PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah still pressuring?

Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak was appointed as Malaysia 6th Prime Minister on 3 April 2009. The party leadership was handed over to him on 28 March 2009 when UMNO’s sixth President PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah “I’m-not-a-PM-for-a-term” Ahmad Badawi did not seek re-election, against the wishes if not pressure from some of  his strongest backers and supporters.

This graphic appeared in Utusan Malaysia front page, on 18 March 2009

One of them in his own highly controversial son-in-law, Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin who by then already managed to get himself elected as UMNO Youth Chief, in one of the most controversial fights where he was to have been found to be guilty of some degree of ‘money politics’ but not reprimanded and instead, let of with a mere ‘warning’.

PM Dato’ Sri Najib announced his Cabinet on 9 April 2009.  Amongst those who were omitted out from this line up is Khairy, despite as an UMNO Youth Chief is a Vice President stature by default. Strangely, his Deputy UMNO Youth Chief Dato’ Razali Ibrahim is appointed Deputy Minister of Youth.

The arrogance of the moment

As an UMNO Youth Chief, he is also by default the BN Youth Chief. However, BN Youth Chief of component parties were then appointed Deputy Ministers such as Wee Ka Siong and Hj Fadzillah Yusoff, but not him.  To add salt to injury, even BN Women’s Wing Chief of component parties are given position in PM Dato’ Sri Najib’s administration. Senator Dato’ Maznah Mazlan is not even UMNO Wanita Chief and yet not only she was appointed as a Dewan Negara member, she was entrusted as Deputy Minister of Human Resources.

The pressure is mounting. Khairy uses all sorts of channel to make the message heard that as the UMNO Youth Chief (or known as ‘KPUM’ amongst his UMNO Youth boys), its a matter of pride that he must make it into the administration. Many UMNO leaders which include Vice President Dato’ Sri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi insinuated that Khairy should be given a post, the very least by default of his position in the party.

But none avail.

Anak-Bapak: Rekod sokongan terbanyak hingga terburuk keatas BN, hanya dalam tempohmasa hanya satu terma pilihanraya umum sahaja

Dotting father-in-law, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi did try. In fact, many times. In his few engagements with PM Dato’ Sri Najib, he was said to be asking that Khairy be given a ‘Ministerial’ post.  Its a sheer sign of desperation. Of course, we saw that did not come. PM Dato’ Sri Najib did not entertain the request.

In fact, some people believed that there has been no major Cabinet reshuffle involving UMNO leaders since the 9 April 2009 line-up is because PM Dato’ Sri Najib wants to avoid the ‘stickiness’ of having to pander onto party pressure when Khairy is omitted again. For the record, Wanita UMNO Chief Senator Dato’ Seri Sharizat A Jalil is a Cabinet Minister and Puteri UMNO Chief Dato’ Rosnah Shirlin is a Deputy Minister.

This makes obvious sense. No Cabinet reshuffle means PM Najib need to say ‘no’ to his former boss, especially when PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s himself chose to remain oblivion to the majority’s thunderous message when he unprecedented lead BN to lose in 5 + 1 states and for the first time did not control 2/3 majority of the Dewan Rakyat on the ‘Political Tsunami’ of  8 March 2008 ‘s 12th GE.

PM Dato’ Sri Najib is doing the right thing. Both of them, bapak and anak, should reflect on their history. Both of them should heed the voice of the majority. Both of them are liability to the party. A destructive duo, indeed.

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  1. Big dog, since it is PM’s decision then PM must be brave and bold enough to be transparent and say that there is no place for KJ in cabinet. PM should be brave and honest to say that he does not recognise KJ’s victory and therefore does not recognise KJ as leader of UMNO youth. Stop this game and charade. Call a spade a spade. With that honesty PM can call for KJ’s resignation. Dont just call for transparent and honest admin yet you dont practice it.

    • Sdr nagaman
      Yang tebal muka, yang tak tahu malu dan yang dituduh corrup ialah SIL

      Dialah patut berambus sebelum “direct approach” diguna pakai.

      Teknikally he is Pemuda chief, virtually he is a pariah in the party. Pandai2 lah berundur

  2. It is unclear from this article why KJ has to bear the (enormous) strain for the 0308 Tsunami.

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