Malaysian First: Riong Kali’s pants on fire?

Kalimullah "Riong Kali" Masheerul Hassan

Kalimullah “Riong Kali” Hassan is back writing. After a long hiatus, the media persona non grata  picked the topic of ‘Anak Malaysia’, which was a recent polemic initiated by DAP ADUN for Subang Hannah Yeoh.

Anak Malaysia — Kalimullah Hassan

June 10, 2011

JUNE 10 – Funny, isn’t it?

It’s not easy to be categorised as anak Malaysia in Malaysia. Fact is, it’s impossible to have your official documents state that you are a Malaysian.

I admire Hannah Yeoh and her husband Ramachandran Muniandy’s attempt to list their child as anak Malaysia. Perhaps they have started the national debate that may one day see the change in policy that many of us anak Malaysia have wanted all these years.

When my eldest child was born in 1984 in Muar, Johore, I faced that dilemma. My birth certificate says I am a Pathan as are both my parents. But my wife is Malay, although she comes from a mixed background, tracing her roots to Sri Lanka and China as well. She is Singhalese, Chinese and Malay.

And so there was this weird conversation I had with the clerk at the district office in Muar. He asked what a Pathan was. I said it was an ethnic group dominant in the North West frontier, in Afghanistan mainly, but also well spread over the sub-continent in Pakistan and India.

“Agama Islam ke, Encik?” he asked. Yes, I said, it’s so stated in my birth certificate.

Then he says my daughter’s race should follow the father, so, she was listed as Pakistani. Hang on a minute, I argued. A Pakistani is someone who is a national of Pakistan. My daughter is a citizen of Malaysia and should be Malaysian. Or, if he insisted on following the father’s ethnicity, she should be a Pathan.

But the clerk, who held the power of determining what ethnic group or nationality my daughter belonged to, insisted there was no category for Pathans in the official list. So, after a while, I gave up arguing. What’s in a name? A rose, by any other……

My wife was not happy. She insisted that the children should grow up with one identity and it was not going to be Pakistani, a country we had till then never been to and where we had no roots at all. But despite her arguments and tantrums at the district office when she was out of confinement, the only compromise she achieved was that instead of putting —— daughter of (d/o) Kalimullah, they removed the daughter of (d/o) and left just the name we gave her.

My second and youngest daughters were registered as Malays. That, I suppose, was because both my wife and I are Muslims. But my son, the third in the family, who was also born in Muar and was probably registered by the same clerk in the district office, was listed as Indian.

When the children started going to school, we had to explain to them why all these happened; why, although they were of the same mother and father, they were categorised as Pakistani, Malays and Indian. But it had not ended.

A few years ago, I was cautioned by the Road Transport Department (RTD) that if I did not change my identity card from the old plastic version to the new MyKad, they would not renew my road tax for my car the following year. So, I proceeded to the National Registration Department (NRD) in Damansara and asked for a change.

Déjà vu.

The clerk looked at my birth certificate and asked what a Pathan was. I smiled and explained and then – this guy was a bit meeker and not assertive — he asked what race he should put me down in my IC. “Bangsa saya Malaysia,” I said.

He asked whether he could put me down as “India”.

Now, having been through this all my life, I decided to have a little fun with him. “No, you can’t,” I said. “I am Malaysian. I am not from India. I was born in Malaysia. I am a Malaysian citizen.”

I asked him a theoretical question. What if you were born in England? And what if they put down your bangsa as “British” or “English” in your IC? Would you accept?

“Of course not,” he replied. “Saya Melayu; saya rakyat Malaysia.”

Therefore, I said, I should be Malaysian in my IC, or if that was not possible, I was certainly a Pathan.

The problem was, he said, there is no category for Pathan in the NRD. I had to be either a Malay, Chinese, Indian or dan lain-lain (others). The clerk was perplexed and confused and I felt sorry for him. I had had enough fun but it was the policy makers who had to decide, not the employees who were only following instructions. Therefore, I told him that perhaps he should talk to his boss and decide.

The next week, when I came to collect the MyKad, I was happy to sign off and go away until he asked me whether I wanted a print out of the information on the imbedded chip. He gave me a copy and my bangsa was listed as “India.”

So there you are Hannah. My wife is Singhalese, Chinese, Malay and perhaps along the centuries of history, an Arab, Indian, Anglo-Saxon as well; I am Pathan and maybe something else. Our flesh and blood — our children — are Pakistani, Malays and Indian. And, according to Government records, I am now an Indian.

By the way, my brother is married to a Chinese, another to a South Indian Muslim, three of them to Malays (including a Bugis), and one to a Hindustani (probably a Pathan), and I have relatives who are Kadazan, Dusun and Iban; I have cousins who are married to Canadians, British and Americans. I guess they have the same issues as I do. Most of our relatives are Muslims but we also have Christians and Buddhists among them, and if we were to look carefully, probably a couple of animists and Hindus as well.

I don’t really care now what the records say though it often rankles my family and I. They can record what they want — we are Malaysians, first and last.


So the definition of his children’s’ ethnicity is complicated. He is the one who prefer to make it complicated. An educated and exposed man of high stature and his experience to be so close to the powers that might be, Riong Kali could have simplified the matter for his and his circumstances. Then again, he chose to be isolated about it. Probably a trait of an unsecured man whose self esteem is not that high.

Of course he is proud of the ‘rojakness’ of the multiethnic of his own immediate family. That does not make him a Malaysian, whether ‘First’ and/or ‘Last’. It takes a soul with ingredients of patriotism, loyalty and nationalism, for someone to be a Malaysian.

It is easy to justify why he should be denied the claim of his Malaysian-pride.

First of all, it is widely known that when En Abdul Ghafar Baba assumed the position of Deputy Prime Minister 25 years ago, Riong Kali was invited to serve as a Press Secretary the nationalist. However, it was said by many his that ‘security screening failed’. “He was too close to Singapore”, was the popular notion whenever this story is being recollected.

Anchovy-eating-Shark = A corporate raid episode of deceit, manipulate, organised regulatory failure

Then, there is this ECM-Libra fiasco where in 2006, the broking firm ‘reversed-take-over’ an Ministry of Finance Inc. owned much larger firm Avenue Capital Resources Bhd. Riong Kali was part of the ‘raiding team’ where the acquiring firm actually had four times lesser capital and value compared to the target.

Of course, it was white-washed with an attempted fancy but flimsy merchant banking explanation which sounded more like a corporate-cover-up, as the excuse of ‘merger’.

The fact is that the infamous son-in-law of the day, Khairy Jamaluddin, was also part of the deal. Securities Commission Chairman Zarinah Anwar was much in cahoot regulatory-body-cover-up of the take-over scandal and both are still marked by the exercise. The merger enabled ECM-Libra to have the capital and resources large enough to qualify for a universal stock broking license and made the stock broking firm the investment bank what she is today. Along with Khairy and Zarinah, Riong Kali owe Malaysians the full disclosure of the highly elusive and dodgy deal.

The man who systematically and structurally destroyed NST

Then on 11 June 2006 via his weekly column in NST, Riong Kali lied about Prime Minister ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi cancelled a meeting and rushed to meet Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during the annual Nikkei event in Tokyo. It was at the time where Tun Dr Mahathir has started to openly criticize PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah for his weak leadership, administration and particularly, for the unilateral cancellation of the ‘Scenic Bridge Across Johor Strait’ in March 2006.

He was proven to lie when Tun Dr. Mahathir’s Press Secretary Sufi Yusoff issued a statement to clarify the truth. The deceit was about to make the ‘Feel Good Factor’ of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah “Grandson of a renown ulama’ ” when he lead BN for a thumping thunderous victory of the 11th general election April 2004 to continue where else the rakyat started to have funny feeling about the negligent and intolerably weak leader.

Conveniently, tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of Riong Kali’s lie published in the centre bit of NST, where then he was the GEIC. At the top job in NST and purported a lie just to make PM “Flip-Flop’ Abdullah look good inadvertently brought down the credibility of the editorial.

Many criticized Riong Kali for this lie. As a result, in January 2007 he and three others plus NSTP decided to sue Supremo-bloggo-journo Datuk Ahirudin “Rocky” Attan and Jeff Ooi, which some regard as an ‘evil attempt’. That got the bloggers to come together. In the same breadth, the suit gravely eroded public perception of mainstream media especially NST.

Riong Kali 'Happy Hours': "Bottoms up!" Two of the power-crazy blokes who sued Rocky & Jeff

In five short years, Riong Kali at the helm of NST at the expense of making PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah look rosy and pretty, managed to ‘throw the spanner to the works. One time as a major referral of news for the English readership, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s “Dia kawan saya” managed to bring the credibility and integrity of NST to a record low. He also should be held responsible for NST’s attempt of demonising Tun Dr. Mahathir as a racist, which should be categorically place him as an anti nationalist.

Recently, blogger Apanama scooped on the deal involving the system developed for Inland Revenue Board. Riong Kali’s hand in this made the exercise an attempt to ‘sell of information on Malaysians to parties abroad’. His name was also implicated of harbouring fugitive techno-cyber-anarchist Raja Petra “Compulsive Liar” Kamaruddin whilst in London, running away from a criminal defamation charge.  Of course, he denied.

All these point towards Riong Kali’s failure as a Malaysian. And he still is very much so.

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  1. Hannah Yeoh ought to know the difference between nationity and ethnicity. Her family’s nationality is Malaysian. Her ethnicity is chinese while that of her husband is indian. I believe within the framework of the NRD, their child’s ethnicity follows the father’s until she comes of age, legally speaking, where thereafter the child may choose to declare herself chinese or indian.

    As a elected representative, YB Hannah Yeoh should adhere to the framework of the NRD, just like everyone else. Instead, she tried this cheap publicity stunt to push for the abolition of ethnicity. While some may agree and others disagree on the question of ethnicity, I believe there are many other intelligent ways to promote her agenda; Such as pushing for a national referendum or getting a motion tabled in parliament to achieve the removal of ethnicity altogether in the registrar of citizenry.

    PKR/DAP/PAS must present a more progressive and intelligent approach for it to be taken seriously as proponents of better governance. Resorting to politcal grandstanding, playing up to the gallery with weak and lame arguments reveal their intellectual depth or lack of, more like it, make it difficult to be accepted as a credible and viable replacement for the BN.

    • Yeah DZ

      She’s just out for cheap publicity, typical DAP stooges always politicising everything, even their own little daughter. What a cheap stunt.

      And ironically, they still PROTECT the chinese schools and demand mandarin as a national language, etc etc.

      When I saw a photo of them eating toast and coffee at a kopitiam, it crossed my mind that they should instead be eating roti canai and teh tarik at a mamak stall.

  2. Fuck lah…..there has to be a Chinese in everything ….bangga sangat lah tu.

  3. Big Guy,

    Typically trying to be ‘unique’ & went ranting on-and-on confusing readers of the fundamental fact that:

    1. He is Kap-lam-ye-nge cause by any Kap-lam-ye-nge other name is still one…. …Let’s not be fancy, bullshit nor apologetic about that!
    2. It is his nature to manipulate & confuse, if not lie

    It is the nature of Hindu-Evil-God-Syiah-Priest to rant & pander on issues that would spiral into something controversial. If he can extend the polemic further is even better still.

    After all, the Special Branch officers 25 years ago already categorised him as “Someone close to Singapore”. In not so Kap-lam-ye-nge translation, that Riong Kali is a DAPig spy!

    So was Vincent Lim.

    Thats why you get Pak Lah Al-Flip-Floppy making that ‘Flip-Flop’ decision on the Jambatan Bengkok. Then we had the SJER, who was Vincent Lim’s wet dream to annex South Johor and part of Greater Singapore & systematically dump all of the ‘dirty/messy/noisy/low value’ industries which is much needed if not pertinent to support the high value Singaporean economy. Later, Vincent, Riong Kali and Zaki Zahid forced it down the incorrigibly ignorant Pak Lah Al-Flip-Floppy throats to move in the formation of WPI with an IRDA Act.

    Pak Lah Al-Flip-Floppy struck a deal with BG Lee Hsien Loong in Langkawi May 2007 & convenient but unequivocally ‘hand over’ the planning & decision making of WPI to the Singaporeans as a ‘Task Force’ partner!

    Best of all, Khazanah was suckered into this Federalisation and systematic Singaporisation of highly potential South Johor.

    Where is your Riong Kali in any of these?

    He was the fucking personal adviser to the totally idiot Pak Lah Al-Flip-Floppy, the Slumber-log Prime Minister!

    Remember your history. It was the Kap-lam-ye-nge who ‘cucuk’ed Sultan Mahmud of Melaka who lost the rich Malay archipelago entreport to the Whites in 1511 even though the invading force was mar smaller in size. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS KAP-LAM-YE-NGE!!!! HE’S DEFINITELY AN AGENT OF THE BANANAS (YELLOW OUTSIDE BUT WHITE INSIDE!)!!!!

  4. Malay is a complex concept. You can be a cina, keling or bengali but let it be known that being a Malay is being in total acceptance of that race, being a Malay one has to be totally patriotic to the concept loyal to the religion the bangsa and kali is and has never been a malay to my mind! He will downgrade and pooh poohed the bumiputra status and even sai8d one day he will take over the country and have no idea what he meant until just now, with the help of Singapore! Good job BD!

    • Did he really say “one day he will take over the country”? Must be a crazy fellow and an idiot.

      No wonder Tun Dr Mahathir said of him as being the Indian god “Kali”, the Taliban religious head “mullah” and the Malay pretender Hassan.

      Kalimulah must have been a pengkihanat watever to be called those by the wise veteran politician.

    • Totally agree.

      Sounds like a Singaporean agent…ehh??

      Wait a minute! He was with Straits Times once here in KL, wasn’t he…??

  5. Salam BigDog,

    One can detect the psyche and character of a person by the little things in and the manner he/she writes. You could see how “educated” En Kali is and his opposhition proclivities.

    His opening para is a dead giveaway.

    ” Fact is, it’s impossible to have your official documents state that you are a Malaysian. ”

    Just a cursory look at my MyKad just below my photo. It says Warganegara. Is it warganegara Portugal in my case? ROFLMAO.

    Look at your Passport , it says PASPOT MALAYSIA.


    Another thing I gather from his little piece of tripe-inferiority complex.

    Can tambah lagi but I think cukup lah.

    Wait, wait. EGO


    • Obviously Riong Kali has serious self esteem issues. Unless he is trying so hard to be different. Typically mentality of the DAP, ‘minority playing the majority role’.

  6. No wonder, Kalimullah is a Pathan, and still very close to it…. humans from that area have been creating trouble in Malaysia…

  7. indeed its a cheap publicity for hannah yeoh…..dap be warn the malays might not like what is happening here….

  8. Waaah, only 2 comments on LGE post after a few days, 6 comments on Riong Kali post just overnight. Riong Kali appears more popular than LGE!

    Maybe because he is a confused fellow. Or trying to hog a damning DAP Hannah line. What he did during flip-flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy Tun Dol’s time was helpful to the DAP winning a lot of votes, anyway.

    Oooooo, I din’t know he was/ is Pathan. But what the heck, he could have insisted he is a Malay under the Constitution – Islam by religion, speaks Malay habitually, and follows the Malay way of life. Or he doesn’t – on any one or more of those counts? Maybe not, because, according to him, his wife “is Singhalese, Chinese, Malay and perhaps along the centuries of history, an Arab, Indian, Anglo-Saxon as well”.

    If so, or if he is not interested in claiming and proving he is Malay under the Constitution, the Clerk etc were correct in writing whatever race he belongs to in the official document.

    Btw, folks, do remember that if race is completely ignored, Riong Kali, Hannah and the like may go bonkers or become lunatic. You see, the Doctors, for example, want to know your race to help in the diagnosis of a number of illnesses which invariably have the “genetic factor”, like cancer, heart and even mental illnesses.

    Many legal documentation requires stating race for purely legal reasons. The blog Darah Tuah has written about it last year or so.

    But Riong, feeling bitter about being registered as Pathan or Indian, would of course want to support the DAP Hannah, out for a fast “buck” – of political propaganda. Hannah wants the political mileage, Riong wants the personal vengeance.

    • Just two words to describe Riong Kali: Chronic Kap-lam-ye-nge

      In five short years, Him, KJ & idiots of ‘Level Four Monkeys’ undone what the nation worked hard in 35 years to achieve!

      Poor PM Dato Sri Najib Razak. Got to fix all that crap!

  9. That’s what ‘Lain-lain’ is for.

  10. anak dia nak sangat bangsa malaysia. bila sekolah hantar sekolah bangsa cina.
    hipokrit ass hole.

    • How can they be Bangsa Malaysia when they may not be Malaysian in spirit, words and deed?

      Are they so when they don’t respect the Constitution on Bahasa Malaysia, Islam as the religion of the country, on the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak having a Special Position – “since day one” as the British said in their Parliament.

  11. What a load of mischievous lies?

    If some jokers here want to differentiate Malaysian into different ethnic group, then let us be fair to all races.

    For example, in Indonesia, there are many ethnic groups comprising of Achenese, Bugis, Orang Madura, Dayak, Balinese, Orang Betawi, Malays, Sudanese, Orang Batam and so. In Indonesia constitution, mereke semua Anak Indonesia.

    It’s kind of funny especially to classify Orang Bugis, Bali, Madura, Ambon, Aceh as Malays as they are not Malays in the first place. If you do that in Indonesia, you will be stared and laugh at for your stupidity. In fact, Indonesia hate the fake Malays for being rojak and arrogant.

    So for small minority of people here especially BD, Ray dan lain-lain, kindly take your racist mentality elsewhere. Mereka semua bukan Anak Malaysia sejati.

    • This is the Constitutional definition of a ‘Malay’:

      “Malay” means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and –
      (a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation or in Singapore or born of parents one of whom was born in the Federation or in Singapore, or was on that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore; or
      (b) is the issue of such a person;

      This is the interpretation of a former Court of Appeal Judge on how ONLY the Malays are mentioned in the Constitution.

      How the others define the same ethnic group elsewhere is their bloody business and in no way, impair what are being provisioned and stated in the Federation of Malaysia Constitution. Please do your homework thoroughly first before sharing your thoughts in here. Like your citizenship, its a privilege too to share your thoughts no matter how stupid in here.

      • Does the constitution state that there is Ketuanan Melayu. Does the constitution state any open and racist discrimination against the rest of the other citizens. Is there any constitution law that barred the descendents of Malaysian to call themselves as “Anak Malaysia”.

    • Hey Asem,
      Go read the books previously recommended in here and in other like-minded blogs – “Tamadun Alam Melayu” and “The Malay Civilization” published by The Historical Society of Malaysia in 2009 and 2007 respectively.

      They are avaiable at the Historical Society Building opposite IJN, Jalan Tun Razak, KL, or at the Muzium Negara, around RM 80-90 a piece. If short of funds, borrow, beg but not steal.

      The books tell you the scores of writings by renown Linguists, Anthropologists, Archaeologists, Sociologists, etc on the many researches and studies carried out scientifically since the mid-19th Century until the end of the last century.

      They’ll tell you that all those you mentioned and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawk belong to the same Rumpun Melayu, the Large Family of Malays of about 350 million people, originating in the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu, of which Semenanjong Tanah Melayu, Sabah and Sarawak are a part.

      They’ll also tell you that the terms Proto Malays, Deutero Malays, Malayo-Polynesians and Austronesians refer to one and the same Large Family of Malays or Rumpun Melayu.

      Religion, bloody colonialism and other factors have separated the Malays from being Constitutional Malays, Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, Indonesians, Filipinos, Malayo Polynesians, Austronesians, etc.

      Don’t talk about Malays until you have read those books. What you disagree on, you can come in here and dispute. But quote which of the books and the page that you are referring to. Some of us here may counter you in a sane and rational manner. And I promise not to laugh at you although you have laughed at others like in your above comment.

      • Dear Che Abu

        I think asem asim could not understand most of the big words you use to educate him. His teeny weeny brain cannot absorb the intellectual debate in this blog.

        Like his name, his upstairs department is all shrivelled, shrunk, dehydrated, dessicated, withered and diminished, and ooopps sour too.

        Jangan marah ye …

      • All I understand too well that when Indonesia civilisation started well ahead, the land of Malaysia is still a virgin jungle. Those civilisations didn’t count themselves as Malay civilization. Read more yourself.

      • Like ray said, this Asem bloke does not understand and will not try to understand what I wrote. Having a small brain is tolerable if it is not as hard as stone.

        Being stupid and hard headed, and unwilling to take advice, this fellow is the dangerous kind. Likely to be spewing untruths, twisting whatever little truths that he may have come across, he is not the kind of Malaysian citizen to have around – if he is a citizen at all. He may belong to the Lim Kit Siang crowd.

        He needs to be laughed at, his statements abused and his utterances deplored in order for him to realize that he needs to take advice and read the proper stuff to enable him to participate in discussions meaningfully. He may not understand what I said in these lines but he should at least get the idea that he should be reading up the correct information before saying things.

        And he says “All I understand too well ..” What he understands, where he understands it from one can only wonder. What “Indonesia civilisation started well ahead, the land of Malaysia is still a virgin jungle” is he talking about? And he comes out with such a stupid sentence as “Those civilisations didn’t count themselves as Malay civilization”, yet arrogantly asking people to “Read more yourself”. This Asem bloke is either a boy not yet finished school or an adult missing History lessons but wanting to talk History through his nose.

        Grow up boy, listen to advice, read up History as it would do you good and not irritate those you want to be in contact with either in person or through what you write. And don’t read History in Wikipedia because it may be written by any Tom, Dick or Harry, including those belonging to the DAP who want to change History for their own ends.

        Sorry folks for the lengthy advice for this boy Asem. Hopefully 1-2 points will go into his brain and do him some good.

      • Tuan Abu,

        This Asem fellow is a mimosa. Many well intentioned commenters like your good self will deliberate and articulate. And when this happens he just tutup daun.

        Anyway does the constitution mention any OTHER race and Is there such a thing as Chinese or Indian reserve land in the context of his subaltern query?

        Thank you

  12. QED: Lets call a spade a spade. Kalimullah is a bloody KELING!!!! Wah, malu konon nak ngaku dia tu keturunan India,malu pulak nak ngaku dia keturunan Paki.Dabik dada kata tok moyang dia org Pathan! So Kalimullah = Taliban? gitu? Or is it Kalimullah = Si Kitol = Raja Mundaliar? What so great about being a Pathan aka Taliban?? Elok2 org dah nak lupa kes kau tetiba timbul balik nak tunjok konon keturunan kau lebih mulia dan tinggi darjatnya dpd kami semua.Pooohdahhh!!!

  13. Stupid Hannah Yeoh and Riong Kali !!!!!!!!

    At least Barack Obama is very clear of what is his race DESPITE his mother being white and his father is a Kenyan who came to USA as university student in modern times not a black slave in pre-independent USA. Barack Obama has wisely chosen African American as his race. There is NO SUCH THINGS AS ‘AMERICAN RACE’.

    Likewise, THERE IS NO SUCH THINGS AS A MALAYSIA RACE. However , there is a such things a Malaysian citizen, though.

  14. Indonesia practises assimilation of its people, where all ethnic groups from the various provinsi and the migrant race must adopt the Javanese/Muslim names and must speak and use Bahasa Indonesia. Hence for example, we see the Indonesian chinese have Indonesian names and their vernacular is Bahasa Indonesia.

    Malaysia practises unity in diversity where each race maintains its own vernacular and their names are not compelled to be switched to a Malay/ Muslim name. Thus also the practice of identifying its people according to ethnic group and race. This is not wrong because there is no bangsa Malaysia, ok.

    Assimilation method makes it very conducive for the building of Bangsa Indonesia unlike the ‘unity in diversity’ method. We have now increasingly hear certain quarters talk about bangsa Malaysia but ignore the basic aspects that are required to create a bangsa Malaysia. It appears that such calls for bangsa Malaysia is to fit the narrow agenda of some, like wanting to have the cake and eat it.

    • Would you care to explain what you mean by “,, such calls for bangsa Malaysia is to fit the narrow agenda of some, like wanting to have the cake and eat it”?

      Why don’t you visit the Demi Negara blog and read the lengthy and well-substantiated post entitled “Racial Polarization and the Creation of a United and Cohesive Bangsa Malaysia”. And another one entitled “At Last Some One With Testicular Fortitude”. Dig the well-stocked archive there and you can write a few theses based on what are written in there, Mr Postgrad.

      • Thanks for sharing

        “At Last Some One With Testicular Fortitude”

      • My comment was made in the context of assimilation vs. unity in diversity, in debating the concept of bangsa Malaysia. Some people look at ‘bangsa’ as having dual purposes, i.e bangsa that maintains their cultural identities , and ‘bangsa’ as in ‘bangsa Malaysia’ that serves non-cultural purposes and interests. One example is the Malaysian Malaysia concept that was already rejected, upon the expulsion of Singapore from Malaysia in 1964.

        The concept of ‘bangsa Malaysia’ differs from people to people, as the conceptualisation itself is done differently. It maybe seen in terms of political concept, social-anthropological concept, cultural concept and historical concept. So, the debate will go on, but at least 1Malaysia concept tries to search for commonalities among diversity,upon which greater unity can be forged.

      • ‘greater unity can be forged’ means greater unity can be successfully enhanced.

      • Good that you point out that “the Malaysian Malaysia concept that was already rejected, upon the expulsion of Singapore from Malaysia in 1964”. But pls be informed that the DAP has been trying to continue to propagate that after Lee Kuan Yew, PAP and Singapore were kicked out in 1965. They tried to change that to so-called Middle Malaysia some time back, But the rakyat gave them the Middle Finger instead.

        The concept of ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ has to be Constitution-based. It has to take into account Article 152 on Bahasa Malaysia and Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays under which the role and functions of the Malay Rulers are spelled out. It has no other concept than the socio-political one aimed at bringing unity among the rakyat of this country. That of course has also to take into account of the history of this country. And the Kongres Budaya 1970 where the concept of “Budaya Malaysia” was discussed and a resolution reached.

        The debate need not go on, as such a congress attended by those well known in matters of culture has painstakingly deliberated, and it’s merely a matter of politicians having “the testicular fortitude” to recognize that even the liberal British have said “multi-culturalism is dead”, echoed by the leaders of Germany and two other EU countries. There must be a single entity, call it 1Malaysia or what have you, but one that speaks one language other than in private, respect and abide by the Constitution fully.

      • There is already some form of a revival made on the Malaysian Malaysia concept. The question is how much it has suceeded in forming perceptions in some minds. It’s true that politics is about perception, and ‘perception is reality’.

        P/s : Correction – ‘ expulsion of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965’ . Not 1964.

    • Well I guess Hannah Yeo will now be Suhana Yusof.





    • Kot dia tak praktis Islam, tak hidup dalam budaya Melayu, bang.

      Tengoklah gambar dia menonggak tu, ada botol dimeja tu. Pulak dia kata bini dia Ceylonese, Singhalese, Cina dll. Kat rumah tak cakap Melayu, kot, cakap Bretes ke hape ke.

      Pastu dia frus pulak Kerani tu tengok rekod mak bapak dia Pathan. Tak kasik dia taraf Melayu. Tu pasal, ada chan saja dia hantamlah Melayu, Kerajaan yang dipimpin Melayu, undang undang yang ada Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu.

      Pasal sekongkol dengan Tun Dol tu, tak usah kiralah. Jenis dia mesti eksploitasi punya, apa peduli perinsip dan sebagainya.

      • Itulah, orang Pathan BANGGA dengan darahnya walaupun seluruh dunia tahu bukan ada apa pun pencapaian atau sumbangan orang pathan kepada dunia, hanya ramai pahlawan perang kononnya. Orang Melayu saja yang malu dengan bangsanya sendiri, sebab itu Kali tak mahu jadi Melayu.

  16. […] Probably, he was intoxicated when he was touch-screen happy with all these tweets. Otherwise how could all these voracious tweets be justified from a Chairman of an investment bank who was the Deputy Chairman of NSTP Group, a very close friend and personal speech writer to then the Fifth Prime Minister. He also proclaimed that he is a ‘true Malaysian‘. […]

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