Phang resigns: The Tricky-Bobby plot thickens

Another one bites the dust. This afternoon, recently rogue MACC member of panel of Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel (CCPP) Tan Sri Robert Phang quit his position. Citing that he paving the way of MACC to conduct a full investigation against him as the reason why he is quitting.

Robert Phang resigns from MACC panel
Karen Arukesamy

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 27, 2011): Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel member Tan Sri Robert Phang today announced his resignation from the panel after a graft allegation against him was posted in an anonymous blog recently.

“I am resigning to pave way for the MACC authourity to investigate independently, without fear or favour, and also to prevent speculations that I could use my influence to interfere in the investigations,” he told a press conference here.

Phang said he wants the investigation to be carried out to clear the allegations and his reputation, and that he would assist the authority is any possible way.

He believed that the allegation was hurled at him following his strong call for Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail to clear the air surrounding his Haj pilgrimage with a proxy to former Malaysian Airlines chairman Tan Sri Tajudin ramli, who was investigated for graft in MAS.

Explaining that he wanted to preserve his integrity and the reputation of the MACC, Phang said he is determined to quit his post despite his fellow panel members asking him to stay.

“On Tuesday, when my panel convened a meeting, I have informed the Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed and all my panel members that if they consider that I have caused disrespute to the MACC, I would resign. They have advised me not to do so,” he said, adding that he sees a compelling reason to resign to “walk the talk”.

MACC had said that Phang remained a member of the panel although he had informed of his resignation.

Denying the allegation in the blog that he allegedly tried to induce a secretary-general to secure a contract, Phang, who is also Social Care Foundation chairman said: “I am not here to attack, challenge or character assassinate anyone but I am clearing matters involving me.

“For merely asking Gani to be accountable for all these controversies that were already in the public domain, I suddenly became the subject of these venomous attacks.”

Phang denied claims that his resignation was also due to him coming under fire for making public statements on MACC and high-profile graft cases.

He said as a panel member, he has to promote integrity and anti-corruption fight and also to obtain honest feedback from the public, and as such he spoke as a concerned citizen.

On whether he would get a fair investigation, Phang said: “I still believe that Abu Kassim, Mustafa and Shukri are people of strong integrity. Their ways may not be correct and they may have constraints but their integrity is indisputable.”

He said the “attack” was an orchestrated attempt to discredit his reputation by “rogues from within and outside the government”.

He said he was not surprised that the attacks are also centred on his past business in Sabah as Abdul Gani and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk V.K. Liew, are also from Sabah.

Liew had also reportedly urged MACC to investigate Phang over the allegations.


Phang was rabid against his snarls on AG Gani. On 30 November 2010, Phang insisted that AG Gani comes out and explain on the latter’s recent Hajj trip. He did. CCPP Chairman Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam said that AG Gani’s explanation to 42 MACC panelists and senior officers was acceptable and stated “No case against him (Gani)”. As soon as Navaratnam’s statement was aired by mainstream media,  Phang immediately flipped and called for a media conference vehemently rubbishing Navaratnam’s statement.

This resignation came as a total surprise, from the MACC perspective. This is because since 24 hours earlier, MACC’s seven-0ut-of-eleven panel members decided that Phang should be able to continue in the CCPP. At least till 24 Feb 2011 when his term expires.

Robert Phang to remain MACC panel member
Husna Yusop

PUTRAJAYA (Jan 26, 2011): The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has decided that Tan Sri Robert Phang Miow Sin will not release his position and will continue to sit in its Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel.

The decision was made by the panel during its meeting today which was chaired by Tan Sri Dr Ramon Navaratnam and attended by seven out of 11 members.

“The meeting discussed several issues as according to the agenda. It has also looked into the offer made by one of its members, Phang, to let go of his position.

“All those present during the meeting have decided for Phang to continue his membership until his term expired on Feb 24 this year which is the last day of the first term for all panel members,” MACC said in a statement today.

MACC said Phang has informed the meeting that it was only proper for him to release his membership so that MACC could carry out an independent investigation against him.

This was in relation to an allegation made in a blog that he had attempted to bribe a ministry secretary-general last year.


This becomes more interesting because he dismissed the Another Brick in the Wall’s 17 Jan 2011 posting as being “Utter rubbish and amusing”. That created a national level attention since a graft-fighter is being alleged of committing the graft crime itself. The ‘Paper that cares’ published a story that the public wanted Phang to go.

So why did Tricky-Bobby quit if he could remain as ‘on indefinite leave’ whilst investigations are being carried out?

This is suspiciously illustrating that Phang is in the wrong. If not exactly as mentioned in the blog, he must have done something ‘not so kosher’. Had Phang been all ‘kosher’, he would have stood his grounds. Just like Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail and Tan Sri Musa Hassan, who have been accused of being very ‘naughty’ crime fighters, Phang should have sued Another Brick in the Wall.

Phang arrogantly said these phrases to the Malay Mail, “I am normally very reluctant to respond to anonymous blog postings. But here, I take them on for the sake of establishing the truth because this is clearly an effort made to shut me up”, “These are mercenary writers and spreaders of falsehood as aptly described by the Malay saying Lempar batu, sembunyi tangan (throw the stone and hide the hand)” and “Do not think I can be cowed by such delinquent antics. I will not dignify these acts of cowardice in seeking cheap publicity at my expense”.

All the Anwarista-friendly blogs were vehemently against the call for Phang to resign. They even dubbed Phang is under “Shameless conspiracy”. Is Phang bigger than the crime fighting agencies such as MACC, PDRM and AG’s Chambers that the public, represented by right wing bloggers cannot ask Phang to resign?

It is an Anwarista and Opposition’s prescribed method to alleviate themselves into power via the ‘Politics of Hatred’ and demonisation of all law enforcement agencies. They can’t possibly go up through democratic channels because they have really proven themselves as unable to manage and deliver when given the mandate and the Oppositions never really have tangible ideas on how to develop the country further.

This is getting more interesting. The resignation gives the impression that Phang is guilty of being a “Mr Fixer and attempted to bribe a KSU for a RM 900 M contract”. Then again, it was said that the KSU is willing to give full co-operation whenever the investigation commences.

Phang wasn never a good MACC panelist member. He did not defend MACC when DAP went after the commission. The fact is that, Phang is politically motivated and he is a tool if not an agent of some sort in the Opposition’s strategic agenda to destroy all Malay controlled law enforcement agencies. He is even very inclined towards the Chinese Chauvinist and anti Malay party, DAP. The proof is very apparent when as a ‘philantrophist’, he donated RM 50,000.00 to the party’s dinner in Melaka on 21 May 2010.

That is very unacceptable for MACC CCPP member and considering that it is widely known DAP give ‘patronage’ to the Lords of the Underworld Vices, Phang is being dubbed as ‘disloyal’ to the graft fighting commission.

We believe that the investigation will uncover a lot of ‘worms in the can’. These worms must also include Dato’ Ramli Yusuf’s and Rosli Dahlan’s names. After all, Phang was very vehement in his crusade to go after Gani in the episode of Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli’s MAS Cargo case.

Never the less, the plot thickens.

P/S Phang should not wear the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation jacket, as he wore shown in the photos. He is demeaning the NGO which is about fighting crime


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  1. So, this article is basically saying that Robert Phang is ‘guilty’ because he resigns from the panel of Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel. Am I right?

    If so, do you agree it could also mean that he is clean and willing to take a step further by resigning so that a fair investigation can be conducted without his influence?

    If you still insists that he is guilty, then where is the evidence? Did the court find him guilty?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to defend the crook. If Robert Phang is guilty, then by all means send him to jail. But if he’s not, someone will need to be charged for making false allegations (defamations). This includes the KSU and the author of Another Brick.

    You said that we should not demonise the law enforcing agencies. Well, the previous IGP (the highest person in the police) was pronounced a lier by the court in Sabah. That means he lied in court in order to ‘fix’ someone.

    Also, you said “We believe that the investigation will uncover a lot of ‘worms in the can’. These worms must also include Dato’ Ramli Yusuf’s and Rosli Dahlan’s names”. I do not understand how do you relate Robert Phang’s alledged miscounduct with Datuk Ramli and Yusof Dahlan? As far as I am concerned, throughout Datuk Ramli and Yusof court cases, there was not a single mention of Robert Phang. And I believe the police report made against Robert Phang also did not specify the involvement of Datuk Ramli and Yusof.

    Anyway, perhaps you should write an article explaining in full details about the court cases against Datuk Ramli and Yusof Dahlan to clear the air about the ‘crimes’ that they have committed. As far as I am concerned, both hv been released ‘without their defense being called’. In that process, the court in Sabah pronounced the ex IGP as an ‘incredible witness’. Btw, Utusan has published an apology for implicating Datuk Ramli as the 27 million $ man.

    “After all, Phang was very vehement in his crusade to go after Gani in the episode of Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli’s MAS Cargo case.”

    Like I said before, he was merely asking for a throughout investigation on Gani, which I think is fair because he has been implicated on the MAS case and there are numerous police reports been made. Publicly declaring one as innocent does not mean that person does not need to go through the legal process. Just like how this blog repeatedly saying that Robert Phang is guilty even though he has declared his innocent. Perhaps now we should ask what is the state of the investigation on Gani in the MAS cargo case?

    Bear in mind, becoming a law enforcer such as the IGP and AG does not mean that person is not a crook. They are certainly not above the law. Look at the ex IGP, the ‘incredible’ witness.

    • Why not some one furnish us with a reliable background information or curriculum vitae of Robert Phang? Not the wikipedia kind of information which may change from time to time as any Tom, Dick and Harry can write and amend.

      In the midst of various accusations and counter-accusations sometimes knowing the personality of the man helps. The Richard Nixon Watergate scandal, the Ronald Raegon Star Wars or the Bill Clinton “I did not sleep with that woman” kinds of fellows. It helps weigh in the opinions expressed by the public at large.

      After all, when Barrack Obama was seen winning his Presidential bid, the opposition even blamed his having a Muslim father! And in Sabah there was the “Sir Wong” DAP Information Chief fellow who was reported having doctored a photograph showing him being knighted by the Queen! And Robert Phang was said to be from Sabah and a Car Salesman before. True, some film stars even became Presidents. Like the quite highly principled Ronald Raegan and the one-time imprisoned criminal, Joseph Estrada, of the Philippines.

      So, can some one write about such things as how Robert Phang got his Tan Sriship. And how he was put on the MACC Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel. No mean feat there. Who vouched for his character, who wrote his report card or national honours citation.

      I am not sure whether I should write “All is not well or Not all is well in the country today”. But on corruption and integrity issues, it stinks to the core.

      What do we do with a drunken sailor, as the song goes. Let’s tame the drunk and send the sailor to sea. But let’s have some reliable backgound on the person who is the subject of this post, please.

  2. “…that the public, represented by right wing bloggers”

    Really? I think you’ve been drinking too much & too fast out of Mahathir’s bowl of Kool Aid.

  3. Well, it seems that this issue has gone silence eh? I wonder why ….

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