Pakatan Rakyat bites the dust, again

The Kerdau and Merlimau by-election results are out. As expected BN did it again, with the fifth consecutive by-elections since Galas and Batu Sapi and most recently, Tenang.

In Kerdau BN’s Syed Ibrahim polled an increased majority to 2,724 votes against PAS’s Hassanuddin Salim where else in Merlimau, BN’s Roslan Ahmad enjoyed an increased majority of 3,643 votes majority against PAS’s Yuhaizad Abdullah. Turnout was at 83% and 78% respectively. Both BN candidates earned more than 5,000 votes each.

The performance is really encouraging. BN’s increased in majority in Kerdau rose by 33% and in Merlimau, it is a handsome 68%. The majority BN polled in both area actually surpassed the votes polled by both PAS candidate. In Kerdau, BN’s majority is actually 16% more than what the rakyat voted for PAS where as in Merlimau it is a whopping 57% more than what Yuhaizad polled.

It is very clear that not only this is a twin whammy for PAS, it is also a big blow for Pakatan Rakyat. Particularly, defacto leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim. The former-abuse-of-power-convict and now facing a second time sodomy trial, was literally shred to pieces by Ummi Halfida Ali three nights ago in Temerloh. Retreating in humiliation in front of ‘imported’ supporters, the partyless-Opposition Leader was hailed with bishop’s nose in the next immediate venue of Felda 22, North of Temerloh.

Felda issues were something PAS candidates banked on in this by-election. It was the same tone as the one seen in Tenang. It did not catch on with the Felda settlers.

PAS could never deal with local issues. The national issues which Pakatan Rakyat attempted to be brought for the consumption for both DUNs demonstrated that the spinning and manipulation of  facts could no longer hold water. Especially when they are unable to provide practical solutions for voters if and then when they win. The performance in states that they already enjoying the pleasure of ruling exactly since three years ago speaks for who they really are.

Pakatan Rakyat’s wet dream of rakyat’s discontent is confirmed over. Tides have turned and BN under PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s leadership and his ‘1 Malaysia’, coupled with the Economic Transformation Plan and Government Transformation Plan is on full steam ahead. It is time for the Federal Government to deliver, despite the gloom world economic climate.

Pakatan Rakyat lost its pride. The unholy-marriage-of-backstabbing-strange-bedfellows post the ‘Political Tsunami’ of 8 March 2008 12th General Elections which unprecendentedly amassed 82 comfortable Dewan Rakyat seats has now since lost 6 of their own MPs defecting out as independent. The poor and weak leadership of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was capitalised fully by the power-by-deceit Prime Minister aspirant Anwar.

Pakyat Rakyat had what was the closest alternative to Barisan Nasional then. Now, with their own internal problems particularly in PKR as the lead party, it has lost its potential. Pakatan Rakyat also failed to deliver is states where they won, namely Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor. In Penang, DAP led PR has shown is true colours being Chinese Chauvinists. In Selangor, even HRH Sultan of Selangor expressed his deep dissatisfaction on Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s below average leadership, which include over politicking to a point of trying to have a go against the Palace.

As expected, failure is a most probable option for these politicians without proper plan.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Md. Yassin who is BN’s Deputy Chairman and directly responsible for by-elections deserve a good pat in the back for the fifth consecutive time. It goes also to Melaka Chief Minister Dato’ Seri Ali Rustam and Pahang Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Adnan Yaacob.


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  1. It’s time. Let’s call for elections!

    • Dunno which side you are on, Willy. But let me say my piece below (in BM, for PAS ears as well):

      Diketahui umum MCA hilang banyak kerusi diPRU12. Parti itu lintang pukang dengan skandal sex calon Pesiden parti, PKFZ, politik wang dsbnya. Kumdian nak 30% ekuiti Bumiputera dihapuskan pulak. Kurang ajar. Tak boleh dibiarkan. Tak boleh didiamkan.

      Menang besar ke (majoriti 2/3), tak menang besar ke di PRU 13, selepas itu Najib mesti mulakan langkah langkah nyata dan terang menyatu padukan Melayu. Buat “deal” dengan PAS. Boleh tolak pembontot Anwar ke longkang, kalau dia tak di Sungai Buluh dimasa itu.

      Kalau perlu, bila dah bersatu, Melayu go it alone. Kalau ahli Barisan pun nak sabotaj UMNO dan Melayu, depa boleh pigi. Boleh adakan makam malam diIstana lagi. Jemput yang lain. Boleh bincang cuaca, kerusi meja. Lebihkan bincang kerusi. Melayu tidak lagi duduk dilantai dan mahukan banyak kerusi untuk depa sendiri. Boleh dapat, jika bersatu.

      • Sdr Wan

        Aku setuju benar dengan luahan sdr. Ini yang tercantik. ” Melayu go it alone”. It is always my dreams.

        Makan malam diIstana. Berpakian pahlawan Melayu. Wow!

      • Setuju. Orang Melayu mesti bersatu. Bersatu di bawah Parti PAS. Jadi, orang UMNO. Apa tungu-tungu lagi. Sertailah PAS and makan malam di istana.

      • Btw…kalau orang Melayu go it alone dan tak perlu kaum lain, siapa yang nak bayar cukai?

    • Apa lah kamu ni, Willy. Nampaknya orang PAS. Tapi nama Wilson. Mana orang nak caya kau, camna nak pergi PAS?

      Pakai lah nama Mat Kontil ke, Kulop Bidin ke, Nik Aziz mengarut ke. Aku nama Nono, bila banyak sangat yang nampak no, aku keluar mengomen le.

      Tak perlu panjang kali ni sebab BD dah keluar pos baru, orang dah pegi ke sana.

      Aku macam mana pun tak pegi PAS. PAS patut balik ke UMNO – PAS timbul bila orang UMNO keluar dan tubuh PAS. Nak bersatu, balik lah ke UMNO. Atau cabut saja tali ikat hidung DAP tu. DAP tak akan benarkan hangpa buat Hukum Hudud dll. Keras LKS cakap “Never” dan Karpal cakap “Over my dead body” kapada hangpa.

      • aiks…saya rasa hairan la. Kenapa nak suruh orang join parti yang sudah korup to the core?

  2. Tahniah BN. Kemenangan besar yang diperolehi adalah petanda bahawa majoriti rakyat sedar permainan buruk parti pembangkang yang diketuai oleh Anwar seorang peliwat yang diakui sendiri oleh pemimpin2 PAS terutamanya Mat Sabu yang memberi gelaran yang synonym dengan Anwar.

    Syukur Alhamdulillah.

  3. Not only pakatan bite the dust yesterday.

    alex furgeson and man u pun tolak habuk jugak.

    All the way BN and King Kenny.

    You’ll never walk alone.

  4. mr bontotayam sure sedih

  5. That BN won was not news, really. It was expected.
    That BN won with a bigger majority was news.

    It shows the waning popularity of PAS, PKR, DAP and the PR mumbo jumbo. The rakyat are getting fed up of them, are seeing the kind of fellows who accuse BN all sorts but themselves have the same weaknesses, even more severe, especially considering they are in power for only 2+ years in the states concerned.

    You name it, they also did it. Including cronyism and dynasty-ism. In crude and clear fashion. Dictatorship, too. Nobody dared to oppose Lim Kit Siang putting in Lim Guan Eng into the Party Sec Gen post and the Penang Chief Ministership. Karpal Singh would only echo, in even stronger terms, LKS’ saying “Never” to Hukum Hudud by shouting “Over my dead body”.

    How rakyat to respect them like that? PAS ordinary members may be cowed down by them or buy into Nik Aziz’s kafir mengkafir, Tuhan mencarut “fatwas” etc. The old man is so narrow minded and believe people mockingly calling them “fatwas” – he once asked and denied that he said them as “fatwas”! Senility has overcome him but old-man arrogance still grips him. Vengeance, though Islam teaches not that. So, macam mana the non-PAS members, the ordinary rakyat of Kerdau and Merlimau want to vote for them?

    PKR is on the totters. Undemocratic party elections, absconding leaders, Anwar Sodomy II and all. Ummi Hafilda, too, never mind if she is virgin, being paid by BN or not.

    BN must not rest on its laurels, though. Don’t take them for granted. Especially the hard-headed, stubborn, chauvinistic and racist DAP blokes. They still can cause problems in non-Malay majority areas. Remember, MCA even tried to imitate DAP’s seditious tactic by calling for the Bumi equity target be abolished, prompting others to call for their citizenship right be abolished as well. The ungrateful ingrates – UMNO even allowed them to field their candidates in Malay majority areas, yet they dared to imitate DAP!

    MCA and MIC are pulling their socks, though. Let’s hope they deliver come PRU13. They must tow the BN line, address all intra-party problems thru the BN party machinery, not exploit UMNO’s weaknesses, strengthen the coalition and be fully ready for the upcoming general elections.

  6. Walaupun kalah…tidak sekali2 dalam pemikiran dan semangat kami PAKATAN akan berundur!!! Tidak ada mana2 kerajaan samadaa yg zalim atau tidak akan kekal selama2 nya..sedangkan Dinasti Ming boleh jatuh..sedankang Empayar Rom yagng hebat boleh jatuh..sedangkan Hosni Mubarak boleh jatuh.sedangkan Soviet Union yang beratus kali hebat dan kuat daripada kamu .anda UMNO jangan mimpi akan memerintah Malaysia ini selama2nya..biar berpuluh tahun lagi!! Kami akan senyum bila tiba hari jatuhnya kamu UMNO di tangan rakyat!!

    • Apa kamu cakap ni, zik? Melulu sahaja. Aku pun boleh cakap PAS diKelantan, DAP diPenang, PR diSelangor pun boleh jatuh.

      Kamu semua dah berpecah belah lagi. Baca ini:

      1. The Star –

      DAP challenged to get PAS to reverse ban on lottery

      PETALING JAYA: Gerakan has challenged DAP to compel the PAS-led Kelantan government to lift its ban on the sale of lottery tickets.

      Otherwise, DAP would be seen as being “subservient” to PAS, said Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang.

      “If DAP fails to persuade PAS overturn its decision, it would set a precedent for the Islamist party to continue imposing its principles on non-Muslims.

      2. The Sun2surf –

      PAS, DAP gambling on consensus

      GEORGE TOWN (March 6, 2011): PAS and DAP seem to be going head to head over the issue of legal betting, with the former calling on the latter to “look at the bigger picture”.

      The recent actions by the Kelantan government in acting against premises selling lottery tickets have drawn criticisms from DAP leaders – most recently from DAP chairman Karpal Singh, who had asked the state government to lift its ban

    • zik,

      Kalau kamu banding dengan Empaya Rom, mereka jatuh selepas beratus tahun berkuasa. Empayar Ming tahan beberapa dinasti. Dinasti masa itu bukan macam dinasti Lee Kuan Yew atau dinasti Lim Kit Siang. Tinggi tinggi 2 generasi saja. Empayar Manchu tahan lebih 300 tahun. Aku rasa Melayu tak khuatir dengan cakap kamu.

      Empayar Rome jatuh sebab Maharaja Nero main harp, bernyanyi bila Rom terbakar. Empayar Manchu jatuh sebab mereka kuasa asing, asyik digusir penduduk tempatan – Manchuria negara asing sehingga Perang Dunia 2. DiMalaysia, UMNO penduduk tempatan. Tak tahulah PAS, yang cabut lari dari UMNO dulu dan buat parti baru – PAS. Sekarang dibawah ketiak DAP, nampaknya. DAP hampir kesmuanya kaum pendatang, bukan asal tempatan.

  7. Bottom line is ‘winnable candidates’ and do not use ‘re-cycle candidates’. The messages are very clear.

    Those YBs (sendiri faham leh) pls willingly step down gracefully instead of losing an election that might cost BN future.

    • “Recycle candidates” ni = BABI kena baling bontot ayam, kan???

      Lim King Sial, KarpaLIAR Singh, Hadi Bawang, N.Ajis ni semua categori yg sama!

      PR memang tak ada org utk diketengahkan. Balik balik muka reject ni! Lepas tu tambah pulak Mr Bean, Din Puduraya, Si Gagap, BABI’s piglet, BABI’s wife-pimp, King Gangster & Eli Da Porn Queen!

      Aku cukup gembira BABI ni kena lontar dgn bontiot ayam. Boleh digelor Jamratul Bontot Ayam!

  8. cantik sangat zen! orang2 yg tersangat gemar berkongsi bantal dgn dap tapi sayangnya berlainan mimpi. satu mahu memalaysiakan semua, satu mahu ketuanya sj jadi pm16sept & yg satu ni tak tahu nak jadi apa krn asyik beretorik gunakan agama tapi tetap gilakan kuasa…

  9. Lapuran The kata, “Rosmah added that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was “beaming from ear to ear” after hearing the good news.” Buat apa lah dia cakap macam Najib pelahapkan menang dikawasan yang dikata “safe constituencies”. Tolong sikit laki lah, cakap DS Najib terima kasih kpd pengundi cukuplah.

    Pulak dia sibukkan menjawab “criticisms about her recent award from Ankara .. “Some people are saying that it was planned, and they decided to give me the award just because I would be visiting the country,” said the Prime Minister’s wife.

    Tak payah buang masa lah kpd kritik macam itu, Datin Seri. Orang politik, termasuk isteri, mesti bersedia kritik, silap silap ada 5 jari pun orang kata ada 6. Cuba cakap macam mana nak dapatkan Melayu bersatu, supaya tak kena eksploitasi mereka yang ultra kiasu.
    Apa yang isteri PM cakap ada orang dengar sikit.

    • Rosmah is Najib’s Achilles’ heel. I wish somebody would ask her to STFU.

  10. Did someone mention a “dynasty Lee Kuan Yew” in Singapore?

    Strange, as there is no other member of the Lee family, apart from PM Lee Hsien Loong, in the top echelons of the Singapore Cabinet, nor amongst the up-and-coming MPs from the ruling Peoples Action Party. Nor is there any member of the Lee family amongst the “new faces” being introduced by the PAP this time around.

    But seeing where Singapore is now, one could postulate that it’s politics are in the right place. At least, the majority of Singaporeans think so, and so do legions of foreign investors.

    Whereas both the BN and PR coalitions in Malaysia are playing the same old song. Let’s see where the ETP lands up in 10 years time!

    • You are licking the same old Lee Kuan Yew’s balls, m’boy. Do it in Singapore blogs, lah. If there’s any Spore blogs that can allow dissenting views. People keep telling you to do it at Temasik Review or something. But you insist on lciking LKY balls here. Eeerk! Jijik. Sangat kotor lah. Tak muntah ke kamu?

      Tak payah jawab kamu pnuya cakap. Sebab it’s the same old LKY balls you carry. Bahasa Inggeris dynasty pun kamu tak tahu. Tak payah banyak generasi untuk dipanggil dynastylah. Itulah tandanya kamu sangat chunnik.

      You come here repeatedly abusing us by your defending of LKY and spilling out LKY propaganda. You hantam both BN and PR. Glorify only LKY and Singapore. we are also entitled to abuse you every time you do that. Remember that this is a Malaysian blog, old boy.

      • Yes jijik!! especially it a fucking wilting old balls

    • sillyanon

      read this wirte-up about cronyism and nepotism in tiny red dot

      from sons to daughter-in-laws to uncles and cousins – complete with photos

  11. Tahniah PM , TPM dan peminpin peminpin component parti dalam gabungan BN di atas kecermerlangan PRK Merlimau dan Kerdau.

    Di harap di atas sokongan rakyat yang gitu terhadap BN masa kini jangan di ambil ringan kerana kami berharap kerajaan berkonsep 1Malaysia -Rakyat di dahulukan dan Pembangunan di Utamakan.

    Jesteru itu kami berharap Kerajaan BN harus mengambil berat perkara seperti berikut :-
    (1) Membendung dengan serious kenaikan harga barangan keperluan harian yang mendadak.

    (2) Kemasukan perkerja asing terlalu ramai di lihat boleh membawa maasalah sosial kepada penduduk setempat juga keselamatan Negara.

    (3) Jangan berlembut dengan petubuhan haram Hindraf kerajaan harus tegas menjaga keselamatan Negara pertubuhan haram atau NGO yang keterluluan menyuarakan pendapatan dan tindakan yang menyalahi undang undang Negara harus di hukum dengan hukuman setimpal.KDN harus tegas dan jangan lembik kami tak rela…….


  12. “Kemenangan besar yang diperolehi adalah petanda bahawa majoriti rakyat sedar permainan buruk parti pembangkang yang diketuai oleh Anwar seorang peliwat yang diakui sendiri oleh pemimpin2 PAS terutamanya Mat Sabu yang memberi gelaran yang synonym dengan Anwar”.
    Kalau pemimpin2 PAS sendiri tetapi bersekongkol dengan Anuar, ini menunjukkan PAS serupa tak guna seperti Anuar. Bersekongkol merosak & menganiayakan bangsa, agama & negara. Adakah ini parti yang kononnya memperjuangkan Islam?

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