perjuanganmu.

        Tetapi setelah Najib menjadi Perdana Menteri bloggers pro UMNO berubah pendirian bah kata pepatah habis madu, sepah dibuang. Kedua, saya masih tertanya tanya, adakah bloggers pro UMNO membantai RPK kerana fahaman politiknya atau kerana mereka ingin berbaik baik dengan “First Lady”?

        Bagi saya RPK adalah politkian. Sama je dengan Nuar Brahim, sama dengan Nik Aziz, sama dengan Najib dan sebagainya. Kalau dikatakan RPK kuat berbohong macam mana pula dengan kerajaan? Kata tak akan naik harga minyak tetapi harga minyak tetap naik.

        Dua kali lima semuanya sama. Dah berkali kali kao hentam RPK tetapi apakah kesudahannya?

        Disebabkan tu saya tak faham apakah mesej yg ingin disampaikan?

  3. hmmmm… interesting thoughts.

    “Raja Petra simply but massively lost his credibility, after he became a coward and refused to face his accusers.”

    So…u argued that he lost his credibility just because he refused to face the music? As far as i’m concerned many people r still waiting for his next articles. how do u substantiate that he has lost his credibility?

    “Even his financiers are ‘pulling the plug’ because his credibility wained.”

    Again how do u substantiate? Who r his financiers?

    “Raja Petra also took out the “What the eyes does not see” article out from circulation. A mark of a coward blogger!”

    Removing an article = coward. haha. Good!

    • I’ll be witness that RPK’s credibility has waned. He has no credibility at all as far as I’m concerned. I can produce at least a dozen more who will they hate this pengkhianat bangsa.

      Where got credibility when the man plays to the tune of who pays him. And I believe BD when he says that even his financiers are pulling out.

      It’s not cheap to maintain him and his wife. Even if the financiers have huge mansions in London, they might want to bring their gufreng there. Can trust RPK with info about being with gufreng ha?

      • Aisehman Abu, talk is cheap. Show us the evidence. Like wat BD said to me “You must substantiate ur claim. Otherwise i’ll ban u from this site”.

        Maybe u should first prove to us that this article:**********
        this a lie?

        Sorry old chap! You are NO LONGER ALLOWED to make references to portals that manipulate half truths in here, without being seen as promoting that blog. Please do that elsewhere.

        By the way, we dont do that in here (discuss the manipulation and lies that Raja Petra cooked base on half truths and totally wrong interpretations of facts). Again, please do that elsewhere.


      • I don’t read Malaysia today any more, old boy. Because I don’t believe and like what he says any more. Isn’t that evidence that his credibility has waned? Even by one. And a dozen more of people I know.

        And why you want me to prove whatever he says is a lie? I was talking about his credibility, man. Credibility to me. His “waning” credibility. Ada ngarti ka?

        You want to propaganda ha? Give his web link here ha? It’s that kind of talk that is cheap, don’t you know? If BD really talks about banning people like you, no wonder la.

  4. Syabas betoi Wilson. U ni dedahkan sikap double standard En BD.

    tabik x3

  5. Kesian RPK …

    Blog dia dah tak laku, terpaksa mintak tolong kekawan karibnya wilson dan ahli kelab rpk datang kat sini buat promosi …

    obefan pun sanggup “kipas”.

  6. […] ini, blogger yang menjadi buruan Polis Raja Petra Kamaruddin kerana gagal menghadirkan diri pada perbicaraan kes memfitnah dengan niat jahat sudah mula […]

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