PKR thugs on the loose

PKR is really desperate. They are now resorting to gangsterism politics.

15 PKR men beat up several Gelang Patah UMNO Youth division committee members with wooden sticks  in Taman Seri Pulai Perdana, near Johor Bahru this evening. They summarily lodged a report at Kangkar Pulai Police Station at 851pm and one UMNO Youth man was injured and a motorbike was damaged in the unprovoked attack.

Earlier in the evening, Former abuse-of-power-convict Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim continued his persistent lie at the dedication of PKR Office in Bandar Baru Uda. In his speech, he lambasted the Police in the recent case which involved him being the ‘star’ of a very controversial video where he was taped of having sex with a Chinese woman. He charged the Police of bowing into political pressure instead of being professional in their work.

He also continued his usual lie by accusing the Federal Government Leaders of embezzling RM 50 billion of the rakyats’ money.

On the last Friday’s ‘Dato T’ Muhaballah Swear by Dato’ Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik and Dato’ Shuaib Lazim, the Opposition Leader said that anyone could swear as often as they want and this is no real issue. Especially when the Muhaballah Swear is about out to demonise him in the eyes of the rakyat.

However the crux of the matter is that in the past 30 months, two Muhaballah Swear have been made against Anwar. The first one was on 16 August 2008 by onetime his own aide Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan of being sodomised by the Adviser to PKR and de facto leader of the Opposition.

The protest at the entrance of Pulai Springs Resort where Johor PKR Convention was held

Much earlier at 200pm, PKR Johor organised a convention at Pulai Spring Resorts. In his speech, the onetime convicted-for-sodomy-but-acquitted-for-technicalities Anwar accused Rahim of being the culprit of the video distribution and this UMNO agenda is being carried out by someone with morality issues. TV3 also was accused to be an UMNO apparatus to demonise him.

Delusional Anwar asked Johor PKR Chief Chua Jui Meng (who he described as future MB Johor) to get the Johor PKR election machinery prepared.

In the usual zest, he also accused Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak refusal to have an open debate with him on the murder of Altantuyaa Shaariibuu was about of fear of the truth being out in the open. For him to dare raise this in this tone and context, despite Raja Petra “Cyber-Anarchist” Kamaruddin’s admission that his statutory declaration on 18 June 2008 mentioning Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor and two others present at the murder was a blatant lie, in the proof of how psychologically sick his mind is.

Sheer desperation has set in. By pathological-liar Anwar and his rejected band-of-bluffed-bandits.

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  1. You Malays just fight it out amongst yourselves. PAS farted in front of Najib on his urging for PAS to join BN. Now that PAS really farted in front of you, you want let off steam on PKR boys. Go ahead. Make my day.

    • Of course PM Dato’ Seri Najib knew all along that PAS would reject his call. That is the very crux of the game. PAS Leaders fell into the very trap laid for them.

      PAS Leadership refused an offer to work with UMNO, in favour of working with Chinese Chauvinists and anti Islam like DAP and immoralised-bunch-of-deteriorants-and-rejects like Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim and his Anwaristas.

      So many PAS supporters and sympathisers, which include fence-istters inclined towards PAS are not happy if not angry. Now, they would naturally abandon their support for PAS.

      Many PKR candidates relied on PAS support in 12GE. Now, they will suffer.

      This posting is not about letting of steam. It is a reporting, based on facts.

      • Zakhir,

        Hang should tell Najib to call it quit. he’s too much of a baggage for UMNO. Let Mat Tembam Johor lead.

      • Unfortunately, you are in the minority.

        Majority of the rakyat feels otherwise.

  2. I have not read a more perverted logic than this:

    “PAS Leaders fell into the very trap laid for them.”

    A trap is a stratagem in which one cannot escape. Where is the entrapment? If one receives a RSVP for a wedding, he has the privilege to respond to the RSVP: Yes, I will be attending or No, I will not be attending. Yes or No response is a lure of entrapment?

    BTW. I am aware it is a reporting. You should e-mail your post to the PEKIDA & RELA sub-div of PERKASA aka UMNO Blackwater and incite them to beat the hell of these PKR boys.

    We need more drama of entrapment.

    • If you want to use space in bloggosphere to throw insults by belittling others, I suggest you start one of your own and do whatever you want to do with it.

      Not in this blog, you won’t.

      Consider this a last warning!

      • *Comments deleted

        Please take your views elsewhere

      • Well done, Big Dog.

        Fellows who comment giving non-mainstream opinions but without providing facts or substantive arguments should be got rid of.

        Yes, they should write in their own blogs or in Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, and Malaysia Today where the don’t publish our mainstream values.

        Now that they are banished, we can concentrate on mature and meaningful discussions here.

      • Something strange has occurred, BD. The following comment of mine could not be submitted and a box appeared with the following words:

        “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

        Yet I have not said what I wrote in the following comment which I’ll try to re-submit now:

        “Well done, Big Dog.

        Fellows who comment giving non-mainstream opinions but without providing facts or substantive arguments should be got rid of.

        Yes, they should write in their own blogs or in Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, and Malaysia Today where the don’t publish our mainstream values.

        Now that they are banished, we can concentrate on mature and meaningful discussions here.”

  3. *Comments deleted

    Please take your views elsewhere

  4. Anwar Al-Juburit @ The Boss

    semua orang dia hantam depan belakang.

    • *Comments deleted

      Please take your views elsewhere

  5. *Comments deleted

    Please take your views elsewhere

    • aisehman, you really want to make a good criticism and a good comment known, go start your own blog, or you just too stupid to create a blog. if you too stupid to start a blog than, change to stupid_thinker. ha ha ha

      • I ditto cam’s comment. He stubbornly and unashamedly bulldoze his way in despite the banishment.

        This is the kind of blokes that DAP is made of. The kind who contributed to the 13 May 1969 race riots. Rude, instigating, provocating.

        I’m quite sure BD will remove the stupid thinker’s latest comments later in the morning. But I must have my last words on the bloke.

        Enough is enough. We want to have meaningful chats here.

  6. * Comments deleted

    Please take your views elsewhere

    • Najib is showing all that he is magnanimous by inviting PAS (who lost badly in Sarawak) to hold hands and together berjuang for the Ummah.

      Coz they have been taken advantaged of by the ‘over-my-dead-body’ DAP who oppose their dreams of an Islamic state.

      Why hang on to a marriage-of-convenience and get zero benefits. PAS is essentially supporting a non-islamic ideology as well as a gay culture with red light districts popping all over Malaysia.

      Why not join BN and uphold the constitution that protects BUMIPUTERAs, ISLAM and BAHASA MELAYU. Both UMNO and PAS share a lot more in common than with the 2 party rosak.

      If TGNA still reject, then all rakyat can see how unreasonable this tok is.

      • *Comments deleted

        Please take your views elsewhere

      • crooked-talker dear

        aiyoyo why so angly wan? Nowhere did I say UMNO was aiming for an Islamic state. That was PAS vision.

        Quote: “even basic observances such as human rights have been far more than satisfactory” – is this a COMPLIMENT? TQ

        “PAS is better off with DAP managing Malaysia — bigger say for PAS” – this is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century. You conveniently forgot DAP’s “over-my-dead-body” oath against an Islamic state. This is a tight SLAP on wali slipper’s face and then he went on to show the thumbs up sign to the island-counterpart of DAP.

        “a vote for UMNO is a vote to hell” – this is the very achilles heel of TGNA. No homo sapien CAN ever CLAIM to decide which other homo sapien can go to heaven or hell. That my dear, is Allah’s prerogative ONLY.

        Is the wali slipper claiming to be Allah?

        “I am helping you guys a lot already” – hee hee. This is the JOKE of the century. You poor pathetic lost soul, crying out to be validated and accredited. Pity pity pity.

        Kesian dia, niatnya baik cuma songsang sikit.

  7. Now that the crooked thinker’s comments have been removed, we can have straight-thinking discussions in here.

    “Johor PKR Chief Chua Jui Meng (who he described as future MB Johor)” –

    Anwar would irk the Sultan by suggesting so. Completely insensitive to the feelings of the Sultan who has removed Chua’s Datoship. Chua who had allowed a banner carrying the Sultan’s photograph together with his in Johor some time back.

    This Anwar has become so desperate that he seems to have followed DAP’s anarchistic and no-matter-what ways. His goons seem to have followed his ways. Coupled with long-renown anarchistic DAP, and the dreamy led-by-the-nose PAS, the country would go the dogs if they are allowed to be even near Putrajaya.

    • *Comments deleted

      Please take your views elsewhere

      • hey hey hey

        crooked_talker is STARTING to make demands here, in a typical anarchistic DAP style.

        Wealthy ethnic chinese, born and bred in people’s republic of china are also leaving their motherland by the thousands for ang moh countries. Wanna provide your intellectual thesis here?

        My friendly and FOC advise – Go read up china daily to upgrade your resources to debate effectively in BD. Pronto!!

      • ray

        The fler has been booted by BD. Don’t know if he’ll emerge in other names. But BD can tell from his IP. And we can tell from his lingo.

        Good to know (I presume) that we can read China Daily in English. I certainly will try to google it. But maybe no need to tell the bad pictures in China. So that those who are thinking of returning may not get discouraged.

        Those who think of doing so lack loyalty to this country. They should be encouraged to return.

  8. Well said

    • straight_thinker.

      Well said. The dog and its ilks like ray just don’t has much brain cells to think and anaylze much deeper other than the stools behind their back

      • Whoah asem asim dear

        U wanna noe sumtin? Those who can’t utilise their top brains have to stoop so low they can only see the ugly rear.

        You been infected by mat king leather’s hobby huh? Can only talk about ‘back’ issues.

  9. *Comments deleted

    Please take your views elsewhere

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