BERSIH 2.0 is about Mat King Leather’s anarchy agenda

The aspiration of the silent majority

“BERSIH is not about a civil society movement. BERSIH is about someone’s political agenda. It is about wanting to be in Putrajaya”. That was the parting words of Election Commission (SPR) Deputy Chairman Dato Wan Ahman Wan Omar. Earlier, he said “AMK Leader Shamsul Iskandar’s statement to overthrow the Government from the streets, is dangerous”.

Wan Ahmad could not be more precise. That is what it is. In November the BERSIH committee went into consultation mode with SPR for certain recommendations. “Dato’ Ambiga looked understood when we explained to them on all the issues they raised. Then they asked to meer again. Unfortunately, by then we were busy with preparation of the Sarawak State Election and we are unable to meet them. Suddenly, all these ‘recommendations’ become ‘demand'”.

Wan Ahmad took time this morning to interact to a whole ballroom filled with NGOs, civil servants, media and bloggers. Issues raised such as ‘indelible’ ink which was raised by these yellow t-shirts soon-to-be-anarchists cannot be implemented because it defies citizens’ right to vote if they refuse their nails to be painted with ink. “Instead, to ensure there is no ‘double voting’ we preferred the proposal to use bio-metric element on the MyKad. It is more progressive and technologically competent”.

He also said that for BERSIH advocate politicians to equate the planned 9 July illegal march is likened to what happened in Tunisia, Eqypt, Libya and Syria where their rakyat demonstrated, riot and ever bore arms against the respective ruling governement is totally wrong. “Democracy is healthy here. We have had 12 general elections. Even PAS under Nik Aziz have enjoyed ruling Kelantan since 8 GE and now for 21 years. Was all that dirty?”

“To suggest that our democratic system is like these countries they made example of is insulting the intelligence of Malaysians!”.

Then again, Wan Ahmad stressed the point that SPR is an election management body. Their role is to manage an election, provide and facilitate the venues for voting and count the ballots. They are in no position to change election laws, which include BERSIH 2.0 demands to make mandatory voting. He explained at length that the Federal Constitution explicitly made provisions that citizens who wished to exercise their democratic votes, should register. Of course, citizens could also opt for refusal to register nor vote.

It was expected the moment they announced BERSIH 2.0, is was about another phase of the ‘premise of anarchy’on Opposition Party’s continuous strategy of ‘politics of manipulation and deception’ and ‘politics of hate’.

Quick referrence:

1. GMI advocated anti-ISA march two years ago

2. Teoh Beng Hock’s sudden death drama and more drama

3. Demand for RCI for Aminulrasyid Hamzah’s shooting

4. Opposition parties DAP’s and PKR’s strong advocacy to bring back Communist Party of Malaya Secretary General Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng into Malaysia

PAS supporters being used by a DAP agenda

Then the ‘Return of the Min Yuens’ when 30 Parti Sosialis Malaysia activitists which include Sungai Siput MP Dr Jeyakumar was caught with materials advocating for communism believed to be distributed as part of their campaign as a pre-cursor to BERSIH 2.0. It was believed that they have been in contacts with Communist Party of India and Communist Party of Nepal as a preparation for this ‘road trip’, planned in conjunction with the illegal yellow t-shirts’ anarchy bash on the streets for 9 July.

This is not withstanding Chinese Chauvinists DAP strategy to use racism and anti-Malay provocation in their sordid attempt inching their way into higher tolerance of their biggest.

Then again, anarchy is Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s two pronged strategy. Besides trying to rise into power and Putrajaya from the ashes of a nation in turmoil, anarchy is also an ‘immediate solution’ for his current Sodomy II trial.

Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng at 10 Nov 2007 illegal march

So was Hadi Awang and Khalid Ibrahim

Of course it wouldnt be anarchy without King of Anarchy Mat King Leather and puppet-wofe Wan Azizah

Already at this point, BERSIH 2.0 has now clearly demonstrated its agenda to use ‘intellectually-and-universally-acceptable-arguments’ such as ‘civil society and like minded movement’ to systematically promote and provoke a situation of anarchy. This seems to be one of the very few options left for these Opposition Coalition of ‘unholy-marriage-of’-(in)convenience-between-backstabbing-strange-bedfellows’ to recover any shred of support now systematically waning down. Especially when PKR have a chronic and complex internal issues which include manipulation and deception of their recent party election and the consistent exodus of leaders and members. Of course, PAS members are unhappy with pandering into Anwar’s liberal agenda in their recent admissison of giving up the ‘Islamic nation’ struggle for a ‘welfare nation’.

The writing is no longer on the wall. Now its on the clouds. The police should pro-actively stop this planned illegal march on 9 July, which will grossly inconvenience the 4 million Greater Klang Valley ordinary rakyat and deny them from their usual Saturday with family and friends. This must be bad for tourism and retail business too.

Wednesday June 29, 2011

Major tourism industry players fear major impact if rally is held, says Ng

 KUALA LUMPUR: The tourism industry could lose up to RM1bil if the Opposition-initiated Bersih 2.0 rally goes on as planned, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said.

The industry, she said, was “sensitive” to changes.

Noting that last year’s tourist expenditure was about RM1bil per week, she said: “Last year, the number of tourist arrivals in July alone was 2.2 million and tourist expenditure was RM6bil. If we lose 20% of that, we would lose RM1.2bil.”

Business concerns: Ramona speaking to reporters at a press conference at Malaysia Tourism Centre in Jalan Ampang Tuesday.

Dr Ng said this to reporters yesterday at the Malaysia Tourism Centre in Jalan Ampang after a briefing by major tourism industry players about foreign workers and the impact of the July 9 rally on tourism.

Dr Ng said there had been all-round support from associations in the industry that the rally should not go on.

“The rally will impact our tourism industry, especially since July is the peak season for Middle Eastern tourists to come.”

She accused Bersih 2.0 of wanting to impede the progress made by the Government.

“They have a strong agenda to destroy the Government and disrupt the country’s economy as Barisan Nasional is very strong now. They do not want to see us prosper,” she said.

Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association president Paul Paw, who was also at the press conference, said he would meet with two representatives from China National Tourist Office, who were coming here to assess the situation after receiving word of the rally.

“They are coming here to discuss the venue of a conference that will bring over 100 travel agents from China on July 10.

“However, they are hesitant now as they are concerned about the demonstration,” he said, adding that his company would lose RM1mil if the agents did not come.

Association of Malaysian Spas vice-president Datin Ramona Suleimansaid her spa business in Jalan Ampang would face losses for a few days if there was a demonstration in the area.

Malaysian Association of Hotel Owners executive director Shaharuddin M. Saaid said his organisation would consider taking legal action against Bersih 2.0 if its members incurred losses because of the rally.


Lets not forget the cabbies and petty traders where Saturday is always their biggest catch. And please for all these really idiotic Malaysians who will be used for BERSIH 2.0 (which was proven became an Opposition’s agenda), consider the lies of BERSIH 10 November 2011 where the Anwaristas lied. A reminder of options.

Police should be very stern and unequivacle for 9 July. Be it BERSIH 2,0 or those who think they want to go after these yellow tees anarchists. Don;t rob the usual peaceful and jovial Saturday morning of 4 million Greater Klang Valey citizens.

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  1. Tuan,
    Is the Gomen stupid or what?

    You cannot stop people from walking, rallying, demonstration or any kind of expression.

    What the Gomen should do is to give these people alternative e.g. the rally shall be done outside 50 Km of KL centre.

    Aiyaaaa, this is what happen when anybody post Pak Lah and MM can be a PM.

    • Former Bersih

      Are you stupid or what?

      Can’t you understand people repeatedly saying you people are using Bersih as a ploy for political purposes?

      What you and the likes of you should do is just stay indoors and enjoy your week end at home on 9 July.

      Aiyyaa how to know you are former steering fellow. You can’t even see the wood for the trees how to steer your cows in out there?

      • Haha nonok, the joke is on you now !!!

    • Anybody knows who operates Google News Malaysia? Who does the choosing of what headlines to be on top?

      I often see Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today headlines on top. Even higher than the national new agency Bernama’s. Is Google News Malaysia controlled by the Opposition? Are they taking sides on national issues?

      Seen similar questions asked here and there but no answers. Even tried to google but could not get the answers.

      Then you have a bloke calling himself former Bersih Steering Committee talking nuts in here.

      • Idris, have some of my nuts on me, he,he.

    • Still want to use racism to divide the rakyat. Which part of the BERSIH request is related to race? Najib got stupid advisors and bloggers plus the police to advise and help him but this is only to make the situation worse. The police should have allow the rally right from the start. Let them walk for 2 hours and everything will be setlle quietly and don’t ghenerate much attention to the silent majority. Now the situation is getting worse, this is lose lose situation for barisan nasional and win win for opposition whichever the outcome. UMNo helped the opposition to generate attention and sympathy. They are going to take more states in next general election and possibly federal gov as well. BERSIH is a non issue which should let it happen and forgotten.

      • Becareful whom you called stupid……if you are a true Malaysian (as you stated above) you would respect the head of the country… are the one that is stupid….not Najib as he became a Great Prime Minister but you are just a common brainless idiotic cow dung!….How do you know this BERSIH rally won’t get out of hand?????? How Stupid you are!!……many times it did get out of hand because of stupid people like you who do listen to instruction to disperse but prefer to ignite the hatred for the police force!…..hmmmm….I guess people like you are brainless and heartless…..there are human beings like you that exist in this world and unfortunately in our beautiful and peaceful country …MALAYSIA.

      • My post was more to point out the issue that the Malays are having among themselves, but you seem so quick to twist it to “racism” when you said “Still want to use racism to divide the rakyat. “ Well, you chose the nick “Malaysian” and you wrote things what you have written above, Racist?

        I think it will become a fact that (if 9 July rally really happen) the majority of people will be Malays. From both sides of the fences and from the FRU, PDRM etc.

        It is a fact that the Pengerusi BERSIH is not a Malay, so as the President of Bar Council who are championing this rally.

        My post is for the MALAYS, from whichever group they came from, to THINK, to WAKE UP, since this is Semenanjung Tanah Melayu, (once before) and they are the one or will be the one, clashing with each other on the street.

        And I fully agree with DEE’s statement below, “How do you know this BERSIH rally won’t get out of hand?????? How Stupid you are!! Read THIS.

  2. Please refrain from being jumpy but IMHO the government needlessly bungled over handling this issue. Bak kata orang Melayu: benda senang jadi susah.

    • punk,

      I shudder at the thought of you and the likes of you handling this issue. Even any of the Opposition parties’ blokes.

      Ever thought of the Police having an experience of over 100 years since even the British time?

  3. I don’t think we should fear any agenda here, it’s just a people’s rally asking for fair and free election, just treat it as one of the many events in KL. DBKL & Police did close many roads due to an event recently, so many people come and promote local tourism..

    • Hamba Allah,

      You need to pray to Allah and ask for guidance to realize that it’s not “just a people’s rally asking for fair and free election” as so many people have said in the newspapers, in blogs, on TV and radio. So many people, man – in the Government, in the private sector, University professors, lecturers, analysts and even the man in the street also sense the politicking behind Bersih.

      Give some credit for the Police lah – it’s their job to maintain security, to know when and where street rallies can turn ugly. Think how difficult it is to diffuse a tense situation, much more so when a demonstration turns into a riot.

    • I agree. The rally should be allowed. Nothing sinister in it. Perkosa and that Frog also can have his rally. What’s the big deal?

      • poor jabba jaws

        His understanding of reality is limited to his PC screen!

    • Hamba Allah

      If you REALLY care to interview those participants-to-be for the reason behind their “peaceful” walk, the especially from PAS, will not be able to answer.

      They gave reasons such as “we were told by our leaders to take a trip to town, with transport and meals provided”.

      Now if they are really enlightened and they participate BECAUSE they are truly concerned with fair and transparent elections – well and good.

      The danger is this – they are made used of by their political leaders to show the international viewers just how UNSTABLE Malaysia is. This is the PRIMARY message they intend to give to the international stage.

      And mind you, there will be paid agent provocateurs to create trouble so that the authorities will be FORCED to take preventive actions for the security of the others – and of course the media with vested interests will just show THIS part where the police were seen to be “aggressive”.

  4. […] – BERSIH 2.0 is about Mat King Leather’s anarchy agenda […]

  5. The Bersih 2.0 demonstration is a means to an end, and not an end in itself. Meaning it has little to do with electoral reforms. The moral foundations of politics or often referred to as the normative theory in the study of politics.The utilitarian branch of the normative theory emphasises on the premise that things are good or bad, not in themselves but in respect of the good or bad consequences following them. Thus it is not so much the demonstration but rather the trappings of demonstrations which are more often than not charged with emotion and susceptible to galvanising into anarchic behaviour with negative consequences on public. In Malaysia, security takes the form of preventive measures.

    The Greek philosopher Aristotles in the introduction to his writing ‘ The Nichomachean Ethics’ stated that ‘ without knowledge of what the good is for human beings what do we have to aim at in politics.’ .The Malaysian authorities are correct to take preventive measures to protect the majority public not involved in the planned demonstration.

    • Agree with you Postgrad. I’m in the mood to agreeing with everybody this morning – except the Bersih blokes and the Opposition politicians who exploited them .

      What you say sounds high but I just take it to mean you are walloping the trouble-seeking fellows. Setuju.

      We also have rights and we don’t want the peace to be disturbed. Kesian those whose livelihood would be affected by the bloody nonsense the politically motivated buggers want to put out on the streets. .

      • See what an anti Lim Guan Eng rally in Penang has caused – 10 km-long traffic jam. And the Penang CPO is among the most firm and assertive CPOs I read about.

        What more chaotic can a larger rally cause in KL and elsewhere.

        Anti-CM protesters bring traffic to a crawl
        Malaysia Star – ‎2 hours ago

        GEORGE TOWN: A group of people protesting against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and the planned Bersih 2.0 rally at the mid-span of Penang Bridge caused a 10km-long traffic jam.

      • Haba,

        You certainly understood what I meant.

    • What a stupid piece of crap coming from an educated-sounding poster who definitely is not in touch with reality on the ground.

      • The stupid piece of crap is the one who comes charging in without giving his or her own argument. Your reality could be somebody else’s fiction.

  6. No wonder that the Bar Council has been called many names . This is because the Council has gone beyond the perimeter of their fundamental function for justice which is assumed by all . The political mantic and unlawful elements of consideration have been osmosed by the eisegesis of the Bar Council leadership .

    What ‘ they think is right is their ‘ construction of ‘ code of law’ and also their legal proverb to defense the fundamental rights and freedom from those who abused the rule of law . At the same time , others prevailing stipulated rights are ignored .

    It seems exclusive , the lawyers are told that they are required more of just being lawyers . They are required to play a broader role in upholding justice . They are summoned to actively play broader roles for social conscience and more sense of responsibility because of traditionally and legislatively to do so . This is an affirmed affidavit underlined the broadening of their new ‘ code of law’ of the Bar Council . It smells politics .

    They forget that lawyers are also physiologically bound by their unconsciousness prejudice and bias and at the same time in upholding ‘justice’ . The social and political conscience of justice fall into a thin line of dissent and bone of contention among lawyers . As a result , the things that they are legally believe are not what they legally behave and yet they are not even aware of their legal values and beliefs .

    The legal shepherds who are trapped in their unconsciousness phenomenon are Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan and Lim Chee Wee , past and the present president of the Bar . Their unconsciousness bias could deliberately manipulate their sheep to walk against their own interest .

    Further , the deficiency and adversity of the Bar is when it becomes a partisan body in its advocacy by leadership . The President of the Bar has tarnished the integrity of the institution by not being impartial . In conjunction and as mentioned , the rights of Umno Youth and Perkasa are ignored .

    Advocating the march under Bersih is an act beyond the function and jurisdiction of the Bar . It jeopardizes its position and function as ‘check and balance ‘ and being neutral in the juridical system . We can smell again that the political motives is at large .

    It is unfortunate , the Bar Council has sucked itself into being a movement of legislative mercenary for social and civil liberty with their new ‘ code of laws’ as the guidance principals for ‘ justice ‘ .

    The call : this is no a place for the present Government , prevailing evidence of their political agenda .

    • Bravo, brother. Well written and I agree with practically all what you say. Unfortunate indeed that the Bar Council has become what it is.

      Only don’t understand your last para. But never the mind, I think overall you mean well.

  7. Well since these people LOVE the western-style freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, perhaps the ordinary men-in-the-street should start adopting the western culture of suing for damages.

    The traders, the taxi drivers, the tourism industry players, the food & industry business and all those affected adversely, should engage good lawyers (not the ambiga brand name) to sue the organisers of Bersih ground zero, for loss of earnings for that day and a few days post-Bersih.

    Even if the walk turned out peaceful as guaranteed, the crowds alone would have caused upheavals to the daily routine of businesses.

    Ask for huge monetary amounts in compensation, to bankrupt the leaders of this illegal march.

    • This is absurd. what law in this world allows this?

    • I am sure the taxi drivers would want to demonstrate when the Government refuses to increase the fare.

      I am sure the traders would like to demonstrate when the landlord increases the rents.

      I am sure the food and industry business people would also like to demonstrate when the Government increases business tax

    • Brilliant, Ray.

      Yes, the Govt should allow the rally to proceed.
      Any implications, monetary or otherwise , the affected people should sue the organisers.

      Better still, the Govt should allow them to rally but not in KL.

    • Pandai pun Ray. Aku ingat takde otak. Sue them organisers sampai bankrupt. Let them march.

      • Tak boleh. You are instigating asking people to attend a banned or illegal rally. Clearly illegal because Police has said repeatedly no permit will be issued. You can get hauled to the lock up under the Sedition Act.

        ray was trying to discourage them from holding the rally by the suing suggestion. You people twist his suggestion to seditious acts and utterances. Jabba has been nothing but that in this and in the previous posts. Careful Jabba. Nanti menggelabar. Dihambat Polis, dipancut air, dihalau kelori, diangkut keBalai Polis dan ditahan.

      • yo jabba jaws

        Otak kamu dimana ya? Yang saya cadangkan adalah selepas kejadian – jika ambiga masih degil teruskan jalanan haram itu, maka rakyat biasa yang mengalami kerugian atau trauma HARUS menuntut ganti rugi.

        Tuntut jumlah yang besar supaya ambiga dan lain lain akan bankrap dan tidak ada lagi modal untuk mengugat keamanan negara yang diberkati ini.

        Hallo jabba jaws ada faham??

      • yo jabba jaws

        Dimana letaknya otak kamu ya?? Cadangan saya bukanlah untuk halalkan sesuatu yang haram.

        Namun tetapi jikalau ambiga terus berdegil dan melanggar undang undang yang sedia ada (walaupun dia ni seorang peguam) – maka sesiapa sahaja yang terganggu gugat didalam usaha mencari nafkah seharian HARUS bersatu lalu saman dan dakwa penganjur jalanan haram ini.

        Tuntut jumlah kerugian yang besar supaya ambiga, anwar dll tidak berupaya menganjur jalanan haram ini.

        jabba jaws ada faham??

      • yo jabba jaws

        Dimana letaknya otak kamu ya?? Cadangan saya bukanlah untuk halalkan sesuatu yang haram.

        Namun jikalau ambiga terus berdegil dan melanggar undang undang yang sedia ada (walaupun dia ni seorang peguam) – maka sesiapa sahaja yang terganggu gugat didalam usaha mencari nafkah seharian HARUS bersatu lalu saman dan dakwa penganjur jalanan haram ini.

        Tuntut jumlah kerugian yang besar supaya ambiga, anwar dll tidak berupaya menganjur apa apa lagi jalanan haram saperti ini. Cara ini menjaga HAK rakyat jelata yang inginkan keamanan dan kemakmuran – termasuk penjaja kecil, pemandu teksi, pekerja industri pelancongan dll.

        jabba jaws ada faham??

    • Thailand had experienced even more massive rallies, which resulted in a change of Government. However, their economy is so much better than ours. Why?

  8. I think it’s time for us Malaysians to move forward. Look at our neighbors, Thailand and Indonesia. They are way ahead of us in terms of clean and fair elections, democracy and freedom of speech. Academic research puts us as pseudo democracy or competitive authoritarianisms. After 50 years, we are still at this category. This is bad. PM Najib wants to propel us into a developed nation by 2020. But our democracy system is still lagging behind Thailand and Indonesia. We do not even need to compare with HK, Korea, and Japan.

    Freedom of expression is guaranteed by the constitution. If Thailand and Indonesia can do it, why can’t we? Follow their model, follow the HK model. Engage the protesters. Plan the route for them to rally. Be mature and open to criticisms. Again, if other countries can do, I am sure we can. I remember last time we had a debate between Shaziman and Anwar Ibrahim on national TV as well as the program Blog. What happened to these initiatives? Get people from the Government and the Oppositions/NGOs to debate/discuss on national TV. Let the people decide who is best to run the country. UMNO/BN are not the only coalition that can rule this country. This country belongs to everyone, not exclusively to UMNO/BN. I’m sure nobody here would vote for someone who practices corruption, nepotism, cronyism, abuse of power, etc.

    We are facing an increasingly globalized world. FDIs are not coming into our country. Instead they go to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and even Philippines. There will be a time when oil and gas will be depleted. Are we ready for that? Do we have alternative sustainable sources of income? Everyone knows much of Petronas money have gone into the wrong hands. How do we stop this?
    So, freedom of expression is important for ordinary citizens to speak up and be critical to the Government. Don’t be afraid to allow this. This is how we grow and improve, just like other countries. This is also part of the Islamic teachings.

    • Haiya ciku fruit

      What data states that Thailand and Indonesia are way ahead of us in terms of clean and fair elections, democracy and freedom of speech??

      Money politics is alive and well in both countries. Singapore is highly authoritarian and yet their reserves far surpass any of its neighbours. It also has ISA and clamp down hard on “wayward” free speech.

      If the present govt is so corrupt, the opposition will not have any chance of winning 5 states. This govt is elected by majority of the people. Once you allow power to those who take to the streets, it will never end. It will start a dangerous precedent.

      The ballot box is still the best – may not be perfect but the most sensible and fair method of electing leaders sans the violence.

      The opposition is getting desperate, so they hide behind civil society NGOs to rally the masses. If you study the committee members, you will KNOW it is not apolitical. Why even anwar claim to have the power to call off the Bersih rally if his demands are met. Is anwar non-political? Far from it.

      Islamic teachings urge people to obstruct men-in-street from earning their honest livelihood?? Gee this is an “enlightenment”.

      P.S. Those countries you mentioned actually has to send their own people to work in Malaysia as domestic maids, foreign labour etc. Malaysian women are still not working as domestic maids overseas.

      Try not to be brainwashed by smooth talkers who promises the stars and the skies but only delivered tsunami that destructs. Or if you are trying to brainwash others, you need to do a better job at convincing.

    • Buah Ciku,

      ‘Moving forward’ is just a relative term. If you consider Thailand and Indonesia to be ahead of Malaysia in terms of the level of freedom of expression and freedom of speech, where have all these lead them to? Have they become any better in giving the good life to their peoples? Remember the demonstrations in Thailand between the red shirts and the yellow shirts, last year? Please remind us how it ended? After a long stand off with one group blocking the international airport and the other barricading themselves in down town Bangkok? These demonstrations between rival groups had a negative implication on Thai economy particularly businesses and the tourism sector. It ended with the Thai govt.sending in the army to forcibly remove the demonstrators. You see, things always end up in the same fashion and the rhetoric of the freedom of speech and expression remain the dream of the dreamers, and an opportunity for the opportunists. What did the masses get? Very little in terms of the good life.

      Likewise, how far has Indonesia gone in terms of making life better for its people, nevermind the space for freedom that they have gained since Suharto? The freedom the people have was even use to burn the Malaysian flag, threw dirt at the Malaysian Embassy and mounted a campaign to sweep Malaysians out of Indonesia. Should we celebrate or follow that kind of freedom of speech and expression?

      I beg to differ from your view that elections in Indonesia and Thailand are more free, clean and fair compared to Malaysia. How sure are you of these claims?

      The worst thing to do is to compare Malaysia with Indonesia, Thailand and even the Philippines. Malaysia is a multi-racial country whereas Thailand and Indonesia are largely homogeneous. Malaysia’s concerns in terms of security and stability are not necessarily the same as those of Indonesia’s and Thailand’s. By the way, investors still look for political stability and law and order when deciding where to place their money. Malaysia attracts a different kind of FDI since we are heading for the ETP. Have you calculated the value of investments that have flowed in, into Malaysia lately?

  9. Salam BigDog,

    Despite clarifications by the SPR, detailed analysis by those like your good self, Outsyedthebox, JMD, Pure Shiite et al…lembus still wish to be pulled by the nose.

    Well, I hope they will end up in the kandang where they belong.

    Everything points to a not so hidden agenda and in more ways than one in the direction of the ex-con.

    By the way you, have been vindicated by a frustrated 2X5mom.

    Thank you

    • Sokong what you say, Freddie. Though I no understand who the “frustrated 2X5mom” is. If Ambiga, me no mind she frustrated one.


    The SPR can’t even get their list clean, this is why BERSIH is needed to create awareness that UMNO is playing dirty with SPR to win election. Any patriotic Malaysian should support BERSIH noble cause to have a clean and fair election.

    • You can ask to clean anything. But don’t ask to clean the Election Register by politicizing the issue. Don’t mix it with politics. Don’t allow politicians to enter the picture.

      When you allow them, it means you are trying to clean their backside as well. Don’t, It’s damn dirty and smelly. Anwar’s, especially. We don’t know whether he is the “I do you do” front and back kind, do we?

      Grow up, boy. Don’t be so naive. It’s not just election rules they talk about. They even talk about rising prices and everything else politic. Hell, they even brought in communist elements like those arrested in Penang, Petaling Jaya and Tangkak-Segamat.

      And bloody foreigners, too. Trying to get links with outside organizations to propagandize their anti-Government political issues outside like Anwar has been doing for many years. Surely you have read those. If you don’t understand about how they work, say so here. Some of us will explain to you some more.

      • Well written Wan,

        Hope that so called idiotic “Malaysian” understood what you’ve just explained…..I was involved in the last election and there was no way any of the staff of the SPR should be accused of cheating or not BERSIH……it was BERSIH!!! Each party (BN & PKR) representatives were in all the centers through out the election….it was so transparent that there was no way the election could be rigged/falsified.

        There were 5 election centers and BN only won I and PKR won 5…….but the on going disorderly outburst from PKR camp had tarnished the whole image and the integrity of the
        SPR Election center….it was shameful, how they (PKR staff) cheated….making unnecessary scene and accusing the staff….just to attract the attention of the foreign media!…….so who is accusing who now???……This idiot was born yesterday I assume…..for 54yrs the system has worked and will be BERSIH for as long as BARISAN is in power….I don’t trust the PR cronies are able to do the same!!!

      • Dee,

        The Election Commission Chief has admitted that the Election is not really bersih after all 😉

      • Btw, have u been to Sabah and stayed there for some time? If you have not, then try it. You will be surprised to see so many Indon and Philippines people there having MyCard 😉

      • Buah Ciku……I assume that is you……..a buah ciku,

        “The Election Commission Chief has admitted that the Election is not really bersih after all”?????……did I mentioned that oppositions were not BERSIH…..NOT the “The Election Commission Chief”……I guess telling a brainless buah ciku is a waste of time….hmmmmm!!

        Please read “postgrad” comments…..he had written it brilliantly and kudos to him!

  11. Malaysia Goverments have rigged election process.
    Who deosnt know all the bribes they pay to win? Its all over the news, just walk into any kampungs and you will know.
    Only people who are ignorant would continue to not believe these truth.

    Look at TAIB, best example of corruption and cronisisnsym and all kind of rubbish. PKFZ. Another good example. People SHOULD be hang over these kind of misdoing.

  12. […] agencies clamp onto the provocations made by some of the demonstrators. It is clearly seen in BERSIH 2.o which was a planned attempt for chaos, when Tian Chua charged towards a Police line without any provocation by the […]

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