The ignorant Pua

DAP Petaling Jaya MP Tony "Ignorant Bananagent" Pua

DAP MP for Petaling Jaya and National Publicity Secretary Tony Pua attempted to misled the nation with the charge of inefficiency, lack of transparency and professionalism by the Federal Government in the case of the next generation patrol vessel intended for TLDM. There are grave errors in his analysis.

He made comparison of this proposed acquisition by Boustead Naval Shipyard to RNZ Navy’s acquisition of offshore patrol vessels (OPV). Firstly, his analysis is wrong. He is charging that TLDM would be paying 870% more than what the Kiwis paid. It is obvious that his analysis is wrong as the comparison is not apple-for-apple.

TLDM’s next six would not be mere OPVs. Those are littoral combat ships (LCS). The specifications are totally different. The LCS intended for TLDM has a displacement of 2,500 tonnes and operational range of 8,000 nautical miles. It would be a comprehensive combat ship in three dimension; surface, air and below surface. It would be equipped with state of the art sensors and radars. The weapons system would include anti ship and anti aircraft missile systems. A lightweight torpedo system would be fitted as well. It would be carrying a rotary wing aircraft and the facility to recover the aircraft. Unlike the Kedah Class NGPV’s, ‘fitted-for-but-not-with’.

In short, these LCS would not be a Kedah Class NGPV but instead  in totality an improved Lekiu Class frigate.

By comparison, the one that is being developed for the US Navy is being costed at USD 533 million each and it is not conclusive. Infact, currently there is a congressional special review to look into the increasing cost for the project. It is said that the first one may cost USD 733 million each. That is double that what TLDM planned to acquire.

Pua also charged that there was lack of transparency in the bidding process. He erred on that score. Request for quotation was issued to all major shipbuilders for the project and ten were actually shortlisted.

Boustead Naval Shipyard is a corporation which is owned by Boustead Holdings Bhd., which is an investment arm to the Armed Forces Fund (LTAT). It means that any proceeds of any acquisition will benefit the armed forces servicemen and ex servicemen. For BNS to be given the opportunity to undertake and deliver this project means it is a termendous exposure and learning process for local talents and as well as opportunity for transfer of technology.

That is not withstanding that local sub contractors and service providers would be given the opportunity to grasp new technology and pave their way for advancement in their business.

The one time economic adviser to DAP Secretary General demonstrated the malice in this:

“And if we are indeed making an order for the best-in-class LCS type ships capable of fighting a full scale surface and submarine warfare, does Boustead even have the skills and technology to make these ships?

Pua is belittling our local talents. Furthermore, majority of the professionals and technical talents within BNS and most of their local subcontractors were former TLDM technical personnel. The fact that he would never state is that the TLDM engineering and technical team work very closely with BNS.

Apart from ensuring the EEZ is well protected, the ability for TLDM to have LCS as part of the operational asset for coastal defense is pertinent for the nation. Recently, TLDM have shown their role in international waters patrol of the continental shelve of the other side of the Indian ocean. Protecting Malaysian vessels against ‘clear and present danger’ such as piracy attack plying the most busiest commercial route is very important for Malaysian economy.

Tony Pua is bordering being unpatriotic with this sordid attempt to rubbish another Federal Government initiative to protect the nation as a whole, if not its economic bloodline which is merchant shipping and EEZ.

To charge the Federal Government intended to take subsidies away and instead spending more defense definitely is about political malice and manipulating the rakyat’s emotion. Reducing subsidies is important to ensure that the socio-economic equilibrium is sustainable. This had been deliberated so many times over and need not to be repeated to justify against Pua. On the otherhand,  defense spending is a strategic investment to protect the interests on the nation. Malaysians and foreign entities who are doing business and having investment must feel that the nation’s defense agencies are capable to protect them.

We hope he is ignorant. Otherwise, his sordid attempt would be near malice. Then again, it is DAP’s on going strategy to put down all law enforcement and security agencies as their path to assume power. Otherwise Pua could redeem his anti Malay trait of being a DAP leader and demonstrate his patriotism by proving their contribution to the defense of the realm of ensuring that 25% of applicants of the armed forces recruitment drive are Chinese ethnic.

*Updated Thursday 10 February 2010 1030hrs

Marahku’s anger on Pua’s wrongful if not deceitful analysis is well rebutted in this piece. A well researched analysis indeed.

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