The agenda of minority playing the majority role

The Star being a supporter if not an advocate of Chinese Chauvinism agenda is very apparent this morning. In the reporting on the Sarawak 10th State Elections, they are bent on highlighting the DAP’s agenda for the Chinese as the minority in the state.

Friday April 8, 2011

Rocket aims for a lofty target


The massive crowds at DAP’s first night ceramah in Kuching, Sibu and Miri may be a signal of a Chinese tsunami for Sarawak.

IT was the tiniest makeshift stage that most people had ever seen and if DAP leader Lim Guan Eng had held up his arms, he could have easily touched the aluminium roof.

But the crowd that stretched out before the Penang Chief Minister was the biggest the party had ever experienced for a first night ceramah in any election.

Even Tony Pua, the party’s national point man for the Kuching campaign, was surprised at the response. They knew the Chinese in Sarawak were restless but they had not expected this boiling point kind of sentiment.

And it was not just in Kuching. Pua showed some reporters images from his BlackBerry which his counterpart in Miri had sent over –the scene at an ongoing ceramah there was just as packed. It was the same in Sibu where DAP hopes to make the most gains.

DAP has been in Sarawak for years but its leaders have never seen anything like this. It looks like the DAP rocket is about to shoot really high in Sarawak as the Chinese prepare to send their clearest ever signal to the Taib Mahmud regime.

The Chinese like to say that one’s ears tend to itch when people talk about you. If that is true, then Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud’s ears could be itching like crazy over the next week.

The Chief Minister is the top ceramah topic for DAP and Lim’s oratory is peppered with mentions of Bai Mao, the Mandarin term for his snowy-white hair. In Kuching, where the Hokkiens are the majority, he is known as Peh Moh.

Lim is a star over here. His Johor style Hokkien sounds stilted in Penang but it fits right in with the Hokkien spoken here. He has clearly overtaken his father as an orator and his status lends him clout.

When he goes on stage, it is about one Chief Minister going for another Chief Minister. He does not have much to boast about as yet, but his state government is certainly nowhere as controversial as Taib’s.

DAP has only 15 candidates in the polls. Their average age is only 39 compared to SUPP whose candidates average out to 57.

But the fight between DAP and SUPP is not going to be about age, experience or credentials. These are key criteria in ordinary times but these are extraordinary times in Sarawak.

The urban contest is primarily about who dares to speak up, question state policies and most of all stand up to Bai Mao.

For instance, Pending incumbent Violet Yong shot to fame when she was suspended from the State Assembly for raising issues about land acquisition.

Few thought the pint-sized lawyer could take the heat when she won in 2006. But she is a star today, and definitely, the YB with the best hair because she never seems to have a bad hair day.

Yong is now facing Dr Sim Hui Hian, a brainy but awkward-looking cardiologist who is well-known in the capital.

Dr Sim is the sort of candidate that any party would love to have but he is fighting someone who has stood up to the powers-that-be and he will have to convince the voters he can do the same. That is what every SUPP man facing a DAP candidate is up against.

SUPP had the highest percentage of new faces among the Barisan component parties. But it is also the only Barisan party without a single woman among its 19 candidates. Having a woman in the line-up can lend a party a more contemporary image.

DAP has three women candidates – Yong and newcomer Christina Chiew in Kuching and the demure and sweet-looking Alice Lau in Sibu.

Alice’s candidature is a sign of the times. The Australian graduate is with DAP while her father Datuk Lau Cheng Kiong is a local strongman of SPDP, a Barisan component. He is also chairman of the Sibu United Chinese Association which makes him a big man in the local community.

Reporters in Sibu have been quite gaga over Alice, 29, and had asked her opponent and incumbent Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh, 69, how he felt about having to take on a sweet young thing.

But Wong is a smoothie and his tongue-in-cheek reply was: “No problem, I’m also quite handsome.”

Elections have often been about the economy, the economy and the economy. But in Sarawak, it seems to be about Taib, Taib and Taib.

Even the ceramah site was just a stone’s throw from the Titanium commercial complex which belongs to one of Taib’s sons. It is not fully operational but it has become a symbol of the way Kuching folk feel about the business interests of Taib’s family.

Every other person seems knowledgeable about how Titanium secured a multi-million ringgit contract to replace some 300 bridges in the state.

For instance, the crowd loved it when Lim gave the Wonder Girls song his own twist, singing, “nobody, nobody but you … no money, no money for you.”

Posters with catchy phrases like “Bai Mao bu tao, ren min chi cao” (if Taib won’t go, the people will eat grass) have gone up in town.

The DAP is tapping big time into the Chinese discontent.


Why is The Star pandering on the Chinese minority’s agenda playing their card as of they are the majority?

The Star being an unofficial arm of the Chinese political voice which is propegated by MCA should be playing to Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s ‘1 Malaysia’ agenda of unity, coming as one and harnessing the best from each societies and communities, instead of allowing the Chinese Chauvinism flavoured reporting in favour of the DAP.

The DAP in their borderline anti-Malay agenda has shown to be counter productive to the bigger agenda of moving Malaysia forward.

BN Sarawak 2011's Manifesto launched in Sibu

The Star instead should do a full blown analysis on Sarawak 2011 BN’s Manifesto, which focused on developmental economics and giving a special attention on SCORE as a tool of making Sarawak a high income state and Sarawakians high income earners across the board by 2030, if not a major contributor to the Federal Government New Economic Model and Economic Transformation Plan fully realised and succesful.

Group Editor in Chief Dato’ Sri Wong Chun Wai must be responsible for this. Unless, MCA President Dato’ Sri Dr Chua Soi Lek is ‘condoning’ if not deliberately ‘allowing’ the ‘systematic backstabbing’ of Barisan Nasional, reflected here in Sarawak. Suspiciously, The Star is simply realising fully their commercialisation of media with this sordid agenda to pander for the Chinese readership. after all, the ADEX cartel is very a Chinese cartel game and The Star already immensely benefited from this prime position in print advertising market.

As the cliche’ goes, “Cash is King”. BN Leadership should really watch these spaces very carefully.


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  1. kah kah kah kah!

    wo bu ai rosmah!

    kah kah kah!


    freedom of expression what!

    • Been quiet for a while merajuk so’alan tak berjawab but can’t resist coming in on a good post like the above and to hit against childish laughter and stupid “freedom of expression” comment above.

      This kind of blokes who make no contribution at all to the discussion at hand, spoil readers’ mood when reading them must be abhorred and spitted against from time to time.

      Now going to reply some of the other non childish but demented and warped thinking comments below.

  2. why they felt they are threatened??? as far as i know, they (the chinese so called minority) conquered almost all the economy in sarawak…what do they want now??? why whine?? well, as what as our brother comment above…it is freedom of expression………..

    • ummm and Taib is the richest Sarawaken?

    • Sarawak Communist Terrorist Pigs were also Chinese!

      Now, the Min Yuens are bringing the same sentiments that these CT Pigs promoted over 30 years ago, in the form of democracy????

      FUCK THEM ALL!!!!!

      • Thank you for your comments.

        Yes, you very right! The DAP today is and behaves exactly like the Min Yuens. The only difference is, they are more refined and educated. Since the weak leadership of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, they have become very bold and aggressive in antagonising the system and Malays.

        Never the less, they are realising the same agenda and objective that what CPM wanted to do; take this Tanah Melayu by force. Chaos, if they have to. They don’t mind taking over after the nation is half burnt because of chaos they created.

        That is why DAP strategy have been focused on demonising the Police, Judiciary, MACC and other law enforcement agencies and authorities, particularly controlled by the Malays.

        You are accurate in your comments. Malaysians, which include Non Malays who love this country and treasure the stability, harmony and the progress that came with that must come to realise that DAP is bad for Malaysia and they must be rejected vehemently.

        No two ways about that.

      • Not criticizing these QED and BD replies but instead want to support fully what they say.

        The DAP is just plain chauvinistic, racist, subversive and ultra kiasu. Their role in the 13 Mei 1969 riots was clear, documented here and there, to the extent they became guilty conscious, not wanting the date to be celebrated or even remembered as a reminder to future generations, not wanting History be made a compulsory in schools.

        They are subversive because the so-called malaysian malaysia slogan subverts Article 153 of the Constitution on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. They can speak for equality only when taking into account of that Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. The Constitution was approved by Parliament twice, once at Merdeka another at the formation of Malaysia. Those who do not respect and live by the Constitution of the country, should pack up and go to countries whose constitution they can respect.

        Alas, the nature of these DAP goons is like the Hai San and Ghee Hin thugs and gangsters of old. The DAP strategy has always been to hit at anything Malay or majority Malay – the Police, MACC, the Military, the Civil Service. The aim is to create instability, alarm and despondency, like the bloody communists terrorists did. Like communists everywhere (not many exist now), they will exploit each and every possible situation, politicize each and every possible event, believing that they can thrive through instability and chaos. They are, in fact, anarchists as well.

        And the record says that Lim Kit Siang/ DAP has been calling for the bloody communist terrorist leader Chin Peng be allowed to enter Malaysia – “enter” because the bloke is not a citizen. Eminent historian Professor Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim has checked the official records and verified that the man is not a citizen. The traitor and murderer of many thousands Malayans and Malaysians must not be allowed to enter this country. DAP must not be allowed speaking for the traitor without being hit back. DAP will bring untold harm to Sarawak and Malaysia if voted in to rule. Never.

    • Totally agree with what you say, we have a freedom to express our side and opinion about the matter so say everything we want and let others know what we have inside.

  3. Why does Utusan pander to racist Malay sentiments?

    • Utusan Melayu is the media which advocated the nationalism spirit that brought upon the Kemerdekaan. It was and still is the voice of the majority.

      DAPigs on the other hand is a new age ‘Min Yuen’, the minority which tried to take control of the nation using brutal force via Communist Terrorism. Hundreds of thousands suffered, for almost 44 years!

      All nationalist fought to liberate the nation from and ensure that constitutional-monarchy democracy is alive. Utusan Melayu (now Utusan Malaysia) fostered and ensured the spirit of nationalism remained alive for the last 65 years.

      Look who are the DAPigs? They are literally of Communist Piglets!!!! The systematically demonised the security and law enforcement authorities.

      • >> Utusan Melayu is the media which advocated the nationalism spirit that brought upon the Kemerdekaan. It was and still is the voice of the majority.

        Helo brader, dun be so action la..

        Utusan sales drop to 169,000 per day la. Chainis paper Sin Chiw can sell more 2X that every day.. 382,000. Now Utusan daily sales even worse already.

        Most of nasionalism and kemerdekaan spirit already kena halau from Utusan. See what they do to Hata Wahari.

      • obefan,

        Utusan sales figures are not proof of Malay readership of what they write or speak for. Have you heard of Utusan online? More Malays read those and not the newspaper to avoid being bothered by advertisements etc.

        Sin Chiw sale figures are not proof Chinese readership. The paper is commercialized and every Chinese clan association, business guild and organisation buy them out of obligation to whatever cause, many out of an attempt to justify the adverts they paid for in the newspaper. Many of such newspapers may even be used as toilet paper in the lesser refined places.

        “Most of nasionalism and kemerdekaan spirit already kena halau from Utusan”? You are a loose cannon, aren’t you? Just tembak here and there. You quote just one – Hata Wahari – and do not even justify it. Be more responsible when you want to put out strange statements, man.

  4. Tak payahlah ada BN.

    Biar UMNO dan PAS bersama-sama memainkan peranan sebagai kerajaan dan pembangkang yang mantap serta berprinsip DENGAN syarat UMNO dan PAS dibersihkan dari pengaruh trojan horse Anwar.

    Bersihkan juga UMNO dari pemimpin yang berjiwa cina, sedangkan dia jadi presiden parti orang Melayu. Sama juga presiden tak guna dalam PAS dan tukang carut PAS itu.

  5. wey,

    baguslah kalau pakatan menang nanti, awak perna stay kt srwk ker?? I da duduk sana 2 thn, memang kesian tgk negeri sarawak yng hasil bumi kaya, rakyatnya hidup merempat…

    TAIB, cepat2 lah ditendang atau makan viagra kaw kaw dan m*mp*s atas katil. Kami dah fed up….

    Najiiiiby, aper kabar kekasihmu, Ziiiiaanaaa ????

    • Hey stupid gsk,

      Have you been to Kelantan? Don’t you know that Kelantan people also merempat (to use your word) under PAS rule?

      Didn’t you read newspaper reports some months ago about Penang blokes leaving Penang migrating away from DAP rule? The ones who tore their passports or renounced their citizenship when reaching UK, hoping to be allowed permanent stay there? Ending up detained in British Immigration detention centres, those already out in London etc hunted by the British because no longer having any passport and because the British PM said “multi-culturalism is dead”, hounding out Chinese restaurants for illegal workers and over-stayers.

      Bloody small minded, narrow thinking, damn rude fellow, you.

  6. Chinese are Chinese , nothing can change that.

  7. After all this years BN in power and all they can come with is a manifesto ? I can write a manifesto whilst taking my daily toilet break lah kawan !

    • You must be having piles problem, boy.

      Don’t use Sin Chew paper that obefan spoke about above when cleaning yourself in the toilet. (In case you are a non using the name azran).

  8. If we were to believe them, this is not a free country, the minority are being so oppressed that they can only eat dirt, that they have no shirt to wear, that they all live near longkang, that they all have been detained some time ago in Kamunting because of lalang, they they are now atheist as they are no longer allowed to profess the religions of their choice, that when they do speak up, that will be the last time as this is such a dangerous country and the gestapos are every where and they will be arrested soon.

    After this they will all go back to their houses safe with the thought that they need not deliver those promises made earlier – the habit of habitual election losers.

  9. DAPigs is mother of racist….Their concept is I want yours…but mine is mine…..DAPigs want everything for them…They bring gengster culture and they also mother of corruption….
    Party of Crony…father,son, daughter in law…All rule the party….DAP will drive Malaysia to Hell….

  10. UMNO manybe bad…but coz of UMNO Karpal can be a lawyer, LGE and LKS can lead the political party…and coz of UMNO chinese can control the economic…OPs…not enough…DAP want everything for chinese…than it call truly democratic..and truly malaysia…but LKS Karpal dont talk fluence Bahasa Kebangsan,Dont even wear Baju kebangsaan but yet talking about safe Malaysia…are they are tru Malaysia…or Malaysian as DAP style?

  11. bro,

    pernah dengar teori ‘lord of the rim’?


  12. Bn has enough publicty through TV 1 TV 2 TV 3 TV 7 lah chan pada opposition jangan marah bro

  13. ini anjing besar tarak paham ma!

    kah kah kah!

    ini melayu lanchooww!!!!!!!!!!

    wo men bu ai bik mama!!!

    nie men????

    kah kah kah kah

    • As the English saying goes – do we suffer fools?

  14. Salam Big Dog,

    I was always suspicious about Joceline Tan about her partiality at times. That piece confirms my suspicion.

    Talking about the Sarawak State Elections and the DAP and in particular Tony Pua.

    I humbly seek your consideration and comment to my blogpost “DAP Asking for Donations?”

    Thank you

    • Salam Freddie,

      Joceline Tan is rather commercialized in the approach to her profession. Dangerous as a reporter. Especially when the Editor/ paper appears to have strange or unknown motive(s) like in this case.

      She makes a strong effort to brush shoulders with important and controversial people. She is said to be pally with Marina Mahathir, who has been called a Malay pseudo liberal, and she has te tete (or whatever the French word for chats over tea, I think) with Rosmah, who is a TKC classmate and best friend.

      How does Joceline get to do that? Through her pen and paper, of course. Need no further saying.

      And she’d also try to get close with Tony Pua. And, of course, the other Maha Ultra Kiasu – LGE. (Another, elder, Maha is of course LKS). How does she try to “get close”? Through her pen and paper, too. (Heard of the ex-Reuters man being given the boss job in Malaysian Insider? Contradicting views are not even published there! He has power, thru pen and paper as well. Wish your blog big success, Freddie so that you, like BD, has power in pen and paper – blog, of course).

      So, do we give two hoots to Jocelyn Tan? Of course we do. Because she adopts a two way face in her writing like the above. Cannot be allowed free rein without some shots fired in the air, like the cowboys do in the movies – cowboys may be just ranch hands but they bring the cows and hens to roost every time.

      Giving 2 sides of the coin, she might say. But which side is painted brighter – that’s the question. And, considering that The Star is supposed to be MCA owned/ supporting, the question may even be whether she should paint that side at all. There goes the “two faced” in a different context and meaning.

      WTH are Joceline and the supposedly BN-friendly paper The Star doing? Beware readers, beware.

      • Clarification:

        2nd para, last clause should read –

        Rosmah, who is Marina’s TKC classmate and best friend. Marina has a column in the Star, like Joceline, doesn’t she?

      • Dear Abu,

        Thank you for your wishes. I will add to your comment..and the opposition claim the MSM do not give them fair shake.

        Read the the article honouring the sinking Karpal. There is a slip by the Sink that exonerates Tun MM in the matter of the police and Operation Lallang.

        “For me, it is still Tunku Abdul Rahman who was above it all. He was the one man who was determined to be leader for all Malaysians, regardless of race. I know people were detained under his rule, but he was not really in charge of things like security, that was more the work of others.”

        May you have good and better days always.


    • Dear Freddie,

      I have not been able to access the link you provided –

      It has a Google warning of malware that may harm the computer. The same happens to two other blogs that I know are operated by people strongly against DAP.

      Could the hacking and malware distribution have been done by DAP goons? I know the kind of goons that were responsible for the race riots of 1969 won’t stop at just being nasty and malicious during election campaigns and victory celebrations.

      I can’t get to read the “DAP Asking for Donations?” article. Would appreciate knowing about it here or through another link.

      • @Abu

        Dear Abu

        Try using Internet Explorer or Mozilla browsers and it should be okay.I had the same problem just last week or so. I was using Google Chrome.

        It’s the links to sites like Chedet and Malaysiakini (as the warning message suggests)that is causing the malware problem, for Google browsers users. The solution is to unlink them which I think is not practicable.

        So, try Internet Explorer or Mozilla. Sorry for the late reply. TQ.

        Thank you Big Dog for your kind indulgence.

        Best wishes

  15. Adoi, sikit2 Star bagi publisiti kepada pakatan encik BD dah malatah?

    Rileks la.. 364 hari tu yang lain Star akan hantam pakatan kau kau. Media balaci kerajaan kena tunjuk adil sekali, betoi ya? Macam earth day orang tutup lampu tapi esok bazir lektrik buka plasma tv

  16. There is certainly nothing new about DAP’s strategy. One need not look further than the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) Propaganda playbook. Bear with me as I try to explain in as brief as possible .

    The functions of CPM propaganda were dual: first, it served an external function to reach out to the general population to recruit new members for the Min Yuen as well as its armed terrorist; second, it served an internal function to maintain morale within the party.

    The fact that propaganda material was produced, was in itself a show of strength and support that it has to any doubtful member of the party. They were written plainly, simply and preferably catchy (“Bai Mao bu tao, ren min chi cao” (if Taib won’t go, the people will eat grass)??), in the vernacular and in a matter-of-fact tone, to show that the CPM was connected to the people. It (the propaganda materials) must also be highly accessible to the people.

    The external function was further divided into two approaches. The overarching policy is reaching out to the people, first to fan the flames of anti-British (perhaps today may be read as Government/BN/UMNO/Malay) sentiment and secondly to humanize the CPM to draw public support.

    As for the first approach, a significant portion of CPM propaganda material was devoted to demonizing the British government or highlighting the brutality of its police force. For instance, a section of the Battlefront newsletter reported alleged police abuse, “British soldiers raped a 50 year old Malay woman”(TBH, Penan dislocation, Environment, NCR, Taib Mahmud etc??) on the front page and “regular troops of the British imperialists raped a 12-year-old Chinese girl”(fill in the blank).

    Subsequently, provide the impression to the masses that, the cruelty of the British was condemned by the “people”. Then throw in a made up “quote”, something like, the elders from village such and such was quoted to have said “the rule of these inhuman beasts will surely end soon”. This stream of negative reports on the British, coming from the mouths of the “public”, was aimed at creating a picture of widespread suffering. Those days, CPM propaganda was pivotal in turning silent, private resentment into collective outrage towards the government.

    In the second approach, the propaganda machine portrayed the CPM as the perfect victims of/champion against British cruelty. CPM newsletter regularly published letters purportedly from the public airing their grievances against unjust treatment by the British. This served not only to discredit the government but also to depict the CPM as a voice of the people. The idea is to promote the image of CPM as being linked to the common man and fought for his welfare.

    The desired end state of externally directed propaganda was to vilify and thus “push” the people away from the British, while humanizing and thus “pulling” people to support the CPM. Negative reports on the British often ran side by side with glowing reports on the CPM. For instance, next to the report on the British soldier’s rape of a Malay woman in “Battlefront” (CPM Newsletter) was a report on the refusal of an CPM member to accept contributions from a rubber tapper who was seriously ill, demonstrating the CPM’s compassion.

    Back then, the latent discontent towards the government and the moderate pro-communist goodwill that resulted from such propaganda effort lead to chaos and massacre. So, other than the means (technology) is there any different between what happening then and now that any of you guys seen so far?

    • Good one, bro.

      It’s the chaos the Communists were and the DAP are after. They think they can thrive out of such.

      We must continue to hit them. Hit them hard so that they’ll not exploit each and every situation, politicize each and every event in the country. So that the rakyat will reject them.

      Let’s make the rakyat know their dirty tactics and their subversive strategies. So-called malaysian malaysia my foot.

  17. Anjing menyalak tapi otak kosong.

    • adakah anjing tu bernama azu?

  18. hey!!!!what are we all fighting for,i’m malay, don’t know you are, chinese, communists, indian, ibanese , or even japanese…what are all ( true malaysian people) want is better life, live in harmony,fair government,remember “good government is for the people to the people”.Either you create you future or you will become the victim of future someone creates for you…BELIVE IN DEMOCRACY.

  19. […] they voted for the DAP, despite the call “To throw the Malay Chief Minister out!”. Even MCA controlled English daily pandered to this Chinese Chauvinism, almost every other day in their […]

  20. I think BN should change their strategy if they want to win for the next parliament election. Obviously, most Bumi’s in Sarawak rejecting so called Pakatan Rakyat but the otherside of “race” actually never join or believer on Sarawak harmonious multicultural state. Off course not all of them, but certainly most of them like that. They were actually very good pretender. See, how government try to win their heart by giving enormous amount of budget to these community, upgrading and doing maintenance for their facilities, but in return, their simple reason was ” CM must step down”. I believe even if CM step down they will giving another lame excuses.So now, government should focus more on Bumi’s, threat them nicer and improve their places more aggressively to show government really appreciate their votes. Do not spoil anymore the “problem child”. It’s time for using different approach. Otherwise, if the Bumi’s feel neglected, maybe next election the result can be disastrous for BN especially in Sarawak.

  21. […] Neo-Con Jewish friends are aware that the demography of the electoral would impede their plan to put the minority into power. Hence, they have to resort of ‘extra-democratic’ strategies to  arrived in their […]

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