Kua Kia Soong: A traitor?


Kua's most recent book

Former DAP Petaling Jaya Utara MP Dr Kua Kia Soong recently launched his book “Questioning Arms Spending in Malaysia”. The book launch, was made in London on 14 December in Melur Restaurant, Edgware Road.

Isn’t this an act of treachery?


Kua Kia Soong

Dr Kua, who is currently the SUARAM Executive Director and DAP member definitely has other means to question the arms spending of the Federal Government. There is this forum called Dewan Rakyat where no less 78 Pakatan Rakyat MPs (which his party DAP is part of the tri-party-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-backstabbing-strange-bedfellows) and Dewan Negara where they have 8 Senators.

If questions are being posted in the august house, then the Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Minister of Finance are compelled to answer. Of course there would be a debate. Dr Kua could get his DAP colleagues to attack what or which ever spending with facts and demand answers.

Writing a book and launching it abroad serves a different connotation entirely. It is a one sided attack. It is suspiciously with an intent of malice, especially taking the details or presumed details of Malaysian militarium in the open and on an international platform. This is an act of anarchy. No difference from when PKR Lembah Pantai Nurul Izzah lied in Jakarta about the Scorpene Perdana Class subs inability to be operational.

Dr Kua is the sort of scholar who choses to be deliberate inaccuracies, unsubstantiated facts, lop sided foreign mission/agency reports and is very unfair and bordering an ill intent with his presentation and analysis. Last June blogger Jebat Must Die did an in depth analysis and counter Dr Kua’s lame and politically-skewed book with facts on 13 May 1969. A leading Military Analyst Dzirhan Mahadzir took the first salvo against Dr Kua on this.

Excerpts from Dzrihan’s analysis on Dr Kua’s new attempt to skew facts:

Now I have no problem with defence spending being scrutinized or criticised, but my problem is when the matter becomes politicised, distorted and used by people to fulfill their own agendas or when people doing such don’t know what they are talking about or when they deliberately used racial issues which is the entire problem with Dr. Kua’s book.

The first flaw in the book is the manner of citations used, there’s an inconsistancy in Dr. Kua’s approach, he gives name credits to articles by writers like my old boss Bob Karniol, who recruited me into Janes and a few others but the numerous times he cites articles in Janes and Defence Review Asia (mostly mine) and the mainstream media articles in NST, Star and others, he can’t see fit to name the authors and title of the articles. Now the reason for this is important as knowing who wrote the article, so we can judge the accuracy and quality as not all writers are the same, and the context of the quotation based on the article title. The other problem is just on a personal basis as Dr Kua quotes my JDW focus on the Malaysian Armed Forces several times but it doesn’t rate a mention in the selected articles list in the bibliography, wherelse articles he quotes once or twice does which again falls foul of normal conventions in such, like I said I get no credit ;).

The other flaw in the book is that in all honest sense, the supposedly well researched book has no original information, as pointed by both Marhalim and Azra, all the book does is quote materials published publicly, even then Dr. Kua doesn’t bother finding out additional information or digging out new information. The so called expose is a lie as nothing contained in the book hasn’t been talked about. Furthermore if it really is to be an expose, why did Dr. Kua not find people willing to talk, even anonymously about the alledged wrongdoings etc. If the publishers and writer had been honest enough to state that the book simply was based on open sources and a compilation, I’d have been less critical but as it is…..


(Note: Dzirhan teaches at the Armed Forces College and writes for Jane’s Defense Weekly)

The authorities should really look into this attempt of Dr Kua to undermine the strategic and operational interest of the Malaysian Armed Forces. This sort of person is definitely belong to be labeled as ‘Disobedient and Ungrateful Malaysian’.

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  1. This treacherous act confirms that they have inside information about the Malaysian militarium.

    Where did this author got it from? He should be picked up and questioned by the police or the military.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Didi Mazril. Didi Mazril said: RT @tunfaisal: Penipuan DAP berterusan; slps mengemukakan fakta salah 13Mei, Kua menipu lg. Baca big dog – http://bit.ly/eVSYgy […]

  3. Menteri Amaran tunggu apa lagi?!

  4. “Dr Kua is the sort of scholar who choses to be deliberate inaccuracies, unsubstantiated facts, lop sided foreign mission/agency reports ..”

    Can some one tell me what scholar is he actually? Is he a medical doctor or a PhD? If PhD, what field?

    He can’t be worth his salt if he deliberately writes inaccuracies, slants the facts, does not substantiate his claims. No medical doctor would do that. No genuine PhD holder does that. Usually they are trained or well versed in “hypothesis, theories and facts” before they are awarded with PhDs.

    Has anybody checked whether he genuinely has a PhD? Don’t trust DAP fellows. Remember “Sir Wong”, a DAP information chief or something in Sabah who even doctored photographs purportedly showing he was receiving a knighthood from the Queen of England? terrible fellows these DAP characters. Ultra kiasu, even pure, outright cheats and liars, plain and simple.

    This Kua fellow certainly wants the sensation aspect of the matter, to sell his books, like the tabloids of England which sell gossips, rumours and half truths to increase their circulation. Anybody verified the claim that his May 13 book was a “best seller”? What standard used to determine that? What number of copies exactly sold?

    All told, this is one hell of a doctor – if he is really a doctor, whatever the discipline may be. Agree with BD that he could have got political mileage if he had launched his book in Malaysia or raised the issue in Parliament. But a bloody gullible fellow. More money launching the book in London, higher purchasing power there, the populace is more aroused by sensationalised info. To hell with propriety, etiquette and a sense of obligation to Malaysia, he’d say. To hell with him we should say.

    • Agree that we should know the authencity of his Doctorate. Also need to understand how can an institution keep giving recognition to someone whom academia knows to lie and make bad reference.

    • He was arrested twice — under the Internal Security Act (ISA) during Operation Lalang in 1987, and the second time for participating in the Second Asia-Pacific Conference on East Timor in 1996. That tells the kind of fellow he is.

      He was only a one-term DAP MP in the 1990s. That tells how popular (or unpopular) he was.


  6. Biggie,

    Obviously Kua Kia Soong is up to something evil again. Despite JMD nailed this DAP-commie after his “13 May” book, he dares to go one step higher: from being anti-Malay to anti-Malaysia.

    From the excerpts, it shows that Kua’s book is to tell the world that Malaysian Government are idiots in procuring these weapons.

    Varuna is bloody right! Kua Kia Soong is a MODERN DAY MIN YUEN!

    I hope someone do a police report against this bastard & the authorities act accordingly! Means that if his writings is seditious and/or undermine national security, nail this bastard!

    Please la. Don’t short-change us for pacifying-the-Chinese-politics!

  7. apa nak tunggu lagi Menteri KDN dah terhantuk baru tengadah ke….lemah betul kerajaan kita sekarang ni patut kita ganti yang berani !!!


  8. Such an asshole like to should be dumped into the sea. He shall no longer be a Malaysian. BIG TRAITOR

  9. Ni yang sedih ni. Baru kita meratapi pemergian Allahyarham Jeneral Tun Ibrahim Ismail – tak kering lagi pusara Allahyarham.

    Kita mungkin tak ada bangkangan kalau benda ni diketengahkan dalam bentuk akademik dan berlandaskan fakta. Ini tidak, terang-terang buku ini ditulis berasaskan fitnah, spekulasi, maklumat yang direka-reka, selective and mostly out of context kemudiannya diputar-belitkan dan nampaknya bermotif jahat.

    Jelas sekali golongan Min Yuen moden ni dah makin berani dan biadap. Mereka bermain api dengan mengipas sentimen serta amarah rakyat jelata untuk bersikap anti establishment.

    Kua ni juga tanpa segan silu membela Chin Peng sebagai pejuang negara tapi conveniently tergamak melupakan ratusan malah mungkin ribuan mangsa yang jadi korban pengkhianat komunis itu. Berikut apa yg pernah dia tulis tentang Chin Peng:

    In recent years, there has been plenty of breast beating among the Umnoputras, with flag waving, keris kissing and singing of patriotic songs. But how many of these Umnoputras can proudly stand up and say
    that they patriotically took part in the liberation war against the British colonialists and the Japanese fascists?

    Hardly any!

    Yet, how many Malayan patriots have given their lives in these two campaigns? Have they ever been honoured by the country they defended? They were honoured by the Allies for their valour during the anti-Japanese resistance after the Second World War in London. Have
    our historians exposed those who collaborated with the Japanese fascists during the Second World War – the “quislings who sold out the patriot game?”

    At least one man, Chin Peng can claim that he achieved this and today he merely wants the opportunity to visit his homeland that he defended
    against British colonialism and Japanese fascism but he is unable to do this!

    Ini pula pandangannya tentang lafaz taat setia kepada SPB Yang Dipertuan Agong dan menyanyi lagu NEGARAKU di Kemunting;

    At Kamunting, the so-called “rehabilitation” programme included a weekly “assembly” during which we were supposed to sing the national anthem as if we were back at school and to make a pledge (Ikrar) of
    allegiance to the king, country and the Rukunegara.

    Many of us “hardcore” did not participate in this vacuous token of “patriotism”. It brought home the scathing quote by Samuel Johnson that,
    “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

    Sampai bila agaknya kita nak biarkan orang sebegini??

    • Ingatlah, barang sesiapa yang mendukung “Butcher of Malaya” sebagai Wira, nescaya PENGKHIANATlah dimana jatuhnya darjatnya.

    • “At least one man, Chin Peng can claim that he achieved this and today he merely wants the opportunity to visit his homeland that he defended
      against British colonialism and Japanese fascism but he is unable to do this!”

      This snake sacrifices small snake to glorify bigger snake.

      If your mother drop you in a country which she does not belong, can you claim that country is your home land? I dont think so.

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