LGE ever complained about ‘entertainment’ outlets?

The recent mishap involving the girl in Batu Feringghi being ran over by a galloping horse whose operator grabbed nationwide attention, if not anger. More so, when Penang Police revealed this man was actually high on morphine and had previous criminal cases.

Beach boy on horse in Batu Ferringhi incident was high on drugs

New Straits Times
Thu, Jun 09, 2011

State police chief Datuk Ayub Yakub said yesterday a urine test administered on the 28-year-old revealed he had been using morphine.

Initial investigations also revealed the man, who is from Alor Star, had two previous convictions for burglary and drugs. He is being investigated for causing grievous hurt.

Ayub was speaking after visiting the girl, Arina Kirana Azrin, at the Penang Hospital paediatric ward.

Arina, who was on holiday in Penang with her parents and 12-year-old sister, was building sand castles with her sister when a horse ridden by the beach boy collided with her.

The rider did not stop after the collision, which left the kindergarten girl with bodily injuries. She is still warded at the hospital.

Meanwhile, a massive operation to seize horses kept by illegal operators of joy rides at the Batu Ferringhi beach has been drawn up by the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) following Tuesday’s incident.

State Local Government and Traffic Management Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said the operators of the illegal horse-riding business in the tourism belt had been given written notices to remove the animals from Kampung Chettiar, a village located near Parkroyal Hotel.

The notices were first issued last month following an incident on April 30 when a tourist from Saudi Arabia fell off a horse and sustained minor injuries on Batu Ferringhi beach.

“The operators had been openly defying the ban on horse-riding along the beachfront, even after they had received orders in black and white to remove the horses from the village.

“The next step will be for the MPPP to seize the animals from the village as soon as possible,” he said yest e r d ay.

On quad bike riding that has also been banned, Chow said the operators were cooperative and that the authorities had not received complaints lately.

He said the council needed to engage operators of water sports, such as jet-skiing and parasailing again, following recent complaints that such activities were not carried out in demarcated zones. He said the state and local authorities had always maintained that the beach belonged to everyone, but if the situationworsened to a point that harsher measures needed to be taken, the operators would risk having their licences suspended. “These people had just been given licences to operate, as we wanted to regulate their activities. However, if they continue to violate regulations, then they will only tarnish their own reputation further and risk action being taken against them.”

-New Straits Times


In this case, it is the local authority (PBT) which failed to monitor all these ventures, even after accidents happened. Orders restraining such operation were conveniently unheeded as PBT paid little attention.

This got so many started thinking are these operators of illegal businesses, even on the pretext of ‘enriching the tourist spots’, got ‘indirect blessing’ from the decision makers and enforcement of the said PBT?

That is not the case for the various hawkers whose businesses were forcefully shut, especially in the Georgetown area. The DAP ADUN for Komtar Ng Wei Eik in charge woven their ‘stick’ high up as the personally supervise MPPP’s destruction and repossession of these hawkers’ properties, in sheer arrogance.

Then again, this sheer brute against small business operators is because they are Non Chinese. More accurately, they are Malays.  Then, the Political Secretary to Penang Chief Minister Ng lied through his teeth, to justify his brutal act against this nasi kandar outlet in his constituency.

Probably, the directive of ‘closing one eye’ is not exclusive for this PBT. It seems that there is a ‘blanket of approval’ for all the PBTs in the state to pay little or minimal attention to the much larger and lucrative ‘entertainment outlets’.

Then again, the much larger and networked business entities sprawling and believed to be thriving within the Penang economy post 12 general election has a different story all together. They are getting ‘preferential treatment’ for the Chinese Chauvinist DAP Penang State Government, all the way at the top level.

The ‘entertainment outlet’ that is being talked about here is not the regular cineplex or local neighbourhood pub. This is the sort which offer all sorts of vice related products and services such as prostitution, illegal gambling and drugs. Of course, the public at large suspect that the Lords of Underworld Vices are the ‘Master Franchisor’ if not the main shareholders (via third parties and shelf incorporated entities) and ‘parent holding’ companies of these vices related businesses.

The Federal Government agencies such as Police and Immigration have been conducting all sorts of operation to go after these ‘entertainment outlets’, over and over again.  Tirelessly, arrests were made and these vice-busting initiatives are even given media coverage. Then again, soon after all the GROs and operators were arrested they are in business again. Almost as usual.

The key success factor of curbing all these vices operated by the Lords of Underworld is ability to refrain their license and any permit or approval to conduct business. This is where the PBTs within Penang controlled DAP failed. This is also true in Chinese majority PBTs within Selangor such as Petaling Jaya, Subang, Puchong, Serdang and Klang, where the PBT councillors are determined by DAP.

Even PAS controlled Kedah Government ‘pandered’ to all these.

As the Chief Minister of Penang and Secretary General of Chinese Chauvinist party DAP, Lim Guan Eng paid very minimal attention on the fact that these raids did not manage to reduce the operations and all these ‘entertainment outlet’ activities. In fact, it is growing and the operators are thriving with new outlets spawned if all of the Chinese majority areas.

Even wonder why Lim Guan Eng is unequivocally silent on this?

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