Mat King Leather’s desperation is apparent


Former US Ambassador to Kuala Lumpur John R Malott

Former-abuse-of-power-convict Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim is definitely on the desperate mode. His political standing in Malaysia is systematically heading down the drain at a faster rate that his international Anwarista network had to pitch in.

The latest in former US Ambassador to Malaysia John R. Malott’s sordid attempt to rubbish Malaysia and the leadership of Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, which is growing more popular amongst Malaysian and the acceptance of his economic and government mechanism transformation plan is very apparent.

This comes at the very short period of within 12 months where:

  1. The Opposition Leader’s wrong calculation of taking a direct strike against the appointment of Washington D.C. based PR firm Apco was actually seen as being ‘Anti Semitic’. As a direct consequence, many of his Neo Con Jewish critics instead took shots against him and he had to literally ‘kneel’ for the fear of being isolated from the pool of largest political lobbyist in the West
  2. The Apco unsubstantiated strike in the Dewan Rakyat almost a year ago landed him into a very prickly situation by the Parliamentary Prvivileges Committee
  3. The sodomy case now in trial was presented to the Americans as being Anwar’s attempt to practice sexual harrasment against an aide, which is very unacceptable.
  4. More and more Malaysians are not too confident that he is not a sodomite. More over, the progress of the trial isn’t too promising for Anwar, especially when he attempted to delay it by 23 times already and twice tried to recuse the trial Judge
  5. Since exactly a year ago, six PKR MPs already exited from his party and streams of specifically appointed leaders such as Dato’ Sallehuddin Hashim, Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim, Dato’ Dr Jeffrey Kitingan and others also threw in the towel
  6. PKR’s internal squabbles and chronic nepotism, favourtism and electoral cheating have now struck grave distrust not only by the rakyat but party members
  7. Pakatan Rakyat has seen a series of by-elections losses namely Hulu Selangor, Galas, Batu Sapi and most recent Tenang and majority has increased
  8. His Pakatan Rakyat bandits have been lambasted by several HRH Malay Rulers such as Sultan Selangor, Paduka Seri Sultan Perak, Sultan Johor and Sultan Pahang for unconventional methods of playing the racial card and stirring up racist feelings
  9. His PKR led Selangor State Government is a clear demonstration not only the failed to deliver when given the mandate, but on top of that has been seen as durhaka to Sultan Selangor and even tried to spin and manipulate HRH’s words on controversies they created in playing politics. ADUN Seri Muda’s sedition charge is a clear demonstration that they stop at nothing to capitalise on political opportunity to a point of stirring hatred against HRH Sultan Selangor
  10. Pakatan Rakyat’s ‘Politics of Deception’ and ‘Politics of Hatred’ have been clearly rejected by the rakyat
  11. PKR leaders which include his own daughter have been deemed as unpatriotic when statements made abroad on the operational failure of TLDM’s strategic assets such as the recently acquired Scorpene Perdana Class submarines
  12. His Saudi network of intricate streams of funding apparatus has recently been revealed

The fact that Malott is now being utilised to rubbish the image of the Malaysian Government, which is a democratically elected and represent the aspiration of the majority. The effectiveness of Mallot’s piece is doubtful as the points he argued were summarily countered so many times over before and no longer could garner any attention.

Kuala Lumpur APEC Summit November 1998. Leaders' retreat in Cyberview Lodge, Cyberjaya

As as ambassador, Malott broke the cardinal rule of being a diplomat. He interfered in domestic politics the country that he served. Probably he was then an apparatus of the CIA, which was given Anwar a full backing. During the November 1998 APEC Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Mallot made then US Vice President Al Gore to come out and spoke for Anwar’s mobstreet politics movement ‘Reformasi’ during the dinner with APEC Business Leader in PWTC.

“We hear the brave people of Malaysia. We hear you now. We hear your call, ‘Reformasi'”.

That strained diplomatic relations between Kuala Lumpur and Washington D.C. For Mallot to advise the Vice President and eventually Department of State to openly support Anwar against the more important diplomatic and bilateral relations demonstrated how his morbid obsession for the affairs of the ‘darling of CIA’ is paramount.

Mallot is simply being seen to be parroting an old song, which could no longer attract any attention. Never the less his association with George “Rogue Currency Hedger” Soros should be consistently highlighted as the Jewish Neo Con agenda of ‘recolonialisation’ is very clear.

Then again, Malott is a ‘has-been’, despite he was once well networked in the US. He was a strong advocate of Free Anwar Movement within the international circle and his position then (there abouts 10-12 years ago as an active diplomat would have been effective). Now that Anwar is no longer incarcerated, Mallot’s role became obsolete about seven years ago.

Probably Anwar and Malott missed kindergarton when they teacher read “The boy who cried wolf”. Both are apparently in desperate mode. Or so it seems.


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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Berita Malaysia News, Zakhir Mohamed. Zakhir Mohamed said: Mat King Leather's desperation is apparent […]

  2. John Melalut ni hidup lagi rupanya.

    Selagi di bela oleh anwar, selagi tu lah dia melalut. suruh dia join pkr saja. bukak branch NYC.

  3. The fact that Malott’s piece was published in the Wall Street Journal Asia and prominently placed in the op-ed page of the Singapore Straits Times.

    Unfortunately, both papers are required reading for the head honchos of the regional HQs of the international banks and MNCs that populate Hong Kong and Singapore.

    So, Malott is not preaching to his disciples in Malaysia, but to those corporate bigwigs who have a big say in where investment dollars are routed in the region. And, if recent statistics are any indication, both Hong Kong and Singapore are doing pretty damn good in this regard.

    Which is why the Perkasa dude has to demonise Malott. How else would Perkasa justify it’s raison-d-etre?

    But for the MIDA guys and Mustapa Mohamad who have to troll the world seeking foreign investments, it’s no laughing matter.

  4. BD look at Wall Street Journal and it is true that Malott’s article is part of Anwar’s strategy at tearing into Najib’s and Malaysia’s image in the international financial and investment platforms. Who are the owners of Wall street will provide answers.

    It is obvious that Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat are pushing their strategu to another level to exploit the Cairo street revolution. And hope to influence Malaysians locally to create anarchy and steal power or influnce by backdoor means.At theys ame time attack the country and Prime Minsiter on international as an economic sabotage.That’s why Tony Pua dont care if his info are wrong.He wants thru the blog , for his views to be picked up internationally

    Malott knows that regionally and locally his lies are obvious. But he doesnt care because these lies are like lies in some blogs, difficult to undo and the damage done by some degree. Internationally people reading wall street are influenced by it as they dont know any better.

    And look up the owners of WAll street Jnl you will find Anwar’s friends in the like of Saudi power broker Awaleed Talal who keeps his influence and power intact thru these means in the guise of Muslim Brotherhood.

    The CIA, today a shady body, is not a body that would openly attack Muslim Brotherhood but instead would exploit them by keeping track of them and suporting them. As a necessary tool for alternative , as in Cairo, they will support them to make sure American influence is intact when Hosni is forced to step down.

    To avoid being branded a traitor Anwar’s group use poeple like Mallot to invent the anarchic situation in Malaysia when anarchy is actually the weapon that Anwar, DAP PAkatan RAkyat would use to seize power. That is why Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and PAS have been threatening the country by accusing the Prime Minster of injustice .An accusation they hope will inlfluence and force the people to bring CAiro style street revolution to Malaysia.

    Clearly they have threatened the Prime Minister and intend to perform economic sabotage on the government.
    Look at what Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Khalid samad have been saying. Same threats. Why have RTM, MCMC or the govt media and Minstry in charge of sediiton not responded with a counter attack? Because they are incapable.It is a mistake to pretend these are not seditious and economic sabotage.These are dangerous times as its so easy to ingite hatred and lies thru internet.

    RTM is incapable of responding intelligently apart from simply reporting them. No intelligent counter attack against mallot, wall street, anwar, PR and Tpny PUa.

    As usual again its bloggers who’s got to do it.When , if this were to come together with visual media, continuously , the impact would hit harder.

    Suggest bloggers like you produce your own talk show on TV 2 in english so you can help Rais, MCMC and RTM who seemed to have been lobotomised in that department.The minister is sounding like a broken record sounding off the same boring statements.

    • Nagaman,

      Well said.

      Yes, this meddling scoundrel is attempting to ferment unrest, as you said, to replicate the Cairo situation.

      I too may sound like a broken record but during Tun MM’s time he would have got an immediate rebuke from the Govt and the BN component parties.

      Since the passing of the baton to Pak Lah, there seem to be no backnone in the Govt of the day to address foreign affairs issues such as this, which have domestic implications.

      It might be that the powers that be are seeing this sycophantic “spook” as an insignificant has been.

      Skilgannon above and your good self say otherwise.

      IMHO, all this talk about having an impact on investments is all bark and no bite. Where there is money to be made, do you honestly think the greedy moneybags care about political stability. No, in fact they create it in order to maximise their profits.

      • Oh, really.

        Why not ask the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Malaysia if they agree with what Malott wrote?

        After all, AmCham Malaysia represents the interest of the big US investors in Malaysia, and their views are oftentimes courted by the Malaysian government (like when the Deputy PM went on a recent investment promotion mission to the US).

        And talking about FDI, why not compare cumulative US investments in Malaysia and Singapore up to, say, the end of last year?

  5. pedulikan dengan kenyataan former – former ni. Mereka semua ni dah pencen tak de kuasa. Macam mat leather king juga la…. bekas…..

  6. *No, in fact they create instability in order to maximise their profits.

  7. @Skillgannon

    “Why not ask the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Malaysia if they agree with what Malott wrote?”

    Why should “the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Malaysia”, having first hand knowlwdge, seek a view of someone outside Malaysia?

    “After all, AmCham Malaysia represents the interest of the big US investors in Malaysia, and their views are oftentimes courted by the Malaysian government (like when the Deputy PM went on a recent investment promotion mission to the US).”

    The parenthesis is a lapse or lack of thought which does not jive with the sentence.

    “And talking about FDI, why not compare cumulative US investments in Malaysia and Singapore up to, say, the end of last year?”

    Why is it that every time ANY issue arise comparisons will be made to Singapore? To make you happy..

    “Inflows to South, East and South-east Asia has picked up remarkably in 2010, rose by 18 percent, reclaiming the downfall from a 17 percent decline made in 2009.

    And the increase is largely led by FDI inflows to economies such as Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. China registered a recording breaking $101 billion FDI inflows in 2010, representing a 6.3 percent growth from the previous year.”

    It is Malaysia that I am concerned, 2001-2007

    to 2008

    “2009 would be challenging..The International Trade and Industry Minister in Malaysia cautinoned, however, that the global economic slump posed a challenge in 2009 as the recession in the US, one of Malaysia’s key trading partners, would create tough challenges for Malaysia in sustaining its foreign investment inflows.”
    “U.S. foreign direct investment (FDI) in Malaysia was $13.5 billion in 2009, up from $8.9 billion in 2004.”

    And talking about Singapore, will you wager with me, post LKY, comparisons on any issue?

    Many have been asking are you a Sinkaporean?

  8. @skillgannon


    “post LKY”

    I am being kind, okay? If you get my drift.

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