International cyber-terrorists strike launched against Malaysia?

Tonight, there are probabilities that Malaysian Government websites have started to be struck by unknown cyber-terrorists, believed to be the work of an international group. The were bold ‘writings on the wall’.

Hackers threaten government portal

K Pragalath| June 14, 2011

Group targets government’s official website in an apparent reaction to MCMC blocking 10 file-sharing sites recently

KUALA LUMPUR: A group calling themselves ‘Anonymous’ has threatened to hack the Malaysian Government’s official
The group, which declared that the hacking would be done under a codename “Operation Malaysia”, gave no reason for targeting the website.

There was also no other details made available on the threatening note which was posted on the group’s website

According to the note and a tweet from F-Secure Corporation, a Finland based security software company which The Star Online picked up, the Malaysian portal would be hacked on Thursday at 3.30pm local.

In a related development, a video clip on Youtube entitled ‘Operation Malaysia” is making waves. The clip, which runs for 1:16 seconds, explains the motive behind ‘Operation Malaysia.’

“We have seen the censorship taken by the Malaysian government, blocking sites like The Pirate Bay, and WikiLeaks.

“Malaysia is one of the world’s strictest governments, even blocking out movies, and television shows.

These acts of censorship are inexcusable.

“You are taking away a basic human right. The internet is here for freedom, without fear of government interference,” said Anonymous in the clip.

The clip was uploaded by someone with the user name TechUndersscored.

The clip is believed to be a reaction to the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) blocking several file-sharing sites.

Last Saturday, MCMC blocked 10 file-sharing sites including The Pirate Bay as it contravened Section 41 of the Copyright Act 1987 that deals with pirated content.


This came after a groupof unknown hackers vowed to ‘teach Malaysian Government a lesson’, after the recent banning of 10 websites by MCMC. These file-sharing exchanges are no longer accessible by Malaysian traffic.

Saturday June 11, 2011

No more free downloads as MCMC blocks 10 file sharing sites


PETALING JAYA: In a bid to combat piracy, the Government has declared war on filesharing websites with 10 such websites now blocked by the telecommunications industry watchdog.

The websites were among the most visited sites by Malaysians to illegally download movies.

On May 30, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) had written a letter to all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) ordering the block.

The letter was signed by Digital Security Services division acting seniordirector Eneng Faridah Iskandar.

The letter, which was leaked online, also stated that the websites were being blocked for breaching Section 41 of the Copyright Act 1987, which deals with pirated content.

An MCMC spokesperson confirmed the ban and said it was done on the request of the Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry.

The ministry’s enforcement division director-general Mohd Roslan Mahayudin confirmed that the request was made.

“It is standard procedure for the ministry to request MCMC to block sites that violate the Copyright Act 1987,” he told The Star.

Roslan said the ministry had requested that 19 websites, including the 10 listed in the letter, be blocked for violating the Act but added that it was up to MCMC to decide on which ones to block.

When asked about the fate of surfers who legally use the websites such as for storing non-pirated content, Mohd Roslan said they could always write to the ministry.

“Anyone who feels the ban is wrong can write to us and we will look into it,” he said.

Film maker Norman Abd Halim of KRU Studios said the move was long overdue.

“The unauthorised use of copyright work is destroying the industry. If everyone feels that works should be shared, then there is no value in these works,” he said.

Norman equated the move to South Korea’s three-strikes law, where a person guilty of copyright infringement can have their Internet access suspended for six months.

However, irate users have vented their frustration by creating aFacebook page to protest.

By 8.30pm yesterday, there were 410 supporters who “liked” the page that was named “1M Malaysians Don’t Want Block File Sharing Websites.”

FilesTube Media Search Engine, one of the sites ordered blocked, also commented on the page.

“We have posted information about this on our wall. We are with you.”

Before the page was put up, some Malaysians were already protesting via Twitter.

“You can’t create a walled-up Internet garden,” read one tweet.

Some also made reference to the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees which states that the Government will not censor the Internet.

MSC Malaysia is a national initiative that kicked off in 1996 and is aimed at transforming the nation into a knowledge-based economy.


These cyber-terrorists deemed Malaysia as practicing ‘undemocratic internet freedom’. Thus the attack on Malaysian Government websites. The pattern was seen to what happened in Turkey last week.

By IB Times Staff Reporter | June 10, 2011 7:33 AM EDT

Hackers group Anonymous has taken down the Turkish telecom agency official website on Friday in a protest against Internet censorship imposed in the country.

After hacking the website of Turkey’s Telecommunications Communication Presidency (TIB), the group left a message saying: “The government has blocked thousands of websites and blogs while abusive legal proceedings against online journalists persist. The government now wants to impose a new filtering system on the 22nd of August that will make it possible to keep records of all the people’s internet activity. Though it remains opaque why and how the system will be put in place, it is clear that the government is taking censorship to the next level.”


Anonymous announced its move on Thursday before carrying out the attack. “We will bring our support to circumvent censorship and retaliate against organizations imposing censorship,” said the group in a posting on the website, under the title “Operation Turkey” pledging to fight “Internet censorship in Turkey”.

The attack followed protests in Istanbul in May against Internet censorship and plans for a new filtering system, to be introduced from August 22, under which users must sign up to filter for domestic, family, children and standard usage.

In December, the group launched attacks that temporarily shut down the sites of MasterCard Inc and Visa Inc for blocking payments to WikiLeaks.

In February, it took down two major government websites inEgypt following the unrest and Hosni Mubarak government’s crack down on pro-democracy protesters.

Turkey said it is taking measures to limit the impact. “We will not stand back in the face of an attack on our country by this group. We call on the state bodies responsible for fighting such crimes to act,” Yavuz Kocoglu, head of the body to tackle IT crimes, said in a statement.

Turkey has earlier banned YouTube for two years, under court orders, for infringing decency laws. Reporters Without Borders, an international censorship watchdog organization, included Turkey on its 2011 list of 16 countries “under surveillance”.


Fortunately, the Turks were lucky. The Turkish Government scored success:

Turkey ‘arrests 32’ in raid on hacker group

(AFP) – 3 hours ago

ANKARA — Turkish police have arrested 32 people suspected of belonging to a cabal of hackers who sabatoged government websites to protest against Internet censorship, the Anatolia news agency reported on Tuesday.

Nine minors arrested in the sweep were subsequently released, Anatolia said.

The arrests came in a Monday raid in several Turkish cities against the international hackers group Anonymous, which rose to fame with a series of attacks on websites linked to the Church of Scientology.

The group gained further prominence after launching retaliatory attacks on companies perceived to be enemies of the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks.

Last week, on the eve of legislative elections in Turkey, Anonymous hacked several Turkish websites, including that of the Turkish telecoms authority TIB, which regulates Internet use and helped develop the government’s Internet censorship programme.

Turkey has blocked access to thousands of websites, particularly those with sexual content or material considered insulting to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

In November, a Turkish court quashed a three-year ban on the popular video hosting site Youtube, which was the fifth most popular site in the country until it was closed for showing clips deemed disrespectful to Ataturk.

The Vienna-based Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe has voiced repeated concern over Turkish policies that restrict access to information, which some suggest are hampering Ankara’s progress towards EU membership


Some Malaysians, especially those living abroad complained that ‘undemocratic practices’ about Malaysia which include Internet freedom. Being abroad, naturally bent them towards pandering to these talks without weighing the consequence for Malaysia at large. Obviously, these claims are sordid attempt to debunk the concept of ‘democracy’ as the aspiration of the majority should prevail over individual’s.

Organised injection of virus is not ruled out in this also.

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  1. well actually its already over 18000 follower @ the fb. btw banning tpb n warez site is 1 thing but online locker is a bit too much isn’t it? n btw most of the pirate movie that being download from the net is hollywood stuff like thor, rango n stuff not malaysian thiny. if u really want to stop piracy , go after the dvd factory but i guess tht 1 didnt really work out isnt it? or the dvd factory owner also get angry coz ppl dun want to buy pirate dvd anymore? Now they ban online locker due to piracy stuff, next fb coz its lower produtiivity then blog due subversive content .. n list will go on ad infinitum..Kru said membunuh industri. .. actually u guys yang membunuh industri by keluarkan filem² yg xde kualiti, amik penyanyi yg xleh nyanyi tp muka ok~ sound dlm cd leh adjust gne komputer, n such. do u think ppl nak support ur industri that produced such junk with their blood n seat money?Granted there’s gud malaysian movies n singer but how many? go count ur finger.

    • Piracy is piracy, period. Piracy, just like stealing, is wrong. Period. There is no justification acceptable whatsover for theft. Why pay when you can download it for free, is a typical Malaysian attitude of wanting everything while not working for it and blaming others and at the same time, ignoring their own failures by waving the banner of freedom.
      Btw, if KRU and Metrowealth et al.made movies of international standard, you can bet your bottom dollar it wil be stolen and pirated on the internet.
      If the concept of internet freedom does not recognize piracy, then it should not recognize other forms of crimes, like rape, pedophilea, slander etc.
      Along those lines, then stealing money by breaking into their bank accounts by using the internet will be ok as well.
      Just because you’re deprived of your petty conveniences does not you are in the right.

      • thats y i said ,if the blocis on tpb or any warez site is ok. . those r the pirate nest . But online locker is a different thing . blaming online locker for piracy is like blaming the use of car just because some people use it to rob the bank. Maybe u didnt know, but small company use online locker to store backup file due to cost factor. but some people without knowing simply babling piracy³ . as i said if u want to curb piracy , go after the dvd factory, block warez n tpb. btw did u know that they said Astro First r feeding piracy? So u guys gonna ban astro 2 ? ( we are not talking about piracy , but imagine if suddenly u wake up in the morning, there’s a fire in ur company and all the data r gone n u cant access ur cheap offsite back up due to government block. Yeah big shot company, glc n government office wont face this kind of problem. especially government. they can just ask money for premium offsite backup service. thts y setting 1 portal using elg gnu gpl seashells theme also cost 1.4m.

    • Sokong 100%.

      SKMM ban filesharing site macam kerajaan ban handphone kerana HP boleh diguna utk SMS gores+menang, phonesex, download koleksi 3gp, rakam seks, dll

      Ramai org guna filesharing utk benda yg tak dicopyright. Sekarang RIM nak mintak kjaan ban pulak. Hampeh betoi!

      • Terima kasih.

        Untuk makluman, penyedia laluan jalur lebar seperti Unifi menerima permintaan dari persatuan persatuan pengeluar/pengedar bahan karya melalui saluran digital dari Amerika Syarikat mengenai trafik dari Malaysia mengenai muat turun file karya digital tanpa membuat sebarang bayaran. Amaran dipinta untuk penyedia jalurlebar untuk membuat halangan sebelum mereka mengambil tindakan teknikal sendiri.

    • 90% of hackers are locals, said the Science, Technology and Innovation Minister. The police and the relevant agencies now identifying them.

      As of 5pm yesterday, 86% of the websites hacked been restored.

      Police Commerical Crime Director said police would either call the identified hackers for questioning or pick them up.

      He said the hackers were in the Klang Valley and police were working closely with MCMC.

      “The hackers know we are on to them and we are monitoring their movements to see their next move,” he said.


  2. I remember reading one article many, many years ago. It said that if 70 hackers launching a massive attack from different locations could bring down the entire US government. How well armed and powerful these hackers are, GOD knows. In the case of recent incident in Malaysia, I have reasons to believe that local hackers disguising as international cyber terrorists are responsible. I was told that a local college student successfully broke into Celcom database more than 10 years ago. In the US, a 10 year old can break into FBI site.

  3. I think the quote below suffice to sum up the internet.

    “The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.”

    Eric Schmidt

    • Hah, a guy using the same blogging name Wan above. No problem, it’s not a Registered trade mark (and am not interested in it being so) though one bloke tried to imply it’s “trade-markable” some time back but is not seen these days.

      This Wan doesn’t know much about IT and hacking, so just kept quiet, only hoping the experts can hit, whack, sodomize, sula and what have you those bastards out to create anarchy on and in the Internet.

  4. Salam Tuan,

    What the hack.

    Sorry but hacking the is no loss for me at least. My point is most of these sites are self serving instead and dull.

    Sometimes it would take a person with hacker skills just to get the info one seeks. If it is there, ie.

    For eg try the Dept of Statistics.

    Most people access these govt portals for the address/contact info and thats it.

    Of course hacking is wrong no matter what.

    Technology being such, IMHO no amount of blocking (censoring?) can stop its intended purpose.

    Very best regards

  5. To make long story short, this action is describable in one word – asshole.

  6. in a demonstration against the announcement that filters would be imposed . and other illegal websites the watchdog group that the law will also allow the government . certain to happen is that governments will launch a false flag cyber .

  7. If anonymous is,t doing anything about the web site block, by those so called world,s highest bribe government,then who can we rely on,emagine what will the government gonna come up with once everybody just ignore this stupidty.With highly traind hackers is like having a group police working 24/7 for the intenet ,,,one more thing if the government is up against piracy, why is it those piracy dvd shop that is over 1000 branch in malaysia open there shops assive they have nothing to fear,,, give us a good explanation please.CORRUPTION IS UNBELIVEBLE IN MALAYSIA,,,what you read is just a tip of an ice berg,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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