Malay generosity amongst Chinese majority


Wawasan Open University, Penang

This is the photo of the front profile of the Wawasan Open University, Georgetown, Penang. This institution of higher learning is the initiative of Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia party.

Gerakan was the Government of State of Penang for 39 years before DAP took over at the ‘Political Tsunami’ of the 12th General Elections, 8 March 2008.

The blue structure in the back is called ‘Al Bukhary Building’. It is named as such because billionaire-philanthrophist Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary via Al Bukhary Foundation gave Wawasan Open University RM 20 million for the building.

Highlighting this generosity means that the Malays now are able to hold their heads up high as a Chinese organisation in a Chinese majority area benefited from a Malay’s generosity. This notion is particularly important at the times where many Malaysian Chinese are constantly harping on how the Malays keep on benefiting for what the Chinese do and their hard earn income, which include subsidies and special provisions.

Many took for granted that the Malays have been known for their ‘generosity’, for the longest time. Its time for the casual reminder.

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  1. it is not a big deal whether chinese appreciate malay generosity or not. at least the chinese intention can always be bought since most of them are opportunist.
    BUT it is of a concern and major one too, if a malay do not even appreciate and let alone thankful of another malay generosity towards other malay.

    • Not a big deal? So you just take, take, take? Not give at all? Have you heard the expression give and take? “Buy your intention”? Have you heard about such things as civil society?

      Instead of saying thank you, you hit at Malays “not appreciating” the generosity of other Malays? What planet do you come from? What corner of the earth or jungle you come from?

      Where the hell did you get the impression to have said those? Read the post again, man. Tak faham lagi, read again and again.

      But if you have a twisted mind, you should go for a medical check – with the psychiatrist. This is a sincere advice, another Malay generosity. Do your bit. Make it two-way, give and take. Go for the medical check.

      • I think you yourself should go for psychiatric checkup bro. Sikit-sikit sudah mau melatah.

        How you know cam is even Chinese? He even label the Chinese as ‘easily bought’ & ‘opportunist’.

        These Ultra Meleis are really uptight bunch..

      • That’s why important to state your views clearly, brader. Nobody can tell from what you say that you are a Malay. Because you hantam the Malays – read again what you wrote and see if it does not sound so.

        And some Malays simply cannot tolerate views that sound ultra kiasu. It’s not being uptight but being passionate of their own disadvantaged, left-far-behind and trying-to-catch-up lot.

        And you use the word “Meleis”. It may sound like malaise, which connotes lazy, that the British and non-Malays ascribe to Malays. Why do you have to do that, man?

  2. The notion that the Chinese pay the most tax is utterly wrong. Figures quoted as coming from the Treasury/ Inland Revenue show that the Chinese pay about 30% tax, the GLCs 40%, the Malays and others including foreigners pay 30%.

    The Malays have been accomodating them by agreeing to citizenship right for them at Merdeka. In the mid-19th Century Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim brought them in giving jobs in his tin mines on the idea that the Chinese could bring technology to his tin mining. He even provided some of them capital to start tin mines which he could tax. They instead brought in secret societies, thugs and gangsters, the Ghee Hins and the Hai Sans competing for tin mining ownership and killing one another leading to the Larut Wars and the dwindling of the Malay tin mines which at one time numbered 250. (Sejarah Negeri Perak, M.A Fauzi Basri, Yayasan Perak).

    For some 80 years during colonial rule the British helped them in education (secondary and English schools in towns but none in the kampongs) as well as in business (giving mining licenses, mining land leases, gaming and trading licenses of all sorts). The bloody British did not help, train or encourage the non-business minded Malays in business, wanted the Malays to continue as rice farmers and fishermen “to look after food production in the country”. As a result, the Malays were left far behind the Chinese educationally and economically.

    It is not as if the Malays have not been paying tax. But it has been high time that the Chinese contribute significantly to the development of the country by way of paying tax and avoiding “avoiding tax”. So that there can be orderly development of the country with the policy of leveling the playing field, lessening the grudging, envy and jealousy with regard to the vast difference in the educational and economic advancement between the Chinese and the others. And in so doing avoid the recurrence of another 13 May 1969 from which that policy of leveling the paying field had emerged.

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the New Economic Policy must continue even though many Malays had misused the opportunities given to them. Read the details at

    • Interesting numbers, 30% Chinese, 30% Malay, 40% GLCs.

      1) Non-GLCs don’t pay taxes? We’re talking Companies on the KLCI like Public Bank and Genting? Don’t pay taxes?

      2) Indians don’t pay taxes? So small and amount it’s not measurable? Won’t that mean Indians are the poorest and also the most in need of help?

      3) Zakat counts as a direct tax. So in essence, Muslims (by and large Malays) can give to other Muslims while not paying tax. Other Charitable causes do not enjoy such exemption. Unicef that helps the Orang Asli in Malaysia does not enjoy such exemption.

      That’s beside the point though. What is important that we have a Malay businessman who has contributed to a university. All well and good. What he pays for his house is irrelevant.

      What is relevant is that the Chinese never said the Malays weren’t generous. They’re merely asking to be treated as equals in this country, is that so much to ask for? To ask that I pay the same amount as my Malay brother and sister to live in a house that is the same size? So that I can open a company that can compete for government projects without taking on a partner just because he’s Malay? Is that so much to ask for?

      • Do you have to say it differently? The figures in my 1st para is not quite those in your 1st para. Then you ask if Indians etc don’t pay taxes. Are you twisting them?

        The answer to your question is you are all treated the same under the relevant clauses of the Constitution, except under Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

        Equality in Malaysia must take into account that sensitive clause which is protected under the Sedition Act. You all got citizenship right and the Malays and Bumis got that Special Position (which the British said has “existed since day one”) enshrined in the Constitution.

        That was the deal, old chap. Agreed to by our forefathers, debated and approved by Parliament twice – once at Merdeka and another at the formation of Malaysia. Since the non-Malays have already got their citizenship, the Malays expect them to honour their part of the bargain.

        It is not relevant to ask to be treated equal in all respects in view of Article 153 of the Constitution. All Malaysian citizens must respect and abide by the Constitution.

      • Haiya Keith

        If you admit that the Malays ARE generous, then why the resentment?? When you request to be treated as equals, just what do you mean?

        That you get the “tongkat” too? Your forefathers were given FREE citizenship which dictates that, in return, the bumiputras enjoy special position.

        Now if by equal, you want the same bumi status then we can see just how GREEDY you people are.

        You already enjoy citizenship on the cheap, provided with fully funded vernacular schools that teaches solidarity with an alien country. You are free to practise your inherited faith and customs, which is quite contradictory to the majority’s faith and culture.

        This spells TOLERANCE from the majority who has to endure noisy customs, bear with the rearing and consumption of non-halal meat, attire that offends muslim sensitivities, etc etc …

        and you shout to be treated as equals when a segment of your people refuse to learn and speak Malaysia’s national language??

        Sheeesh, some people “tak pernah kenal untung dan berterima kasih, malah masih dan asyik meminta sahaja!!

    • I wonder if Tun Dr M would care to share his wisdom on the international rankings of Malaysian universities vis-a-vis their Asian counterparts 40-something years after independence?

      After all, the good Doctor received his medical training in an all-English medium Raffles College in Singapore where he was admitted on merit (or wasn’t he?).

      And the successor to Raffles College, the National University of Singapore, is ranked among the top universities in Asia.

      Which is more than can be said for it’s erstwhile sibling, Universiti Malaya!

      • hahaha

        again on ranking here and ranking there! What’s the point, if your citizens cannot reproduce, cannot chew gum, cannot speak up, cannot get out of the kiasu mould …

        must be taught how to make frens with opposite sex, how to date, how to propose, how to get married, how to make babies – courtesy of SDU (single desperate & ugly)

        never smile, always rushing even in mrt – must stand on left side to allow the ultra kiasu to zoom ahead

        tourists have the impression of robots cranked up to follow the demi-god’s instructions

        hey skilgannon, how about topping the HAPPINESS index, eh?? Or is it too challenging for singaporeans to achieve??

  3. you cant be serious?

    • Wat you meaning man? Say clear clear lah. Why takut one?

  4. hi, each time a Chinese and Indian buys a house he has no choice but to subsidize a malay buyer . So, far my family have bought in total of RM 2 million worth of property. And 7 % of that is RM 140,000.

    How about that as Non bumi generosity to Malays .

    By the way, this Syed Bukary guys gets a 7% discount for a RM 1 million house while his driver who is an “indian” malaysian has to pay full price.

    • bodoh.tamak

      your family CAN afford to buy so much property and you are still UNHAPPY?

      It is time to implement the chinese-inherited PROTECTION money practice. If you want to live and accumulate wealth in Malaysia, then you PAY for permission to do so without interruption.

      The fact that chinese and indians are the richest people in Malaysia will forever be HISTORY.

      Article 153 will be FULLY utilised to make this happen.

      • Well said my brother.I can hear the call.If we have to, we will push Artical 153 down the Goverment throat.


      • Yup, and you can kiss the NEM goodbye.

        Which private sector investor or MNC will be willing to stump up the US$444 billion the govt needs over the next 10 years to achieve the aims of the NEM given all these predilections towards quotas, rights, privileges and forced transfers of wealth?

        30% equity stake – take it or leave it? Plenty of other places to choose from – China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore….the list goes on.

        These idiots believe that Malaysia has an inalienable right to make foreign investors and MNCs kowtow and toe the line!

        Guess again, when Mustapa Mohamad and Muhyiddin go on their next “begging” mission (oops, I meant to write “investment promotion mission”) to the US, China or Singapore!

      • Here comes the sillyanon fellow again. He hardly misses mentioning Singapore. He has been licking LKY’s balls all over the places. Here, in Rocky’s, etc. Never praising Malaysia at all.

        Who cares about the NEM if it doesn’t fully include the NEP. Who wants to rush reaching advanced status if it is at the expense of the interests of the Malays and the Bumis. Who says a lot of foreign investments will shy away with NEP. Only this bloke and the likes of him will. For his own vested interest and those of his kind.

        All his talk about brain drain, investment drain is rubbish. So now the British will go bankrupt because the Arab sheikhs will no longer put their money in Britain following David Cameron’s statement “multi-culturalism is dead”? This sillyanon fellow often talks shit.

        The economists always disagree on what causes one economic situation or another. They even coin the term “stagflation” when it’s neither inflation or the other. We should now have a term for this silly fellow – LKY’s ball licking fellow.

      • Yup Che Abu

        This sillyanon failed to realise that even China does not trust ‘foreign’ chinese. The untold stories of singaporean businessmen being ripped off have been quietly kept WELL under lid.

        The investors who really do their homework and NOT listen to a**lickers, will KNOW that Malaysia offers VALUE for money unlike an over-rated island whose publicity drive has gone overboard.

        sillyanon is in perpetual state of denial – why write investment promotion mission to US, China or Singapore?? Singapore is plateauing, USA is lagging and China is overheating, so look elsewhere, dearie.

        Once Malaysia persuades the oil-producing countries to band together for Ummah prosperity, hey there is no stopping.

      • The Arab sheikhs much rather put their money in the UK than in Malaysia!

        Must be all the high-priced real estate in London or the ready availability of casinos, night clubs and general permissiveness as opposed to the strictures of their home countries!

      • Opec, did you say?

        Nothing that the US Navy can’t handle, bro!

        And if a Republican President comes on board in the US in 2012, Opec will roll over and play nice!

  5. That is why we should support the implementation of value added tax. Everyone will have to pay tax.

  6. hi bodoh, you are not subsidizing the Malay. You are just a simple buyer, not doing any subsidizing.

    if the developer is the Government, it’s the government doing the subsidizing. The money comes from tax and Malays and GLCs also pay tax.

    If the developer is a private company, it’s the company doing the subsidizing. You have nothing to claim the subsidizing for.

    Why you people have so funny logic? Or talk with logic one. Or twisting the facts to suit your purposes. Ultra kiasu ah?

    Plesae omit the word pandai from your name, bodoh.

  7. Dear Halim,

    The developer is subsidizing!! Did you graduate from UiTM business school or what??

    • bodoh,

      if you are pandai you would have explained yurself. Instead of double exclamation marks and double question marks. And trying to belittle UiTM.

      Obviously you are the ultra kiasu from UTAR, no?

      Since you didn’t explain, I assume you cannot explain or it is true that the developer is subsidizing. Meaning the developer takes less profit on the Bumi lots.

      To achieve his overall profit margin target, he’d increase the price all across the board, not just the non-bumi buyers.

      Naaah, I don’t believe you can produce a developer who says yes, he takes the 7% less for the bumi buyer from fellows like you.

      You can’t even claim to know the pricing structure employed by housing developers. Pricing methods vary from one company to another anyway. If you had known you’d already have explained it to win your argument.

      So, I insist that you drop the pandai from your name, mister ultra kiasu.

      • Dear Halim

        You just answered your own question with this quote.

        “To achieve his overall profit margin target, he’d increase the price all across the board, not just the non-bumi buyers”

        So, because of one Malay UNNo Tan Sri wants to buy a love nest for his young wife , i have to pay a higher price for my house.

        By the way, Im not from UTAR. In fact you may just be surprised of my background.
        BTW, no one bothered to comment on my question that Syed Bukahri gets a 7% discount while his driver has to pay a full price!

        Anyways , gtg now, my malay gf who is the greatest woman i have known needs some attention for this valentine.

        Love and peace to all

      • bodoh,

        Again you tak pandai.

        Kalau you mahu “Love and peace to all”, you should respect and abide by the Constitution fully, acknowledge Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, from which the NEP was drawn, and not begrduge the Malay rights and privileges. After all you people control the economy of the country. What else do you want. You should not be ultra kiasu.

        My Chinese girlfriend has often shaken her head saying she doesn’t understand why some Chinese are not thankful for what they got from the Merdeka deal and honour their part of the bargain. She blames the racist, chauvinist and subversive DAP, and those who became gullible and followed crude DAP tactics in order to regain votes lost during Tun Dol’s time.

      • Dear Halim,
        If you can tell your chinese girlfriend how a chinese can get recognized as a bumiputra, maybe you can get all others to also stop complaining about the 7% discount (because they too have the chance to be recognized as one).

        The fact is, there are many chinese communities which have history in Malaysia rooting from the early 19th century. Yet, even such long history doesn’t qualify them to get same treatment as bumiputras. Not even for people who are born in Malaysia and stayed long enough to warrant them a nationality.

        In other countries, as soon as you get the nationality, you will be treated the same in business/official matters (though community won’t necessarily treat you fairly). I know, you will argue “if you like U.S/U.K. so much, go migratelah!”. I’m pretty sure if they will if they have the economical means, which many of them just do no possess.

  8. As a minority,just accept that you a second class citizen;since assimilation is out of question.

    This is Malayland.We dictate the rule.If you don’t like it,then fu*k off to your Chinaland.

    Trust me,no one will missed you.


    • UltraMalay

      Errrm, they are unwanted there, you know. Many stories reveal that the PRC chinese DO NOT trust overseas chinese as they are regarded as unpatriotic.

      Many business ventures saw the mainland chinese getting the upperhand over the foreign chinese.

      That’s what I heard.

      • Brother I dont care a f&*K where they go. As long as they go.


      • Heh, heh – and Zambry is proudly trumpeting the decision by Brazil’s Vale to set up a transhipment hub in Manjung, Perak for transporting iron ore to – guess where? – China.

        Methinks that the powers-that-be, while willing to see certain local parties indulge in racist antics and fantasies, do not want to unnecessarily antagonise the big gorilla out there.

        And who is the big gorilla who claims the South China Sea as an area of interest without a squeak from the proponents of OPVs and next-generation LCVs?

      • For skilgann

        Yes go on disturb the other bigger gorilla out there. Do you think this other bigger gorilla is not watching this little gorilla of yours?

        This is what I love to see. The other bigger gorilla dont like to feel threatened , let alone lose face.

        I think that nasty western gorilla has enough nuclear arsenals to wipe your gorilla from this earth while sustaining acceptable damage to themselves.


      • Bro ray,

        Good to know that the ultra kiasus here are also not welcome in PRC.

        They should think of embracing and abiding by the Constitution fully, bro. Lock, stock and barrel. (Some say pork, stork and bladel!). Otherwise think of Australia, NZ and Canada lah. UK and Europe olely dont welcome them. British PM and German Chancellor olely announced recently that “multi-culturalism” in their countries is dead. Not just referring to Al Qaeda potentials, but also secret societies, thugs and gangsters existing in all the Chinatowns there. News reports said the British have been hounding over-stayers and illegal workers in Chinese restaurants, etc.

        Friends say – people even commented in blogs – that in Melbourne the locals also look at them in the Chinatown there with disgust. How can, they don’t want to conform, they brought secret societies, thugs and gangters with them lah. Fighting with the locals, some with Italian ancestry. Then they meet their match. The Italian mafia.

        Ungrateful ingrates (double whammy there). They don’t appreciate the heaven on earth they get in Malaysia (their kind were forced to assimilate in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia and are still spitted upon behind their backs in those countries) but keep asking for more, more and more endlessly in this country.

        Problem is we got leaders with weak knees. Should get doctors to attend to them lah.

      • Heh, heh – the so-called nasty western gorillas also call the shots as far as Asean is concerned!

        Which is why the USS Abraham Lincoln just made a port call at Singapore’s Changi Naval Base!

        Enough firepower there to take out a good chunk of Asean, wouldn’t you say?

  9. My Malay girlfriend thinks the Malays are too lazy and pondan to face real competition. She thinks memang lazatnya yang telag=h menghadapai cabaran dan kesusahan

    • vinnan

      You are such a thick skinned, immoral, unrepenting, unremorseful, anarchistic, gangsterish bloke.

      I remember your earlier comment that drew Haba’s response below was removed. Yet you appear again. I think you got the same treatment in 1-2 other blogs. You invariably say nasty things and got kicked out. Yet tried to come in again.

      Are you a hard-headed, stubborn small boy so much lacking in breeding and parental attention that you roam here and there spewing dirty and toddy-smelling breath?

      Hold your breath once in a while, boy. Hold it for a long, long time, like ten minutes. Try it. It’s good for you and for the rest of society.

    • Poor vinnan

      Do you really think anyone here CARES two hoots over your girlfriend’s opinion?

      She may be blind, deaf and dumb to have chosen you as her boyfriend.

      Happy valentine’s day – one that is full of quiet, darkness and silence.

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