And the drama is afoot….


Khairy the 'cry-baby'

As expected, the drama on themerajuk‘ call by Rembau MP YB Tuan Haji Khairy Jamaluddin is already afoot. The MCA Youth Chief Dato’ Dr Wee Ka Siong has already started to plea for the UMNO Youth Chief to reconsider the ‘merajuk’ call.

The Star’s story this morning:

Wednesday January 5, 2011

Reconsider decision not to contest, Wee tells Khairy

JOHOR BARU: MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, describing his Umno counterpart as “a good comrade”, said Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin should reconsider his stand about staying out of the next general election.

“He should reconsider his decision as he can still contribute towards youth development in the country,” Dr Wee said, adding that Malaysians needed the youthful leadership Khairy had shown since becoming MP and leading the Umno Youth wing.

“In politics, there are ups and downs but he should never give up,” he told The Star yesterday.

Khairy was reported as saying on Saturday that he would take a break from politics and not defend his Rembau parliamentary seat at the next general election.

His announcement prompted Barisan Nasional Youth chief strategist Foo Seck Chyn to persuade Khairy not to quit as he could help improve the political scenario in Malaysia.

Foo cited, among Khairy’s contributions, his work to help less fortunate families and the setting up of the Barisan Youth lab to study the concerns of the country’s young people.

“I will be meeting him (Khairy) this week to discuss the matter.

“I seriously hope he will reconsider his decision as he has still a lot to contribute to the rakyat,” he said.


Funny the highlights to ‘pujuk‘ (pacify) the ‘merajuk‘ boy comes from BN Chinese partners. It is not so by the UMNO folks. Are the UMNO people glad for Khairy to ‘go quietly’?

Probably, they should. Especially if it is true that the ‘Consultant B’ is actually  him in the Alcatel bribe case which is gaining limelight in the US media. UMNO cannot afford to have a Vice President-stature leader to be involved and later the scandalous deals be blown into the open. At least, not after PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s Presidential Acceptance speech at the closing ceremony of the 60th UMNO General Assembly 28 March 2009 “To combat corruption”.

Now that one-time-dubbed as “The most powerful 28 year old” and fondly known as “The son-in-law” no longer enjoy the blanket of ‘protective immunity’, the moment father-in-law PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was shown the door by none other but UMNO members themselves in early 2009, as a reaction to the unprecedented but humiliating defeat of BN in 5 + 1 states in the 12th General Elections.

So if his neck is deeply in the involved for the USD 500,000 ‘consulting fee’, then Khairy should really consider ‘taking a study leave’ really soon. Or in reality, no point to do so?


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