Dr Jeyakumar & 5 others re-arrested

After a week of remand under Section 122 Penal Code for investigation of waging a war against His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong, Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jeyakumar and his Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) ‘Pseudo Communist’ bandits were released from Kepala Batas Police custody. However, he and five others including M Saraswathy and Choo Chon Wai were swiftly re-arrested and whisked away under tight security minutes ago.

Subversive PSM 'Pseudo Communist Bandits': Sarawathy (third from left) and Dr Jeyakumar (third from right)

It is believed they are being detained under Emergency Ordinance which allow the Police to carry on a further 60 days of thorough investigation without warrant. They are being detained and investigated for activities deemed subversive.

Dr Jeyakumar and 30 other Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) members were arrested last Sunday with materials depicting the glorification of outlawed past Communist Party of Malaysia’s leaders which include Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng and the struggle of the bloody and brutal armed rebellion of 54 years. The Hadyaii Accord was signed on 2 December 1989 and that was the end of the failed armed rebellion.

Of late, the Oppositions already using the spirit of the failed communist rebellion to fan anti-nationalism spirit. They openly supported and even advocated to bring back Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng. However, it was met with great opposition by all walks of society. Oppositions with their left wing approach to get into power, have had to employ the strategy to down play the nationalism spirit (which was under lying victors to obtain Independence) that the majority subscribe to.

The brutal rebels who are the direct cause for 18,000 deaths and destruction of properties between 1948-60

It is clear PSM is instigating Malaysians to come out and as a pre-cursor of staging mass support the illegal BERSIH 2.0 march planned on 9 July in Kuala Lumpur. They are fanning the spirit of ‘Tahrir Square’ in where the ruling government of Egypt was toppled recently. They now that the rakyat get inspired by that, the socialism idealism for a revolution and aroused to come out. That is a clear proof of malicious arnachy intent to topple the Government via mobstreet protests which could lead into rioting an cause grave distability.

This episode also proven that the Opposition is willing to go one step higher on their on going strategy of ‘politics of hatred’. They were simply unable to capture the support of the majority via proper democracy despite all of the lies and manipulation to stir up emotions and even when they were given the mandate to rule and manage in five states, they failed miserably.

And now, they are trying to capture the imagination of the rakyat with their call of “Fair and free elections”, of which they themselves participated in 12 general elections and hundreds of by-elections and benefitted to a point where the ruling party were denied 2/3 majority in the last ‘Political Tsunami’.

Police should be commended for their steadfastness and consistency of being professional to uphold the law and protect the interest of the majority. Their actions have been inline with provisions of the Federal Constitution.

According to tweets circulating around, a planned demonstration will be held by the Oppositions outside Bukit Aman tonight. Lets hope more arrest are made as the majority can no longer tolerate all these anarchists attempting to turn the peaceful country upside down for their own sordid political agenda.

*Updated 700pm

The Star report on the arrest under Emergency Ordinance:

Published: Saturday July 2, 2011 MYT 4:24:00 PM

Six arrested under EO


KUALA LUMPUR: Police have arrested six people under the Emergency Ordinance, out of the 30 being investigated for waging war against the King.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Khalid Abu Bakar said the six, including Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj, were found to be involved with foreign and subversive elements.

“They were arrested at 1.20pm today under Section 3(1) of the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance 1969,” he told reporters during a press conference at Bukit Aman here Saturday.

Khalid said police would be applying to extend the remand order for the remaining 24 people who were arrested on June 25 at the Sungai Dua toll plaza in Seberang Prai Utar, when they travelling in a bus from Sungai Petani towards Penang.

“We are looking to extend the remand as we need some more time to finish our investigations,” he said.

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  1. Despite whatever the initial intention are, it is clear now that this march is nothing more than a tool for at least 2 groups.

    a. To promote certain politician waning popularity.
    b. To promote the return of communist ideology.

    While I will not get into the first point (since it is already widely accepted and known), I will attempt to explain the 2nd.

    Parti Socialis Malaysia as it name suggest aim to promote the idea of Socialism in Malaysia. First off, Socialism has failed throughout the world time and again due to the many flawed in its very premise. The fundamental flaw is that no incentive is provided to individuals.

    Socialism generally over promises and under delivers. The proponent promise to bring equality, security, and prosperity. This however almost never come to fruition. In reality it always ended with tyranny and misery. Well, equality was at times achieved, in that all are equally miserable. More often than not, individuals suffer as their needs become secondary to the welfare of the state and the ruling elites.

    Then there is another dangers. One that concern us the most.

    Socialism and communism are alike in that both are systems of production for use based on public ownership of the means of production and centralized planning. While socialism grows directly out of capitalism, communism on the other hand is a further development or “higher stage” of socialism.

    While definition differ slightly, what each of them means in essence is,

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his deeds” (Socialism).

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” (Communism).

    So for PSM to be glorifying Chin Peng “The Butcher of Malaya” and other communist terrorist is only natural. Something to be expected.

    For those who fought and lost their lives defending this country from the onslought of communist terrorist, there can be no greater insult.
    It is incongruent to say we appreciate the sacrifices made by the generation that fought and defended this country and at the same time allowed this bunch of Socialist, Communist (in disguise) and Modern Day Min Yuen trampled, threaten and spit on the very foundation that made this country.

    We might as well let them piss on the graveyard of the fallen hero.

    PSM was registered on the 19th of August 2008 after 10 years being denied to do so. Why, who and how this party was allowed to be registered baffled me.

    There can be only one recourse, Banned PSM!!

    • Four points:

      1. The history of communism the world over shows that it thrives where there the economy is bad, no jobs, poor income, suffering and misery, chaos and disorder – e.g Russia, China, to the extent of revolution and the creation of a communist state. This is always the objective of them commmie buggers – create chaos and disorder. They see the Bersih rally as an opportunity to try and do that.

      2. It used to be the Chinese hogging communism in Malaya/ Malaysia but, with vast economic advancement and opportunities enjoyed by their community, and after the Haadyai Accord, the hardcore blokes got ensconced in the Betong Salient of south Thailand. The rest dissipated, though some, the unsuccessful in business and the frustrated, like those in the ranks of the DAP, may harbour some thoughts of communism and are subversive in words and deeds. Lim Kit Siang knows this and sees quite a number of votes and supporters among that kind of buggers, hence, to cater to their interest, he called for bloody communist terrorist Chin Peng be allowed to enter Malaysia for whatever purpose he may have.

      3. The PSM/ communists are said to have contacts with communists in India and Nepal. Indians from vernacular schools, like the Chinese school dropouts (30% of the SRJKCs in SMKs drop out before SPM said Deputy Ed Minister Wee 1-2 years ago), have been a frustrated lot, many unemployed and unemployable, engage in crimes and gangsterism, followers of the racist and seditious organisation that was banned, led by the Indian lawyer who was once arrested, I think these are the people to watch out for.

      4. Communism vs capitalism – communism cannot succeed. It’ll only be a menace to society, dissipates with economic development, Look at Russia and China. The latter is now the second largest world economy, retaining communism only in name, everything else is capitalistic. As VARUNA said, it cannot succeed because there is no system of incentives. Also, when there is economic development, people invariably have a lot of free time, start thinking of owning materialistic things like motorbikes, cars, fridges etc, and have religion, which are all anathema to the communist ideology.

      In short, no way for the communists to succeed in Malaysia but they must be nipped in the bud to prevent it being an irritant and a menace to society. Whack them buggers right away.

      • Bloody hell, they want to take over the country, take la. But not by force, man. Not by communist ways. Must follow the Constitution.

        Also not by tipu helah saying NGO wanting better election rules but actually political parties wanting to topple the government by street demos. And don’t break the law wanting to rally without permit and what not.

    • Varuna ,

      In conjunction with your posting , the return of Communism cum socialism in relation to the defunct Socialist Party of Malaysia is something worth scrutinizing and examining .

      Someone has raised up an important designation in considering the relationship of historical episode to ” change ” ; the collapse of the Soviet Union and by association that Barisan National Administration strives for change would fail in omitting the acceptation for socio- economic requirement .

      The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 was an expeditious occurrence . It was because of the ” slow to change of Russian autocracy ” . For more than 70 years , the Russian autocracy had not facilitated the necessity for economic and social change . The construction , in the order for Marxist-Leninist economic and political structural frameworks were never constructively implemented since the October revolution in 1912 . It furthered defunct the Marxist economic planning and development when Russia was immensely engaged in the two bloody world wars and the long costly Cold War .

      The Soviet Communist Government had created a ” unique Russian system ” . It was a totalitarian institution held in together by it’s command economy , the policing of brute force and terror . A central command information network which controlled by the State run throughout the 70 years of reign had suppressed dissent at cost .

      The marxist economic framework was never fluently utilized and fully tested . Thus stunted the economic progress to take off . The social well being of the masses was also depressed . The Soviet Communist administration failed to meet the expectation and yet diminished the fulfillment to guarantee economic and social progress for the Soviet nation-buildings .

      On the other hand , inevitably the economic growth of capitalism which monopolized the world economic interdependency is undeniably effective . With its strength geared for an open human capital focusing on the fullest development for science and technology , the Western Capitalist Nations became the economic power houses in the world . Its justifiable administration is the phenomenon outlined the workable economic system of Capitalism . Marxist economic development and democratic socialism system were defeated even before they began to take off in the Soviet Unions .

      What it means ; the consequences of socialism would have flourished and brought economic prosperity but had ended up with an ” iron-hand ” Sovietism . Sovietism prevented the formation for the democratic Socialism which was in its principle doctrine for Marxist economy to flourish .

      Gorbyachev’s who tried to stage a design of free election for a democratic Socialism and economic reformation in 1989 was considered an eye opener for democratization . In due to the buildup of ” toppling within ” in the Soviet blocks was at its peaked and Gorbyachev’s reformation plans for further United Soviet drawn to collapse . He was late to recognize and recovered .

      One of the main indicators for the sudden collapse was a building up of the economy suppression in USSR . The economic situation was always gloomy . It was reported the Soviet Government spent more than 30 percent of it’s economy for defense . This gave an enormous burden to an average Soviet citizens . Furthermore , the Soviet annexation of Afghanistan , the African expenditures and Castro’s lifeline drained out the Soviet economy . As far as the Soviet administrators were concerned throughout the 70 years reign , consolidating its political power based was of greatest importance . The policy of divided and rule for the Soviet occupied territories was centralized administratively in Moscow .

      I think , Socialist Party of Malaysia is bleeding for a chance to be ideologically relevant . PSM has the mind to osmose its ideology into the collision ideologies of the PKR . And by being in PKR , socialism cum communism ideologies are more aberrant than the ideologies of the coalition partners . Socialism has its history and the ideology is concretely rooted since Friederich Hegel and Karl Marx . Some how or rather , Socialism has its ascendancy in our daily thinkings and practices .

      In Malaysia they have fought their institutional ideology battles but in vain . However , they may also think that the ideology of Socialism has not lost the war . The walk is a mark of socialist exhibit of admission , I consciously think .

      • Me no understanding wat you say, Mister Ghaf.

        Have you heard the expression “intoxicated by the exuberance of one’s own verbosity”?

        Wat you saying? The socialism that those people arrested by the Police are talkin’ about has a place in Malaysia? Nonsense. Utter nonsense.

      • Hi Brother Hizan,

        Me come from White Creek .

        Me Chief Sitting Bull says , ” you Spring Water stays here too long in the reservation of cloud , swimming in toxic water adoring the mighty Spirit of the Wolf to blow you off ”

        Me no not what Chief said ,” Chief , Me no swim no more and no smoke tobacco , Me found magic green leaves , Me smoking good , now Me no afraid the Wolf , now Me see not only moon and stars , Me could see Jupiter and Saturn , tomorrow me see more , Neptune might be burning ! “

      • Hi brother Hizan ,

        Me come from White Creek .

        Me Chief Sitting Bull says , ” you Spring Water stays here too long in the reservation of cloud , swimming in toxic water adoring the mighty Spirit of the Wolf to blow you off ”

        Me no not what Chief said ,” Chief , Me no swim no more and no smoke tobacco , Me found magic green leaves , Me smoking good , now Me no afraid the Wolf , now Me see not only moon and stars , Me could see Jupiter and Saturn , tomorrow me see more , Neptune might be burning ! “

  2. they are telling people.. lets not respect the police.. lets not respect the law.. heck.. they don’t even understand the constitution. what can we expect? even from AMbiga herself… Maybe the govt should add a clause to the constitution,, anybody going against the constitution can be thrown into the sea,, with a dinghy of course….

  3. Biggie,

    The police ought to shoot these rebels on sight!

    We have had peace from this marxist rebels for 22 years now.

    Suddenly, they are starting an armed rebellion 22 yrs after the Butchers of Malaya gave up in a legally binding peace agreement! That makes them WORSE THAN THE COMMUNIST TERRORISTS!!!!

    As a citizen, I urge the Police & KDN to do a really thorough investigation on this. Do more arrests. Do what ever the SBs do to get the comprehensive info on this or for that matter, anything remotely subversive in nature.

    Agree with Varuna. Ban PSM now & banish its leaders to ISA detention! No compromise there & ever give any ounce of compromise.

    We cannot hv any shred of threat to national security. Too much at risk already!

    • Agreed.

      Communism is banned in this country. We have had a terrible and bitter experience with an armed communist insurrection, lots of lives lost including innocent ones, suffering and miseries among many affected families, Hundreds of million Ringgit (billions by to-day’s values) assets and properties destroyed, the economy stunted, caused by these totally unacceptable, mentally deranged fellows. Never again. We must not be made to experience those again.

      We must not allow a resurgence of communism in any form. Be it
      subversion, and much worse still, armed attempts to create trouble and anarchy. Such reports as those of weapons caches found in Perak 1-2 years ago must be traced exhaustively, the culprits put behind bars indefinitely. Shoot on the first challenge any of such fellows seen holding any weapon. Shoot to death as they will later come out with vengeance otherwise.

      Going by the usual laws may mean a lot of time spent on complying with the legal requirements on remand period, hard evidence and the like. Such may allow for the bastard commies to be released on bail and the like, enabling them to carry on with their activities while the rakyat faces the daunting prospect of them widening their cells and furthering their tentacles.

      I urge the Police to use the ISA on these fellows the moment they have the “probable cause” to do so. Don’t let them get away an inch. Slam them into the Kamunting Detention Centre under ISA. That’s what ISA is for. Even the USA has ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay anyway.

  4. Can any one do better than I did in finding the background of this Dr Jeyakumar fellow? We need to know whether he and his socialism is worth reading about or listening to. I only manage to find the following:

    Pipl.com says Dr. Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj. Born. 8 March 1936 Kluang, Johor. (Should be 74 years old now). Samy Vellu’s challenger.
    Aliran member.

    But how come he is Michael? Is he a Christian? I thought socialists and communists don’t believe in religion. Even Lee Kuan Yew shed his university name “Harry” when in politics and detests people calling him that, perhaps because of the association with “Dirty Harry”!

    Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, fomer Consultant Physician at Ipoh GH, unhappy about Ministry of Health transfer order 1999. 7-8 people wrote letter to then Minister of Health Chua Ji Meng to rescind the transfer. Did his vengeance on the Establishment start from there?

    But it’s interesting that “Web Extracted Biography – Zoominfo” says:
    No certification information is available.
    No education information is available.
    No biography information is available.

    So, how to tell whether he has read enough of socialism, knows fully the brands of socialism, the militancy of it, applicability of it under Malaysian environment?

    But I found that the character Haris Ibrahim posted an interview on “Michael” Jeyakumar in his blog, People’s Parliament, where he spoke his admiration for the communist Che Guevara of Cuban Castro fame, later shot to death in the jungle in Latin America and carried like a dead dog out to civilization for the people to see. Michael Jeyakumar probably fancies himself a Guevara, who was also a doctor!

    I think based on that Haris Ibrahim’s post alone, Michael can be ISA-ed. His admiration for a militant international communist terrorist tells his inclinations, and the communist literature found on his band of PSM supporters are enough justification to send them to Kamunting.

    • PS:

      Michael Jeyakumar probably fancies himself a Guevara, who was also a doctor!

      But wonder whether he fancies himself being shot and his corpse treated like a dead dog.

    • Maybe Jeyakumar at old age is forgetful – forgets about democracy.

  5. Myth #1: The Bersih demonstration aimed at toppling the Government just like what happened in Middle East.

    Question: Based on last GE, BN and PR both got about 50% votes in Peninsular while BN won > 60% votes in East Malaysia. How could the minority topple the majority? In the Middle East, it was the majority of the citizens + the military who are against the government.

    Myth #2: The Bersih demonstration will disrupt businesses, tourism, and income. Tourists and foreign businesses will leave.

    Question: The last Bersih demonstration was in 2008. I am not sure about our economy status back then. As far as I know, whenever the economy does well, the BN attributed it to their good governance. When the economy is bad, they blame it on the world. HK is experiencing rallies and demonstrations every weekend. As far as I know, their social economy is better than our “peaceful” country. Even Thailand, which has experienced a change in government due to demonstration, is doing better than us.

    Myth #3: Bersih rally is funded by foreign elements.

    Question: Show us the evidence. I thought our country has one of the strictest monetary policies in the world. If suspicious funds are entering the country, Bank Negara would have been alerted and Ambiga’s bank account would have been suspended. Also our country has the strictest policies with regards to firearms. The only time where firearms are misused was during the Sauk Incident, Altantuya Murder, killing of Aminulrashid, and so on. I have not heard anyone from the next and previous Bersih rally carrying machine guns. If mortar bomb and steel chairs can topple the government, then what’s the use of investing billions into the armed forces? What’s the point of buying jet planes, Scorpene submarines, and many more weapons?

    Myth #4: There is nothing wrong with this country. I am not affected at all.

    Question: You must be living in heaven.

    Myth #5: There is freedom of speech in this country. There are other better and more peaceful ways to show our opinions.

    Question: Yes, we do have freedom of expression. It is freedom after speech that we do not have. Do you know that you can get arrested for lighting candles? Do you know that you can get arrested for eating cakes? Do you know that you can get arrested for drawing cartoons? Do you know that you can get arrested for upholding the truth? Do you know that you can get arrested for defending the innocence?

    Myth #6: Bersih is about invigorating Communism.

    Question: How could a group of < 10 people be able to do that? Furthermore, they were armed with T-Shirts and at most "parang". Is this Communism? Are Malaysians so stupid till the point where < 10 people can influence 27 million people?

    • No wonder you are Buah Ciku, dusty and mouldy when unripe, soft and messy when ripe. Me a nono – nono to your arguments.

      Have you any clue as to the job of maintaining public order, peace and security, man? 10 people carrying parang or even knives on a high-tension street demo that can turn boisterous and unruly at the slightest provocation? The statements by Bersih, Perkasa, Pemuda UMNO and the politicians behind Bersih so far not high tension? Are you so stupid as not to sense that?

      The rest of your arguments are plainly Opposition hogwash, no need any rebuttal from me.

      • Lol…thanks for thereply. I appreciate your argument….hahaha

  6. Myth #7: Demonstration like Bersih will always end in violence
    Question: Have you been to HK, Taiwan, America, UK, Canada, etc? Have you seen how the Police cooperate with protestors in ensuring a smooth and successful rally? No doubt somebody may go overboard. Again, follow the HK model. Learn from them on how to deal with rowdy protestors in a transparent manner. Remember we are not the Middle East.

    Myth #8: Well, we are not yet ready for Western-style democracy.
    Question: When are we ready then? Can you give a definite duration? Why are we not ready? Is it because there is something wrong with our education system? Or is it because you are too afraid of the Government? Najib wants us to achieve a developed-nation by 2020. So, now is the time to fight for freedom of expression, clean and fair election, and end of corruption.

    Myth #9: We cannot compare Malaysia with other countries. We are just different.
    Question: That’s right. We only compare our petrol prices

    • Have you been to Guantanamo Bay, USA? You should go there and see they also have ISA. Why talk about Police in Hong Kong etc handling demonstrators. Go see that the Guantanamo Bay detainees are handcuffed, feet chained link even when leaving their rooms for the toilet outside. Yet Kamunting ISA detainees are not even cuffed and walk freely within the detentin prmises.

      Cannot compare Malaysia with USA? You find whatever fits, you compare. Whatever not, you don’t. You are talking balls, aren’t you? A lot of Opposition party balls.

      You go to the Middle East and bury your head under the sand there. No point talking to you and fellows like you about the Middle Eastern countries are just not comparable to Malaysia in the advancement of democracy.

      Bye ciku fella.

      Haba haba,

      • Relax la Haba. I think u hv misinterpreted by postings. Also, I don’t quite understand your point.

      • Anyway, wat i meant was adopt best practices from each country

      • You shld have said so in the first place.

    • Buah Ciku uses a discourse approach to apparently debunk myths. The discourse itself has been empirically proven to be the root of all myth, coz discourse tries to convince that certain knowledge, information, circumstances and situations to be the truth. But discourse can be fraught with deception and inveigling and doesnt represent the truth. Your truth maybe somebody else’s myth.

      • Well, I never expect everyone to agree with me. This is a democratic society. Everyone is free to express himself.

        I think as a society we need to advance ourselves. We should always find ways to better our democratic system. If you disagree with my suggestions, then let’s work out a way forward. How do you ensure clean and fair elections? How do we curb corruption? How do we ensure that the Government protects the interest of the Rakyat instead of their family members and friends? These are just some of the problems that prevent us from advancing. Let’s face it, arresting people who wear yellow T-Shirts is not the way forward.

        That is why I said, let’s adopt best practices from other countries. If they can allow demonstrations on a weekly basis and never once destroy the economy, let’s learn from them. This is just some of my thoughts. How about yours, Postgrad? How can you contribute to the advancement of the society?

  7. Hi brother Hizan , Me come from White Creek .Me Chief Sitting Bull says , ” you Spring Water stays here too long in the reservation of cloud , swimming in toxic water adoring the mighty Spirit of the Wolf to blow you off “Me no not what Chief said ,” Chief , Me no swim no more and no smoke tobacco , Me found magic green leaves , Me smoking good , now Me no afraid the Wolf , now Me see not only moon and stars , Me could see Jupiter and Saturn , tomorrow me see more , Neptune might be burning ! “

  8. Buah Ciku, it is interesting to note that by your own admission stated that ours is a democratic society. So what aspect of democracy in our society that you see merit advancement? The examples you gave namely freedom of expression, freedom to demonstrate and freedom of speech already exist in Malaysia. Your claim that elections in Malaysia should be free and fair , didnt give due diligence to the fact that it is free and fair. Best practices to emulate the ideals of western style democracy may not be the best practice for Malaysia no matter how many examples you wish to give. The problem is , in practice there is no ideal western democracy. The practice of democracy is what the society practises that benefits the majority. Rights and freedom are practised to benefit both individuals and society in so far as individuals and society are also able to exercise responsibility that comes with the rights and freedom.

    To be preoccupied with more rights and freedom can be very exhilirating even intoxicating. It is better for each individual in the society to be aware of his or her responsibility to self, family, community, society and nation. It is important that individuals should not shift the blame of his or her actions onto others and authorities. As an example a person who violates traffic rules and ended in a mishap should not blame the weather, the road, the transport authorities and enforcement agencies; a person should not blame the creditors if he is a bad debtor,etc. The sense of responsibility that is not entrenched in each individual can weaken the ability to take responsibility which is very much needed in the exercising of individual rights and freedom.

  9. yes, of course, I agree. There is freedom of expression, freedom to demonstrate and freedom of speech as stated in the Constitution. It is freedom after speech that we do not have. Why is that so?

    “It is better for each individual in the society to be aware of his or her responsibility to self, family, community, society and nation”

    Yes. You are absolutely right. It is also the responsibility for every citizens to fight corruption that is so entrenched in the Government, led by UMNO/BN. Good that you also mentioned about traffic rules and accidents. Do you know that these are also due to corruption? There are many people who got their kopi-o-license through bribes and this somewhat causes all the accidents that you mentioned. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every citizens to call for an end of corruptions.

    What else? Clean and fair elections. Why didn’t you call for this? The EC has publicly admitted that the Electoral list is problematic. He even barred people from using Twitter/cellphones in the counting centre. How about the situation is Sabah? Have you stayed there? If you did, then you should know that illegal immigrants were made legal. They have MyCard and the rights to vote! Before you rubbish my claims, I was there for 3 months and know personally of these.

    What about cronyism, nepotism, and abuse of power? Need examples? PKFZ is one of them. How about the Ali-Baba scheme? Perwaja steel and what not.

    So you see, if we keep quiet on these, our nation will go down the drain. If we keep quiet, then more traffic accidents will happen and if you are unlucky you might be a victim. If there is no freedom of speech, then the evils will continue to prevail. Freedom of expression comes with responsibility and there is sufficient law to ensure this. Just make sure the authority does not misuse the law to silence whistle blowers and to protect themselves.

    I believe you are for the people and not for the evil ruling government. Let’s join hand on July 9 and march towards the stadium and sign the petition to call for an end of all these evil practices.

    • Buah Ciku, it should be apparent to you by now that i am not like you. You use the freedom, rights and democracy arguments in the context of opposition ( which you camoulflage using people) vs. the government without you knowing if the narrow argument you put across represent your political interest or your own ideals. The many examples you mentioned are consistently being used by opposition supporters to blame UMNO and the BN. Coming from oppositions which themselves are not exemplary entities to emulate, one can only shrug it off as power seeking strategy. By virtue of that , the sense of responsibility towards the stability of the society and the state has been neglected by those supporting such a strategy. Besides there is no proof to indicate that the rules on elections favour the ruling political parties. One can issue as many My Kads as you alleged to have happened in Sabah , but there is nothing to indicate who these people voted for. As such your claim bothers more on suspicion.

      I see rights, freedom and democracy far beyond politics and power-seeking. They are elements that govern how individuals,groups and society while clamouring for rights and freedom must exercise them responsibly within the laws of the nation.

      • Well, my thinking is simple. Amal Maruf Nahi Mungkar. Heard of it? When u see something wrong, u speak up. When u see someone paying bribes to get their driving license, u speak up. When u are offered bribes to vote for BN, u reject it! Are you with me on this?

        I am not interested in seeking power. I am for the ordinary citizens. I vote for whoever that can protect my interests. The elected politicians are here to serve us, not their cronies. Taxpayers monies must be used for the ordinary citizens, not cronies. It is that simple.

        Those people r not supposed to be given a MyCard, what more vote. You really need to spend some time in Sabah.

  10. Debunking sneaky misperceptions of ciku fruit

    #1 – This man in the video is the PKR youth leader. He wants to topple the govt by all means. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ynox6EPc97o

    Anwar’s daughter said this, “Pertembungan di antara SPR Malaysia dan juga Bersih mengingatkan saya kepada pilihan raya Turki yang baru berlangsung.” http://www.nurulizzah.com/site/page/2/

    #2 – WIRRAL tourists have had their holidays to Tunisia cancelled. Thomas Cook has taken the decision to stop flights to the North African country following violent riots there – http://www.wirralglobe.co.uk/news/8792178.Wirral_holidaymakers__trips_cancelled_after_violent_street_riots_in_Tunisia/

    The riots in Egypt have left many Bulgarians stranded in the north African state but many others who had booked their holidays in the country well in advance are also unable to leave and get their payments refunded, private television channel bTV reported on February 3 2011. http://www.sofiaecho.com/2011/02/03/1036509_egypt-riots-cancelled-holidays-and-no-refunds

    #3 – KUALA LUMPUR: Police are investigating reports that Bersih 2.0 chairman Datuk S. Ambiga had received funds from foreign non-governmental organisations for its rally this weekend. – http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/7/5/nation/9029943&sec=nation

    #4 – Global Peace Index rankings put Malaysia above Singapore

    Click to access 2011-GPI-Results-Report-Final.pdf

    19 Malaysia 1.467
    20 Hungary 1.495
    21 Uruguay 1.521
    22 Poland 1.545
    23 Slovakia 1.576
    24 Singapore 1.585

    #5 – Lighting candles, eating cakes and drawing cartoons are fine and these doers were not arrested for such actions. Ciku fruit, you are DANGEROUSLY telling half-truths. They were arrested for inciting violence and showing utter disrespect of others religions.

    Do you know that you can get arrested for chewing gum in a neighbouring country.

    #6 – It takes just a few molotov cocktails, a few parangs, some aggressively provoking words, a little push, and a lot of paid agent provocateurs to ignite a violent reaction of a gargantuan scale if orchestrated well ahead of event. Heard of a tiny snowball developing into an avalanche?

    #7 – Human Rights – The Amnesty International 2005 report on human rights alleges widespread police misconduct in many countries. Some notable countries include Canada, the UK, France, the USA, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
    police brutality in a non-asian country – http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1543/police_brutality/

    Indigenous persons – Hong Kong, despite being highly westernized, still retains Chinese culture and traditions, especially in the Region’s New Territories. Such traditions are expressly protected in Article 40 of the Basic Law, which provides that the lawful traditional rights and interests of the indigenous inhabitants of the New Territories shall be protected.

    Police in Urumqi attacked three Hong Kong journalists and punched, kicked and hit them with batons. The journalists were on site covering the ethnic unrest in China’s Xinjiang province. Chinese officials later accused the journalists of inciting protesters and refusing to show police their ID.

    The brutality and inhuman treatment of the protestors against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) by the Hong Kong police comes as a shock and must immediately be stopped. http://www.humanrights.asia/news/ahrc-news/AS-129-2005

    #8 – So, is Canada a democracy? Is the United States a democracy? While it is true that both countries hold free elections, respect human rights, and uphold many civil liberties codified in documents such as the U.S. Bill of Rights or Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the answer seems to be “not exactly.”

    It is difficult to reconcile the long-term interests of the nation with the short-term interests of ill-educated, limited-thinking individuals, or of powerful vested interest groups. Perhaps this is the weakness, in reality, of the democratic system.

    #9 – ciku fruit, when you compare, you must make sure you compare apples with apples and pears with pears. What are your CRITERIA for comparison? To look at the first world or the third world?

    Would you put a heavyweight to compete with a bantamweight? Even in sports there are divisions for competition. Badminton has women singles, men singles, women doubles, mixed doubles categories etc.

    P.S. ciku fruitie dear, try not to let your arrogant views cataract your vision of reality, ok?

    • #1 – This man in the video is the PKR youth leader. He wants to topple the govt by all means. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ynox6EPc97o

      UMNO in the 80s and 1993 have been trying to topple the Monarchy

      #2 …

      In the Middle East it was majority of citizens + military who are against the Government. I have said it before Malaysia is not Middle East.


      That’s wat they said. Have they freeze her account and arrest her? Besides, are you saying the Agong is an accomplice, since the Agong supports Bersih?

      #4 …


      #5 …

      Try google the news and see how many were arrested. It is a law in Singapore but it is not the law in Malaysia to light candles and eat cakes. If lighting candles and eating cakes are seditious, I’ve got nothing to say.


      Like I said, learn from other countries on how they cooperate with organizers.

      #7 …

      Wat is ur purpose here? I thought I said adopt best practices?

      #8 …

      Again adopt best practices

      #9 …

      U dun get the message behind this do u? 😉

      • Hullo ciku tuttie fruitie

        “Adopt best practices” is a mere slogan that even a 3 year old kid can repeat to a video camera lah.

        Care to elaborate what you MEAN by your boring and meaningless slogan??

        Should we all wear size XXXXL just to adopt American body size? Or should we all wear the long flowing Arabian clothes with head gear because we want to emulate their oil wealth?? Or perhaps we should just wear “Gods must be crazy” actor’s loin cloth because we want to save the earth and be environment friendly (no aircon). Or maybe we should ban chewing gum because we want the Singaporean strict discipline.

        Mere slogans are empty and loud, if not accompanied with solid arguments. The devil is in the details, fruitie!

        Heh heh, care to expound on your alahai “Adopt best practices” advertisement.

        P.S. fruitie dear, your train of thoughts seem to have trailed into oblivion and repetitive boredom …

    • Moreover, if the UMNO/BN can hire an ISRAELI (APCO) firm and pay millions to them, surely we hv a lot to learn from other countries, especially their best practices.

      • Eureka!!

        fruitie just admitted that Najib’s govt is non-discriminatory and progressive …. YAYYYYY alright ….

  11. errrr….i thought i said adopt best practices of other countries?

    • yawwwnnnnnnn …

  12. […] Dr Jeyakumar & 5 others re-arrested […]

  13. […] released Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jeyakumar and five other Parti Sosialis Malaysia bigwigs from detention under Emergency Ordinance this afternoon. Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar announced this minutes […]

  14. […] sehari sebelum sambutan ini MP Sungai Siput Dr Michael Jeyakumar dan lima aktivis Partai Sosialis Malaysia yang ditahan pada 2 Julai 2011 bawah Sek… kerana kegiatan menghidupkan kembali sokongan kepada perjuangan pengganas kominis telah dilepaskan […]

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