Sarawakians 55, DAP-PKR out!

Sarawakians rejected the Semenanjung imported ‘politics of hatred’. BN Sarawak won 55 DUN seats against DAP 12, PKR 3 and a single independent candidate.

DAP’s Chinese Chauvinism trying to defeat SUPP completely, failed too.

In a racial infested ‘politics-of-hatred’ campaign, DAP organised a series of Semenanjung-imported-anti-Malay ceramahs which saw personalities like Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and others challenging the authorities openly. Even sensitive matters such as the recently resolved Al Kitab issue were not spared.

PKR which was ambitious enough to field 49 candidates only managed to win 3. They lost their deposits in six constituencies, which translate that they have no business to be in Sarawak political arena. It was a hard reject on a party which its own former leaders described as “Based on a bed of lies and dreams of one liar”.

In aggregate, PAS only managed to obtain 9,719 votes. That is lesser than 1% of the number of registered voters in the state. This very prove the point that Sarawakians reject ‘imported’ politics.

BN’s 55 seats won are all by Sarawak based parties. Unlike Pakatan Rakyat, none of the Semenanjung BN component parties contested. Hence the issue of seat-allocations-squabble never existed amongst BN Sarawak leaders.

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Sarawak election day, Mat King Leather runs away

Kenyalang crest

Morning all. It is the much awaited Sarawak 10th state elections today. 980,000 Sarawak voters (which include 18,000 postal voters) expected to elect 71 representatives for the Sarawak State Assembly.

We are feeling lucky this fine cool Sarawak morning along the riverbanks of Kuching. So, we are confident that BN poll between 58-60 seats. This is despite the failed PKR and racially infused anti-Malay and Chinese chauvinistic DAP campaign the past two weeks.

Last night Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was received with a thundering welcome of 5,000 crowd at Kg. Pulo Ulu across the river from here. He was accompanying Chief Minister Pehin Seri Abdul Taib Mahmud in the last campaign streak, where the redevelopment of 13 kampungs with infrastructure in that area has been announced.

Chief Minister Taib explained at length the planned program on one of the earliest settlement in Kuching. The redevelopment plan took a long time to commence because a lot of work was required to convince some of the families to agree for relocation, so that their lands could be used for infrastructure projects which include new roads and access, suraus and masjid and a new hospital. The redevelopment plan is also in collaboration with the Federal Government’s initiative.

In his speech, Tun Dr. Mahathir is confident that Sarawakians would make the smart decision and place persons that could bring about progress and development to the state and the rakyat. “The consistency is very important to ensure that the rakyat’s interest is on going and development programs are carried out”, he reminded the 5,000 odd crowd predominantly Malays. “BN has managed to transform the state to where it is and out of my own personal experience, I saw Kuching grew four times the size since when Sarawak first joined the Federation of Malaysia”.

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He admitted that progress and development is not actually at the same pace to all communities. Never the less, BN strive to ensure that every single communities is not left behind from the mainstream development and this is a consistent crusade, to alleviate the Rakyat’s socio economic standing.

At the tail of his speech, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Md. Yassin appeared at the ceramah. Initially he wasn’t slotted to appear at the location. However, he wanted to honour his former Boss and mentor, who was willing to come and help the BN campaign.

Mat King Leathers worst allergy now: A Chinese woman and an Omega watch

On the other end, Opposition Leader Anwar ‘Mat King Leather” Ibrahim left for Kuala Lumpur on Friday afternoon at 1245hrs on MH2513 back to Kuala Lumpur. He was acccompanied by Wan Azizah “Anu Kerah” Ismail. Late last night, he left for London Heathrow on MH002, where he will also be in the gay capital of Europe. He is expected to leave Amsterdam Schipol on KL867 19 April 2011 1600hrs for Kansai International, Osaka. He should be back to Kuala Lumpur from Kansai on MH053 on 21 April 2011 1600hrs and expected to arrive at 2100hrs local time.

The one-time-abuse-of-power-convict promised the press that he would give a media conference pertaining to the ‘Omega watch’ “At 500pm 16 April”. It looks like he lied and the press were stood up, again!

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