Sodomy II: Anwar perintah bela diri, BUT prepare to ‘lari’?

The trial  of Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim of the charge of sodomizing aide Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan almost three years ago turned into fifth gear as trial judge Justice Mohd. Zabidin Mohd. Diah decided there is a prima facie case and the former is to defend himself.

Published: Monday May 16, 2011 MYT 8:18:00 AM
Updated: Monday May 16, 2011 MYT 11:00:28 AM

Sodomy II: Anwar ordered to enter defence


KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court on Monday ordered Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to defend himself against a charge of sodomising his former personal assistant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan three years ago.

High Court judge Justice Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah determined that the prosecution had established a prima facie case and the 63-year-old PKR adviser must enter his defence.

He said complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan was a credible witness.

“The accused is charged with carnal intercourse against order of nature.

“The defence tried to paint Saiful as a witness who was not a credible witness and that he was not a good Muslim. With great respect to defence, these arguments are irrelevant,” he said.

“Saiful appeared to be a truthful witness and his evidence reliable, with the minute details given in his account.

“Therefore, the next question is whether there is evidence to corroborate Saiful’s statements.

“The three doctors who testified confirmed that there was penile penetration.

“As for contamination of DNA evidence, all samples taken were immediately sealed. I find the possibility of contamination of samples to be remote.

“Based on all the above reasons, the prosecution has made a prima facie case against the accused. The defence is called,” he said.

A total of 27 prosecution witnesses were called to take the stand during 59 days of hearing.

On Aug 7, 2008, Anwar pleaded not guilty to performing carnal intercourse against the order of nature on complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan at a condominium unit in Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

The alleged offence took place between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

He is charged under Section 377B of the Penal Code and if convicted, could be sentenced to up to 20 years’ jail and whipped.

Anwar remained composed after he heard the ruling on Monday. He smiled as he greeted supporters.

The lawyers then entered chambers.

Supporters said they were not surprised by the ruling as it was widely expected


6 to 30 June 2011 is being set aside for the defense to put up their case to proof Anwar did not sodomize Saiful Bukhari. A stream of high powered lawyers lead by DAP Chairman and MP for Bukit Gelugor Karpal Singh and Sankara Nair appear for Anwar where else Solicitor General Dato’ Mohd. Yusof Zainal Abiden appear as the public prosecutor.

In the eyes of public at large, there is not much option left. PKR Leaders such as Tian Chua in his tweets as the judge was reading out the judgment of as the prosecution already closed their was questioning the semen taken from the victim’s anal cavity and DNA that were adduced as evidence in the trial. The PKR Adviser’s desperation is obvious.

More drama is expected from the second-time-sodomy-accused and of course, his band of desperate Anwaristas.

When Saiful Azhar made the Police report on 28 June 2008, his wife and PKR President Wan Azizah and daughter and Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah lied to media of his where abouts. Then immediately it was the drama of “his life being threantened” and sought refuge at the Turkish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Until present day, there is no real evidence of the former-abuse-of-power-convict ever in grave danger.

‘Drama’ is nothing new for the compulsive liar. During the trial for the charge of abuse of power and sodomy the first time around, the most wildest accusations to impair the process the sought of justice were presented in court. “Arsenic poisoning”, “Fear of being injected with HIV-infected needles” and “Back problems” are the most notables ones. In this trial, it had been postponed 30 times already and twice the defense tried to recuse the trial judge, which is never heard of in the Malaysian judicial history.

A little over a month ago, Datuk T trio Dato’ Shazryl Eksay-Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik-Dato’ Shuaib Lazim revealed a video of someone who is widely believed as him, having sex with a Chinese woman. It instantly became a much talked about topic, which came with a total denial. Another episode of drama preceded. Media continuously hound both Anwar and Azizah for the purpoted “Omega watch”, which was shown in the video and now in Police position as Dato’ Eksay surrendered it for the investigation. Azizah claimed that the watch is with her and however refused to show it when demanded by media.

Now with all that in his bag, it is not surprise he would leave the country and seek refuge elsewhere for being “Politically persecuted”. Western media especially Neo-Con Jewish controlled ones already the past three years branding this criminal action against their darling here in Malaysia as such. His US and European supporters have not stopped barraging the Malaysian Government with all sorts of lies. This include Israeli media.

Anwar also has been proven to get financial assistance by Saudis who are pro-US.

Fleeing the country with that story is the most obvious excuse of which Western media is ready to carry, in the assistance of demonising the Malaysia Government and all its enforcement agency, at sundry. Like any other deposed Western sponsored politicians such Thaksin Shinawatra (Thailand) and Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier (Haiti), it is expected for Anwar and his Anwaristas to there on stage their ‘political onslaught’ from abroad.

An interesting proposition which many believed and worth watching.

*Updated 1145pm

The was a ruckus outside the Jalan Duta Court Complex by persons believed to be Pakatan Rakyat supporters. This is a typical PKR modus operandi.

In 2009, PAS Youth ruled out street demonstration as per the usual ‘Reformasi’ days to divert the public attention towards the case. Now that PAS Muktakmar is expected within few short weeks, it is unlikely that PAS Youth would provide the necessary manpower for such demonstration. PKR Leadership have had to rely on PAS Youth to garner enough crowd for street demonstrations, from the ‘Reformasi’ days.

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