Datuk Rocky: Ambiga should learn from these students

MMC Student Body President Azlan, BHM Adviser Datuk Rocky, Kerp, MMC CEO Khaneeza Khalid and MMC student Nizam

Blog House Malaysia Adviser Datuk Ahirudin “Rocky” Attan asked 80 odd Multimedia College students this afternoon, “Any of you attending the BERSIH march on 9 July?”.

No one responded.

“Good. Had these BERSIH marchers gathered and cleaned the city and washed peoples’ cars for charity, I would join them. Ambiga should learn something from you guys!”.

Blog House Malaysia Adviser and National Press Club President Datuk Ahirudin "Rocky" Attan addressing the audience

That was what his speech was about when addressing Multimedia College students at their Humanitarian Awareness Day 2011. He was appreciative that the students took upon themselves to organise activities such as carwash, sale of recycle material and other activities to raise funds for charity. They responded Blog House Malaysia ‘Blogger-to-Blogger=Kerp-Fund’, initiated on 16 May 2011 to help wheelchair bound blogger Ahmad Daniel Shah “Kerp” Shahrani.

MMC CEO Khaneeza Khalid thanking everyone for their bit

Rocky also shared his experience as former The Malay Mail Editor and various effort to raise fund for charity that many corporations including GLC did a lot for CSR work. However, it went unnoticed as there were no media coverage. It is very encouraging to see this noble trait is being lived by younger Malaysians under the stewardship of a GLC.

The students managed to raise RM 2,478.00 from the charity drive. It was wholly the students’ initiative.

MMC CEO Khaneeza Khalid handing over the monies collected by MMC students witnessed by MMC Student Body President Azlan and Nizam

In her speech, Multimedia College CEO Khaneeza Khalid echoed last Saturday’s forum at the GLC Open Day weekend in KLCC Convention Centre, where GLCs respond and interact with social media. This charity drive is an example how their students reponded to a call brought forth by new media. Telekom Malaysia as a parent company, participated in this charity drive by providing their fleet vans and cars to be washed by these students.

She expressed how proud the management is for the students’ initiative and effort. She also thanked everyone, which include the media for using the event as an example for the society to continue foster.

Blog House Malaysia Excos where present at today’s dedication. Apart from the usual exhibition by the students, there was also a blood donation campaign by the national blood bank in the Multimedia College campus.

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  1. Bravo. A commendable effort in times of uncertainty.

    To Ambiga,

    “Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned. ~Mark Twain”

    • “Had these BERSIH marchers gathered and cleaned the city and washed peoples’ cars for charity, I would join them,” said Rocky. I might join the rally, too, if Bersih is what the organizers claim it to be.

      Once in a while Free Malaysia Today comes out with interesting articles. Like the one on June 25, 2011, entitled “Is Bersih really apolitical?”

      It says, “Ambiga’s biggest task, if the July 9 rally ever takes place, is to convince Malaysians that Bersih is not working under the shadow of Pakatan.” I agree fully.

      There was Anwar claiming he could ring Ambiga to call off the rally. This raised doubts on Bersih’s claim that it was an apolitical rally, solely designed to get whatever “free and fair elections” they are talking about.

      Then there were PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu who pledged that about 100,000 PAS supporters will participate. And DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said his party would be in full force on the day.

      These, said some people, clearly show it would be a Pakatan rally.

    • I’m damn happy that, according to the Star, PM DS Najib said

      “The Government will leave it to the police to consider measures, including imposing Emergency, to ensure public order is not jeopardised by the planned July 9 illegal rally.”

      I’m especially happy that he used the words “including imposing Emergency”.

      The Police now has all the powers and the green light to do all that is necessary to prevent the Bersih Rally and maintain public order.

      I have absolute confidence in them being able to discharge their duties and responsibilities to the fullest. .

  2. Ambiga,

    U r a brahmin. Please go to the temple n pray.


    • Shalela,

      As Adam is my name and said to be descended from Adam and Eve, I’m sincerely interested in knowing how to tell whether a person is Brahmin, Ksatria or Paria.

      Would appreciate you or anyone else telling me how.

      Also sincerely interested in the significance of a Brahmin going to the temple and pray. Is it to atone for one’s fault or to prevent one’s actions from degenerating into lawlessness and going against the law. Especially for a lawyer who should know that holding a rally without a Police permit is clearly against the law.

      No offence intended in these questions or comment. Just curious.

  3. The fact that no student responded set us wonder if the students meant ‘no’ or ‘yes’ or both. It’s anyone’s guess. Malaysian students are noted for being passive in class or when attending a forum or seminar. A Q & A more often than not is a silence session unless they are asked to prepare questions in advance. They become alive only in the cyberspace. So, i wouldnt want to bet on a no response as any affirmation of a ‘ no’..or a ‘yes:. So, we shall see.

    • Maybe they don’t give a f@#k about Rocky! Typical brown noser.

      • Jabba, we two may be related by name as mine is Haba. But I think we are different in upbringing.

        I may not like Rocky for not printing my comment hitting at a Lee Kuan Yew ball-licking fellow, but I don’t use nasty words against him.

        And you are racist there calling him of the brown race, aren’t you? What a nasty you.

        I think I’ll make it a habit to hit back at you whenever I see you come out with nasty comments here and there. Be informed. Not warned, but informed.

    • or maybe they couldn’t care less of what Bersih is all about since they need to think of what they can contribute when they graduate.

  4. Postgrad,
    Ambiga and some oldies her age are still into the Ghandi’s walking ways because that was the level of exposure she had when growing up. Walking is her way to attract attention.

    However students these days, they spend more time blog walking. And each day, they walk, fly and sail thousands of kilometers a day around the world, interact/exchange ideas, not only with Malaysians but with Virtual friends from all over the world.

    Louann Brizendine, M.D. – Professor of Clinical Psychiatry are into
    Research on the aspects of the human brain.

    Go read her book and you can differentiate the difference between Ambiga’s brain and the students brain. (ps: I am sure Ambiga is way beyond her monapause phase, so bukan lagi lembab tetapi sudah kering dan kecut).


    • Dear Ina,

      Its refreshing to read your comment….its sad to know that this person by the name of Ambiga exist in Malaysian soil……the negroes in the US are still being suppressed by the whites, in Australia the coloured skin people are still being relegated…..many Asian countries discourage their citizens from speaking their own mother tongue and yet these people (Chinese/Indians/Europens) are happy and proud to speak Thai/Indonesian….. etc

      Malaysia (is such a beautiful and peaceful country) is one of the best multiraciall country that allows every race to practice their own religion, language, custom….and so on….. and yet they are not happy. Living in Malaysia since they were born and what a same as some of them still cannot communicate in Bahasa Melayu…….just test the students from the Chinese school!!! So, Amiga…..balik India aje lah!!!….See whether you can get free speech/clean air/clean water etc…

      • Dee,

        This Malaysia that you describe may not last very long. India or China probably do not want this kind of people.

        It in in their DNA, where ever they are or where ever they go, they created problems.


      • That’s why we need leaders like TDM, very forward thinking, and push his ways to help this nation move forward, good or bad, he did his part for the Nation.

        He even had plans for Tabika kids, introducing projects such as the “Japanese PreSchool concepts” transfer of technology with the hope of moulding our little kids to grow and be creative (dia tak malu minta tolong dari Japs) so as to contribute to this country the way the new generations of Japanese rose to build their country after the Hiroshima disaster.

        Unlike these silly old-timers we see in the BERSIH move, this Ambiga, Anwar, PAS, LKS (all so old already) or that present President of the Law Council coming up with their outdated methods (from their place of origins) of solving whatever problems there may be….

        Just find it so disgusting to even mention the names of these filty SPENT old “supposedly” educated professionals, is this the way they run the Bar Council????????????. Pure disgust!.

        What a shame and what a waste of energy!


  5. thumbs up for the students…charity begins at home.

    there’s no other way to voice out your woes but through discussions & negotiations. chasm breeds instability…

  6. Go Ambiga Go….I will be there…

    • I expect you to be there Jabba. Instigating and inciting others to also be there.

      You may be the one to shout out your nasty and even obscene words, taunt the bystanders and provok the crowd into unruly behaviour.

      By God I wish the Police catch holed of you and the likes of you by the collar and drag you to the lock up or the Kamunting Detention Centre.

      You are a menace to society. One who does not contribute one bit but instead instigate others to unlawful acts. Like attending an illegal rally. Shame on you and your family.

      • Haba Haba…Hang ni sekolah kat mana? Brown noser = kaki bodek. Btw, I’ll be the one in a yellow tee during the rally shouting your name. Be there or be square!!! Kita ni mungkin bersaudara kot, Twin Sons of Different Mothers?

      • Aku Sekolah Kebangsaan. Sekolah aku tak ajaq brown noser atau be square. Hang aku tak tau lah.

        Lepas sekolah aku balik rumah. Tak campoq Mat Rempit, kutu embun, budak jahat dll.

        Nampaknya aku tak boleh ngaku bersaudara dengan hang lah. Mak aku tak kasi kawan pun dengan depa yang nak himpun takda lesen.

        Jaga jaga Mat Jabba. Hang dok riuh sangat nanti kena cekut. Dengaq sikitlah depa habaq bebudak mcm hang tak sedaq kena pemainkan depa parti politik pembangkang. Kalau betui nak bawak isu peraturan pilihan raya, awat hangpa kasi parti politk masuk bikin kotoq Bersih tu.

      • Jaba,

        You might not be too excited waiting for the rally day, Mat. The Police are firm in their stand and steadfast in their words.

        They mean business, as can be seen in one headline today – IGP: Police will use all laws available to prevent July 9 rallies. They say they have information of foreign-element involvement to create chaos.

        I can guarantee you they’ll come out in full force, using the Police Field Force in various brigades, with spare brigades ready to reinforce as and when necessary. Remember, the Armed Forces Chief have also stated their willingness to assist.

        “There is a possibility that should the rally proceed, it could create chaos, destruction to property, injury and even the possibility of loss of lives,” the IGP told a press conference at Bukit Aman here Tuesday.

        He said police have arrested 101 people nationwide for inciting the public to join in the rallies. He said 45 were still being detained to facilitate investigations, following 1,830 reports lodged by the public opposing the rallies.

        Watch out Mat Jabba. Your yellow shirt may spell danger for you, as yellow has replaced red as the sign of danger for some time. already.

  7. The proposed rally (while it is still illegal) is nothing but to create instability. It is fully out of context when it is just about handing-over a memorandum to the YDP Agong. Can’t they execute in a more civilised way???

    Ambiga is just but a puppet for the US hawks and this is just another publicity stunt for her to get another award from the Neo-Cons!!!

    How low can you go eh???

  8. Salam BigDog,

    I wish Kerp and Molee all the best.

    While I can understand that it is in the context of the fund raiser, the mere mention of the frustrated lady Datuk troublemaker tarnishes what is a truly wonderful gesture.

    All the very best to your good self and everyone at Bloghouse.


    Best regards

  9. Can someone sponsor brushes, cleaning fluids and brooms so that they can do a good job of bersih’g the city- toilets and all? And those taking part…are you sure you’re all bersih…….are you really, really sure…? Haha, bersih ka?

  10. Salam, Big Dog,

    The 80+ students certainly outdid themselves to assist our fellow blogger Kerp and his wife Molee. I completely agree with Rocky’s suggestion that Ambiga should learn from these students.

    In fact I would further suggest that Ambiga’s movement sponsor a charity benefit marathon screening of “Cuci the Musical 1, 2 & 3” to cuci sampai bersih because laughter is the best medicine.

    In this way, local Malaysian artistes like Hans, Harith, Afdlin, Awie, Nabil, Vanida, Jac, Rehman, Zahim, Pacai, Douglas, Pat Ib and Raja Maliq, a deserving charity organization as well as the Malaysian public in general will all benefit. Win win all around while drawing attention to their cause with a charity fundraiser.

    Sadly my proposal is doomed as Ambiga does not understand comedy. She prefers drama…..

    • Dave,

      Its a bloody morbid dark comedy.drama.

      The dark comedy is that BERSIH dont actually have real issues to be taken seriously.Just a lot of rhetorics, manipulation, lies. Modus operandi: stir emotions to a point hatred!

      Its about mob culture playing the anarchy game. No different from the Western sponsored ‘redshirts’ in Bangkok last year.

      These students are steadfast. They are more interested of being students and focusing to make their environment better, positively and proactively. Humanitarian Awareness Day is a demonstration of who they really are. All the positive energy transmitted.

      Organisational skills, creativity, team work and dedication too was demonstrated.

      Congratulations Multimedia students
      Congratulations Multimedia staff and academias
      Congratulations Multimedia CEO
      Congratulations Telekom Malaysa

      And thank you. Lots!

  11. Belajar cebok dulu Ambiga, Never too late !

  12. Salam. Can’t wait to kick some ass this 9th July. Woooohoooo!

  13. test

  14. Talk about Bersih could be doing charity work cleaning cars etc, I think they should also do like Gardenia Bread – I just realized that the Gardenia Bread bakery print on their bread plastic wrapper the Rukun Negara.

    Fantastic, isn’t it? A simple printing of something so meaningful on a wrapper that one sees every morning. I wish all Malaysians who feel uncertain about their loyalty to the country eat Gardenia bread and read what’s written on the wrapper, though I suspect they are the noodle-for-breakfast type.

    I certainly recommend those thinking of joining the Bersih whatever eat Gardenia bread and read the Rukun Negara on the wrapper every morning.

    Pls don’t mind it, BD, but I do want to advertise Gardenia Bread in appreciation of what they are doing for our country.

    • There are good citizens. There are also good corporate citizens. If all come together and do as much as we can tirelessly, Malaysia would be a better place and communities could be uplifted into greater heights.

      It is also Islamic to do so. God bless of them.

  15. […] launched a special purpose fund to help the plight of a blogger, Blogger-to-Blogger-for-Kerp. That inspired Multimedia College students to organize a fund campaign to assist the B2B=Kerp fund. The final count so far is RM […]

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