Nurin Alert was a bloggers’ initiative

The Women, Family and Community Development Minister Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil launched the first early alert system for missing children. Its called NUR(Natiowide Urgent Response) ALERT.

It’s now Nur Alert, says ministry

By Rozanna Latiff

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s first early alert system for missing children is renamed the Nur (Nationwide Urgent Response) Alert in line with efforts to help children such as Talian Nur.
Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said the system was previously known as Nurin Alert (Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network) Alert as it was first proposed following the abduction of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8, later found murdered, four years ago.

“Nurin Alert was one of many names considered, especially since the idea for the system was first brought up after the kidnapping of Nurin Jazlin.

“We settled on Nur Alert because it coincided with many of the ministry’s Nur programmes, and because it is a system created with the safety of children in mind.”
She added that the name was unlikely to cause confusion as it was not meant to be used by the public.

“Rather, it is the name of a system that will allow the authorities, including the media, to be notified within hours of a child being reported missing.”

She was speaking after launching the Kami Prihatin programme in Gombak here yesterday.

It seeks to educate young people on sexual issues and reproductive health.

The programme is part of the ministry’s National Family Policy, which will centralise the family institution as a driving force in the nation’s social and economic development.

Shahrizat said families must be considered in social and economic development programmes to meet the needs of youth and adolescents.

She said seven cases of abandoned babies were reported in the first week of this year compared with 91 for the whole of last year. She said the statistics should spur rather than slow efforts to stop the problem.



This NUR ALERT is the implementation to NURIN ALERT, initiated here in bloggosphere. A little over three years ago, bloggo-journo Nuraina A. Samad took her lead campaign to start the NURIN ALERT in her blog, 3540 Jalan Sudin on 30 September 2007. Other bloggers jumped into the fray.

NURIN ALERT call by Tell

Then as Tell Magazine Editor, she took the initiative into print media in November 2007. Bloggers, especially who were aligned to the then National Bloggers Alliance (All Blogs) extensively carried the message even the NURIN ALERT logo across the bloggosphere.  NGOs started to pay attention too.

Finally, what Kak Ena started becomes a reality. As the cliche ‘Better late than never’ goes, we are glad that the NUR ALERT is exactly what NURIN ALERT call was all about. We hope to see the abduction of girls be lessen substantially with new tools like this where citizens are able to play an active role to make our communities much better place to live.

This is a demonstration of the power of ‘digital democracy’.


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