Don’t kill the messenger

Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s band-of-bandits are really out on a witch-hunt to get this mysterious and elusive ‘Datuk T’, the person who came across the video recording of the one-time-abuse-of-power-convict having sex with a Chinese woman and now purportedly been showing the same video to selected media professionals and privilieged individuals such as PKR MP for Sg Petani YB Johari Abdul.

Not enough issuing two media conferences on this and having a Police report made at Dang Wangi Police HQ yesterday, he is getting his own band-of-bandits looking around very actively for this man. ‘Datuk T’ was said to was in direct contact with Anwar on Monday, the day of reckoning at Carcosa.

Late this morning, information via sms and social media already revealed the identity of ‘Datuk T’. Whether is true who they think ‘Datuk T’ is actually and practically not as important to what he knows and what evidence has got.

The fact still remain, the focus should be on the video and the person being recorded in the video. Not about the messenger. ‘Datuk T’ is just a messenger. And he is carrying a very important message. For someone who knows Anwar very well, he felt that what ever he knows about the man should be told.

What ‘Datuk T’ knows and what he has got in his possession is something that second-time-sodomite-accused Anwar Ibrahim is very interested in and very afraid of. This new case got the Anwar-household in tospy turvy. The appearance of Wan Azizah Ismail in the media conference in PKR HQ on Monday clearly illustrated that she is upset. At the Dang Wangi Police HQ, her expression of utmost upset could no longer be disguised.

The wholeworld  can deal with ‘Datuk T’ later. But for now, it is all about Anwar. He is now undergoing a sexual crime trial under Section 377B which carry a maximum penalty of 20 years prison. If this video is true, then Anwar should also be investigated for procuring the services of sex worker for immoral activities. If she is an illegal alien, then Anwar also could be investigated for consorting with someone who is probably overstayed her visa.

The truth is uncovering really fast. The end is very near. For Anwar who has shown to be very disturbed by this, we have a simple message for him: Be very afraid!


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  1. For whatever it worth, true or otherwise, Wan Azizah is best advise to go for blood test against STD, even HIV. Better err on the safe side ma’am.

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