The compulsive liar

Some Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s sympathisers if not supporters charge us here in BigDogDotCom for wrongfully calling  him a ‘LIAR’. We are convinced by this. In fact, we are convinced that he is a liar since a long time ago (when he was just about to assume the Deputy Premiership December 1993).

However, don’t take our word for it. Judge for yourselves. Here, we post two video clippings on how he played the ‘victim’ versus when he blatantly victimised someone else, indiscriminately.

He used the word “Khabar angin” and “No shred of evidence”, phrases “You have a political agenda, jangan expense character assasination and gutter politics. Its a scurrilous attack on people’s character. This is totally unethical, immoral and unacceptable”.

Now compare this with a Bukit Selambau by-election campaign, almost two years ago.

Pot calling the kettle black are we?

Or more of a ‘compulsive liar’, at best….

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  1. Why pick him as opposition leader,,becos he’s the perfect wedge!

    • To wedge the Malays from being united…but looks like it wont be for long now.

      By the will of ALLAH united Malays may become easier after this.

  2. BD

    talking about the hot video.

    normally The Spa with extra service @ china doll, in semenanjung normally they are owned by the chainis, linked either to MCA or DAP in order to get some protection from the authority.

    in this case, I wonder which connection do the owner have? MCA or DAP.

    Either one, both party plus the SPA owner will benefit from the video if anwar became a PM one day.

    If, I say.

    but unfortunately Eskay found them first.

  3. Orang Melayu kata…..cakap tak serupa bikin….he never use his brain…only his ass and mouth!!

  4. bercakap sedap ikut mulut ngn anu dia sj..maklumlah..
    ANUgerah tuhan ikut bible bahasa melayu yg depa sokong!
    aku harap orang2 bukit selambau yg dengaq dia berceramah 3 tahun dulu tu sedaq la betapa busuknya manusia bernama anwar ibrahim ni…kalau dia tak kena pecat dulu, semua kegiatan gay di malaysia ni jadi lumrah la jawabnya! tu yg dia ndak sgt! pluralisme pun bercambah, ikut suka dlm satu keluarga nak jadi agama apa pun, ikut suka nak tukaq2 pahaman bila2 masa serupa di indonesia…sat kata ikut buddha, sat lagi jadi hindu, lepaih tu ikut Islam sat, last2 jadi kristian!

    ingat ka dak ka breory marantika? masa dia menikah anita sarawak, dia jadi apa? lepaih tu dia jadi apa plak? nak buat macam mana, depa ada banyak pilihan…

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