Time to shed Chinese Chauvinism for patriotism

Penang CPO Deputy Commissioner of Police Dato’ Ayub Yaakob did the right thing. He asked the Government to promote for the rakyat to come forward and serve the nation and do their part in ‘Community Policing’.

Penang CPO to politicians: Don’t divide the people

Tuesday, June 07 @ 08:27:12 CDT

Community policing services in Penang must be open to all residents, regardless of their political affiliation, says the state police head.
Penang police chief Ayub Yaakob says politicians must stop dividing the people in the delivery of community policing services, which should be open to all regardless of political affiliation.

He said certain quarters were trying to undermine community policing by preventing members of political parties, other than their own, from joining the teams.

penang crime police lim guan eng event pc 260908 ayub yaakob“Everyone should be treated equally. In a residential area, there are all kinds of people, some from Umno and others from DAP,” Ayub told Malaysiakini.

“Residents should be encouraged to join these teams regardless of their membership of any political party, as the programme benefits everyone.”

Asked to identity the politicians concerned, he would only say: “Please write about this. It is an important matter.”

However, Ayub added, politicians were not the only ones dividing the people as “certain political parties” were doing so as well.

Several community policing teams have been set up, for example, in Bayan Baru and Paya Terubongg. Such initiatives are usually spearheaded by the state assembly representatives.

Ayub said he welcomed public support and participation in the move as this has attributed to a drop in the state’s crime index rate by 27.1 percent last year.

He advised politicians, as elected representatives, to treat all constituents equally.

‘No BN or Pakatan government’

“They stand or contest under their political banners during elections. (When) they win, they have to serve everyone equally in their constituency, not just members of their political parties” he said.

Ayub said his comments also applied to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who is also DAP secretary-general.

azlanWhen he is in office, Lim must act as the head of government for every citizen, and there should be no reference to a BN or Pakatan Rakyat government when referring to a particular project or situation.

“There is no BN or Pakatan government. There are only three (levels of) government: federal, state and local,” Ayub said.

“Please follow the constitution… there is no mention there of a BN or Pakatan government.”


CPO Dato’ Ayub is making a call exactly for the point of that any ruling party of the Federal Government or any of the State Governments must ensure that the community policing is across the board and not only promoted or at the extreme being isolated by certain quarters. Worse still, if political parties do that.

‘Community Policing’ is about communities working closely together with the Police Force for law enforcement programs.

There is no politics in community policing. It is security program to ensure that lives and properties are protected from people intending to do malice and break the law. Community policing is about keeping law and order and preserve the interests of the community in an orderly fashion. It is about ensuring respecting other people’s life and rights.

In Penang, the Police Force managed to bring down the crime rate significantly. For 2010, Penang Police managed to record 27% crime reduction and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng actually acknowledged this. This was achieved without employing much more resources. However, it could improved further with a tight co-operation for the Penang State Government. As the group of people who were given the mandate to rule, they should be actively involved in this effort between Police Force and communities.

It is time for DAP to shed its Chinese Chauvinism and promoting effort to ensure that more youths step forward to join the Police Force. It is time for DAP Leaders like Secretary General Lim Guan Eng to stand up and show their patriotism.

Previously, we challenged DAP to do their bit for the defense of the realm. Since they call for “Malaysian, Malaysia”, then they should prove their patriotism in promoting Chinese youths to step forward and offer themselves for any recruitment call of the Police Force, any of the services under Armed Forces and/or Maritime Agency.

After all since the Chinese make up 26% of Malaysians, then it is only fair that DAP as the known Chinese Chauvinist party ensure that 25% of all application into the Police Force and ATM recruitment drive are filled by Chinese youths.

*Updated Tuesday 8 June 2011 0800hrs

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