Datuk Rocky: Ambiga should learn from these students

MMC Student Body President Azlan, BHM Adviser Datuk Rocky, Kerp, MMC CEO Khaneeza Khalid and MMC student Nizam

Blog House Malaysia Adviser Datuk Ahirudin “Rocky” Attan asked 80 odd Multimedia College students this afternoon, “Any of you attending the BERSIH march on 9 July?”.

No one responded.

“Good. Had these BERSIH marchers gathered and cleaned the city and washed peoples’ cars for charity, I would join them. Ambiga should learn something from you guys!”.

Blog House Malaysia Adviser and National Press Club President Datuk Ahirudin "Rocky" Attan addressing the audience

That was what his speech was about when addressing Multimedia College students at their Humanitarian Awareness Day 2011. He was appreciative that the students took upon themselves to organise activities such as carwash, sale of recycle material and other activities to raise funds for charity. They responded Blog House Malaysia ‘Blogger-to-Blogger=Kerp-Fund’, initiated on 16 May 2011 to help wheelchair bound blogger Ahmad Daniel Shah “Kerp” Shahrani.

MMC CEO Khaneeza Khalid thanking everyone for their bit

Rocky also shared his experience as former The Malay Mail Editor and various effort to raise fund for charity that many corporations including GLC did a lot for CSR work. However, it went unnoticed as there were no media coverage. It is very encouraging to see this noble trait is being lived by younger Malaysians under the stewardship of a GLC.

The students managed to raise RM 2,478.00 from the charity drive. It was wholly the students’ initiative.

MMC CEO Khaneeza Khalid handing over the monies collected by MMC students witnessed by MMC Student Body President Azlan and Nizam

In her speech, Multimedia College CEO Khaneeza Khalid echoed last Saturday’s forum at the GLC Open Day weekend in KLCC Convention Centre, where GLCs respond and interact with social media. This charity drive is an example how their students reponded to a call brought forth by new media. Telekom Malaysia as a parent company, participated in this charity drive by providing their fleet vans and cars to be washed by these students.

She expressed how proud the management is for the students’ initiative and effort. She also thanked everyone, which include the media for using the event as an example for the society to continue foster.

Blog House Malaysia Excos where present at today’s dedication. Apart from the usual exhibition by the students, there was also a blood donation campaign by the national blood bank in the Multimedia College campus.

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