Mat King Leather singing the Sinatra song….

Science is fact. Science is precise. It takes science to refute a scientific finding. However, that is now the case in former-abuse-of-power-convict Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s side of the court. This is what was presented at Kuala Lumpur Criminal High Court this afternoon:

“Sodomy II: Profile of DNA samples from Anwar Ibrahim matches that of ‘Male Y’ taken from accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, says prosecution”

Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim ought to be singing a line from Frank “Ol’ Blue Eyes” Sinantra’s landmark song;

“Now, the end is near
And so we face, the final curtain”

At 517pm, the Opposition Leader called for a media conference at the lobby of the Jalan Duta Court Complex. He trying spinning by:

1. Asking how come the first doctor at Pusrawi was not called in the trial
2. Validity of the DNA testing
3. Calling this a “BN Conspiracy”

The fact is that, the first doctor asked Saiful to go to HKL. The DNA testing is accepted the court. No politics in this.

The end is very near, indeed….

*Updated 755pm

Anwar’s sodomy accuser is a “consummate liar”

Posted: 25 April 2011 1718 hrs

Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan

Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on Monday sought to have sodomy charges thrown out on the grounds that his accuser was a “consummate liar” and part of a plot to discredit him.

Anwar’s top counsel Karpal Singh made the comments in court in a bid to persuade the trial judge to rule that there was no case to answer.

Anwar is being tried over allegations by a 25-year-old former aide, Mohamad Saiful Bukhari, who said he was sodomised by the 63-year-old father-of-six at an upmarket condominium in June 2008.

“Mohamad Saiful is a consummate liar” because he was not at the condominium on the relevant date, the lawyer argued, “and he was never, ever sodomised by Anwar”.

“It is an absolute concoction by Saiful designed to cause Anwar to be maliciously prosecuted,” Karpal told the packed courtroom while the former deputy prime minister was seated in the witness box.

Sodomy is illegal in Muslim-majority Malaysia, whether or not between consenting adults.

Anwar insists the accusation is part of a government plot to derail his political career, but authorities deny any conspiracy.

Anwar’s personal tribulations have dominated Malaysian politics for years, but he is still seen as posing a threat to the ruling Barisan Nasional, which has been in power for half a century.

Karpal also told the court that the prosecution’s evidence was flawed and that Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail’s decision to lay the charge was politically motivated.

“It is finally submitted that given this level of flawed evidence, there was really insufficient evidence to order the prosecution of Anwar.

“The attorney-general thus had a sinister motive in doing so and had wasted the taxpayers’ money to appease his political masters,” he added.

In March, Anwar’s lawyers threatened to put Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor in the dock if the judge decided to continue with the trial.

Saiful has said that he met with Najib before filing a police report about the alleged sodomy — a revelation that fuelled Anwar’s allegations that the case was politically motivated.

The trial, which has been punctuated by long delays, has also heard evidence from a chemist that multiple unidentified DNA profiles were found in Saiful’s anus and trousers.


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  1. And now…the end is near….
    Is the double entendre intentional or a freudian slip?

  2. Whatever you do, don’t do it Anwar’s way – you can get up to 20 years in Sungai Buluh resettlement scheme, brother.

    • If the Judge next calls for the defence to bring out witnesses, then Azizah and Nurul would say Anwar was having a meeting with them at the material time.

      It would then be either they are lying or the Police and the prosecution are. Not likely for the latter to be doing it.

      It’d be interesting to see if Azizah and Nurul would do so.

  3. To us Rakyat, UMNO is plain coward. Why do we think so? Because UMNO is very afraid of this ex-UMNO and will go over every dirty ways to rid of this man. In addition UMNO is afraid of clean competition. It will get other institutions to help her in her devious schemes.

    The obsession of getting rid of this man is much greater than cleaning up UMNO from the excesses of corrupt UMNO politicians and party members. Why is that?

    All Malays want to see a healthy political atmosphere. Of course all Malays want to see a very clean and untainted UMNO.

    But now even the Altantunya case remains open with many unanswered questions which the public is still scratching for answers and which UMNO bloggers fail to address successfully.

    I am not uncomfortable with the current political situation. DAP is getting strong and the good intent of NEP has been tainted by the image of hijacking of greedy UMNOPutras.

    I pray there are hopes for a true political entity that will truly represent the Malays and ensure the Malay race of a brighter future.


    • dushh…

      is that Amen or Amin???

      To us, RAKYAT, anwar ibrahim is a leader with moral issue… very, very bad moral issue…

      you want a clean politic? then ask anwar to clean his act. he has been polluting this last 10 years of malaysia with his scurrilous antics, he cheated, he lied, he provoked, he bribed, he painted a very-very appalling image of malaysia to the world for the sake of the hot seat in putrajaya…

      if you think that is not dirty, then obviously you are a complete rubbish and you might well took your own life, bury yourself in the ground, and stay there for eternity..

      • Agreed.

    • The fact that it is UMNO under the badawi rule who pardon him of his charges. For unknown reason, the guy was suddenly acquitted and walked free despite not completely serving his term.

      If there is a person to be blamed, it would be himself. He went around over promising people for votes, trying to please everybody by taking many faces, taking a coffee boy for oversea trip (have you seen anyone does that?), befriending people who turn against him (how many already huh?). Saiful, Eskay all are his men.

      So where does UMNO comes into picture? Scape goat of his conspiracy theory off course.

    • This case is nothing to do or about UMNO.

      A private citizen by the name of Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan lodged a Police report against Mat King Leather in June 2008.

      It wasn’t who put him up to this. Never was it UMNO who investigated the case and charge him in a Criminal High Court under section 377B.

      The trial Judge is not an UMNO member.

      Is the Chinese woman who had a shag with him in the 21 minute video an UMNO member???

      Did UMNO as a political party pass a resolution to get him to shag the Chinese woman???

      Face the fact. Mat King Leather is a criminal and the way the trial is going, he is most likely to be a convicted criminal soon enough. Thank God for his age, he is spared the canning.

    • this fler is filling up the vacancy for raja petra kamarudin

    • To us Rakyat, Abwar is plain he-nymphomaniac. Why do we think so? Because now (the Sg Buluh era) Anwar is very afraid of not getting his next supply of juburs and cina-dolls. and will employ every dirty ways to rid all those trying to deny him his passion. In addition Anwar is afraid to come clean by telling Jijah all and everything. He will get foreign powers to help him keep his supply line alive.

      The obsession of getting rid of this man is much greater than flushing down toilet bowls for he is the dirtiest of the dirty.

      All Malays want to see a healthy religeous and moral atmosphere – ang normal life, and getting rid of Anwar is the golden key to it. But of course DAP wants to keep him.

      And now even Altantunya curse him from her grave, for she discovered that this man’s foul hands taint her rest.

      Us Rakyat pray that there will be no more anuars making claims to represent the Malays. Without Anwar the Malay race has a chance of a brighter future.

  4. OK noted your response. No need to be emo.

    Do UMNO leaders all clean of moral issues? Why are the Malays now have such heavy negative perception towards UMNO?

    If Anwar is guilty of the many offenses you alluded why is he not charged?

    Why associate the “dirtiness” of Anwar with me being rubbish? Why the emotional illogic?

    • Judging by your comments which are unsubstantiated by any proof whatsoever, I don’t think you’re a “straight thinker”, a “thinker” or even “straight”.

      Do away with the altantuya script lah brother. So lame lah of you to keep repeating the same lies over and over again.

      As for your question on why he isn’t charged, well, he is in court is he?

      • SO UMNO is very clean and not a dirty player in Malaysian politics?

    • Mr crooked thinker

      Why emo and why you rubbish? Because what you say and what you think is rubbish.

      Saying “coward .. afraid .. dirty ways to rid Anwar .. get other institutions to help her in her devious schemes” is all rubbish. Like Anwar, you even insinuate our judiciary is not independent. Rubbish.

      You talk of “excesses” of UMNO, as if PKR and others are clean, no mention that PKR leaders cabut from the party, including Anwar’s prize, Zaid, who got disgusted with PKR party election excesses.

      Again rubbish about Altantunya, not mentioning RPK’s latest revelation about his SD.

      Saying about money politics and NEP implementation weaknesses, which UMNO has acknowledged, is one thing but not admitting the the many excesses of Anwar is just demented thinking. DAP is getting strong largely because of the doings of the Pengkhianat Bangsa Anwar.

      Your hope for “a true political entity that will truly represent the Malays and ensure the Malay race of a brighter future” will not materialize so long as there are Malays like Anwar who will betray his race and his country for the sake of his lust for political power, and tikam depan belakang to satisfy his lust for sex.

      And so long as there are Malays like you who defends him no matter what. Refusing to acknowledge the gruesome political and personal sins of the man.

      • I think readers missed the gist of our concern regarding ridding of Anwar Ibrahim. Given the responses thus far, I can empathize with the feelings of UMNO members towards this personality.

        However, the manner of getting him out of the political sphere is highly questionable.

        The public is perceiving that this is all a frame-up job. No you can’t be angry about how the public perceive events. Perceptions can’t be judged right or wrong because it is in the mind.

        I don’t understand why people jump around when we say this court case is unbelievable. They are quick to say we are Anwarista or what not. We are not Anwaristas. We are just normal rakyats.

        You can’t take a stance like G Bush’s “Either you are with us ….” Surely that is bigoted.

        Even I myself find all this episode very sick and unbelievable, not that I don’t want to believe it. The method of getting rid of him tarnishes the image of Malays and Islam.
        In the zeal to get rid of Anwar Malays have tarnished their own good image; now if that is inevitable and a calculated risk we have yet to see.

        Following this court case closely from Day1 I still find the script unbelievable. We cannot force other people to believe something which is beyond what the mind can process as being logical and digestible. The same goes with the Altantunya case although this is a separate issue.

        So at the end is about managing public perceptions, no matter right or wrong they may be, you judge for yourself.

      • testing correct reply column – sorry

      • straight_thinker,

        Are you saying you agree ridding of Anwar Ibrahim, you only question the manner of getting him out? If so, why didn’t you say so and avoid so much flak.

        Public perception is a matter of opinion, brother. It depends on who sees it, which outfit doing the survey, if any. Even in the US, at one stage CNN made mistakes in forecasting Obama election win based on voters’ perception. Only one out of thousands of forecasters could get within 2-3% accuracy. And your perception? Only one of maybe millions.

        What the hell are you talkin’ of “a frame-up job”, man? Give proofs lah, or at least justifiable grounds, verifiable claims.

        Sure people can be angry about those making false, baseless accusations. It’s the natural tendency among mankind, don’t you think?

        Perceptions can’t be blamed for so long as they remain in the mind. But can be lambasted when put out for others to read – like yours.

        Read more and have an open mind, then you’ll understand. Sure people jump around when you say “this court case is unbelievable”. You don’t provide the justifications in saying so. You expect people to take it lying down?
        You definitely are not “just normal rakyats” questioning the Court unjustifiably. You think the Court would hear the case if they are trumped up charges? Now, don’t jump about if people say you have a small and demented mind.

        Where got relevance with G Bush’s “Either you are with us ….”? Surely you are off tangent.

        Read more, man, and try and have an open and unbiased mind when you read. Then you might find “this episode” believable.

        Think about Malay unity, which is badly lacking now.

  5. Dear amen,

    The truth is that Anwar is a very bad politician. That is the truth. He lied, he provoked Malaysians to rally with him when the proper channel for him to defend himself is available.

    He refused to swear by Kuran, an act of telling the truth by Muslim worldwide. He refused to give DNA but he has ample time to go around fabricating lies after lies.

    He condemns UMNO as if he had not benefited at all from UMNO’s rule. He conveniently forgot that he was the principal beneficiary of UMNO’s politics during Dr Mahathir’s tenure.

    He shows his true character when he refused to answer a simple question from a reporter in Kuching recently. Instead, he accused the lady as being influenced by UMNO.

    He chided Utusan Malaysia just to get non Malay votes. Hatred has consumed him that he is unable to see that vast majority of Malays do not trust him or wish him dead.

    • TQ for yr kind response.

      I am quite clear now why Malays are up against this guy, and

      “He condemns UMNO as if he had not benefited at all from UMNO’s rule.”

      I have to wholeheartedly agree with you on this as he was the Malaysian Finance Minister for seven years or so. He must have known the inner workings on public finances very well and leverage on it as well.


      • Without being an UMNO leader for 16 years and rose to the powerful position of Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, could Mat King Leather amass enough money to pay:

        1. 9 of the most expensive criminal litigation lawyers in the country, for the third season now?

        2. Afford to pay for the Munich surgery?

        3. The Bukit Segambut home now he reside?

        He was probably earning RM 30,000.00 a month for 16 years. Would 50% savings from that income, able to pay for all that????

        (That is provided he is VERY thrifty man and saves 50% of his income!)

      • One of those who worked for him before was reported saying that Anwar amassed about RM2 billion as a Finance Minister.

        He was alleged to be asking for percentage even when banks asked for approval to re-structure.

  6. Ya, right !anwar was a very thrifty person ! Even when he was the DPM his daily attire alone cost more than his monthly pay.
    Always remember, Saiful is representing small fries like us. Always remember, Saiful was not in the position to fight Anwar when asked ‘ to sudu anus’. Anwar was the bigger man.
    Why blame my UMNO, our UMNO. If UMNO is so bad, by now either most of us eat dirt, or working in the millions in our neighbouring countries.
    Good luck trying to ‘bungkus’ 3.5 milliom UMNO. I will die before UMNO, that’s how much I believe in UMNO.
    Bad leaders of UMNO, we find ways to throw them out. Very very bad UMNO Leaders, like Anwar, he found a way to chuck himself out. What a pity, after 10 years, many still believe in this talker-thief. If you have direct dealings with this talker-thief, you will do exactly like Chandra Mudzafar and alike, you push yourself far away from him. Unless, you have juicy behind to offer

  7. Sorry I wanted to reply to one of the posters but I could not see the Reply link.

    Anyway, as I said, I have followed the court case from Day1.

    I only have one simple logic and an acid test to you Muslim men out there. Sodomy is of course despicable in Islamic teaching. We all concur.

    Saiful maintains that the penetration was not consensual. OK. But have you ever imagine how difficult it is for another male to i) seduce another male (lol! I can’t imagine anyone doing this to me and ii) insert his penis into your anus and achieve orgasmic pleasure.

    Have you ever watched Olympic wrestling matches on TV? Can you imagine how difficult it is for a wrestler to overpower another wrestler, much less trying to insert his penis? Inserting is one thing, to allow enough time for ejaculation is another arduous task.

    Can someone sincerely explain to me how Anwar would have “seduced” Saiful and Saiful eventually allowed Anwar to thrust his penis and climaxed?

    Again, being true to my religion, I consider it my jihad to protect my honor by not allowing any men to insert his penis into my anus. I would fight. I would wrestle. I would scream, make noise, and attract attention. I would kick the assailant in the groin. I could do many things to avoid the assailant from furthering his actions.

    Did Saiful try all that? Thus either his iman is of no value or defective OR he is a liar.

    As an acid test, why don’t seriously try to sodomize your male office mate. Find someone who is a Muslim and of same physical built. See how the event will unfold.

    That said, unless the “victim” is bi or gay and thus consensual, then what transpired in the courts is quite believable. But Saiful said it as not consensual. Then my logic says this cannot be. An honorable Muslim man of good physical strength not able to or at least seen to deflect the assailant is just highly preposterous.

    As I reiterated before, I am just a normal Rakyat who is apolitical. Islam cares about justice even if it is your worst enemy. I may not like Anwar myself because I see him as an empty can but I cannot allow injustice set on anyone.

    Digressing, same case for Altantunya. No justice is truly seen rendered to Altantunya and injustice done for the two police officers. The two policers have no motive whatsoever to exterminate Altantunya. Yet they went to the gallows. How come?

    Of course you can’t put public perception to trial, and you just can’t dismiss public opinion.

    So I say, I somewhat agree to remove Anwar from the political sphere but I still find it hard to believe that this court case is for real, and a clean method of ridding someone.

    You can reply to my thinking but don’t be unnecessary emotional like the usual Malay that you are. Just write in simple logic without the hoo haa.

    • “one simple logic and an acid test to you Muslim men out there.” You a non-Muslim, ha?

      You DAP, ha? Bought Karpal Singh’s line. He attempting to delay the case again and again, ha? Want the authorities to prosecute Saiful now.

      What the heck, that’s a different matter, man. Why want to digress? Get it over lah.

      After all, whatever Karpal says, it’s not going to change the fact that he has put his whatever into Saiful’s watever. Surely Karpal knows that as a lawyer. Unless he is so senile that he forgot what he is out to defend. Deal with that lah, old man.

      And you, so-called straight thinker, don’t try to side track the issue of Anwar putting his watever into Saiful’s watever. Whether Karpal or you want Saiful to be charged over and over again, that’s a different matter, a separate matter.

      • I don’t understand why readers get irate so easily, without replying to my thoughts.

        En Hashim, read again your comment/reply. It is essentially empty. No counter arguments at all to my basic perception about this case.

      • I think you are a sick man, so-called straight thinker.

        Read my comments at 12:01 and 12:09. They are well before your above comment at 13:46.

        If you can’t see the counter-arguments there, you really should be seeing a doctor. A psychiatrist, to be precise.

      • En Hashim, I am very sure that your wish is that Anwar is to be charged and not Saiful 😉

        Anyway, lets us re-think if this image of Anwar being a trouble-maker. True he was a big trouble maker esp in ’98. I remember that very well. The street demo and so forth were so very unnecessary. Such is the greed for power.

        But let us not be bigoted to think of Anwar alone.

        The current phenomenon that worries me too is Perkasa and it’s unbridled penchant for racist and bigoted views of things.

        Perkasa is a potential trouble maker and you just watch out. How UMNO handles Perkasa will also be watched by the public.

        There are many more flash points and potential trouble spots in our society. Anwar is definitely not one of it, although I am not obsessed and in love with this guy.

        That said, when Anwar rests in jail soon, I wonder how UMNO will handle a similarly (alarming) opposition in the future. The obsession for UMNO’s obsession will fade away.

    • Remember, the issue before the Court now is Anwar put his thing in Saiful’s rear receptacle. Not about Saiful consents or not.

      Even if Saiful consents, Anwar’s act was sodomy. Criminal. Up to 20 years in Sg Buluh.

      Unless there is proof that Anwar’s thing did not enter Saiful’s rear receptacle. If so, how come Male Y sperm was in Saiful’s watever? Argue that one lah. Show proofs. Get witnesses. Don’t just say say only.

      • En Hashim as I am not a lawyer, I think if Saiful consented to it, both will be charged. The case would have been different. Anwar alone cannot go to prison. Please re-think this simple fact.

        The public perception is that the Anwar’s DNA has been injected into Saiful’s anus. Now I don’t prescribe to that; however, I only use the simple logic which I have proposed above and which none so far has rebutted with clear conscience.

      • I think it’s useless to talk to you. You really ought to see a Psychiatrist.

        If you can’t see that any charge on Saiful – if valid – is really separate from the current charge against Anwar, I sincerely think it’ll be good for you to ask a Psychiatrist whether your thinking is normal or not.

        It’s clear Karpal’s asking that Saiful be charged, and asking it during the current trial on the charges against Anwar, is not normal. But he is also politically motivated, and known to be using anything he could find to delay and frustrate the Prosecution and the Judiciary. Maybe because he knows his is a weak defence and he would lose. So he would just exploit the situation for the political mileage.

        He is a political animal and would just delay the case as long as possible because he can use that to gain sympathy for Anwar, hit at the Establishment, gain political kudos for PR, etc.

        I don’t wish to comment further to you until you have a Psychiatrist’s finding on the state of your mental health. No personal offence intended. But enough is enough.

  8. UMNO will never get rid of Anwar. Why must UMNO get rid of him ? the longer Anwar with the opposition, the better for UMNO because Anwar is the liability. His image is tarnished. Everybody is trying to disassociate with him.

    The rakyats do not beleive in Anwar anymore. There are so many lies from Anwar. Who in the right mind will beleive in this liar.

    This case has nothing to do with UMNO. Only rubbish people will beleive with Anwar about the conspiracy.

    Anwar is nobody. He was a criminals. He must be faced the court. He is not above the law.

    Rakyat do not perceive this as frame-up job. PR supporters and Anwarista are not rakyat. they are the minorities who have given their soul to Anwar.

    Please don’t equate Anwarista as the Rakyats.

    • Not an interesting and thoughtful comment at all.

      • You must be a lazy fellow. Try out the Reply link like hizan did above, man. Nobody minds it and he gets the right reply space after that.

        You must be a crazy fellow. Earlier you said, “You can reply to my thinking but don’t be unnecessary emotional like the usual Malay that you are. Just write in simple logic without the hoo haa.” Now, above, you write a one-line “Not an interesting and thoughtful comment at all.”

        No wonder so many people come out whacking you.

      • I must emphasize my point again. See, when I don’t see the Reply link under my last comment above, I press the Reply link of the comment above it. Presto, here I am.

        Now wanna say sommore about your comment to fikir. It may not sound interesting to you but who the hell says it is not a “thoughtful” comment. You see, it is this kind of words that get you walloped. The kind like the anarchistic DAP. Say anything you like without thinking. Yet you accuse people of not being thoughtful. Real anarchistic lah you.

        I think fikir’s comment “the longer Anwar with the opposition, the better for UMNO because Anwar is the liability” is not only thoughtful but also interesting.

      • Amazing that one says put Anwar and another says Anwar better off not in jail.

        Personally I don’t really care where he goes. My consternation is that justice is not served in addition this plot by whoever (my perception and many) has tarnished the image of Islam because it is perverted and illogical.

        One small comment, I am not a Anwarista, I am just a thinker. It is idiotic to say Anwarista is not Rakyat or whatever. If they are eligible to vote then they are our rakyat and they are potential UMNO voters. Please re-think.

      • BTW I don’t understand why you have to emphasized that people are whacking me. I don’t see people as “whacking me”. It’s just exchanges of ideas behind a computer screen. I am happy to put my opinions to test as they might be wrong too. That is not so hard to me.

        Anyway, my perception is that the readers here get irate easily for nothing. We should shoo away this Malay mentality. Not good.

        Digressing, this is the reason why media like UM should open the thinking of the Malays esp in the rural area so that they freely speak up what is in their minds; rather than the media ramming up their throats with misinformation and disinformation.

        Personally I don’t believe in a feudal society; it is unIslamis to me; and this honoring of Datuks and Tan Sris — because it beget a society of “yes sir, yes man” and unwilling to challenge and correct our own leaders.

        That is the problem why UMNO finds it hard to shake off its corrupt taikos. One, they are afraid; and two, the effect of feudalistic and submission remains strong.

        Islam teaches us to be courteous, brave, and truthful.

        Just my 2 cts perception.

        p.s. Please continue whacking but w some palatable logic please. I am human too.

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  10. free thinker,

    You know why anwar did not hire you to defend him ?

    because you are as lame as wan azizah and anwar dont need lame people like you to defend him in public.

    he just need you to be on the street and thats it.

    • I figure this comment is directed to me. No I am not hired by anyone. I am apolitical and my comments come from me. I am here to express my opinion as an average Rakyat that this court case, although it may achieve its objective, is giving Malays and Islam a bad name, and I am entitled to my opinion and so many more like me.

      No I don’t believe in the street thing. That is Anwar’s game and I don’t subscribe to that. Dialogues and good thinking is sufficient to me.


  11. Straight-thinker, only God will ever know how the hell saiful let himself being F by Anwar…

    but, let’s focus on one thing… let it be proved by science, that anwar’s semen is actually in saiful’s anus.

    that should be good enough… whether saiful was planted by umno, its not an issue anymore. the RAKYAT wants to know, that their future PM is morally acceptable to the large Muslim population of Malaysia…

    • Yes I understand kowalski. We all have to accept the court’s judgement. After all it is a respected institution. But I think there is nothing wrong the repercussion and the stigma that carries with it. People talk as you know, we can’t stop people from talking.

      • You mean the chinese coffee shop talk?

  12. Errata:

    But I think there is nothing wrong with discussing the repercussions and whatever stigma that carries with it.

    “But I think there is nothing wrong the repercussion and the stigma that carries with it.”

  13. Dear straightthinker, I can imagine how hard to put ours into someone’s anus without using any KY Jelly. And it is even harder to imagine tht someone is not consenting the penetration. Surely the anus keep moving and making it hell to penetrate. How tht could be done? Somemore managed to reach the heaven’s pleasure? Hmmm..tht situation seems harder if both sides having same strength, same class, same cast. But come to think of it; if u were only a coffee boy and someone who u knew capable to harm u and make u disappear if he so wish wanted to sodomize u. Would u have other option but to let it slides in?. Surely, u would encounter dilemma being a muslim or in cohort to the unconsentd ‘2 became 1’..I believe tht was wht happened to saiful being hesitant prior the police report. Until he had to seek advice frm others to strengthen his intention. I believe the concept it same goes to having sex with underage girl despite it is mutual but being underage they r regarded as na?ve and know nuts..

  14. Dear straightthinker, I can imagine how hard to put ours into someone’s anus without using any KY Jelly. And it is even harder to imagine tht someone is not consenting the penetration. Surely the anus keep moving and making it hell to penetrate. How tht could be done? Somemore managed to reach the heaven’s pleasure? Hmmm..tht situation seems harder if both sides having the same strength, same class, same cast like the wrestlers in WWE. But come to think of it; if u were only a coffee boy and someone who u knew capable to harm u and make u disappear if he so wish wanted to sodomize u, do u have other option but to let it slides in? Some who have the courage would decline harshly and face whatever circumstances for he knows he would be martyr in fighting the crimes..but most of us don’t have that courage. It is easy to talk hindsight and ofcourse it is always easy to talk than done. Nomatter how u despise bribery, u can be bribed even with RM2 whn the timing is right tht u in dire need of rm2. Saiful was being hesitant prior the police report, remember? It is an act of a person in dilema of right and wrong. Until he had to seek advice frm others to straighthen his thinking. I believe the concept it same goes to having sex with underage girl despite it is mutual and consensual but being underage they r always regarded as na?ve and know nuts.. Similar also to sexual harrassment in the office, afraid of losing job and being framed as dishonest workers; how to find job aftr tht? Some might have to slip it in for thinking their worst nightmare of being jobless..

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