PM Najib: Not necessary to re-invent new wheel


PM Dato' Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak and Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak said that when he took over on 9 April 2009, he was all for the continuity and delivery of ‘Vision 2020’. He was giving the keynote address to the Dewan Negara Empowerment and Communal Program in the Parliament this morning.

“It was not necessary to Re-invent new wheel since ‘Vision 2020’. No one in the right frame of mind could refute this well thought planning”.

He also said that ‘Vision 2020’ is not about numbers, which instead a united Malaysian moving forward. “It is about a shared vision”.

“Its about three most important minimal ingredients: ‘tolerance’, ‘acceptance’ and the last level is ‘celebrate diversity’. That is the strength, where we can achieve ‘Bangsa Malaysia’. It is also about ‘inclusivity’ “.

“The Federal Constitution is supreme. This is the underlying principle of ‘1 Malaysia’. Like Article 152. Another underlying principle is we have to be fair to all. It is the fundamental of Islam”.

He was making reference on the meritocracy policy on the issuance of Federal Government JPA scholarships. “However, we have to consider mitigating circumstances of the backwardness and underdeveloped state of the folks in the rural areas”.

He was using Kg. Bantal in Jerantut and Ulu Lacau in Sarawak as examples, “We mix the ‘meritocracy’ and ‘social justice’ to value the high achievers and talents within our people”.

In short, he was translating the ‘1 Malaysia’ in the tone of moving Malaysia forward and having a ‘shared vision, sharing the nation’.

He also reminded that Malaysians should feel lucky because the founding fathers chose Constitutional Monarchy democratic system. “The continuity and stability enabled us to carefully plan and executed 10 Malaysia plans”.

“The challenges of globalisation is affecting us. ‘Global warming’, ‘World financial crisis 2009’, Malaysia is a major trading nation (dependence on world economic climate as our market) and inflation: a global phenomena. We can’t avoid all these. There are also technological challenges such as ‘social media'”.

“Democracy is alive and healthy in Malaysia. Look at ‘Political Tsunami’ and the amount of flak we have to face in the cyberspace”, when making a remark on our political system.

Later in the media conference, PM Dato Seri Najib talked about the GDP is growing at 6%. When asked about achieving the newly developed nation status by 2020 as per laid target of ‘Vision 2020’ 20 years ago, “We are able to, provided the external factors won’t be erratic”.

Asked about the economy having a ‘double digit growth’, he said that it is unlikely because the economy has grown very broad based and the present size.

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  1. I have to say a lot of incongruencies, Sir. I hesitate to say inconsistencies. But certainly many instances of talking and acting not quite in accordance with the Constitution of the country.

    For goodness sake, we cannot have unity in diversity. We cannot go on separate paths, differing values, hopes and aspirations. We must have everybody adopt and develop values based on the Constitution. Including values derived from respect for the Constitution, a sense of togetherness speaking the National Language and studying under one system of education. We cannot be having three different systems of education. Or so-called multi-nations within a nation spoken by the proponents of Chinese schools.

    We cannot allow people not respecting the Constitution. Article 152 is mandatory; it uses the word “shall”. As in “The Malay language shall be the National Language”. Certainly to be used in the official business of the country. And schools are the official business of any country.

    What has been there for over 50 years needs not be right. It should be put right, even if gradually. Najib has said in Parliament and in his 1Malaysia blog that single stream schooling will be implemented. Even if he is so much after votes, the least he could do is stay silent on Chinese schools and not talk about “celebrating diversity”.

    Even the traditionally liberal British have said that “multi-culturalism has died”. British PM David Cameron said so, echoed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Not just the Al Qaeda but also the Chinatown secret societies thugs and gangster values that upset them.

    We therefore cannot “celebrate” diversity. Where we cannot (yet) get the errant fellows in line, we keep trying to persuade and coax them. We certainly cannot be encouraging them going on different paths that seldom meet. Even on parallel paths, they will never meet.

    Likewise, we cannot allow people to question the sensitive clauses of the Constitution, especially Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. The PAP/ DAP so-called malaysian malaysia slogan is subversive to that Special Position. It wants equality without giving regard to that Special Position. And, desperate to get run-away Chinese votes, MCA has even aped the DAP. Allowed a resolution asking for the Bumiputera equity target be abolished. Making some Malays react by asking for their citizenship right be also abolished.

    Meritocracy must be after leveling the playing field. Surely Najib sees the Malays left far behind educationally and economically for so long. Only 18% corporate wealth now and still far behind in the field of professionals. Yet UTAR even refused RM30 million donation from a Chinese Engineer millionaire philantrophist. Because there are so many Chinese millionaires/ billionaires already donating scholarships for Chinese students. The Malays have nowhere to go for study financial assistance, unlike the Chinese.

    Why is Najib saying it’s not about numbers. Does he not see the number of Malays still needing assistance being left behind by the British colonialists who provided the Chinese ample schools, both primary and secondary, and in English as well, in the towns, and assistance to do business, during 80 years of colonial rule. The playing field must be leveled before meritocray has merit.

    ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ cannot be achieved via encouraging diversity. It will end up with a hotchpotch of races going their separate ways. Time and again racial tension surfacing, heightening like it appears to be now, and needing just a spark to explode. By all means have ‘inclusivity’. But it must be within the bounds allowed by the Constitution.

    Everybody must respect the Constitution. The Government must carry out policies fully in line with the Constitution. There’s nothing wrong with democracy when we follow the Constitution fully. Including the NEP. Which was derived from Article 153.

    • well said sir. tq

    • “Meritocracy must be after leveling the playing field”

      Do you seriously mean that, 40+ years after Merdeka, the playing field is still not “level”?

      Whose fault is that?

      What about the rich and well-connected Malaysians of ALL races who have chosen to take their children out of the national education system and put them in expensive private schools and universities, both locally and overseas, where the medium of instruction is wholly in English?

      Are these people being called to account for not contributing to the nation-building effort by subscribing to the “one education” policy?

      Second, how do your high-faluting views play out in the unsentimental cauldron of globalisation and the free flow of capital and talent to the locations that welcome them the most? Do you mean to say that Malaysia has some magical in-built advantage, or some secret cards to play, to attract needed capital and talent to grow the economy?

      Cameron, Sarkozy, Merkel and Gillard may have questioned the benefits of “multiculturalism”, but they have not offered any robust and economically sound alternatives to better position their countries in the unsentimental cauldron of globalisation. The US, the grandmother of melting pot multiculturalism, is immersed in an ideological battle between cut-and-slash Republicans and tax-and-spend Democrats. And yet, immigrants continue to flock to the US in hopes of a better life.

      Commentators like you have the luxury of pontificating from their cosy armchairs, protected and cossetted by a web of privileges. You have little or no idea of what it takes to build a viable business that can market it’s services and products successfully in the big world outside the shores of Malaysia, one where competitors don’t give a flying **** about quotas or privileges and where it’s all about the survival of the fittest.

      No, lah – people like you never learn.

      And those with your mindset who populate the upper ranks of government are left scratching their heads and wondering wistfully why MNCs and foreign investors are not succumbing to the siren calls to put big investments in Malaysia!

      • People like you not only never learn but keep on sounding your arrogant, skewed and warped thinking. You keep spinning like you know economics, the whole host of reasons why people invest and how investors decide on places to put their money in. People like you gloat about Singapore and keep on licking Lee Kuan Yew’s balls endlessly.

        No lah, people like you have no clue about Malaysia, the history of the country, the framing of the Constitution, the need for give and take. You just take, take and take, never give. Like the Ghee Hins and Hai Sans of old, c/w their secret societies, thugs and gangsters. Like what Lee Kuan Yew, Lim Kit Siang and the DAP crowd sometimes behaved. You have no place in Malaysia at all. You, I suspect, are not even Malaysian but Singaporean. If you are, your presence is merely tolerated, never welcome.

        Now, tell me, why was China, with 3,500 years of recorded history and huge manpower, regarded by the West as a pariah state until only 1-2 decades ago? Why, with the culture of profit-taking or doing business for thousands of years, was bullied by the British and others in the 19th, even 20th, Century – forced to buy opium brought from India? Why Hong Kong was returned to China only a decade or so ago? That was history, don’t want to talk about it? Wanna change and re-write history? Choose only the parts that suit you blokes?

        Talk about the Malays, without a culture of profit-taking or doing business, catching up in just 40 years. And all the while with resistance and grudging by you and your kind. Bullshit talk, man! You deserve the Malacca Sultanate kind of treatment – dragged to the seaside and di …. read up to know what it is, you ignorant yet arrogant fellow.

        Will write more when time becomes available.

      • Ha, the sillyanon fellow again. This time not praising Singapore but praising USA.

        And, like in the words of William Shakespeare put into the mouth of Mark Antony, here I come not to bury Caesar, nor to praise him, but to hit back at the silly fellow for often running Malaysia down.

        He says “The US, the grandmother of melting pot multiculturalism .. immigrants continue to flock to the US in hopes of a better life.” Why doesn’t he flock there, I wonder. See if he gets good treatment from the Jews in US as he belongs to the kind who some say are the Jews of the East. Bernard Madoff made off with US$60 billion of fellow Jews’ money in his ponzi scheme only last year. Dog ate dogs there in the Madoff case.

        Maybe this silly fellow will be protected by the thugs and gangsters in the Chinatowns all over USA. How about it, old boy? Why don’t you try it? Nobody will miss you here. After all you have been running Malaysia down each time you come out in blogosphere.

        On your so-called expertise in economics, you have not replied the walloping to your comments made in previous posts in this blog.

        I will also say, no lah – you don’t know enough economics to recognize that economists often differ in their views concerning economic matters. Only you are a sad case of being extremely ultra kiasu and insisting that everything Singapore is good, everything Malaysia is bad. Because you look at things with squinted eyes.

        Wear good glasses and learn history, old boy. If you cannot accept the history of this country and the premise of such things as the New Economic Policy, USA is waiting for you.

      • Who wants “to build a viable business that can market it’s services and products successfully in the big world outside”? You? Who the hell cares – if you don’t care about the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumipueras of Sabah and Sarawak?

        Those who want to trade with Malaysia jolly well have to respect the Constitution, the laws, rules and regulations of this country. They – and you – can scram if not.

        And who the hell says there are siren calls to put big investments in Malaysia? Foreigners may be wooed and are always welcomed if they follow the laws of this country. If not, they can vamoose. Don’t you know that they even vamoose from Singapore? Go check how many of those investing in Vietnam in recent years are from Singapore.

        Talk cock fellow. Come here, hit and run. But we’ll hit you back so that readers know what sort of fellow you are.

      • Oh, yah – China. The country with US$2.5 trillion in reserves, one of the biggest holders of US Govt IOUs and the 2nd biggest economy in the world. Not bad for a one-time “pariah” state, eh?

        And for those of you who talk big about asking foreign investors to go take a hike if they don’t want to follow the rules and regulations in Malaysia – did you hear Muhyiddin’s spiel when he did his investment promotion thingy in the US? You don’t want FDI to dictate terms to you, then be man enough to say that the country can do without foreign investments, thank you very much!

        Even Dr Mahathir, in his prime, did not dare make such a statement, because he recognised that there were forces in a globalised world bigger than what Malaysia was putting on the table.

        And the oft-repeated sorry excuse that the Malays are unable to compete on an equal footing because they got a late start in the game – well boo-hoo – it’s a tough world out there and there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Or unlimited rights, privileges and quotas.

        I have no qualms about praising Singapore and giving it credit where credit is due – for a sometime “orphan” to make it to developed country status in – let’s see now – 40+ years – is pretty damn good. In spite of Malaysians frothing at the mouth at the unfairness and injustice of it all!

        More to come. I am just getting started!

      • What “Not bad” for a pariah state? Didn’t some one say you are squint eyed? After 3,500 years and with over 1 billion people, bullied left, right and centre, only 1-2 decades ago got recognised “not bad” ah? You must be crazy.

        Having free lunch is not so shameful as you and your kind having free ride on your citizenship and using tongkat of all sorts (licenses etc) from the British colonial powers, boy. Those are in addition to the use of secret societies, thugs and gangsters, which is still being done even in the Selangor State Government – one PKR ADUN and one PKR MP said one DAP Exco meets “the underworld” in the premises of the Selangor State Government.

        Didn’t I tell you to read history? If you do, know but refuse to accept the facts of history (the established facts of history, that is), well, of course, there’s the door. We do not want those wanting free rides endlessly. And begrudge the others whom they should be thankful for the free rides. The ungrateful ingrates – a double whammy, they say.

        Bring on the “more to come”, boy. We will entertain your free rides in this blog as well (Temasik Review has a cost to you, hasn’t it?) – for so long as they are sensible and tolerable. When what you say become balderdash, wishy-washy so-called economic arguments on investments and other hogwash, we’ll just let them fall on closed ears or flow to the sea as dirty smug like you have in your backyard drainage or outside your bedroom. Maybe even in your briefcase?

      • skilganon,

        Why don’t you answer ALL the comments against you point by point. Address the commentators one after the other. A lot already there. No need to bring new points yet.

        Let’s thrash them out here. Economics, politics, history, culture and all. Vision 2020 covers all aspects of development anyway.

        But must be based on the Constitution of Malaysia. Don’t know if you are Malaysian but this is a Malaysian blog and must talk based on the Malaysian Constitution. I support the view that all Malaysians, even foreigners living in this country, must respect the Constitution and the laws of this country.

        Otherwise they have no business to be in this country. Even American tourists have to drive by the left side of the road. Just as we drive on the right when in their country. And the communist Chinese let traffic past the red light only during Mao Zedong’s time! And we in Malaysia never will!

        Bring them on, friend. Let’s get started. See that you bikin serupa you cakap. Enough already with those who cakap tak serupa bikin.

      • Hey whatever your name is,

        You criticize those “asking foreign investors to go take a hike if they don’t want to follow the rules and regulations in Malaysia”?

        You mean we let them be here even if they don’t follow our rules and regulations?

        What cock are you talk?

      • Really, ah

        Ok, for starters – when the PM talks about investments of US$444 billion over a decade to fund the ETP and the NEM, where is the moolah coming from? Petronas? Tabung Haji? LTAT? Khazanah? PNB? Sovereign wealth funds from the Gulf, China or Singapore? Or from the oft-derided private sector local and foreign investors? And these guys are going to put their funds in Malaysia on a “blank cheque” basis?

        Or, let’s poll all the high tech companies that have set up shop in Malaysia – the likes of Intel, Dell, Micron, IBM, HP-EDS, Microsoft, Google, Cisco etc. How many of them adhere to the 30% quota in filling the ranks of their employees, especially at middle and senior managment levels?

        Go on, call their bluff!

      • We first will call your bluff, old boy.

        Have you heard that theories often differ from practice? That utopia or the ideal never exists?

        So long as the theory is still there, the practice of not adhering to the country’s laws, rules and regulations can be corrected as and when necessary and prudent, bearing in mind the need for balance between keeping their funds and expertise going and the country’s socio-economic needs.

        This is different from not criticizing them or private citizens not taking them to task, like we do here and now, for not obeying the local laws, rules and regulations, that you seem to speak for that Idris alluded to in his comment.

        You put out a lot of questions instead of answers, don’t you? Let me put some back to you. What makes you so sure that foreign investors will come rushing in if the global economy dictates something else. A host of factors are always at play. The cheap labour in Vietnam has attracted foreign investors there in the last few years. So, throw away all rules and regulations in order to attract them to Malaysia? Give them a “blank cheque” to do what they like to invest in this country?

        You are far from being an economic guru, man. You ought to realise that investment climate varies, they argue all the time on how to move the economy in the US and elsewhere, even big companies bluff – ask Bernard Madoff and the Enron debacle blokes who are serving jail time now.

      • This skilanon fellow does not have much skill. Even in analyzing the socio-economic needs of this country. He knows not that economic needs must be in tandem with social needs. That the educational and economic background of the people must be taken into account when formulating policies. Hence Obama devised his Health Care programme aimed at alleviating the huge problems of the largely poor Blacks, Hispanics and Asian Americans who cannot afford the hugely expensive medical services in that country.

        This silly fellow might well say why bother, even in the US. He says it’s a competitive globalised world where only the fittest survive. Obama would have snubbed him if this silly fellow is American. Of course, this silly ass has his head in his ass between his legs and below his tail.

        He came in here stating his mightier-and-holier-than-thou views, promised to answer the counter-accusations made against him. Only two paragraphs at the last instance and he disappeared.

        But he has been in the habit of going back to past posts and leaving comments after everybody else has left. Perhaps trying to make it appear that he has the last word. Pathetic fellow. Let him do so here and we will hit back at him even if he keeps quiet now. We must let readers know that this so-called economist knows not half of what he talks and often shoots from the hip, putting Malaysia down and the small island and iron-rule Singapore up. Not even declaring his citizenship when alluded to it here.

        He is racist. He is against leveling the playing field. In the name of foreign investments. In the process he and his kind can swoop on and grab the maximum of the economic opportunities that exist in the country.

        He does not wish the Malays to have a share in the spoils of this country after the British colonialists left. The Chinese by then have already the vast capital and business experience to take over control of the economy, assisted by the colonialists with all sorts of tongkat by way licences and business facilities. He does not care that the Malays were left far behind educationally and economically.

        He speaks for meritocracy even when meritocracy has no merit. He is not bothered by the Malay and Bumiputera Special Position Clause of the Constitution that his forefathers have agreed to and for which his kind got citizenship right. Damn selfish and ungrateful bugger.

        He blames the Malays for being slow to catch up. He does not want to hear about the Malays not having business experience like the Chinese have out of a culture of profit taking and doing business for thousands of years. He laughs at people pointing out that even China, with 3,500 years history and over 1 billion manpower, came to be respected internationally only 10-20 years ago.

        He is simply selfish, greedy, chauvinist, ultra kiasu, un-Malaysian and ignorant of the history of this country, not respecting the Constitution and therefore not welcome in this country. As has been suggested, he should really get lost to US or somewhere far away. We don’t need pseudo-economists pretending to be experts around.

      • I repeat: US$444 billion over 10 years. Not a figure I plucked out of thin air.

        Who is going to put up this amount of funds and where is it going to come from?

        Will cast-iron policies have to be “revised”, “massaged” or “discarded” to bring in this quantum of funds?

        You lot make it sound as if Malaysia has a sovereign and inalienable right to expect the rest of the world, including “orphans”, “pariah states” and the “Great Satan” to provide the US$444 billion or whatever percentage thereof. And if they don’t, they are ingrates who wilfully ignore the sad and deprived history of certain groups who claim to be the victims of history, not to mention genetics!

      • After my post of 24 Feb, there seems to be a marked silence.

        Wassamatter – the little figure of US$444 billion scare you guys off?

  2. PS:

    My comment may appear longer than your post, BD. Pls be assured I’ve no other intention than to express my deep concern for the issues at stake. Hope I’m contributing to the discussion that I think you wish to generate.

  3. not until the last fish in the sea
    not until the last tree in the forest
    not until the last malay are dead
    then najib will see that the chinese and the indian cannot help the malays except the malay and the BN government

    • So true my brother, so true. but please substitute the words “chinese and indian cannot” to “chinese and indian ‘will not'”

      Any more spinning najib?


  4. jom berubah, selamatkan malaysia DARI ANWAR IBRAHIM

    • Selamatkan Malaysia dari FLOM. Konspirasi jijik utk cuba menghina DSAI

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