Another by-election in Selangor?

The nation is going through a current by-elections in Johor when ADUN for Tenang passed away in December. However, something is brewing in Selangor. State Assembly Speaker Teng Chang Kim just declared that DUN seat for Port Klang is vacant due to ADUN YB Badrul Hisham Abdullah has been absent from DUN sittings for a prolonged period.

The outcome of this decision would almost be certain. Badrul would definite challenge the decision and there would be a court case. The legal circus, shall return to town and a media frenzy will follow suit.

This is nothing new with Pakatan Rakyat controlled State Assemblies. Kota Siputeh ADUN Dato’ Abu Hassan also was ‘dismissed’ unilaterally by PAS controlled Kedah State Assembly, for allegedly ‘been missing’ from seatings. There is a court case to determine the legitimacy of the decision.

This is very clear that Pakatan Rakyat is resorting to all of these ‘legal circus stunts’, to stay publicity-relevant in the eyes of the voters. The reason is pure and simple: They failed to deliver. Pakatan Rakyat did badly in all the states they control and manage and they needed ‘circus stunts’ like going against HRH Rulers and something like this to continue give false hopes to their voters and the same time, realise the strategy to demonise all law enforcement authorities and regulatory bodies.

This announcement conveniently came just after the HRH Sultan of Selangor consented for the 24 January 2011 special State Assembly sitting.

The ‘circus-stunt’ is back in town. Bring out the popcorn!



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  1. Zakhir,

    So what is your solution to the missing rep not being present as required under the law? He supposed to serve his ADUN. Lets be fair where fair is due. Just like someone who keeps on missing from work, I’m sure his employer would have to do something. Those that I have talked to in the ADUN area don’t think too highly of this guy. And I blamed PKR for this.

    I know your political inclination but fair is fair. I definitely support the Speaker. If there’s a need to have a by-election, so be it.


    • We have not seen the records. The Officer in charge of matters pertaining to the DUN (used to be an Assistant State Secretary) would have the records of the ADUN attendance. He can verify whether the 6 month period of absence is accurate or not.

      He should also have the letter the ADUN said he has written giving the reason for being absent. Unless the Speaker uses the anarchistic system or no system of relying on the officials tasked with the function of secretariat of the DUN.

      And the Speaker simply uses the words absent for “no valid reason.”

      But the Election Commission has said they are checking the laws, the State Constitution, etc. While the Speaker may be the one who declares a vacancy existing, the EC are the ones who decide whether a PRK wd be held or when it’d be held.

      It’d be interesting to know what happens if the two don’t agree – that a vacancy exists.

      But whether the ADUN is a likeable fellow or not does not count in the legality of the matter.

      All the same, the BN must keep their horses in tight rein. In case 1-2 get offered big time by the so-called Master of Katak Lompat, although the fellow failed in the Katak Lompat Exercise in September 2008!

  2. Nothing new here Bro.
    This circus started 28 years ago.

    Next thing you gonna asked is where is the proof?

  3. The Star Online today says

    “Badrul Hisham raised a wave of protests, claiming Teng was unfair because he did attend the opening ceremony of the last state assembly meeting in November last year.”

    That’s just about 2 months ago. Surely this can be verified. There must be scores of people witnessing. If true, what the f… the DAP Speaker is saying?

    If true and the law clearly says the 6 month period of absence on declaring the seat vacant, the Speaker should be impeached. Or whatever the terminology for cakap bohong. To the public. A very serious matter. A very irresponsible act.

  4. just now quoted a Bernama report on Badrul Hisham –

    “He claimed that he had informed state assembly Speaker Datuk Teng Chang Khim about being ill and had also submitted a letter from the doctor.”

    If so, no question of being “absent without a valid reason”.

    Even if the “doctor’s letter” went missing, the doctor could surely be traced and asked to verify the claim that he had produced the said letter at the material time.

  5. It be an interesting political animus if another by-election befall in the State of Selangor . Agreeing for another political showdown , for what ?. It is explainable if an ADUN passed away a replacement is required . A new by-election is needed under the practices of our democratic system . More interestingly , why so much fuss about the absentee of the opposition ADUN ?.

    The issue here is about the indisciplined and robotic ADUN poor attendance . He was absent for the State legislature Assembly several times . In the presidency of the Lord Speaker the opposition ADUN has interrupted the running of the law making body of the State . Therefore , this opposition ADUN must be sacked and fresh by-election is determined mandatory . Because of what ? It is because the House cannot tolerate absentee and truant ADUN . He is not fit to be the member of the Selangor State legislature . On this ground the Speaker declared the seat is vacant as punishment . This acts is the reflection of the State political animation .

    Why is so determined that this ADUN must be sacked and conceive to a new by-election ?. Is it by inventing this perception that this State has a no nonsense Government ? . Is it a show down of a political power to gain creditably ?.

    Well and fine , it be a burden to the people and tax payees money for another by-election . Apparently , it is simply and visibly a political diversion act of the Selangor State Government . The State Governance is in political turmoil . The eyes who cannot see and differentiate between a coconut tree and a palm tree from above . Wrong policies , unarticulated decisions were made . The people of Selangor are aware of these political mishaps and the level of confidence for the Selangor State Government is in downturning .

    So why not instigate as much of the political issues to keep on the political debate and maintain its momentum to the next general election . This is an effort to shift the people attention away from the State Government responsibility to implement its immediate economic programs ( if any ) for the economic well being of the people .

    After all , people’ education , health care and hospitals , energy , security , law and order and many more which are near need for the people are the obligation of the Federal Government .

    What it means here that the State Government of Selangor is only concern in the management of its political administration of power , well and fine . The political consciousness and thinking , is that , the State opposition backed by Federal political apparatus are always at it’s toes and all are ever willing to criticize and ponder the State leadership . That is also well and fine .

    What matters are and at the end of the day , we the people of Selangor are being victimized by their political syndrome . Politics is not everything to us . We are concerned of our day to day living , our children education , our families and our communities security , price hike of essential items and over all our basic cost of living . Please make no mistake , WE LOVE OUR KING .

    The effort to sack the opposition ADUN which has lead to the court , En . Zahkri noted is another ‘ legal circus stunt ‘ . That be a mockery to the people of Selangor .


    • Betul ke? Apa bukti?

      Tak sebut bukti, mana taruk otak?

      • Always asking for proof?

        Your own blog thoughts are backed by proof?

        If so, the authorities should make use of the ‘proof’ maximum and rid once and for all, these ‘cricus’ clowns. But where is all the proof for:
        1. They failed to deliver
        2. Going against HRH Rulers
        3. Demonise all law enforcement authorities and regulatory bodies.

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