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'Bloggers for Blogger' campaign for Kerp

On Monday 16 May 2011, Blog House Malaysia Secretary Tony Yew started the ‘Bloggers for Blogger’ campaign to assist the wheelchair-bound-blogger Ahmad Daniel Shah “Kerp” Sharani in his trying times of dotting wife for a little over a year, Molee Kamal, weather through her fight against kidney cancer.

Datuk Rocky and other bloggers such as Jebat Must Die, Tokasid and Write Away started to follow.

BHM President Syed Akbar Ali handing over a checque for Kerp

Blog House Malaysia as an NGO for bloggers actively took the task to promote this ‘B2B4Kerp’ fund.

Today, Blog House Malaysia senior Excos paid a visit to Kerp at his family’s place near Subang Airport. I was fortunate to accompaniy President Syed Akbar Ali and Secretary Tony Yew for the visit. When we arrived, Kerp’s parents were just about to leave to take Molee for an oncology treatment at a nearby hospital. Blog House Malaysia contributed a sum of RM 10,000.00 ease Kerp’s burden on Molee’s hefty hospital bills, which is reoccurring monthly.

So far, Blog House Malaysia ‘B2B4Kerp’ meter already recorded RM 11,739.35 monies contributed by many, which include bloggers. We were told that the attention even attracted a generous contribution from abroad. Someone wanted to send Kerp an amount of USD 200.00.

Molee is lucky her employer is a very understanding corporation. She has been on paid medical leave the past two months. Publishing house Karangkraf should be commended for their exemplary compassion for their employees. Other corporations should emulate this fine humanitarian gesture.

Kerp lost the use of his legs after a terrible accident when he was still in his teens. Molee, stood by him from then for 11 years and had a long run relationship before her parents allowed Kerp to marry her March 2010. Now its time for Kerp to return her kindness. Please do what ever you can to help Kerp. If you are a blogger or active user of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, please help to create awareness on Kerp’s plight.

On behalf of Blog House Malaysia and Kerp, we would like to express our deepest and utmost sincere gratitude for your kindness.

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