Exploring the youth potential

Over the weekend, the nation saw how public-sector collaboration managed to gather hundreds of thousands of youths in Putrajaya in 200 activities for the ‘Himpunan Sejuta Belia’.

PM Najib addressing the youths at 'Himpunan Sejuta Belia'

Youths had so much fun. They played, competed, performed, ate, danced, sang and pondered through arts, performing arts and even their future at the tertiary education and job opportunities exhibitions. They saw the might of the defense of the realm with the military participation, via Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia. They partied at Media Prima’s Jom Heboh special edition.

Leaders were there for them. Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and streams of Cabinet Ministers attended and made appearance in the various activities. They even had a chance to watch the UEFA 2011 Champion of Leagues final with Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak, where many saw their favourite team Manchester United was trampled in style in Wembley by Barcelona FC.

PM Najib watched his favourite team being trampled during CPL 2011 finals

PM Dato’ Sri Najib announced the setting up of ‘Youth Parliament’. Youths now will have an avenue to talk and discuss issues pertaining to them and their interest, as part of their contribution to nation building. This is very positive and a progress to realise the full potential of the nation’s most prized asset; her young people.

These youths’ potential should be realised. They may not have the necessary experience and exposure, but they definitely have ideas. Their imagination and creativity is like the Pacific Ocean where a lot of treasures lie yet to be explored, discovered and realised. As the nation now have a policy of ‘innovation economy’, it is pertinent that the implementation of this policy be tailored to the youths, now and ever increasing annually as they leave school.

Minister of Youth cycling

Activities involving youths previously were not ‘media savvy’ were given due coverage in these three historic days.

So many focus on sports when they begin to think about youths. They conveniently ignore other potential that youths could be harnessed for; creativity, performance arts, entrepreneurism and even CSR work. Given the right opportunity, they should able to present their mettle. ‘Innovation Economy’ have termendous opportunities here at home.

One such is a college project for short film. Multimedia College (a wholly owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Bhd, via Multimedia University) students recently produced a low budget class project, which demonstrated how these people could be developed further.

More industry-driven education is necessary for our youths to be prepared for the real challenges in the working and business world. A class project such as this propels expansionary process of the students’ creativity and thinking-outside-the-box. The youths must be prepared to adapt themselves in the dynamism of reality.

With proper guidance, coaching and interaction, they are able to do more. This is a nation of youths and they must be included. Considering that 50% of the rakyat is 30 years or younger, this is where our future lies. Industries should be more pro-active in engaging them.

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  1. I was having a heated discussion on “youth” topics with some concerned parents while having kuehteow goreng last week.

    May I suggest they do this monthly, however, taken to State/Kampung levels too. Putrajaya is a good start, but what about those youths from the rural areas, they too deserve to get exposures and conveniences brought to them.

    Today everything needs “money” and the have-nots should not be deprived of the opportunities to learn; not many can afford to travel to Putrajaya!


  2. IMO, on the surface such events may look uplifting but it is cheer-leading rahrahrah just the same.

    It is great injustice if we merely wish to trickle it down and the young to inherit the same socio-economic-political structure that is bound to snap in their lifetimes. It is like placing a glass ceiling, you know, the sort that inhibits evolution of the consciousness of the young, talented, and vibrant youth of this country.

    Put them in a lull and they will turn out just like us. It is incomprehensible and irresponsible if we wish to shape them in the same crucible that the old and mouldy were moulded.

    I am sure you have heard the story of the Mouseland. Let the young mouse with ideas prosper. Provide them a better platform and the liberty of mind to inherit or purge as they see fit. It is their future.

    For the old, the future is already here and we have lived it, in fact, yesterday.


    I think to place a glass ceiling

    it is


  3. I think we are in the land of a total and an open Mouseland . White Cats and other cats were long time gone . But when the cats are away the mice begin to play , the mice begin to over played each other because they want to become cats . They forget that they are all mice .

    Apparently , the leader of these yellow , mix-brown and green mice wants to take over the administration of the brown with sported yellow and black mice . It is not because of ideology but to bring justice to an individual , a particular leader mouse .

    What has been blessed , the administration of the brown with sported yellow and black mice has been managing the population of mice well . It is because , the administration has a cause and ideology . The cause is for the well being for all species of mice . And the laws are for the order of the Mouseland and not for the like-cats .

    For the young , the administration forwards them with the sense of belonging and freedom in an open assembly of young mice . With much hope that the young will have the sense in continuing and carrying out the cause , with new ideas and new mission for the betterment of all mice , as in the past , at present and for the future . These were done with full conscience , not to be in the lull , a short trip or drugged .

    Looking at it positively and without suspicion , the administration has done a good job to bring about the meaning of 1 MouseLand to the conscious young mice , congratulation .

  4. The older generations have built this nation through their commitment, knowledge and wisdom. They are the ones that have given much to the youths and which the young generation take for granted. It’s common to see some among the young generation who complain and whine about everything. Time for the young generation to ‘ ask not what the nation can do for them, but what they can do for the nation’ i.e to quote JFKennedy. The young have been taking, taking and taking. Time to start giving by contributing to the nation building.

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