Appreciate the ‘Team Spirit’

Not much words tonight. Many missed the plot. Never the less, some were more observant. From the bottom of our probably enlarged hearts, we would like to express our utmost sincere appreciation for the ‘Team Spirit’ shown.

Papagomo berentap dengan BogDog

Isu PM Kristus: Perhatikan foto ini

DAP can’t shed of dragging church into politics

KJ Serang Bigdog, DAP Cuci Tangan…

Jeng…Jeng…Jeng…..Siapakah Yang Salurkan Maklumat Kepada Bigdog ?


Please read also:

Where everybody missed the plot

Church in Politics or Politics in Church?

Mulut KJ, mulut jobo ayam

They are journalists, crucify them!

The same degree of appreciation is also accorded to those who supported our work here, in bloggosphere and in the tangible world. Your kind encouragement is inspiring.

*Updated Friday 100pm


Panas penyakit kantoi Anwar berjangkit

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  1. BRO,

    • The fler must have been called by the boss. Poor fler. At 01:16. Haba haba.

      • No, he Entered for a paragraph but the cursor was at Post Comment.

      • Mebbe, but I still think he got called by the boss. You know la at that hour. And it was a 15 minute job!

        Anyone thinks I was thinking anything nasty? Or bitchy?

        I was merely implying that he could have gone to answer the call of Nature.

        I think this danswlee guy has a sense of humour not to angrify me, correct or not, kawan. Kita ketawa sikit in this Thank You post by BD la, betul tak.

  2. Bro, no heart feeling, lawan tetap lawan but I really hope, please leave religion aside. What about economy, corruption, education, transportation, judicial and many more than can make the country move forward.
    As a reader either proBN or proPR we always appreciate the comments you all can contribute to our beloved country.
    May we can always live in peace and harmony. Saya anak bangsa Malaysia. Keep it up and all the best. Lawan tetap lawan. May peace with you.

    • It was never about religion. It was about politics.

      • BD,

        Your opponents didn’t miss the plot.

        They were part of the plot. DAP/ PR plot, that is.

    • Support the call for “live in peace and harmony”.

      But been wondering why some people use the term “anak bangsa Malaysia”, which the DAP people do, instead of “anak Malaysia” that most people do.

      Isn’t the latter term more conducive for peace and harmony as it does not connote any hidden or implied meaning, plain straight forward Bahasa Malaysia. Why leave room for speculation as to the meaning of the “anak bangsa Malaysia” when the latter term serves the purpose of conveying the English equivalent of Malaysian citizen or the child of Malaysia.

      I doubt if it is purely a matter of understanding Bahasa Malaysia. Maybe along the DAP claim of being Malaysian First and Chinese Second, yet what their leaders do do not show that. For example, in Penang they allow the naming of things after Sun Yet Sen, the one-time leader of Sun Yat Sen, who had nothing to do with Malaysia except stayed in Penang for a while.

  3. Kesian punya fat dog, kena hantam kau kau sama KJ !

    • Alahai burung

      With kj’s track record of money politics, it is actually a compliment to be criticised by him.

      Like they say, if the devil hates you, by default you are an angel.

  4. Hi BD

    You hv my full support !!


  5. Relaks bro.
    KJ dah tak laku. tak de org nak dengar ckp dia.

    • Saya penyokong kuat KJ.

      • Kalau Sdr tak berkelakar, pendirian itu mengejutkan, Andak.

        Kalau berjenaka, tolong kasi tanda ! lah, kawan.

        Saya ni lembab punya orang, kekadang, tak faham jok.

      • Saya penyokong kuat KJ Choi kat Iskandar Open.

      • Haha, brother.

  6. Quoting Tuan Rocky:

    “By the way, when the Chinese reporter was sent detained under ISA, Syed Hamid Albar was the Home Minister and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was PM. That was the dark ages. Under Najib Razak, Kamunting and journalists won’t meet. I’m sure of it.”

    Jadi, apa lagi? Cargas la…

    • Masa Azmi Kahlid pulak, melulu ke negeri China, mintak ma’af kononnya Polis suruh pompuan warga negara China duduk ketumbi nak tahu apa keluar dari ubi.

      Rupa rupanya hamba Allah tu bukan warga negara China pun. The greatest joke of the century. Harap tak berlaku lagi, otherwise tak tau mana nak taruk muka aku.

      Tapi cerita melutut ni nampaknya belom habis, kan? Itu sebab DAP naik kepala dan sengaja buat tak fahamkan plot yang BD cakap diatas.

    • Masa Azmi Khalid minta maaf, ada masuk majalah Keluarga tak…

    • Those who complain about human rights in Malaysia should read the following:

      Discouraging year for rights in Australia: Amnesty
      (AFP) —

      Australia’s human rights record has taken backward steps on refugees and Aborigines, Amnesty International warned Friday as it criticised a plan to send boat people to Malaysia.

      “It’s been a disappointing year for human rights and missed opportunities and backward steps, particularly in terms of refugee policy, indigenous policy as well as the broader human rights legislation and framework,” Amnesty Australia’s Claire Mallinson said.

      Mallinson said Canberra’s policy on asylum seekers, many of whom have fled Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan and arrive in Australia by paying people smugglers for a perilous boat journey, failed legal, humane and economic tests.

      The government’s decision to suspend the processing of visas for Afghans and Sri Lankans for some months last year had led to overcrowding, increased stress among detainees and mental health issues, she said.

      “People have a legal right to seek asylum and the numbers coming into Australia are incredibly low,” she told AFP.


      Bloody White Australia Policy. An why the hell does Malaysia agree to receiving 800 boat people from Australia?

  7. Utusan editors were called. What about editors of chinese newspapers who whipped up racial tensions? What kind of KDN minister do we have? Must be a bloody bastard.

    • Cool down, bro. We must help BD put out issues that protect and promote our interest and avoid words that might embarrass him in the eyes of the authorities.

      We can state our agree or disagree views, even urge the authorities to take action, but let’s avoid strong words.

      Jangan marah for saying so ya, but I just wanna enjoy reading all sorts of views and some jokes from time to time.

      Have a good day, bro.

    • What did the Chinese Papers that make you angry? Show illustration la

    • Actually, they’ve been called up for much smaller things.

  8. a dog will always be a dog…on earth or in heaven…..wagging its tail,salivating and hoping for more dog food from its master.

    • Bro, in heaven, which ISP is better? Got UniFi? Wanna subscribe…

    • Some more in heaven, can call Tuhan or not? Or only use Allah…

  9. Salam BigDog,

    Now they will keep their distance, DAP with the Chistian community. For the moment at least. Left to be seen.

    All the best

    • I don’t think so, Freddie. They’ll just avoid being seen. Check every fellow who enters their premises. Ban every mobile phone that can record their meeting among cadres. And rub the waist of doubtful members attending their functions.

      They, after all, have been consorting with communists and subversives. Those fellows participated in the events that led to the race riots of 1969. It’s written in the official records. DAP hardcores are in touch with them, themselves being used to subversive activities starting from their so-called Malaysian Malaysia concept introduced in the 60s. That which tried to subvert the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumis of Sarawak and Sabah. Speaking for kesama rataan without acknowledging the Special Position.

      They must be closely observed and the nasty cadres tailed and reported on. When clearly subversive and endangering the security of the country, arrest them under ISA.

      And my name is Isa. Though not in capital letters.

      • @ISA (jangan marah),

        My comment to BD is relative to your comment as well.

        Thank you BD

  10. Salam BigDog,

    Blogger has been down since yesterday. Imported posts to spare site. Will revert to blogger when it’s up.

    Anyway, here is a plea for you not to play rough.

    Best regards

  11. Apparently silent is gold – for this blogger at least. Now that somebody who is actually there verify that such effort does actually took place as alleged thus exonerating him, whats next?

    And before those blinded by their own political affiliation shout ‘conspiracy!’ the bugger that make the report:

    1. Was actually there.
    2. A DAP member.

    • This somebody didn’t get an SD stamped by a Bar Council member, did he?


      • Not even an SD stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths which can be retracted, denied, superseded, what have you.

  12. Anyone else find the wording of the statement by LGE and the pastors strange?

    “1. DAP and the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng have never asked Christian Pastors to pray to seek God’s divine intervention to establish Malaysia as a Christian state or have a Christian Prime Minister.”

    No one said the DAP asked the pastors to do it. Why didn’t they just say that the pastors never prayed for a Christian state?

    Pretty dodgy, IMO. Reminds me of when Bill Clinton said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Apparently his definition of “sexual relations” didn’t include oral sex or sticking cigars in places they shouldn’t be.

    • Didn’t know he stuck cigars, too. He must be smoking rather wet and messy cigars.

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