Paul Wolfowitz, Al Gore, Anwar Ibrahim and the Strange Case of John R. Malott: Is He Lonely and Frustrated or Just Well Paid?

Everything is not what it seems. At least, not when one knows the intricacies.

To be a public figure, one need to have a thick skin. To be “in the arena,” to borrow Theodore Roosevelt’s phrase, one must be willing to suffer critics, questions, and opposition. If one is a professional and if one is to succeed, then one have to do it while forging ahead, and likely ignoring those who oppose oneself. One would be vindicated by one’s work and its God’s honest truth. If, on the other hand, one is thin-skinned, or a charlatan, or a liar — well, odds are one would lash out, make threats, and make a fool of oneself.

John Malott: Mat King Leather's paria in Washington D.C.

Former American Ambassador to Malaysia John R. Malott has certainly been lashing out against Malaysia, lobbying constantly on behalf of his friend Anwar Ibrahim, making all sorts of threats against the New Straits Times and Utusan Malaysia, and in general he has seemed more interested in drawing attention to his oversized ego than to facts and figures.

In fact, Ambassador Malott has made quite a spectacle of himself here in Malaysia of late. The trouble began when a young American journalist named Rachel Motte posted an essay on Malott’s ridiculous tirade against Malaysia, in which he made wild and unsubstantiated allegations suggesting that racial tensions in 2011 in Malaysia were now worse than they were back in 1969 (yes, he really said that!) and claimed that the Government was actively working to create racial violence.

Motte, who like everybody else in Malaysia has noticed that for years now Malott has been frequently taking the side of  former-abuse-of-power-convict Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim on every issue under the sun, then suggested that maybe he was not so wise to have sympathy for the man he defends so often and with such vigor in the U.S. press. Apparently Malott objected to the content of Motte’s opinion, and certainly his ego seemed bruised when she described him as Anwar’s pet, and when the NST and Utusan Malaysia published the article he immediately took to the blogs in Malaysia and issued nasty threats of legal action against the NST, and bragged that the Motte article he disliked had swiftly disappeared from the American news site where it was posted.

We can only guess why Malott did this, because he then turned his attention to outlets in our own country that re-published Motte’s piece — most notably, Utusan Malaysia and the New Straits Times. The Ambassador’s language was crude and threatening, and incredibly, he took the time to post an essay on the topic at the Anwar-allied Din Merican blog. Close to Anwar is Din Merican, and close to Anwar is John Malott. Just a coincidence? Reading his hysterical scream for attention gives some insight into what he communicated to both publications, and raises all sorts of questions about what it is that actually motivates this angry old man, a retired American civil servant who perhaps has nothing better to do with his time than sit in his own house in California and use his poison pen to vent his anger and frustration, and maybe more.

“I would be well within my rights to sue the NST, Utusan Malaysia, and others for libel,” wrote Malott, who specifically objected to the contention that in defending Anwar, he defended a known anti-Semite with ties to terror-supporting organizations. That is funny, does Malott not realize that even the respected American Jewish group B’nai B’rith last year called on the Obama Administration and the US Congress to cut all ties to Anwar precisely because they were offended by his statements against the Jews? And as for ties to terror-supporting organizations, did Malott forget that Anwar is a co-founder of the IIIT in Virginia, which has been investigated by US authorities for being a terror-supporting organization? This is all preposterous, according to Malott, because, “[a]s a former ambassador to Malaysia, I had access to intelligence reports, and I can say categorically that Anwar does not have ties to any terrorist organizations.” Well that is nice to know, except that Malott stopped being the US Ambassador back in 1998, some 13 years ago, and the FBI raid on the Anwar-linked IIIT in Virginia came after the horrible events of 9/11 and US investigations of Anwar’s foundation were documented in reporting for years by none other than The Washington Post, including a seminal article in 2004.

Malott also objected to being described as Anwar’s “pet” — but never actually clarified what his relationship with Anwar Ibrahim really is. Is he a friend, admirer, supporter, wannabe member of Anwar’s political entourage, or a paid consultant, lobbyist, or just a frustrated fellow who has some personal grudge against Malaysia and therefore sides with Anwar because he Anwar likes to attack his own country as well, especially when he goes to Singapore or Washington on one of his well organised public speaking trip and employs lobbyists in Washington? Does Anwar also consult Mr. Malott for advice? Or does Mr. Malott consult Anwar for advice?

Rubin, Mat King Leather and Wolfowitz

Malott then commits an act of amazing arrogance: he names former U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, and former Vice President of the United States Al Gore as men who will “support and defend me” in court should he choose to sue Malaysian publications for libel!

Do these eminent men really know that John Malott is dragging them into his fight? He feels quite free to invoke them — yet one never sees them invoke him. After all, they are all famous, but Malott is just another forgotten former civil servant, with nothing in his 40-year career that will even result in him being a minor footnote to history. What an ego! Malott’s pathetic diatribes against Malaysia make him look like a nobody with a big inferiority complex, and an even bigger (but unfulfilled) ego. Is the former Ambassador suffering delusions of grandeur, or is he simply undisciplined and desperate enough to bluff with big names?

Anwar being escorted by then Defense Secretary Cohen in The Pentagon

We know that Paul Wolfowitz and Al Gore are buddies of Anwar. But do they know that Malott is shouting that they would come and testify at a libel trial in Malaysia if he filed a suit? And if they do know, are they all plotting with Anwar? Or is Malott just a bluffer, and a name-dropper?

Let’s cut to the chase here, and call Malott’s bluff point by point. We believe each of these statements to be true, and we state them not as opinion, but as fact:

• John Malott does not have any secret U.S. intelligence as of this year, 2011, that he can publicly produce and that exonerates Anwar Ibrahim from ties to organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood or the IIIT that have been investigated for supporting terrorist philosophy or groups. Whatever he thinks he knows cannot date past 1998 when he left his position as ambassador in Malaysia.

• John Malott is well aware of Anwar Ibrahim’s anti-Semitic rhetoric and seems to want to ignore the B’nai B’rith condemnation and dozens of articles in the United States over the past year that make clear Anwar has had to apologise to American Jews for his remarks, including an article by Jackson Diehl last year in The Washington Post.

• John Malott is well aware that Anwar consorts with ideologues like Yusuf Qaradawi, the spiritual father of the Muslim Brotherhood, who is on the record as having said that Adolf Hitler was “a divine instrument of Allah.”

• John Malott cannot actually call upon Paul Wolfowitz or Al Gore to defend him. And if he can, then let him produce Wolfowitz and Gore and the others on the record in public to defend him. Otherwise he should shut up. That’s right. It is time to call Malott’s bluff: Either put up or shut up, Mr. Malott!

• John Malott does not, in fact, have any viable libel case against anyone. And if he does, let him sue the NST and Utasan for libel, because that is what a real man with real truth and conviction does: he acts rather than threatens. Only weak cowards tend to threaten. People with proof tend to act. So which is it, Mr. Malott?


And finally, let us be clear:


• It is worth asking the question – not making any accusation but asking Mr. Malott to answer one simple question: Hey Mr. Malott: Are you in the direct or indirect pay of Anwar Ibrahim, as a “credible” propagandist for American audiences for Anwar’s neverending PR campaign. Yes or no? What is the truth, Mr. Malott?

The Ambassador is just too transparent in his constant harangues against Malaysia, and he is shockingly undisciplined and undiplomatic in his engagement. Public figures engaged for such work — and there are many more than we like to think, dear reader — must have the fortitude to do the work and move on.

Malott, as befits a man who has forgotten every life lesson that got him to his station, is showing himself too delicate, and too sensitive, to be a good investment for PKR’s propaganda money –if that is the case. And if he comes forward and tells us he is not being paid, then perhaps he can explain why he constantly blogs about Malaysia, having spent only three years of his 40-year career as a bureaucrat and diplomat in Malaysia. Why not blog about other places? Why only Malaysia, Malott?

Rest assured, he is either obsessed with Malaysia or there is some other explanation for his strange behaviour. Here’s an experiment: Go onlone and google John Malott’s name. Plug it into Google News, too. When you see the results, keep in mind that this is a man who served the United States in many more places than Malaysia: he also served in Japan, India, China, and Sri Lanka. He also is prominent in U.S.-Asian affairs, especially with respect to ASEAN and Japan. He also has a record of consulting with diverse D.C.-based international-affairs groups. “Consulting!”

Yet when you do this “googling” experiment, the only thing you’ll ever see Malott writing and speaking on …. is attacking Malaysia and defending Anwar Ibrahim. Now why is that, Mr. Malott? Why?

Is it is because John Malott is bought and paid for? Is that the reason? Or not?

Again we repeat what we have said above: Ambassador John Malott served America in our country for only three years in the 1990s. Some 13 years later, he remains deeply fixed upon Malaysia — and not, it seems, because he loved it here. Now he has made a pastime, in his declining years, of attacking our government and behaving like a mouthpiece for an opposition leader, and threatening to sue our press when they point it out. Well then. Let him. Come on Mr. Malott, do your best imitation of a tough guy. Malaysia’s press and journalists are not cowed by an old age pensioner whose constant poison pen drips with venom against our country.

If John Malott wishes to bully the Malaysian press out of telling the truth about him, and about the man who pays him, he’ll find we are made of sterner stuff than he’s used to. We aren’t impressed by a name-dropping opportunist. We’re impressed by the truth. And that’s the one thing John Malott seems to dislike the most. Come on Mr. Malott, tell us the truth. Who is really paying you? Nobody? Is all this spectacle just because you are bored and have nothing better to do in life?

Put up or shut up, Malott. And tell us what your real relationship with Mat King Leather is all about.

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PM Najib: Islam is about moderation and just


BBC World Debate, Istanbul, Turkey 23 February 2011

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak  explained that Islam in Malaysia is an integral part of the political, administrative, economic and social system and it has been practiced in moderation, just, inclusiveness and tolerance to everyone, which include Non Muslims. He was a panelist of the Conference of Global Movement for Justice, Peace and Dignity, organised jointly by Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS), International Movement for a Just World (Just) and Bahcesehir University Civilazation Studies Centre (MEDAM) in Istanbul. The event is being taped as a BBC World Debate.

“Islam has a positive image in Malaysia. The interpretation of Islam must be done right”.

PM Najib was advocating the call of ‘The Middle Path’, “Make the changes and not subscribe to violence is the only way”. Describing the subscribed democracy, “Malaysia has a system that empowers the people to participate in charting their own destiny. It is about inclusiveness, social justice, fairness and values (that Malaysians subscribe)”.

BBC anchorwoman Zeinab Bedawi and PM Dato' Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak

In the same forum which was attended by Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, renowned Geneva based banker Khalid Abdul Janahi, President of Paramadina University in Indonesia Dr Anies Baswedan, Bahcesehir University Professor of Sociology and Political Science Dr Niluffer Narli and the session was moderated by renowned London-based BBC journalist Zeinab Bedawi, which was captured for the BBC World Debate series, the Malaysian political model has been described one of the three preferred example practiced by Muslims in a democratic system, PM Najib admitted “The Malaysian model has worked. A transformation from a primary based and agriculture industry well into high income economy and newly industrialised nation”.

The forum is a follow up to PM Najib’s call in the United Nation General Assembly last year for the world should do away with Islam-no-phobia and instead consider the majority of Muslims taking the middle path and moderation against the minority who subscribed to extremism and advocated violence as their sordid interpretation of Islam.

In explaining how the ruling party is fairing against PAS which is an Islamist party, PM Najib said “The support for the ruling party has increased”.

The earlier part of the debate is centred on unique but diverse issues of Islam faced by Turkey, Indonesia, Syria and Malaysia which include fundamental issues, PM Najib summed it up that the practice of Islam in the political, administrative, economic and social system should be viewed from the ‘bigger picture’ and how its values have brought upon progress in totality rather than isolating specific controversial issues. “Islam is an integral part of our lives”.

Amongst the 500 audience, notable personalities include ASEAN Secretary General Dr Surin Pitsuwan, Grand Mufti of Syria Sheikh Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, Princeton University Professor Emeritus of International Law Dr Richard Falk and several Cabinet Ministers and corporate leaders who accompanied PM Najib on his official visit to Turkey.

In his parting words, PM Najib advocated “Listen and engage and (we) won’t go wrong. Interpret Islam the right way”.

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PM Najib: Not necessary to re-invent new wheel


PM Dato' Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak and Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak said that when he took over on 9 April 2009, he was all for the continuity and delivery of ‘Vision 2020’. He was giving the keynote address to the Dewan Negara Empowerment and Communal Program in the Parliament this morning.

“It was not necessary to Re-invent new wheel since ‘Vision 2020’. No one in the right frame of mind could refute this well thought planning”.

He also said that ‘Vision 2020’ is not about numbers, which instead a united Malaysian moving forward. “It is about a shared vision”.

“Its about three most important minimal ingredients: ‘tolerance’, ‘acceptance’ and the last level is ‘celebrate diversity’. That is the strength, where we can achieve ‘Bangsa Malaysia’. It is also about ‘inclusivity’ “.

“The Federal Constitution is supreme. This is the underlying principle of ‘1 Malaysia’. Like Article 152. Another underlying principle is we have to be fair to all. It is the fundamental of Islam”.

He was making reference on the meritocracy policy on the issuance of Federal Government JPA scholarships. “However, we have to consider mitigating circumstances of the backwardness and underdeveloped state of the folks in the rural areas”.

He was using Kg. Bantal in Jerantut and Ulu Lacau in Sarawak as examples, “We mix the ‘meritocracy’ and ‘social justice’ to value the high achievers and talents within our people”.

In short, he was translating the ‘1 Malaysia’ in the tone of moving Malaysia forward and having a ‘shared vision, sharing the nation’.

He also reminded that Malaysians should feel lucky because the founding fathers chose Constitutional Monarchy democratic system. “The continuity and stability enabled us to carefully plan and executed 10 Malaysia plans”.

“The challenges of globalisation is affecting us. ‘Global warming’, ‘World financial crisis 2009’, Malaysia is a major trading nation (dependence on world economic climate as our market) and inflation: a global phenomena. We can’t avoid all these. There are also technological challenges such as ‘social media'”.

“Democracy is alive and healthy in Malaysia. Look at ‘Political Tsunami’ and the amount of flak we have to face in the cyberspace”, when making a remark on our political system.

Later in the media conference, PM Dato Seri Najib talked about the GDP is growing at 6%. When asked about achieving the newly developed nation status by 2020 as per laid target of ‘Vision 2020’ 20 years ago, “We are able to, provided the external factors won’t be erratic”.

Asked about the economy having a ‘double digit growth’, he said that it is unlikely because the economy has grown very broad based and the present size.

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Cabinet reshuffle today?

There is a strong rumour that Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak would be announcing a minor Cabinet reshuffle today, after the weekly Cabinet meeting in Perdana Putra.

Names like Senators Dato Dr Awang Adek Hussain and Dato G Palanivel, recently assumed the MIC Presidency after the retirement of Dato Seri S Samy Vellu, would be made full Ministers.

Other favourites for full Minsitership are Deputy Defense Minister Dato’ Dr Abdul Latif Ahmad, Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Dato Mukhriz Mahathir (both recently made Deputy State UMNO Liaisons Chiefs) and Deputy Higher Education Minister Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah.

It is unclear who would be discluded. Bets are on Dato’ Seri Mohd. Nazri Aziz, Dato Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim and Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop.

The last Cabinet reshuffle only involved MCA leaders in June 2010, not so long after the party elections.

*Updated 700pm

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Malay generosity amongst Chinese majority


Wawasan Open University, Penang

This is the photo of the front profile of the Wawasan Open University, Georgetown, Penang. This institution of higher learning is the initiative of Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia party.

Gerakan was the Government of State of Penang for 39 years before DAP took over at the ‘Political Tsunami’ of the 12th General Elections, 8 March 2008.

The blue structure in the back is called ‘Al Bukhary Building’. It is named as such because billionaire-philanthrophist Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary via Al Bukhary Foundation gave Wawasan Open University RM 20 million for the building.

Highlighting this generosity means that the Malays now are able to hold their heads up high as a Chinese organisation in a Chinese majority area benefited from a Malay’s generosity. This notion is particularly important at the times where many Malaysian Chinese are constantly harping on how the Malays keep on benefiting for what the Chinese do and their hard earn income, which include subsidies and special provisions.

Many took for granted that the Malays have been known for their ‘generosity’, for the longest time. Its time for the casual reminder.

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What is this again about Singaporean Malays?

It was said that many Singaporean Malays were irked by former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for stating that they have been systematically and structurally marginalised by the Chinese Chauvinist PAP Government, ever since their expulsion from the Federation of Malaysia on 9 August 1965.

Their ‘state of denial’ is loud and to a point of condescending.

It seems that PAP Malay Leaders have been taking care of the Singaporean Malays. They say, it all fairness of the ‘market economy’, the Singaporean Malays are doing well in the most progressive and wealthiest society in the region. So, according to the Singaporean Malays via their Berita Harian, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is wrong. Then again, lets take a close look at this postings:

Temasek Review

Can PAP Malay MPs please explain what progress they have made in Malay youths’ education?

February 10th, 2011 |  Author: Contributions

In a recent seminar organized to enhance engagement with youths, where several hundred participants comprising representatives from voluntary welfare organizations attended, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, said that “more preventive and upstream measures are needed to help Malay youths at risk of dropping out of school prematurely or those facing difficulties in school or at home.

My question is, in this current term in office since 2006, what have the Malay MPs done to improve the situation of at risk Malay youths? As we can all see they have slacked and have delivered hardly any decent needed progress on this issue. In fact, one cannot recollect of any major measure that they had implemented. Minister Yaacob still insist on claiming that “progress has been made by Malay youths in education” while the gaps between Malay youths and other ethnic groups remain alarmingly wide. In fact there is also no indication of any cosmetic improvement in the educational outcomes of Malay youths.

What is shocking is that since 2006, a total of around $50 million have been spent on the PAP Malay MPs salaries. But what has the Malay community got in return in the key issue of Malay youths education?

Firstly the PAP Malay MPs should stop pushing the responsibility to the community to resolve the education issues. Secondly the PAP Education minister and top PAP leaders need to stop pushing the responsibility to the PAP Malay MPs to take charge of Malay community issues, since they have failed at it and since they themselves are pushing that responsibility to the community.

Even at the seminar, Minister Dr.Yaacob Ibrahim is only making calls for more measures. Even though the timing is clearly before the election, he obviously has not even been shrewd to put anything on the table for the Malay community. Nevertheless coming up with measures at this moment after wasting 5 years in parliament simply is too late and too little.

Contrary to Singaporeans’ claims that only PAP MPs can do better a job in government, this does not seem to support such wild claims. In fact if Singaporeans are right that there are no politicians other than those in PAP who can do a better job, then going by the efficiency and effectiveness of these Malay MPs clearly indicate Singapore is in serious trouble.


Zahara Abdullah


Also take a look at this:

More measures needed to help at-risk Malay youths

By S Ramesh | Posted: 10 February 2011 1554 hrs

Yaacob Ibrahim
Photos 1 of 1

Yaacob Ibrahim

More measures needed to help at-risk Malay youths

Twitter Messenger

SINGAPORE: Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, has said more preventive and upstream measures are needed to help Malay youths at risk of dropping out of school prematurely or those facing difficulties in school or at home.

He was speaking at a seminar to enhance engagement with youths on Thursday.

About 300 participants – comprising professionals from voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs), Malay Muslim organisations and other agencies who work with Malay youths and their families – are taking part in the seminar.

It is organised jointly by the Community Leaders’ Forum and the National Council of Social Service.

Minister Yaacob said that while progress has been made by Malay youths in education, the Malay community must continue to explore ways to support, motivate and empower the youths to go on to lead lives as productive members and leaders.

The seminar also aims to strengthen the professional development of practitioners in the social service sector as well as the Malay community.

– CNA/ir


Can someone please tell us, the real status of the Singaporean Malays?

Let us share you something. In April 2009 when on business trip to Singapore, the Straits Times on Sunday featured about some Malays having a ‘tent city’ on the eastern side of the island city-state. In the story, some of the children residing in the ‘tent city’ were reported as not attending school. Extreme poverty is the cause.

Tun Dr. Mahathir, like many Malaysians felt that the Singapore Malays dilemma is a threat to the Malays whenever they are no longer in control of their destiny.





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Mat King Leather’s desperation is apparent


Former US Ambassador to Kuala Lumpur John R Malott

Former-abuse-of-power-convict Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim is definitely on the desperate mode. His political standing in Malaysia is systematically heading down the drain at a faster rate that his international Anwarista network had to pitch in.

The latest in former US Ambassador to Malaysia John R. Malott’s sordid attempt to rubbish Malaysia and the leadership of Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, which is growing more popular amongst Malaysian and the acceptance of his economic and government mechanism transformation plan is very apparent.

This comes at the very short period of within 12 months where:

  1. The Opposition Leader’s wrong calculation of taking a direct strike against the appointment of Washington D.C. based PR firm Apco was actually seen as being ‘Anti Semitic’. As a direct consequence, many of his Neo Con Jewish critics instead took shots against him and he had to literally ‘kneel’ for the fear of being isolated from the pool of largest political lobbyist in the West
  2. The Apco unsubstantiated strike in the Dewan Rakyat almost a year ago landed him into a very prickly situation by the Parliamentary Prvivileges Committee
  3. The sodomy case now in trial was presented to the Americans as being Anwar’s attempt to practice sexual harrasment against an aide, which is very unacceptable.
  4. More and more Malaysians are not too confident that he is not a sodomite. More over, the progress of the trial isn’t too promising for Anwar, especially when he attempted to delay it by 23 times already and twice tried to recuse the trial Judge
  5. Since exactly a year ago, six PKR MPs already exited from his party and streams of specifically appointed leaders such as Dato’ Sallehuddin Hashim, Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim, Dato’ Dr Jeffrey Kitingan and others also threw in the towel
  6. PKR’s internal squabbles and chronic nepotism, favourtism and electoral cheating have now struck grave distrust not only by the rakyat but party members
  7. Pakatan Rakyat has seen a series of by-elections losses namely Hulu Selangor, Galas, Batu Sapi and most recent Tenang and majority has increased
  8. His Pakatan Rakyat bandits have been lambasted by several HRH Malay Rulers such as Sultan Selangor, Paduka Seri Sultan Perak, Sultan Johor and Sultan Pahang for unconventional methods of playing the racial card and stirring up racist feelings
  9. His PKR led Selangor State Government is a clear demonstration not only the failed to deliver when given the mandate, but on top of that has been seen as durhaka to Sultan Selangor and even tried to spin and manipulate HRH’s words on controversies they created in playing politics. ADUN Seri Muda’s sedition charge is a clear demonstration that they stop at nothing to capitalise on political opportunity to a point of stirring hatred against HRH Sultan Selangor
  10. Pakatan Rakyat’s ‘Politics of Deception’ and ‘Politics of Hatred’ have been clearly rejected by the rakyat
  11. PKR leaders which include his own daughter have been deemed as unpatriotic when statements made abroad on the operational failure of TLDM’s strategic assets such as the recently acquired Scorpene Perdana Class submarines
  12. His Saudi network of intricate streams of funding apparatus has recently been revealed

The fact that Malott is now being utilised to rubbish the image of the Malaysian Government, which is a democratically elected and represent the aspiration of the majority. The effectiveness of Mallot’s piece is doubtful as the points he argued were summarily countered so many times over before and no longer could garner any attention.

Kuala Lumpur APEC Summit November 1998. Leaders' retreat in Cyberview Lodge, Cyberjaya

As as ambassador, Malott broke the cardinal rule of being a diplomat. He interfered in domestic politics the country that he served. Probably he was then an apparatus of the CIA, which was given Anwar a full backing. During the November 1998 APEC Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Mallot made then US Vice President Al Gore to come out and spoke for Anwar’s mobstreet politics movement ‘Reformasi’ during the dinner with APEC Business Leader in PWTC.

“We hear the brave people of Malaysia. We hear you now. We hear your call, ‘Reformasi'”.

That strained diplomatic relations between Kuala Lumpur and Washington D.C. For Mallot to advise the Vice President and eventually Department of State to openly support Anwar against the more important diplomatic and bilateral relations demonstrated how his morbid obsession for the affairs of the ‘darling of CIA’ is paramount.

Mallot is simply being seen to be parroting an old song, which could no longer attract any attention. Never the less his association with George “Rogue Currency Hedger” Soros should be consistently highlighted as the Jewish Neo Con agenda of ‘recolonialisation’ is very clear.

Then again, Malott is a ‘has-been’, despite he was once well networked in the US. He was a strong advocate of Free Anwar Movement within the international circle and his position then (there abouts 10-12 years ago as an active diplomat would have been effective). Now that Anwar is no longer incarcerated, Mallot’s role became obsolete about seven years ago.

Probably Anwar and Malott missed kindergarton when they teacher read “The boy who cried wolf”. Both are apparently in desperate mode. Or so it seems.


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The ignorant Pua

DAP Petaling Jaya MP Tony "Ignorant Bananagent" Pua

DAP MP for Petaling Jaya and National Publicity Secretary Tony Pua attempted to misled the nation with the charge of inefficiency, lack of transparency and professionalism by the Federal Government in the case of the next generation patrol vessel intended for TLDM. There are grave errors in his analysis.

He made comparison of this proposed acquisition by Boustead Naval Shipyard to RNZ Navy’s acquisition of offshore patrol vessels (OPV). Firstly, his analysis is wrong. He is charging that TLDM would be paying 870% more than what the Kiwis paid. It is obvious that his analysis is wrong as the comparison is not apple-for-apple.

TLDM’s next six would not be mere OPVs. Those are littoral combat ships (LCS). The specifications are totally different. The LCS intended for TLDM has a displacement of 2,500 tonnes and operational range of 8,000 nautical miles. It would be a comprehensive combat ship in three dimension; surface, air and below surface. It would be equipped with state of the art sensors and radars. The weapons system would include anti ship and anti aircraft missile systems. A lightweight torpedo system would be fitted as well. It would be carrying a rotary wing aircraft and the facility to recover the aircraft. Unlike the Kedah Class NGPV’s, ‘fitted-for-but-not-with’.

In short, these LCS would not be a Kedah Class NGPV but instead  in totality an improved Lekiu Class frigate.

By comparison, the one that is being developed for the US Navy is being costed at USD 533 million each and it is not conclusive. Infact, currently there is a congressional special review to look into the increasing cost for the project. It is said that the first one may cost USD 733 million each. That is double that what TLDM planned to acquire.

Pua also charged that there was lack of transparency in the bidding process. He erred on that score. Request for quotation was issued to all major shipbuilders for the project and ten were actually shortlisted.

Boustead Naval Shipyard is a corporation which is owned by Boustead Holdings Bhd., which is an investment arm to the Armed Forces Fund (LTAT). It means that any proceeds of any acquisition will benefit the armed forces servicemen and ex servicemen. For BNS to be given the opportunity to undertake and deliver this project means it is a termendous exposure and learning process for local talents and as well as opportunity for transfer of technology.

That is not withstanding that local sub contractors and service providers would be given the opportunity to grasp new technology and pave their way for advancement in their business.

The one time economic adviser to DAP Secretary General demonstrated the malice in this:

“And if we are indeed making an order for the best-in-class LCS type ships capable of fighting a full scale surface and submarine warfare, does Boustead even have the skills and technology to make these ships?

Pua is belittling our local talents. Furthermore, majority of the professionals and technical talents within BNS and most of their local subcontractors were former TLDM technical personnel. The fact that he would never state is that the TLDM engineering and technical team work very closely with BNS.

Apart from ensuring the EEZ is well protected, the ability for TLDM to have LCS as part of the operational asset for coastal defense is pertinent for the nation. Recently, TLDM have shown their role in international waters patrol of the continental shelve of the other side of the Indian ocean. Protecting Malaysian vessels against ‘clear and present danger’ such as piracy attack plying the most busiest commercial route is very important for Malaysian economy.

Tony Pua is bordering being unpatriotic with this sordid attempt to rubbish another Federal Government initiative to protect the nation as a whole, if not its economic bloodline which is merchant shipping and EEZ.

To charge the Federal Government intended to take subsidies away and instead spending more defense definitely is about political malice and manipulating the rakyat’s emotion. Reducing subsidies is important to ensure that the socio-economic equilibrium is sustainable. This had been deliberated so many times over and need not to be repeated to justify against Pua. On the otherhand,  defense spending is a strategic investment to protect the interests on the nation. Malaysians and foreign entities who are doing business and having investment must feel that the nation’s defense agencies are capable to protect them.

We hope he is ignorant. Otherwise, his sordid attempt would be near malice. Then again, it is DAP’s on going strategy to put down all law enforcement and security agencies as their path to assume power. Otherwise Pua could redeem his anti Malay trait of being a DAP leader and demonstrate his patriotism by proving their contribution to the defense of the realm of ensuring that 25% of applicants of the armed forces recruitment drive are Chinese ethnic.

*Updated Thursday 10 February 2010 1030hrs

Marahku’s anger on Pua’s wrongful if not deceitful analysis is well rebutted in this piece. A well researched analysis indeed.

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Agong to break sound barrier on Su 30 MKM

His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Almarhum Sultan Mahmood will be the first Malaysian monarch to break the sound barrier this morning. On an official visit to TUDM Butterworth, His Majesty is expected to be flown in a Su 30 MKM fighter.

His Majesty SPB YDP Agong upon arrival at TUDM Butterworth

His Majesty is expected to be airborne by 1030hrs. He is expected to fly off Langkawi Island where the multi role combat aircraft will break the sound barrier for His Majesty. Tuanku Sultan Mizan is the first monarch to fly supersonic in this type and the second head of state to do so.

His Majesty was greeted by TYT Governor of Penang Tun Abdul Rahman Abas, Minsiter of Defense Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Chief of Defense Forces Jen. Tan Sri Azizan Ariffin TUDM and Chief of Air Force Jen. Tan Sri Rodzali Daud TUDM.

Today’s sortie: Air Chief Marshall Tuanku Sultan Mizan and CO of No. 11 Sqdn Col. Asghar Khan

His Majesty being strapped on while Col. Asghar Khan climbs into the pilot's seat

Col. Mohd. Asghar Khan Gomiran Khan, the CO of No 11 Sqdn based in TUDM Gong Kedak is the flight commander. The sortie include two F/A 18D fighters. His Majesty flew at a maximum speed of mach 1.1 in this sortie. Col. Asghar took the aircraft northwest wards past Penang Islang towards Langkawi, flew over the terrain and then south of Gunung Mat Cincang and went west towards the Andaman Sea. Then he took the aircraft to 16,000ft and at supersonic speed upto 45 nautical miles west of Langkawi.

Salute from Air Chief Marshall of TUDM

Thumbs up from the Head of Constitution

They turned back and later was joined by two F/A 18Ds from No. 18 Sqdn. The sortie took 58 minutes.

Accepting the plaque commemorating His Majesty's supersonic flight

Upon arrival back at TUDM Butterworth, His Majesty was presented a plaque to commemorate him flew at supersonic speed. He was very pleased. He had lunch with the officers at the Officers’ Mess and later departed back to TUDM Subang on the No. 2 Sqdn BBJ. His parting words were “Looking forward to another experience”.

*Updated 315pm

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Will Selangor Government pay legal cost if a BN ADUN is charged in court?

Tomorrow, ADUN Seri Muda Shuhaimi Shafoe is expected to be charged in a Sessions Court under Sedition Act for insulting HRH Sultan of Selangor, in the impasse of the controversy for the appointment of Selangor Secretary of State Dato’ Mohd. Khusrin Munawi. Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government announced that the legal bill for Shuhaimi’s defense would be borne the State Government.

Shuhaimi is being charged for not acting on behalf of the state. And yet Selangor Pakatan Rakyat leaders the footing of the legal cost is justified because ‘The sedition charge is politically motivated”.

Decision to help pay Shuhaimi’s legal fees justified: Kok

By Meena L. Ramadas

PETALING JAYA (Feb 6, 2011): The Selangor government’s decision to spend taxpayers’ money to help with Seri Muda assemblyman Shuhaimi Shafiei’s legal defense against an imminent sedition charge is justified, said state executive councillor for investment Teresa Kok today.
When contacted, Kok said the state government was supporting Shuhaimi because he attempted to defend the state administration in his blog posting about the appointment of the state secretary Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi.

“I do support the decision to help him with legal fees because he, as a Backbencher, was defending the state government in his blog,” she said.

“It is not a personal case. He was supporting the state government,” she added.

She said Shuhami would require a lawyer to defend him and the state government will be meeting soon to discuss this.

Kok, who is Kinrara assemblyman and MP for Seputeh, also said the sedition charge against Shuhaimi is politically motivated.

She claimed the content of Shuhaimi’s blog post had been distorted by Malay daily Utusan Malaysia.

“Shuhaimi had explained to us that his words had been misquoted, distorted and that he had no intention to run down the Sultan,” she said.

The Seri Muda assemblyman was arrested last Thursday and was informed then that he will be charged today under Section 4(1) C of the Sedition Act 1948 for statements pertaining to the royal institution’s role in the appointment of the state secretary in his blog,, on Dec 30.

Utusan Malaysia had published a front-page story with the headline “Shuhaimi derhaka (Shuhaimi committed treason)” on Jan 3.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein had reportedly said the police had concluded their probe rapidly after reports were lodged, almost daily, against Shuhaimi by numerous non-governmental organisations (NGOs). –theSun


The decision of the charge is based on Shuhaimi’s blog posting. That is why he is called for questioning and his statement taken by Shah Alam Police. Attorney General then studied the investigation papers and decided that there are merits to charge Shuhaimi under Sedition Act.

Isn’t it idiotic to claim that AG’s decision is based on what Utusan Malaysia’s article against Shuhaimi?

Since when an officer of the court appointed directly by His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong decide on case criminal in nature based on a daily broadsheet’s report?

This is a blatant insult against the AG and him executing his job as a Public Prosecutor. The AG has executed his job without fear or favour. In April 1976, Selangor Menteri Besar Dato’ Harun Idris was charged for corruption. 8 days before the April 1982 6th General Elections, Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Dato’ Mokhtar Hashim was arrested at his home for the charge of murder. In 1994, Melaka Chief Minister Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik was charged for statutory rape.

BN, even in their position in Federal Government never interfered when their own leaders were investigated and charged for serious crimes. In fact, they steadfastly practice minimal or no tolerance to leaders acting an act of crime. All of these personalities’ legal cost and bills never came from the Government nor party’s coffer.

Now, the question lies is would BN ADUNs get the same facility from Selangor State Government. For all the fairness, would the Selangor State Government pay for ADUN Sungai Panjang Dr Mohd. Khir Toyo? After all, he is currently facing a corruption charge under the Penal Act. His RM 24 million home was raised to public attention by DAP ADUN Sekinchan Ng Suee Lim, which makes the case “Politically motivated” too.

On the same note, Selangor Pakatan Rakyat led Government was willing to waste public money to request for a special State Assembly seating on 24 January 2011 trying to do nonproductive feat of amending the State Constitution, which any persons of sound mind could easily see that the effort is futile (because PR do not have the luxury of 2/3 majority in DUN Selangor). Of course the attempt was futile. Its purely about politics and Pakatan Rakyat sordid obession of politicking.

Then again, when students from Selangor are trapped in Egypt, the Selangor State Government did nothing to help them get out from the high risk country. Pakatan Rakyat was never about serving the rakyat. When they get power, its about only protecting their own interests, at all cost!




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