Mat King Leather is really desperate this time

In the wake of the much sensationalised and now highly controversial sex-video-scandal allegedly involving Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim, China Press journalist discovered that the former abuse-of-power-convict were not not tweeting within the period of the said sex act caught on tape.

However, PKR Chief Strategist Mohd. Rafizi Salim is claiming otherwise, where Anwar tweeted nine times between 10.40pm and 10.08pm, without corresponding two minute delay recorded in his Facebook.

The Star report:

Sunday March 27, 2011

Stop crying conspiracy and clear the air, Jenapala tells Anwar

PETALING JAYA: The whereabouts of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at the time a sex video involving a man resembling him was being recorded has become a fresh talking point. 

A PKR official yesterday e-mailed to the press copies of Anwar’sFacebook fan pages showing his Twitter entries during the time in question as proof that the Opposition Leader could not have been the man involved in the recording.

The video was purportedly made betweeen 10.23pm and 11.39pm on Feb 21, and according to PKR strategic director Mohd Rafizi Ramli, Anwar had sent nine tweets to his Facebook account in response to tweets from his fans during that period.

However, former PKR secretary-general P. Jenapala has called on Anwar to respond to reports that there was no proof that he had actually tweeted during the time.

He said anyone could have updated Anwar’s Facebook account on his behalf.

“There is no evidence in Anwar’s Twitter account that he had sent out any tweet during the period when the recording was made,” claimed Jenapala, who is now Indian Justice Party pro-tem committee chairman.

He said the Opposition Leader should stop giving lame excuses as he “could not fool all the people all the time”.

“Media members have done their own research and found no tweet from Anwar during that period,” said Jenapala.

China Press had reported that Anwar’s Twitter account showed that he tweeted at 9.20pm and again at 11.39pm on Feb 21.

There was no indication of him tweeting in between that period.

Rafizi in his statement said the nine tweets proved that Anwar was at home at the time of the recording.

“Even if the Twitter entries in Facebook are to be delayed, the delay by the Selective Tweets service would only be about two minutes,” he said, adding that Anwar had tweeted between 10.40pm and 11.08pm that night.

Jenapala said Anwar should quit and clear the air first and urged him to cooperate with the police.

He also called on Anwar to stop crying conspiracy to win the battle of perception.

“If the government is conspiring to finish Anwar off, they do not have to resort to dirty tactics,” he said.

“The government could have easily deregistered the party using all the complaints lodged with the ROS (Registrar of Society).”


NST also reported the same story:

Anwar coy over Twitter, Facebook accounts claim

By Adie Suri Zulkefli

Read more: Anwar coy over Twitter, Facebook accounts claim

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is now at the centre of a controversial sex video, was non-committal when asked to comment on media reports yesterday that disputed his earlier claim that he was at home updating his social networks accounts when the video was recorded.The Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader said: “No, I am not going to reply to that question, but I am questioning why the people who were behind the video were not arrested,” he said after attending a high-tea function organised by Permatang Pasir Pas assemblyman Mohd Salleh Man yesterday.

He alleged that the police’s decision not to detain former Malacca chief minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik and businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, who had earlier admitted to being responsible for the emergence of the sex video, demonstrated that it was all a political ploy to smear him.
The third person linked to the video was Perkasa treasurer Datuk Shuib Lazim.

Anwar also denied reports that his wife, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail, had asked for a copy of the video as claimed by Shazryl.

“She has never seen a smut video all her life and she has reiterated that she is not interested in watching it,” he said.
Earlier, in his speech, Anwar denied that he was the person in the video. He said his family was standing firmly behind him in facing what he described as a continuous campaign to cast doubts on his reputation.

It was reported earlier that Anwar had claimed he was at home at the time of the recording — between 10.23am and 10.45pm on Feb 21 — and the proof was that he had updated his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

But the opposition leader’s alibi was challenged the next day when China Press published a story stating otherwise.
A reporter from the daily, who helped in the translation of the Chinese-language daily, said its reporter found proof to refute Anwar’s claims.

She said a reporter found no tweets or Facebook updates made by Anwar during the alleged time.

Checks by the newspaper on Anwar’s Twitter account on that same date found only two tweets at 9.20pm and 11.39pm. Checks on Anwar’s Facebook fan page showed the nearest entries at 10.40pm and 10.49pm.

In a statement yesterday, Pakatan Rakyat refuted reports saying that there were no tweets or Facebook updates made by Anwar when the alleged sex video of him was recorded.

Pakatan strategy director Mohd Rafizi Ramli issued time-stamped entries Anwar made in Facebook and Twitter.

Rafizi said what was updated in Facebook was two minutes later from the actual time of update in Anwar’s Twitter account due to the use of the “selective tweets” service.

“Based on the attached timeline, he (Anwar) sent nine messages to his Twitter account between 10.38pm and 11.06pm,” he said.

“All reports so far, made by those who watched the video, did not mention that the man in the video was holding a mobile phone and tweeting while doing what he was doing.”


Is that all PKR office bearers and Chief Strategist could come up with, pinning his entire innocence on socia-lmedia apps of Twitter and Facebook postings? More over, no one who viewed the most sought after porn-flick in the country mentioned that the ‘star’ was ever holding his mobile phone, let alone near an iPad,  notebook and most of all, a desk-top personal computer.

So if Mat King Leather was busy getting a felatio and a ‘friendly-little-shag’, it means that it is not possible that it was him as there were tweet postings in that tight one-third-of-an-hour window?

The truth is that, tweets and Facebook-linked-tweet postings could be done by someone else. The person would not need to be in the same building or vicinity for that matter. Someone who had access to his Twitter account could have made the posting elsewhere. Hence, its Rafizi’s onus now to prove that the posting was made from Mat King Leather’s mobile phone or iPad.

Another damning point is that why is all these talk about PKR President and dotting wife of Mat King Leather, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail did not come out to express her desire not to watch the video but instead other persons, especially the accused is speaking on her behalf. Even if it is argued that she did tweet that she has no intention to watch the video which allegedly portrayed her husband as the ‘star’ actor in the much sought after porn-flick, it actually came 24 hours later instead of instantly when she decided that she is not interested. Especially when Dato’ Eskay announced that he was in direct contact with her and she was interested to see the evidence herself.

Before this, streams of sms messages where shot from PKR Leaders and supporters claiming that Anwar’s Omega watch is in Wan Azizah’s possession all along. Anwar himself claimed that the watch, which supposedly an important evidence produced by Eskay, is with his wife. However, Wan Azizah herself did not come out in the open, like in a media conference, to state this claim.

PKR MP Johari Abdul who was one of the privileged to have watch the video and was initially said to be convinced that his Boss is the ‘star’ actor but later refuted it, is now going around telling people that in the name of God he did not think the ‘star actor’ is Mat King Leather. If he is so convinced by it, as a Muslim, why isn’t he willing to swear by Allah’s name holding the Al Quran in a mosque infront of an imam as how Saiful Bukhari Azlan did, on 15 August 2008?

Johari of all people, should know that in Islam slander (fitnah) is far worse than murder and his swear-oath (sumpah laknat) could turn the perception around about his Boss.

The ‘wayang‘ now is back at the Drama King’s court. The desperation is similar like in previous attempts to lie; arsenic poisoning, injection with HIV infested needles and the most dramatic of all, running away to Turkish Embassy fearing for his life the moment Saiful Bukhari Azlan lodged a Police report against him.

Malaysians are really tired. Please stop this ‘wayang‘. Mat King Leather has now literally and graphically been caught with his pants down!


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  1. “onus now to prove that the posting was made from Mat King Leather’s mobile phone or iPad.”

    I believe the onus is on the authority to proof whether he is guilty or not.

    “she decided that she is not interested”

    Don’t worry. Many Malaysians are interested. Upload the damn video now!

    • Why? Just to satisfy sordid Anwarista-hopefuls like yourself that Mat King Leather is not an evil person that he is said to be?

      Many Malaysians are already convinced that Anwar is really bad and he is a COMPULSIVE LIAR!

      20% of his own MPs already proven to turn their back against him. There are streams of PKR Leaders incl two former Deputy Presidents, Vice Presidents, Sec Gens, Treasurer and CWC members already turned their back against him. Everyweek, an average stream of 300 members leave the party.

      So do the math.

      • “Why? Just to satisfy sordid Anwarista-hopefuls like yourself that Mat King Leather is not an evil person that he is said to be?”

        Nope. I want to see for myself how ‘evil’ he is. Upload la wei…

      • We won’t do it just becoz you want it. Who the hell are you to demand????

      • I’m not the only one demanding to see the video. Many people, including pro-BN supporters would like to see as well. Upload the wei. Janganlah kedut. Janganlah share dengan kawan-kawan dia saja. Do it la like CSL’s case. Upload on the Internet and burn them into CDs/DVDs and then distribute them. Guarantee selling like hot cakes and the ‘star’ will definitely announce his resignation in no time. Come on, I thought this is wat you guys are trying to achieve. Do it now. Its already 1 week…Deadline is over.

      • What dead-line????

      • The 1 week deadline given by Datuk ‘T’ for Anwar and his wife to resign? Otherwise, he will release the video to some NGOs, etc???

      • When ‘Datuk T’ gave that ultimatum, there was no Police investigation yet. Now its different.

      • Oh come on. You gotta be kidding me.Since when BN is so afraid of the law. I thought they are the law?

  2. I pity Wan Azizah.. Most women have two mouths, she hardly use one of her mouth. And if she needs to speak, she uses Anwar’s mouth. Pity

  3. The ‘PKR War’ Room must be pretty busy at the moment. There’s a lot of ‘theater’s of war’ needed to be dealt with.

    The on going war’s, the presence and future conflicts will keep the PKRs war Generals on the move. A lots of strategy and planning hafta to be upgrade or update.

    Another option is those ‘Generals’ will always have the choice of quiting. Either they are worn-out or simply lost the motivational cause of it,thou.

    Just like their former ex-Generals and ex-Lieutenants who abandon the cause due to ..what reason it may be..!!

    Wanna to see who will be next exiting the War-Room and the war itself.

  4. A copy should b gven to Jijah. She is the only legal tender who could identify Leather’s dick., or any of his unique spot. But… Jijah is mau tapi malu type one lah!! Shusyah lah macam ini.

    Atau upload aja lah. Peduli apa dengan mahkamah. Sekarang pun Mat leather round the world … bukan saja contempt of court…. tapi bapak segala contempt!! AG tak kata apa pun…!!!


  5. Tak mau cakap ini macam lah. Kita semua ada bikin dosa juga. Ini macam kalu semua mau masuk penjara lah, aiyah, kutuk maut pun tarak bagus, kutuk siang pun ada faedah juga. Tak kan tenake pulak ini macam semua bikin kalu semua pun ada salah tapi semua mau cakap satu orang sudah bikin salah. Ada orang sana dekat Muar pun ada bikin blue filem jugak tapi sekarang dia pangkat lagi tinggi loh, semua orang pun tarak keriau macam sikarang. Kadang-kadang pun kita sendiri mau ingat juga siapa bikin salah kah atau siapa sudah kena sangkut kah, itu macam. Saya pun harapan semua cakap tiau mesti mau bertaubat kan ? Terima kasih.

  6. dia ada backstroke itu chinese whore kah?

  7. BD

    LUpakan anwar seketika. Pls get bloggers to ask RTM and all government media to focus immediately on radition exposure effects now coming to our shores. IF Singapore and Thai are exposed we are not kebal , we are exposed too. Where is the info, alert and caution from the govenrment and private sector – the poisoning of blood streams and genes from radia active exposure. Food arriving from japan to Spore and Thailand are already discovered to contain high radiation level.

    The public deserves to be told what to do, how to avoid and what can be done if in contact. The effect of being in contact with food, items , people who are exposed to radiation. Is it life threatening, how etc. Nelayan shoudld be warned – sea life, fish etc will eb affected what can they do. Imports- clothes, spare parts , automation vehicles, cameras computers etc- coming from japan will be epxosed. What can the people do – they cant all have radio active detectors- who si in charge in the front line to make sure, childrene sp are protected. In a months time there will be massive shortage of whatever comes from japan- the people must be prepare, supermarkets shoudld remove food items from japan- china- taiwan- korea – yesterday! And soon – hong kong.

    We must also be prepared because of our own lembabness- Sinagpore, China and Thailand will quietly try to pass their rejected products from japan on the cheap to Malaysia.

    THere’s nothing more to be done with anwar. He’s committed zina, he didnt commite a crime. His sin is with his god,his wife, his family and the people who trusted him. If they so choose to accept his sin, there’s nothign more to do but expose him to the whole country as a liar a penzina, who is not fit to lead. He has betrayed people who trsuted him , that makes him a terrible liar. You cant charge a liar, an audlterer, a sex addict and a homoliar as a criminal.
    Cut the chase and expose the tape. But go back to basics and wake up rtm and all government and private media and the minister in charge ,that there are large issues regarding peoples lives and safety, childrens future thats being neglected.

  8. Look like you all people getting desperate, anwar will sleep well

  9. […] There is not much option left. PKR Leaders such as Tian Chua in his tweets as the judge was reading out the judgment of as the prosecution already closed their was questioning the semen taken from the victim’s anal cavity and DNA that were adduced as evidence in the trial. The PKR Adviser’s desperation is obvious. […]

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