Its time to check the operations, in detail

This was the accident late last night at Kuching International Airport. As a result, more that 20 flights in and out of the same airport today was postponed.

The Star report:

Published: Tuesday January 11, 2011 MYT 11:16:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday January 11, 2011 MYT 12:37:24 PM

AirAsia plane skids at Kuching airport


KUALA LUMPUR: An AirAsia flight to Kuching skidded off the runway Monday night and landed on the grass verge, leaving four passengers with minor injuries.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said flight AK5218, an Airbus A320, was carrying 124 passengers and six crew members.

“The plane was landing during a downpour and that is when it skidded,” he said Tuesday.

Efforts to lift the A319 jet so that the runaway could be used

Kong said the plane had landed on soft soil on the edge of the runway. AirAsia and Kuching International Airport staff are working to remove the plane for checks.

As a result of the incident, services at the airport have been was disrupted, with up to 11 flights to the airport affected.

“I expect services at the airport to resume by noon,” he said after opening the National Maritime Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

AirAsia Group Chief Executive Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes tweeted: “Working hard to remove aircraft. All passengers are home.”


These landing mishaps happen far too frequent for this airline. On 19 March 2007, KCH saw flight operation disruptions because of the same problem, by the same airline. On 9 Nov 2004, AK 106 skidded of the runway during landing at BKI. Disrupted flight operations took two days to normalise. Disruptions cause a lot money. Especially when an airline’s business is dependent on the minimal turnaround time as one of the KPIs.

KCH, March 2007

Every time these accidents happened, Malaysia Airlines ground handling and engineering are asked to resolve the stranded-aircraft-of-the-runaway. This is because AirAsia has no adequate engineering facility at these airports and the disruptions also adversely affected Malaysia Airlines operations.

Its time for Department of Civil Aviation to go through operations and safety procedures of AirAsia. Too much at stake. Somebody should pay for the losses of business incurred by Malaysia Airlines and Malaysia Airports. Then again AirAsia was reluctant to settle their dues with Malaysia Airports.

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  1. Welcome to the world of OUTSOURCING.

    AA outsource all its problems to MAS (nama lama) who may not may for the services rendered. Sound familiar like Malaysia Airport (ade MA – agak sama jugakkan).

  2. And check the pilots’ qualifications and experience, too.

    The fight hours they clock, against the standards used internationally.

    We know Air Asia is cheap fares airline. See whether they cut corners on pilots’ air worthiness as well as aircraft worthiness.

    We are dealing with lives. Never mind whether they lose money or not so long as safety is not compromised against their need for economy of operations.

  3. Without AA, Malaysia airport will not have the volume and profit they enjoy nowadays.

    • hello… the majority of domestic flights flying in and out of every Malaysian Airport have been of MAS. no need to mention about international flights. pls get your fact right 1st, stupid no-class!

    • Apa lu ceta!

      Penumpang yg AA bawak bukan jenis yg berbelanja kat airport pun! Mat Salleh yg AA bawak pun jenis backpackers!

      Hutang berpuluh juta RM kpd Malaysia Airports bukan reti nak bayor. Setiap kali MAHB mintak hutang, dia buat tak reti. Bila MAHB ugut tamo bagi guna airport, pi jumpa Pak Lah Kaki Tido, menteri pengangkutan & menteri pelancungan utk bagi tekanan kat MAHB!

      Hands off! Keling kaki putar alam is untouchable!

      So apa untgnya MAHB kalau berjuta penumpang AA bawak guna kesemua 19 airport tapi mrk tak berbelanja & AA sendri tamo bayor perkhidmatan airport????

      Bodoh betul 2nd class ni!!!

  4. It is a fact that AK refused to pay MH for their BKI debacle. It ran into millions just for services rendered. itu belum business disruption. But they got away with it, of course.

    • budak sekolah pun boleh bisnes kalau macam tu.

    • AirAsia ni berkembang pesat zaman Pak Lah Kaki Tido!

      Semasa ‘Airline Rationalisation Plan’ disediakan oleh MAS & dibentangkan Idris Jala kpd Pak Lah Kaki Tido, dia tido! Balik tu, Zaki Zahid bagi dokumen tu kat Tony. Lepas tu Tony lipat sikit sikit, dan dlm beberapa hari hantar cadangan lain kat Pak Lah Kaki Tido.

      Tup,tup….dia org hantor SUSK Pak Lah Dato Tajudeen Wahab ke Carribean.

      Dlm ‘kehilangan’ Tajudeen, alih alih semua laluan domestik MAS diserahkan kpd AirAsia, terutama Rural Air Service. Tony guna pertambahan laluan baru ni utk buat business plan & tambah pelabur, order kapal terbang baru & secara autoatiknya sebat duit subsidi RAS.

      Bila dah dapat, pi menagoh balik kat Pak Lah Kaki Tido utk mintak MAS ambik balik RAS. Tu yg MAS terpaksa uudkan MAS Wing tu!

      Tony ni memang keling kaki belit! Berniaga putar alam! Duit penumpang ambik upfront (perkhidmatan belum buat!), lepas tu hutang tamo bayor! Termasuk penggunaan airport & apa apa perkhidmatan MAS.

      Dah la 53% pelabur AA ni org asing. Ada hati nak mintak taraf ‘national carrier’ lak tu!

      Baik bagi Singapore Airlines ja taraf yg sama!

  5. […] apa yang berlaku di Kuching bukan salah Air Asia tetapi memang dah nasib. Nasib jugalah tak ada yang […]

    • Habih tu, nak tunggu ada yg mam*** baru nak bising kot?

  6. That’s why they dont allow any union to be formed in air asia until today.

  7. AirAsia should change its “Now everyone can fly” to “Now everyone can skid”

  8. sabotage

    • if there’s a sabotage, then who, really, is sabotaging whom?

  9. Nak kena selidek juga siapa punya saham Tony pegang. Dia jadi proxy atau nominee atau pegang power of attorney orang besaq mana.

    Tengok depa yang pegang kuasa diTingkat 4 ke 44 ke Putra Jaya pada masa tu.

    Kalau betui camtu, susahlah AA ke MH ke nak dapat bayaran. Depa angkuhlah dengan ada kuda kuat yang depa tonggang.

    Ni susah nak tau. Dulu masa takda paki computer, fail Rigistrar of Companies selalu “missing” atau “diguna Pegawai”. La ni pakai computer, kot selalu “computer glitch” bila nak cari maklumat camtu.

    Nak kena ada Wikileaks lagi. La ni dah ada Whistle Blowers Act, kot ada kikileaks diMalaysia ni.

  10. at least no casulaties on Air Asia unlike MAS. i can still very clearly remember the Tawau incident in 1998

    • Hello.. yang Tawau tu sebab airport bukan airlines yer.. Wikiplease..

    • @ devils advocate

      I’m not sure if you’re devil’s advocate or that you’are the devil itself. there’s no such incident in 1998. you misquoted the year. it was on Sept 15, 1995, flight MH 2133. still, the airport condition and the weather during the incident (wind shear) weigh more into that incident rather than the pilots.

      At least it was the last fatal incident involving a MAS flight. to date, there has been no more pilot-related incident after this particular crash, proving that MAS has tremendously improved their safety procedures and pilot training ever since, not just their inflight products and services. and there’s even been almost no minor mishaps ever since.

      the first ever fatal incident involving a modern jumbo jet B747-400 was that of SIA flight SQ 006, at Taipei on Oct 31, 2000 when the pilots steered the plane to the wrong runway (which was under reconstruction) to take-off and rammed into construction debris. 83 lives lost. but you’re so careful not to mention this, huh? SIA too has revamped their pilot training ever since.

      meanwhile in this recent AirAsia incident at Kuching airport, it’s hard to blame the weather and the runway condition alone or not to investigate the pilots’ action and their training background, because in the same weather and runway condition, several other flights arriving Kuching have landed safely before that AirAsia incident. furthermore, this is not the first skidding incident involving AirAsia, there’s been already a number of cases (including some allegedly excluded from the news, thanks to Tony’s connections). this particular incident has been recurring far too frequently for AirAsia, as the article agrees. of course since luckily there has been no deaths so far, you AirAsia faggots can safely try to divert our attention to some other airlines. but we are not that stupid!

      AirAsia has only one option: to improve its safety procedures and pilot trainig, OR wait for a fatal incident to come.

  11. I flew back from Langkawi to KL on that very night of the incident……on Air Asia’s A320 and thank God nothing bad happened……. seriously…. Tony and his team better do something good after this…….. stop the putar belit, putar alam thingy…… because its not just about making money and profit alone…… its about people’s live as well……..Otherwise who ever wants to fly on small budget better choose FireFly instead…….

  12. Hello,

    Just to share this…

    A life of Malaysian third generation.: Air crash investigation –

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009
    Air crash investigation
    “…Well I just finished watching Air crash investigation at NatGeo. Shockingly for me manage to know that Indonesia having one of the highest air crash history and even shocking most of the crash came from their pilots flaw…” Unquote.

    Air Asia

    Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
    Flight 104
    November 7, 2004 Boeing 737
    Runway overrun

    Malaysia Airlines

    Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Cause
    Flight 653
    December 4, 1977 Boeing 737-2H6
    Flight 684 Subang, Petaling
    December 18, 1983 Airbus A300B2-100
    Bad Weather
    Flight 2133 Tawau
    September 15, 1995 Fokker 50
    Pilot Error

    While those were Malaysia statistic of air incidents and accidents (Only those locations to Johor and Tawau were fatal)

    You be the judge.


  13. Also to share this…

    Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 Aircraft News from Flightglobal –

    Lessons Learned – what the accident reports said

    You be the judge.


  14. Lucky it happened within Malaysia…

    Also to share this episode…

    Greek courts and the Swissair runway overrun incident (Robert Dorsett)

    Many countries establish kangaroo courts in response to air disasters, …. edge of concrete runway extremity, while the aircraft stopped against the road. … the landing runway was 15), had undoubtedly been the main causal factor of … – Cached – Similar

    For the Aviation buffs…here’s a complete report on an actual incident…

    • A320, runway overrun on landing, Taipei-Sungshan airport, Taiwan, October 2004
    Transasia Airlines A320, Taipei-Sungshan Airport, Taiwan

    Click to access GE536TaipeiSungshan2004.pdf

    18 October 2004
    Synopsis The aircraft landed at Taipei-Sungshan with one thrust lever, on an engine on which thrust reverse was INOP, not reduced to idle (indeed, at 22.5 degrees thrust lever angle, the lever was left near the Climb detente). Reverse thrust was applied on the other engine. Spoilers did not deploy (it requires both thrust levers to be in idle, or reverse, or one in reverse and one in idle, to do so). Manual braking was delayed. The aircraft overran the runway. The aircraft was damaged, but no one was killed, and the aircraft is still in service. Here is the Report.

    You be the judge.


  15. …most pilot error are from Co-Pilot taking over the cockpit and only when the error is detected than than Captain takes over. As an airline pilot, we used to let our co-pilots handle preparation for a landing maneuver. Skidding is due to landing over the max.speed limit, wind shear or judgment error and definitely it’s a pilot error unless it is found to have a mechanical malfunction during landing however, it seldom happens especially when the plane is almost 100 feet from the ground. AA has a pattern on its accidents so do Pilots…I have suspicions that it may be caused by the same pilot of the previous AA skidding accident. If it holds true, the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) should investigate the pattern concerning AA accidents or another skidding incident may take place soon and hope it may not be a fatal accident waiting to happen.

  16. […] Air Asia is talking about losing money to forex. This is should be construed as insulting as Air Asia prefer to do their maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services in Singapore instead with Malaysia Airlines. A lot of money is allocated to MRO, especially with high utility operation such as Air Asia. We are not sure on their MRO or flight operations but they seemed to be having a little bit issues on safety. […]

  17. […] apa yang berlaku di Kuching bukan salah Air Asia tetapi memang dah nasib. Nasib jugalah tak ada yang […]

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