“A doctor in the house” received overwhelming response. It was sold out yesterday. MPH is facing issues how to meet demands.

It is a good problem to have indeed.

Mat King Leather is now retaliating. As Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad put it, “He is a challenging man. He challenges everyone”.

It is so like Mat King Leather to challenge Tun Dr. Mahathir, again this round. So he is coming up with a book immediately. it will be called “A sodomite in the room?”.

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  1. u’ve put a smile on me face 🙂

    • Well, the title is hardly original.

      If memory serves me right, the British author Richard Gordon wrote a series of comic novels on a medical theme, starting with “Doctor in the House” which was first published in 1952 and subsequently made into a movie that starred Brigitte Bardot (oo-la-la!) and the late Dirk Bogarde.

      Maybe, Dr M is a fan of English literature! And, maybe, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    • Dr M has penned “A Doctor in the House”. Lee Kuan Yew has penned “Hard Truths” plus 2 other books.

      I suppose history will decide which man left a lasting legacy.

      But why did Dr M

      – turn on Daim Zainuddin?
      – put the blame on ex-IGP Rahim Noor for a whole slew of stuff?
      – avoid a discussion of the “crooked bridge” with reference to whether or not the government backed down when Singapore threatened to take the matter to the UN and the ICJ?
      – avoid a discussion of why he didn’t back certain parties in Umno who called for cutting off water supplies to Singapore at the height of the bilateral disputes over the water supply agreements?

      • You know what legacy YOU would leave behind, silly anon?

        That of licking Lee Kuan Yew’s balls.

        No need to answer your questions or attempt a dialogue with you. Because you are known to be one track-minded with your tongue on LKY’s balls and strong smell from your foul smelling mouth.

        It’s your bad intent and thick skin face that makes you deplorable and your views totally unacceptable. You are forever out to put Malaysia and its leaders down, Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew’s balls on your tongue. Have you ever read what you wrote all this while?

        You deserve a stronger bashing but I respect BD here.

      • Nono

        Bring it on, brudder!

        The fact of the matter is that on the issue of the “crooked bridge”, it was Mahathir who blinked.

        Ditto when the Umno idiots threatened to play the water card against Singapore.

        And after capital controls and shutting down Clob, it’s the Sing Dollar which is worth 2.39 ringgit and the Singapore stock exchange which is making a multi-billion dollar takeover bid for ASX – the Aussie stock exchange.

        So much for Mahathironomics!

        Go play in the little leagues, brudder!

      • See the silly bugger.

        He has no respect for anybody. Despite people hesitating to bash him strongly out of respect for BD.

        He must be the anarchist and communist type. Keeps on licking LKY’s balls with his so-called economics knowledge. Even thinks he knows better than Tun Dr Mahathir. What a crap and sicko fellow.

        No point to argue with him. He is so hard headed that he thinks he is right when even the economic experts differ in opinion on many economic issues.

        Enough already. He has been shitted in Jebat Must Die and elsewhere. This bloke has no self respect, very thick skinned. Spitted at many times, he still doggedly comes in like a small boy licking LKY’s balls and trying to degrade Malaysian leaders.

        Maybe he had no upbringing. Left by his parents to roam about the pig sty and from time to time picked up pig shit and put it in his mouth, and developed a liking for dirty taste. That’s why he always tries to put down Malaysian leaders.

      • Nono, you should read up on ad hominem. You disregarded Skilgannonn’s questions with the basis that he is “the anarchist, communist type that licks LKY’s balls”. With such approach, your brain stops to consider other facts that may possibly be true and contradict your opinion/belief. If your brain stops, you become stupid. If everyone is like this, then it’s no wonder that Malaysia is full of stupids.

      • syockit

        You are already stupid, period.

      • sillyanon

        how about facing this hard truth eh?

        “If you don’t include your women graduates in your breeding pool and leave them on the shelf, you would end up a more stupid society. So what happens?”

        “There will be fewer bright people to support dumb people in the next generation. That’s a problem.”

        -harry lee From National Day Rally 1983

        By insisting that the best are offsprings of the best, meritocracy becomes a twisted version of monarchy and nepotism, since the best will inherit the best.

        However, a perfect slap to MM Lee’s face was when his grandson was born a slightly autistic albino. The child’s mother, Wong Ming Yang, allegedly died of heart attack, and the husband, current PM Lee, remarried to current Temasek Holdings CEO Ho Ching. That’s the official version.

        The word on the street (however untrue it may be) is that Wong Ming Yang committed suicide because MM Lee was unhappy that she gave birth to a son that was obviously not going to be ‘the best’, and made PM Lee remarry a fast-rising civil servant for power.

      • ray

        Don’t know what you have been smoking, but the fact that LKY has an albino grandson has never been concealed.

        “Word on the street”? There are plenty of such words about VIPs and VVIPs in Malaysia!


        Instead of puerile humour and verbal diarrhea, how about answering the specific questions I raised?

        Here’s just 2 questions:

        – why is the Sing Dollar worth 2.38 ringgit, when Singapore has no oil, palm oil or rubber?
        – what is the total market capitalisation of listed companies on the Singapore Exchange SGX compared with the total market cap of listed companies on Bursa Malaysia?

        Seems to me that the “orphan state” created in 1965 is doing pretty damn good!

        As any number of banks, financial institutions and MNCs can attest to.

      • haiya sillyanon

        not again, you are famous for missing the point of debate, silly

        let me reiterate – harry is WRONG on account “By insisting that the best are offsprings of the best”. Two elite graduates produced a “substandard” offspring??

        So don’t deviate from the POINT of debate – that’s harry’s brand of HARD truth, yeah? and tougher for him to swallow eh??

        as for your “broken record” of repeating the exchange rate, perhaps you should be prepared to finally acknowledge that the CHINESE Indonesian economic criminals brought in loads of rupiah into temasek banks.

        the red dot also got water, sand, etc from their neighbour on the CHEAP and sometimes on the sly as in illegal mining of sand.

        oh how about the now-resented bank secrecy laws that protect illegal money being parked in singapore banks – some super FILTHY rich tycoons all over the world are escaping paying taxes in their own countries and lo and behold found a safe haven in your dear little red dot.

        Does that help to explain the rise of an impoverished little island to first world city state?

        and we do wonder why the brightest of the lot chose to migrate not to china but to white countries – a case of banana ramas?

        Yellow on the outside but artificially white on the inside…. pathetic really

      • ray

        Your ignorance beggars belief

        – Interpol has set up it’s Global Complex in Singapore from where it will coordinate interactions with national police forces across the Asia-Pacific region. Would Interpol have done so if Singapore is a haven for criminals and tax dodgers?
        – Singapore is on the OECD “white list”. Go check out what that means.
        – exchange rates are in the public domain. Deal with it.
        – ditto for FDI statistics and various competitiveness rankings.

        As for LKY’s opinions on graduate mothers, it may be controversial, but the key point he was trying to get across is that better-educated parents are better able to give their children a headstart in life. Do you think that the situation is any different in Malaysia?

        And it is a fact that graduates tend to mix with, and marry, other graduates. Deal with it.

        The point that a good education results in upward social mobility has never been disputed. It has been shown time and again in Singapore.

        Which is why I posted in the Rockybru blog that the idiots in Hindraf are wasting their time in street demonstrations and playing to the gallery, when they would be better employed persuading lower-income Malaysian Indian parents to make sure that their children get the best possible education they can.

      • Dr M had to eat humble pie when he couldn’t get his way with the water agreements with Singapore. Something that still rankles him, apparently.

        As for the “crooked bridge” – 2 words: Merong Mahawangsa.



  4. Kikikik….that’s a good one Bro. No DNA proof is required.

  5. “So do might” 🙂

  6. Anwar isnt like Mahathir. Mahathir uses simple words to get his message thru. Anwar uses big and unusual words like “asian renaissance”, “kebobrokan” or some shit like that. He’s gonna call his book “anal stimulator in the witness stand”.


  8. guys, you are taking this too much…

    probably “A Malay studies dropout in the house” is better…

    kesian la nuar, kalau ada perkataan sodomite tu mcm mana nak jual buku derrr…

    • Boleh laku banyak diUS, brader. Di California, dia bole kawin dengan fellow sodomite.

      Di Sodom and Gomorrah pun boleh, kot. Except those 2 ancient towns have been ruined. Some people say it’s because the residents there practised sodomy in ancient times. And God punished them to ruins. In fact, the word sodomy came from the ancient town Sodom.

      In Malaysia there’s a kampong called Anwaril. It’s located in Sungai Buluh.

  9. Have “Gun” Will Travel: The Memoirs of Mat King Leather

  10. Try the title A PLUNGE OF NO RETURN.

    Plunge into his driver etc (Sodomy I), into Saiful (Sodomy II), into unseating Tun Dr Mahathir …

    No return to even DPM post, let alone PM candidacy.

    Only possible return – to prison.

  11. ‘AIR DALAM LUBANG’…. grad malay studies dan pejuang bahasa..mesti bigorafi dalam BM.

  12. “Anal stimulator in the witness stand”

  13. The title should be “house of the rising sun”

    I do hope mat leather will sue mahathir and more truth will be exposed in the court.

  14. Or, he can write a cook book, with all the recipes of all the kunyits in the world… Hahahaha….

  15. What will be “rising” I wonder, buragas. Anwar’s thing that did on that fateful day for which he is now in court?

    What “truth” are you talking about? Say something lah, not just casting aspersion on the old man in a hit and run sort of manner.

    And when you do, give some facts, figures, data or authoritative sources of your information, lah. Then you don’t sound gatal – kena gigit agas!

    • I will say what I want to say.

      I don’t need to give my DNA or proof.

      so what will you say, Abu?

      • Who wants your DNA, buragas. But they want Anwar’s DNA. Because dia main belakang. Orang Malaysia tak buat macam omputih diCalifornia. And he is a Muslim, for God’s sake.

        TDM said in his new book that the fellow even wanted to have sex with four women. What a bloke!

      • A good example of a retaliation, Mr Abu.

        so be it.


  17. Tun’s book sold out, at a hundred a pop.. Anwar’s probably given for free,,, most would end up as toilet paper, LOL.. wonder if Nicky ajis can match Tun’s book sales?

    • Nicky won’t even finish Chapter One. He’ll get confused if he is a Malay. Then he’ll scream Tuhan mencarut!

  18. Heh, heh – and Mahathir criticised Daim Zainuddin as being “too close to Lee Kuan Yew”.

    Is this the same Daim that Mahathir personally entrusted to negotiate with LKY about the KTM railway lands in Singapore, which resulted in the famous “POA – Points of Agreement”?

    So, a possible falling-out between Mahathir and his erstwhile trusted buddy Daim?

    • What are you trying to say, small boy? Just laughing at “a possible falling out” between Mahathir & Daim?

      There are many instances of falling out among PAP leaders of Singapore lah. No point for us Malaysians to laugh at Singapore leaders. Not worth it.

      Singapore is only an island state, man, Mahathir said Lee Kuan Yew was just running a municipality! Why you keep bragging about LKY and Singapore? You really a small boy with a small brain lah.

      • Oi, Abu – go research growth in per capita incomes and GDPs in Malaysia and Singapore over the period 1965-2010 and edify us with the details.

        Or, to be more specific, the growth in per capita incomes in Malaysia during Mahathir’s tenure as PM and in Singapore during LKY’s tenure as PM.

        Wassamatter, afraid that the specifics will reveal that the good Doctor was found wanting in economic management versus the Cambridge-trained lawyer?

      • Apparently Abu has gone MIA when asked about hard economic facts.

        Par for the course for these idiots!

    • Well can’t beat PAP’s teh cheang wan’s suicide as an honourable oriental gentleman??

      He was investigated for corruption by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau for accepting two bribes of $500,000 each in 1981 and 1982. In November 1986, the prime minister of Singapore approved an open investigation on his alleged corruption, however, the papers were issued to the Attorney-General on December 11. Though he maintained his innocence, he committed suicide before being charged for the offences, on December 14.[1][2]

      In his suicide note, Teh wrote

      I have been feeling very sad and depressed for the last two weeks. I feel responsible for the occurrence of this unfortunate incident and I feel I should accept full responsibility. As an honourable oriental gentleman I feel it is only right that I should pay the highest penalty for my mistake.[3]

      As a result of the suicide, the Attorney-General could not proceed with the charges. However, there was a subsequent investigation into the matter as a result of allegation of Chiam See Tong, the opposition MP, that there were unanswered questions into the whole episode. In December 1987, the findings of the Commission of Inquiry were presented to the President of Singapore, however, they were not released to the public till the end the year.[4]

      • Hey, ray – what’s all this about Merong Mahawangsa, Yahya Jalil, Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, the late Megat Junid Megat Ayob and an alleged letter from the EPU in 1998 about the “crooked bridge” project? It was reported in the media very recently.

        And the figure of RM600 million or 640 million that is being tossed about in the public domain?

        Wah, lau – no open tender, apparently, izzit?

        Quick, MACC – where are you when you are needed?

        And when Singapore objected to the “crooked bridge”, why no official protest from Wisma Putra? The Doctor wasn’t in the House then?

      • aiyoyo

        once again – the point of debate is this PERPETUAL claim that PAP is whiter than white

        even FAB and BREEZE pun kalah lah

        The white attire is purely perception manipulation – coz so many govt employees including police high ranking officials were found guilty of power abuse and corruption

        as for the charitable bodies like NKF, Ren Ci, Red Cross, even pastors were charged for corruption – I guess money makes the world in red dot goes round …

      • ray

        Aiyoh, why u so shy to comment about “Merong Mahawangsa”?

        Ebelione also know who got involved in the “crooked bridge” project. So many names already disclosed in the law suit.

        Public tenders? Open tenders? Bollocks!

        At least, in Singapore, the NKF and Ren Ci scandals were investigated and prosecuted in open court.

      • Hooray

        Phew!! finally sillyanon admits that the red dot is indeed FAR from perfect, heh heh …

        Can’t wait for the UN human rights report to be released in mid 2011 – more revealing stuff for digestion

        Can’t wait too for election results – to see if harry’s comments about Islam as an obstacle to integration will have damaging impact to whiter than white pap.

  19. Hey very nice blog!!. yea nice Work 😉 tremendous great.

  20. ” …. his grandson was born a slightly autistic albino….”

    haiyya apa maciam ini bole happen? apa maciam bright people begets dumb ones?

    ini summa tuan ala punya kilija. One who meddles with “nature” … nature kasi hantam lia punya muka.

  21. A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE. A stringed jewel beads everyone proudly wears around his neck.

    I wish someone would come out with “A SODOMITE IN THE LOCKER”

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