When will Mat King Leather & Azmin be issued of ‘show cause’ letter?


Lied to and Liar

Another one bites the dust. PKR Padang Serai MP Gobalakrishnan threw in his party towels this morning, via Twitter. He joins five other PKR MPs namely Dato’ Seri Zahrain Hashim (Bayan Baru), Zulkifli Nordin (Kulim-Bandar Baru), Tan Tee Beng (Nibong Tebal), Hj Mohsin Fadzil (Bagan Serai) and Wee Choo Keong (Wangsa Maju) to turn their backs against PKR, namely Former-abuse-of-power-convict Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim.

Published: Saturday January 29, 2011 MYT 11:57:00 AM
Updated: Saturday January 29, 2011 MYT 3:58:57 PM

Padang Serai MP Gobala quits PKR (Updated)


KULIM: Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishnan has quit PKR, saying that the party leadership, especially, adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been deaf to grievances.

He will continue to serve the people as an independent MP until the next general election.

He also plans to form a non-governmental organisation to fight for the people’s rights, he told a press conference in Lunas on Saturday.

Gobala, a former MIC Youth leader and founding member of PKR in 1999, has been slamming the party leadership for weeks and was issued a showcause letter recently.

He said Saturday he chose to quit because the leadership was planning to remove him.

“So, I thought it would be wiser for me to quit the party now rather than being forcibly removed.”

He reiterated his allegation that Anwar’s blue-eyed boy Azmin Ali (deputy president) was now in total control of the party.

“Azmin’s boys are predicting that Anwar will go to jail in two or three months time so he (Azmin) will take control of the party in the absence of Anwar.

“Azmin is powerful and has the money to control the party. This was evident during the recent party elections,” he said.

He also alleged that Anwar was practicing a divide-and-rule policy where Indians in the party were concerned by appointing his lawyer N. Surendran as a vice-president to look into Indian affairs when there were far better qualified Indians in the party.

Gobala reiterated that he has lost confidence in Anwar, who had long advocated reforms but failed to deliver it in his own party.

He said he has also lost confidence in the ability of Pakatan Rakyat to capture Putrajaya as the Opposition leader (Anwar) could not even settle his internal party matters.

He denied that his announcement on Saturday had anything to do with Sunday’s Tenang state by-election in Johor but was made due to the political developments within the party and that he had just returned from an overseas trip.

He also pledged that he would not be joining any other party, including MIC.

He also blamed Anwar for failing to resolve the problems in Perak, which led to the loss of the state to Barisan Nasional and resignation of several other PKR elected representatives in Kedah and Penang.

Asked if any of his supporters would leave PKR, he said it was up to them to decide.


Gobala cited the same reasons that the five cited. It is also the same storyline that many notable others left PKR and the realisation of Anwar’s sordid dreams. Dr Chandra Muzaffar (former Deputy President), Abdul Rahman Othman (former Deputy President), Dato’ Dr Jeffrey Kitingan (Vice President), Ezam Md Nor (former Youth Chief), Dato’ Sallehuddin Hashim (former Secretary General), Dato’ S Nalla Karupan (former Treasurer General) and others.  This is without withstanding personalities such as Anwar’s own blue-eyed-boy Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim, Anwar’s own personal solicitor Zainur Zakaria, Anwar’s Private Secretary Anuar Shaari, Ruslan Kassim, Lokman Noor Adam, Marina Yusuf and ADUNs such as Osman Jailu, Jamaluddin Radzi and Badrul Hisham Abdullah are amongst tens of thousands who left PKR when the reality sets in and realisation points them towards the worthless struggle guised by deceit, lies and false hopes.

PKR Leaders who realised they were deceived by Anwar

Now what is left about PKR is all about Anwar & Co and nothing else. Anwar ‘The Compulsive Liar” Ibrahim is the Adviser, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (wife) is the President, Azmin Ali (confidante and probable ‘partner’) is the Deputy President and Nurul Izzah Anwar (daughter) is the Vice President. Everyone else is simply complementary to Anwar achieving his sordid dreams.

How and why PKR members stommach all these is simply baffling. During the ‘Political Tsunami’ of 12th General Elections on 8 March 2008, PKR got a earth shattering improvement of 3,100% seats in the Dewan Rakyat from one single seat (Permatang Pauh) in 20004 to 31 in 2008. PKR managed to get an aggregate of 1,503, o80 votes in 2008 as compared to 578, 481 in 2004.  That is an amazing improvement of 259.8%, within a single electoral term.

Kabinet Pakatan Rakyat Anwar Ibrahim yang masih belum berjaya dilunaskan janji 16 Sept 2008 itu

For the first time, Anwar led Oppositions now calling themselves ‘Pakatan Rakyat’ managed to unprecedentedly denying  BN the 2/3 majority in the Dewan Rakyat and 5 + 1 control of states. In less than six weeks later, the ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ basis of ideological motto if ever they take over the Federal Government was given birth in Sultan Sulaiman Club, Kg. Baru, Kuala Lumpur 23 Aoril 2008. Then they became very ambitious when in less than five months later, in front of a crowd in Kelana Jaya Anwar promised that Pakatan Rakyat would be taking over the Federal Government “Within a few days after 16 September 2008”.

The Star report on that event:

Tuesday September 16, 2008

Anwar insists he has enough Barisan MPs to form government


PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim insists he has the numbers to form the next Government.

However, he did not give details of how many Barisan Nasional members will cross over, or their names.

At Pakatan Rakyat’s 45th Malaysia Day celebration yesterday, Anwar said he had sought a meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to discuss a smooth transition of power.

Showing support: The Pakatan gathering at the Kelana Jaya Stadium last night drew thousands of supporters.

“We have handed a letter signed by all Pakatan Rakyat leaders to Pak Lah. We will give him one or two days to give his response,” he said during his speech at the rally in Kelana Jaya stadium last night.

A group of Pakatan Rakyat MPs had turned up at the Prime Minister’s Office earlier in the day to hand over a letter from their leaders to Abdullah.

The MPs – PKR’s Johari Abdul, DAP’s Loke Siew Fook and PAS’ Dr Hatta Ramli – claimed the letter was “definitely something related to the planned Sept 16 takeover”.

PAS secretary-general Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar, in his speech, said the celebration marked “a clear and concrete plan towards the change in Government”.

When interviewed later, Kamaruddin claimed that the new Government would be formed in the next few days.

(From left) Khalid, Dr Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Anwar, Kit Siang and Guan Eng.

Asked why Anwar did not reveal the numbers or the names of the MPs, Kamaruddin replied that it was due to logistical reasons.

“Some of them are still overseas as you know. Some have been told to stay put in Macau,” he said.

He said Pakatan had obtained the MPs’ word to cross over via signed documents and in other various ways that satisfied the Pakatan leaders of their commitment.


The take over never materialised and its over two years now. In fact, today PKR is in far worse situation when they only have 25 out of 31 seats won in 2008. In the final analysis, PKR members who gave the rakyat so much hope for the thumping mandate seemed to be short changed when it is just a little over half term to the end of the electoral period.

Pakatan Rakyat partners should be worried about this grave downtrend of PKR. DAP now holds the majority control in the Oppositions’ bench with 28 MPs against PKR’s 26 and PAS’s 24. PKR lost of 19.35% MPs within less than 36 months is by far should be deemed ‘unacceptable’.

Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim and Azmin Ali have now become a liability to PKR, if not PR.

Shouldn’t the party which was supposed to fight ‘justice for the rakyat’ demand that Anwar and Azmin themselves should be issued with a showcause letter, first? After all, PKR did insist that Gobalakrishnan reply the showcause letter. Thereafter, Pakatan Rakyat should also issue PKR with a show cause letter.


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12 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. LKY is AWESOME !
    He plays CHESS @ a GEOPOLITICAL LEVEL always 3 moves ahead.
    The audience is not Singapore.
    He is HELPING NAJIB & ROSMAH consolidate UMNO’s influence.
    By slighting the Malays, he anticipated the knee jerk or instinctive reaction of Malays in the Semenanjung, that is “circling the wagons” against the Chinese BOOGEYMAN.
    In essence TORPEDOING any chance Anwar or PAKATAN have of establishing a beachhead @ the Tenang/Labis By-Election and for the upcoming Malaysian General Elections.
    He wants a tarnished Najib & UMNO to remain in power to secure Singapore’s future.

    • Eric,

      Hahaha, I thought u were gonna say LKY is God or DemiGod as LKS wd say or see him as!

      Ever heard of MAHA ULTRA KIASU LKY? He brought Singapore into Malaysia hoping to be PM of Malaysia one day. But played the racist card too hard. Coined the so-called malaysian malaysia concept which was, and still is as hogged by his DAP admirers and gawkers, subversive to the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

      He told his followers to want equality, but in Malaysia with Article 153 on the Special Position written in the Constitution that was approved in Parliament twice – at Merdeka and at formation of Malaysia – where got equality without acknowledging the Special Position. He knew that, as a lawyer. Yet he hogged on the slogan until Tengku A Rahman “kicked him” and Singapore out of Malaysia and his hope of becoming PM of a country (rather than of an island) was dashed.

      Old man Tengku should have instituted Emergency Rule like later done for Kelanatan, put LKY under house arrest, ask the 1 battalion or so of the Army or the Malaysian Navy (then headquartered in Woodlands Naval Base) to watch trouble makers on the island, paved the way for a truly democratic set up on the island.

      Imagine, iron hand rule, Big Brother on the wall, suing opposition MPs to bankruptcy, only 2 Opposition MPs in Parliament and the like in Singapore.

      There are other spins to LKY so-called chess game etc but they don’t diminish his image of MAHA ULTRA KIASU among many of us in Malaysia.

    • Eric dear

      Don’t kid yourself over lky. harry lee will never be able to forget that he was KICKED OUT by a MALAY.

      He was shown on tv crying, after being booted out, for the educational benefit of the younger generation. But sad to say the youngsters turned around to ask why must the tv replay that old man crying over and over again. WHY is he crying anyway?

      Pathetic right? After years of hard work, he was repaid by having the brightest and ablest pack their bags for greener pastures.

      • I think ray is referring to Singapore citizens packing their bags for greener pastures.

        Yet fellows keep talking about brain dran from Malaysia. Singaporeans cabut from Singapore and Malaysians who can’t afford the cost of cabuting to Australia, UK and Canada just cross the Causeway.

        When there they find they cannot say or talk anything about Singapore government. Some of them write in Malaysian blogs from Singapore. Like this Eric I suspect is. Pathetic.

    • You think LKY is not smart enough in not knowing who were behind the Altantuya murder? LKY is much too smart. Wikileakes says LKY “believes” that Anwar committed sodomy. Top politicians in Malaysia jumped up with pleasure about the revelation. But when Wikileaks leaked out another secret, now about a minister committing some sexual nonsense to his Indonesian maid, the “hullah bullah” was immediately toned down.

      LKY knows a lot of things but he is also scared that PAS takes over the administration of the country. When you have leaders the likes of Tok Guru Nik Aziz and Haji Hadi Awang, whose official residences are their original timber houses, then he’ll have a lot problem of dealing with honest and sincere leaders who have very strong followings.

      So, one of the tricks is to create problems within Pakatan Rakyat, especially those from PKR. Never forget, most of the PKR leaders are formerly from UMNO. Their hopes are high. If they don’t get “rewarded” soon enough, they’ll definitely leave PKR and dash for UMNO. Why? The answer is obvious.

      Remember one of Anwar’s very, very close allies? He was very close to and so highly supportive of Anwar that when he speaks, he sounds just like Anwar. Where is he now? Back into the UMNO fold. Why? You can either think out the reasons or go up to him and ask for the answer.

  2. Not many would want to admit that most of the Anwar Ibrahim supporters were expecting a quick win over BN and were looking forward to the “reward” that comes along. Just look at this way. If you are a “wakil rakyat”, your allowance is only enough to support you and your family’s daily needs.

    Only BN controlled constituencies are given financial allocations. Opposition MPs and ADUNs don’t get a single cent. Besides, BN gets tons of money from its cronies. Just look one BN-crony controlled company in Selangor. Its CEO is paid almost RM450,000 a month. Where does the money actually go?

    So, stop blaming Anwar for your personal miseries. Just ask Zahrain, Mohsein Fadzli and the rest who left PKR, what really made them leave PKR. Ask them for real sincere answers.

    Look UMNO, even their “ketua kampungs” are financially rewarded through small projects, like kampung bridges etc.

    Finally, if you can’t stand the pressure unlike the late Ahmad Boestamam, Dr. Burhanuddin, Pak Sako, Dr Zulkifli Ahmad, then forget about “fighting” BN (especially UMNO).

    You’ll only be well remembered for making quotations from the Quran (such as “Wamakaru, wamakarullah”) but not really living up to it.

    • “one BN-crony controlled company in Selangor. Its CEO is paid almost RM450,000 a month”?

      Really? You got proof? You can substantiate your allegation? Or loose talk, irresponsible writing only?

      Challenge you, man. Give the proof. Or verifiable details. Otherwise you are just talking c..k.

      We all abhor corruption. Anwar was bloody corrupt, too, based on the allegation of his former staff who said he amassed RM2-3 billion as Finance Minister. Let’s get the proofs for MACC to act otherwise we can only use the word “allegation”.

      • You’re simply out of date. Go up to Syabas and find out for yourself.

        Some reliable sources will soon be leaking out the names of those who stashed away billions in Swiss banks. Almost a trillion RM has been leaked out of Malaysia thus far. Some of these crooks are already shitting in their pants.

        For this same reason, the BN will spare no means to remain in power. The moment BN falls, don’t be shocked to see rows and rows of their leaders in courts, as witnesses as well as being charged.

        Who pocketed the billions of RM lost in PKFZ fiasco? MAS lost almost 8 bil RM and taxpayers were used to bail MAS out. The commission for the purchase of the two Scorpene submarines was RM 220 mil. You think the money came back to Malaysia? No way, someone closely related to the deal is now staying in England after being discharged by the court and is enjoying the commission.

        These are only the tips of the iceberg.

        You’re asking for proof? Why are you so dumb? The cost of living is going up by the day. Isn’t this proof enough?

      • Anwar’s former staff claimed that he amassed RM 2-3 billion? Well, he was one of the top guys in Bank Negara then and was very close to Anwar. Like to know something? He was “forced” to make the statement.

        Just like another of Anwar’s close aides. During the height of the reformasi, he was arrested in Sabah.While under detention, a rubber tube was pushed into his penis. He was unable withstand the “treatment”, made accusations against Anwar and when he was released, kissed the hand the then PM.

        Well, he is a minister now.

        So,like I said earlier. If you can’t withstand the pressure of being a politician, just step aside honourably.
        Never point fingers at others. The Malays say, the first finger points towards the accused, but three more fingers are pointing towards the accuser.

  3. God Sent Anwar Ibrahim To Malaysia
    (Anwar Ibrahim – Anugerah Tuhan Kepada Malaysia)

    By Pak Hak

    At this juncture of our beloved country’s history,
    God tested our people with His creature called Anwar bin Ibrahim,
    He causes havoc and animosity in this once peace-loving country,
    Just because all he dream about day and night is power and fame .

    He’s a chameleon whose ends justify the means.
    So he changes colour so often at his whims and fancy,
    He would not blink an eye to cheat or to lie,
    To him power and glory is his life’s aim and philosophy.

    Using people to meet his aspiration is another of his trait,
    So friends and supporters of Anwar Ibrahim beware,
    ‘Cause when he finds your “sell-by date” is long expired,
    He won’t hesitate to toss you away like some old underwear!

    He spent seventeen long years in the government,
    From Minister of Youth, Education to Finance and PM’s Deputy,
    Ask any Malaysian if they can remember what he did or achieve,
    The answer is blank as he spent most office time plotting against his adversary.

    His academic qualification is only a degree in Malay Studies,
    But then he was made in charge of the economy,
    So he swallowed IMF prescription lock stock and barrel,
    Raised interest rate, shorten NPL and almost bankrupt the country.

    You will be mesmerized when you hear his speech,
    He’s gifted with great skill in public speaking and oratory,
    In the class of Sukarno, Chairman Mao, Hitler and Mussolini,
    The masses will listen to them and even forgot they are hungry!

    Friends, countrymen this man can only talk but cannot work,
    Al l he does is fire your emotion with hatred, finger-pointing and accusation,
    Our beloved land of Malaysia is too precious to be made a pawn,
    Can we trust this man to lead the nation and the future of our children?

    [Anda semua diberi izin untuk menciplak atau mencitakrompak puisi ini]

  4. No human being is without aspirations to go higher in positions, except for the stupid and dumb ones. The same goes with Anwar. It is natural that he goes for the next higher post.

    Should only his case be questioned?

    Go back a little into Malaysian political history. How was the late Tunku removed from his PMship?

    How about Hussein Onn? Did anybody care to know how he was removed? I truly sympathized with his son for failing to discern this.

    Remember Musa Hitam? He would have been the perfect choice to take over the Premiership. But why was he dumped?

    Then what was done to Ghafar Baba? He was conveniently chosen to replace Musa Hitam. Do you think he did not aspire, had plans and work hard to become the PM? Ghafar was “fixed”, lost his UMNO deputy presidency and eventually lost the DPM post.

    Both Musa and Ghafar were convincing speakers in their own rights and had good followings? Were they “chameleons”?

    The fixing work continued when Anwar was the DPM but he has a strong following within UMNO. So the “group of three” who were responsible to carry out the fixing job arrived at the “sodomy” case because that was only way to fix him.

    But I failed to understand how anyone would believe that Anwar was so “without taste” in that he sodomized an old Pakistani and his manly driver. Girlish sissy characters that walked around Lorong Mohd. Taib would have been more convincing. And the “money” paid would have changed their lives.

    When the old man overstayed his time, he had no more choice but to bow out. But unfortunately for Malaysia his post was taken over by a weakling.

    Is Anwar’s only concerned to go for PM post? Definitely not. Too much damage has been done by the ruling party. They have been very successful in sidelining PAS and the DAP, by continuously branding PAS as Islamic chauvinists and DAP Chinese chauvinists.

    But Anwar has succeeded in getting them together. There is now already a real change of heart. The Malays have now opened up towards DAP. And more and more non-Muslims have opened up towards PAS.

    This is the Anwar factor. It is hard to admit this fact and it is already making a show of itself.

    Now, wouldn’t that be good for Malaysia?

  5. […] had been hoodwinked all along by Anwar Ibrahim and his struggle of falsehood idealism is purely a bed of lies, one layer after another. Like many PKRettes, he is in the limbo of disbelieve, denial and […]

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