What is this again about Singaporean Malays?

It was said that many Singaporean Malays were irked by former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for stating that they have been systematically and structurally marginalised by the Chinese Chauvinist PAP Government, ever since their expulsion from the Federation of Malaysia on 9 August 1965.

Their ‘state of denial’ is loud and to a point of condescending.

It seems that PAP Malay Leaders have been taking care of the Singaporean Malays. They say, it all fairness of the ‘market economy’, the Singaporean Malays are doing well in the most progressive and wealthiest society in the region. So, according to the Singaporean Malays via their Berita Harian, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is wrong. Then again, lets take a close look at this postings:

Temasek Review

Can PAP Malay MPs please explain what progress they have made in Malay youths’ education?

February 10th, 2011 |  Author: Contributions

In a recent seminar organized to enhance engagement with youths, where several hundred participants comprising representatives from voluntary welfare organizations attended, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, said that “more preventive and upstream measures are needed to help Malay youths at risk of dropping out of school prematurely or those facing difficulties in school or at home.


My question is, in this current term in office since 2006, what have the Malay MPs done to improve the situation of at risk Malay youths? As we can all see they have slacked and have delivered hardly any decent needed progress on this issue. In fact, one cannot recollect of any major measure that they had implemented. Minister Yaacob still insist on claiming that “progress has been made by Malay youths in education” while the gaps between Malay youths and other ethnic groups remain alarmingly wide. In fact there is also no indication of any cosmetic improvement in the educational outcomes of Malay youths.

What is shocking is that since 2006, a total of around $50 million have been spent on the PAP Malay MPs salaries. But what has the Malay community got in return in the key issue of Malay youths education?

Firstly the PAP Malay MPs should stop pushing the responsibility to the community to resolve the education issues. Secondly the PAP Education minister and top PAP leaders need to stop pushing the responsibility to the PAP Malay MPs to take charge of Malay community issues, since they have failed at it and since they themselves are pushing that responsibility to the community.

Even at the seminar, Minister Dr.Yaacob Ibrahim is only making calls for more measures. Even though the timing is clearly before the election, he obviously has not even been shrewd to put anything on the table for the Malay community. Nevertheless coming up with measures at this moment after wasting 5 years in parliament simply is too late and too little.

Contrary to Singaporeans’ claims that only PAP MPs can do better a job in government, this does not seem to support such wild claims. In fact if Singaporeans are right that there are no politicians other than those in PAP who can do a better job, then going by the efficiency and effectiveness of these Malay MPs clearly indicate Singapore is in serious trouble.


Zahara Abdullah


Also take a look at this:

More measures needed to help at-risk Malay youths

By S Ramesh | Posted: 10 February 2011 1554 hrs

Yaacob Ibrahim
Photos 1 of 1

Yaacob Ibrahim

More measures needed to help at-risk Malay youths

Twitter Messenger

SINGAPORE: Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, has said more preventive and upstream measures are needed to help Malay youths at risk of dropping out of school prematurely or those facing difficulties in school or at home.

He was speaking at a seminar to enhance engagement with youths on Thursday.

About 300 participants – comprising professionals from voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs), Malay Muslim organisations and other agencies who work with Malay youths and their families – are taking part in the seminar.

It is organised jointly by the Community Leaders’ Forum and the National Council of Social Service.

Minister Yaacob said that while progress has been made by Malay youths in education, the Malay community must continue to explore ways to support, motivate and empower the youths to go on to lead lives as productive members and leaders.

The seminar also aims to strengthen the professional development of practitioners in the social service sector as well as the Malay community.

– CNA/ir


Can someone please tell us, the real status of the Singaporean Malays?

Let us share you something. In April 2009 when on business trip to Singapore, the Straits Times on Sunday featured about some Malays having a ‘tent city’ on the eastern side of the island city-state. In the story, some of the children residing in the ‘tent city’ were reported as not attending school. Extreme poverty is the cause.

Tun Dr. Mahathir, like many Malaysians felt that the Singapore Malays dilemma is a threat to the Malays whenever they are no longer in control of their destiny.





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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by  ZeusHimSelF , Zakhir Mohamed. Zakhir Mohamed said: What is this again about Singaporean Malays? http://wp.me/p3iTb-37d […]

  2. this is what they get when the ultra kiasu’s are on top of the food chain..

    call the other’s especially malay for being racist yet are much worse blocking other advantages..

  3. Saya nak sound satu benda ni. Buat apa kau orang politik kecoh dengan Melayu Singapura bila Melayu Malaysia sendiri pun ada yang sedang merempat kat negara sendiri? Apa status Melayu Malaysia? Kes buang bayi, moral police, datuk rogol cucu, bapak rogol anak, mat rempit, bohsia etc. Boleh kau orang politik baik BN atau PR, bahas benda yang lebih bermakna untuk masyarakat? Jangan asyik nak jilat buntut atau main buntut.

    • mahmood… gua suntut lu baru lu tau!!!

  4. looks like the Malays always need extra help and support from the Government to be successful , no matter in Malaysia or Singapore.

    • And you think the rich and powerful in Singapore — most of them politically or genetically linked to Emperor for life Lee Kwan Yew — got to where they are without Government’s help? Lim Goh Tong and Robert Kuok becoming super rich without exclusive and monopolistic licenses awarded by Malaysian Government? Get the eff out of here.

    • Look Like Msia SM marginalised the majority i.e Malays as this group have been backwards and need alot of help from BN yet still so far backwards…

      Msia SM (senile Ma Ha tir) know his majority easy twitted…. so he use to doctored his evidence ( No wonder Msian call him Dr M , bcos he doctored facts).

      Comparing our SM (LKY) vs Msia SM (Senile Maha Tir).
      Spore archievement are more than Msia under Senile Maha Tir despite Msia have more natural resources, more oil $.
      The only chance Msia can be as good as Spore is to ask BN to surrender Msia to LKY and let him shown BN and SM (Senile Ma Ha tir) how to run effectively a counrty and how to let the people prosper.
      Under Ma Ha tir, he maginalised the majority…the majority live in kampung, caves, treetop…since orang alsi dun care much,…easily contended….. Thier minority smarter cross over the bridge to serve under LKY , thier beloved god father who give them a chance to earn a better living n njoy life.
      Msia KLIA can be no#1…after they sell to Changi Airport
      Msia Airline can be no#1….after SIA buy them
      Msia GDP can jump 10 fold …after LKY govern them lor
      Msia life can be 10Xbetter…after LKY govern them n BN become PAP
      Msia will hv least corrupted police after after PAP took over

  5. Malay failing behind in education? Malay homeless living in tent, sleeping in street or under bridge? Malay leading in hamil luar nikah, sumbang mahram?

    Sounds like Malaysia.

    • So? What are you going to do about it? Just sneer and laugh at it? You deserve the words used in a comment to the previous post – kurang ajar.

      You don’t know history ah? For 80 years the British did not build schools except Malay schools in the kampongs where most of the Malays lived. Far in between kampongs. Only for 4 years schooling. Not even secondary schools. No English schools at all in the kampongs. Yet education is very important for the development of a people.

      Yet the British built both primary and secondary schools in the towns where most Chinese lived. English schools, too.

      The bloody British colonialists were only concerned about producing raw materials for sending to Britain. And creating a market for manufactured goods they wanted to sell to their colonies. So they encouraged the Chinese to engage in production of raw materials and do trading of all kinds.

      The Malays were left far behind educationally and economically as a result of British colonial policy. Arising from the racial clashes of 13 May 1969, the New Economic Policy was implemented. We are still far behind but we’ll get there.

      Tengku A Rahman made the mistake of “kicking out” Singapore from Malaysia. He could have done what later was done to Kelantan – when politicians there tried to be funny, sent the troops, proclaimed Emergency Rule and administered the state through a National Operations Council.

      We don’t need you and people like you around in this country. Blokes who only know how to sneer and laugh at unfortunate or left-behind others.

      We can also make a list of the weaknesses of blokes like you. But we might as well write about making you dumb asses understand a bit about the history of this country.

      • hello, next time, settle our own problem before we try become a pot calling kettle black. Simple as that.

        All this social issues faced by SG Malay is also faced by Malaysian Melayu. No need to go on a panjang-lebar history lesson about NEP, British, yada yada yada.

      • At least SG Malay is far well off and more educated thier Msia Malay.
        Most SG Malay own thier own home…what abt Msia Malay?…Tree top, caves, forest, attap houses????

    • obefan.. lu sandri malayu bodoh makan taik

  6. melayu singapore ni tak sedar diri. kerja kat singapore beli rumah kat malaysia, hidup sama org melayu malaysia tapi perasan kaya.. macam rocky tu la… tapi aku rasa rocky dah insap

  7. when will you fellas actually learn to stand on your own feet? when???

  8. The Malay Minister is only qualified to be in charge of either Malay and Islamic or sewerage affairs there while the even minor race there gets more senior positions!

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