‘Islamist’ party do away with Ulama’

In an unexpected turn, delegates at this year’s PAS annual assembly in sundry threw out clergies and instead put ‘Young Turks’ in place of them. This is unprecedented since the PAS was formed by Ulamas 60 years ago, who were frustrated with UMNO middle path and moderate approach.

For the highly strategic Deputy President post, Mohamad Sabu beat incumbent Nasharuddin Mat Isa and new comer Tuan Ibrahim. Both losers represented the Ulama’ faction.

For the Vice President seats, Salahuddin Ayub and Husam Musa retained their seats. Obviously, the ‘Erdogans’ already taking control of the Islamists party. Majority of Excos are now ‘Erdogan’ and those seen to be liberal and ever willing to compromise party’s traditions, values and even Islamist philosophy for the sake of politics.

PAS is slowly shedding it’s ‘party of ulama’ image. PAS also want to be ‘politically viable’ for the urban and professional Malays. This vote also reflects PAS’s effort to be ‘acceptable’ to the Non Malays.

Change of policies is expected. PAS President Dato Abdul Hadi Awang on Friday already announced that they are ‘dropping in intention to create an Islamic State’ for Pakatan-Rakyat savvy ‘Welfare State’. These ‘Erdogans’ are more friendly to liberal policies which is seem as pandering to DAP Chinese-Chauvinism and pro-West agenda.

What Marang MP Hadi failed to explain is that by carrying the ‘Islamist State’, the ‘welfare’ bit would naturally be encompassed in the spirit of the system. Islam advocates communalism more than individualism. What baffling is that PAS via their delegates pandered into DAP Chairman Karpal Singh’s “Over my dead body!” response to an unrealised ‘Islamic State’ objective.

Votes generated by PAS enabled Pakatatan Rakyat partners of unholy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-backstabbing-strange-bedfellows during the 12 General Election proven beneficial to DAP and especially PKR. PKR managed to amass 970,000 extra votes as compared to 11GE which translated to an increase of 200%. Will the lifeline of PKR be extended after this, considering that PKR has been ‘disintegrating systematically’ with strategic personalities like Zahrain Hashim, Sallehuddin Hashim, Zulkifli Nordin and financier John Soh already exited.

The landscape of PAS’s mainstay support from the Malay heartland is expected to shift as well. So many grassroots are already unhappy with issues like ‘Kalimah Allah’ and the stance on Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s personal problems such as the ongoing sodomy case on trial now and recently the ‘Datuk T’ sex-video scandals. In short, they expect PAS to remain conservative with the explicit struggle for an ‘Islamic State’ being uncompromised.

Yesterday’s voting is a new dawn for PAS, either as an evolving Islamist party which eventually open enough to work with nationslist party UMNO or a strategic tool for DAP and PKR.

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